Prairie Settlement

Building the Digital Collection

The Nebraska State Historical Society received an award in the 1997/98 round of the Library of Congress / Ameritech National Digital Library Competition to support the digitization of Solomon Butcher's photographs and the letters of the Oblinger family. The images for both collections were scanned at the Digital Imaging Laboratory of the Nebraska State Historical Society. Staff at the historical society also oversaw the transcription process for the letters and generated the markup in SGML. Files for service copies of the images and for the documents were delivered to the Library of Congress with a database of item-level descriptive records. Master copies of the images at higher resolution are stored at the Nebraska State Historical Society.

The Library of Congress mounted the image files and converted the database records to a form for indexing with InQuery to allow full integration into American Memory.

The web pages listed below provide more detail on different aspects of building this digital collection.

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