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Naden, Nettie: See Oblinger, Nettie

Needham Charles

Charles Needham was a good friend of the Bacon family. He served as postmaster for Ottawa, Minnesota, from 1873 to 1887. As a storekeeper from the 1860s into the 1880s, he was also a prominent businessman in Ottawa.

Newsom & Knowland

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Chester Henry Oblinger

N. C. Newsom and James T. Knowland worked together in Anderson, Indiana, as U. S. claim attorneys in the 1880s and 1890s. Both were Civil War veterans. N. C. Newsom served in Company D, 140th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and James Knowland served with Company F, Eighth Indiana Volunteer Cavalry. Newsom & Knowland assisted fellow veterans filing pension papers, and worked with Uriah Oblinger on his pension claim in 1890. While Uriah lived in Kansas, he helped the firm identify and contact other Civil War veterans in the region.

Oblinger, Abia Nathan

Abia Nathan Oblinger, born March 7, 1849, in Peru, Indiana, was the brother of Uriah Oblinger, and son of Samuel and Esther (Zook) Oblinger. Abia grew up in Indiana, and in 1866 moved to Minnesota with his father and family. He married Margaretta "Mag" Townsend on November 27, 1870. They had ten children: Sabra, Mamie, Charlie, Samuel, Harrison, Criss, Flavius, May, Ella, and Blanche. They lived in Rush River, Minnesota, farming and raising horses and dairy cattle. Abia died November 30, 1905, in Waverly, Minnesota.

Oblinger, Adah Annette "Nettie": See Oblinger, Nettie

Oblinger, Chester Henry

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Ella Ermina Oblinger

Chester Oblinger was the only son of Uriah and Laura (Bacon) Oblinger. Born on November 20, 1885, in Fillmore County, Nebraska, he died from the "bloody flux"on August 15, 1886, a few months after the Oblingers moved to Gove County, Kansas.

Oblinger, Ella Ermina

Ella Oblinger was born September 19, 1870, in Onward, Indiana, and was the oldest daughter of Uriah and Martha "Mattie" (Thomas) Oblinger. Ella and her mother joined Uriah in Fillmore County, Nebraska, when Ella was two and a half years old. Ella married Jacob Roesch on December 19, 1886. Their oldest daughter, Jessie Leanna, was born ten days before Uriah's and stepmother Laura Oblinger's youngest daughter, Lillie. Ella and Jake had five other children: Lura Virginia "Virgie," Claude Wesley, Archie Bryan, Edna Ruth, and Orin Alonzo. Ella died in Quinter, Kansas, on June 24,1958.

Oblinger, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Oblinger was Uriah Oblinger's aunt. She was the daughter of Amos and Elizabeth (Mason) Oblinger, and sister to Samuel Oblinger.

Oblinger, Horace Bradford

Horace Bradford Oblinger, born November 12, 1852, was the brother of Uriah Oblinger, and son of Samuel and Esther (Zook) Oblinger. Horace grew up in Indiana and moved to Minnesota with his father and family in 1866. On January 1, 1873, Horace married Sarah E. Ericson, daughter of Hiram Ericson. Horace served as a public official in Le Sueur County, Minnesota, working three years as an assessor in Elysian Township, then another three years as an assessor in Waterville. He remained politically active for many years. Uriah Oblinger's daughter, Stella, stayed with Horace and Sarah Oblinger after Mattie Oblinger died until Uriah married Laura I. Bacon. Horace died in June 1932.

Oblinger, Ida May: See Deeming, Ida May Oblinger.

Oblinger, Jerome Amos

Jerome Amos Oblinger, born November 7, 1857, in Cass County, Indiana, was the oldest son of Samuel and Frances (Long) Oblinger, and half-brother of Uriah Oblinger. On May 13, 1885, he married Elva Ellen Bullis. They had three children: Mabel, Milo, and Vernon. In 1887, the summer Laura Oblinger visited Minnesota to have her arm doctored, Jerome passed the bar exam and became a lawyer in Gaylord, Minnesota. He practiced with his brother-in-law, George McKenzie. Jerome died in 1917 in Gaylord.

Oblinger, Laura Iona Bacon

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Laura Iona Bacon Oblinger

Laura Bacon was born June 12, 1863, in Colorado Territory. She was the second wife of Uriah Oblinger, and oldest daughter of William Henry and Lucy (Carroll) Bacon. Uriah and Laura wed on October 30, 1881, in Le Sueur County, Minnesota. The couple lived near Uriah's father, Samuel Oblinger, for the first few months of their marriage. They then lived with Laura's parents in Ottawa, Minnesota, where their first child, Sadie, was born. They remained in Ottawa until July 1883, when they moved to Fillmore County, Nebraska, and farmed near Uriah's old homestead. In January 1887, nine months after the Oblinger family moved to Gove County, Kansas, Laura fell off a load of feed while helping Uriah in the fields and broke her left arm. The doctor in Kansas failed to set it correctly, and with her arm almost crippled, Laura went to her parents in Minnesota that spring (April 1887) to consult with doctors there and to recuperate. Laura took her daughters, Sadie and Nettie, with her. She returned to Kansas in October 1887. By the fall of 1895 the Oblingers were living in Nebraska again, but after her doctor advised her to go to a lower altitude to avoid "smothering attacks," Laura and her youngest daughter, Lillie, went to visit her parents who had recently moved to San Francisco. Mother and daughter returned to Nebraska in the spring of 1896, but that fall Laura moved permanently to San Francisco. Sometime either in 1904 or 1905, Laura was married a second time, to Orin Lumbar. Laura returned to Nebraska again in the 1920s, lived with her oldest daughter, Sadie, and died in Hemingford, Nebraska, on April 28, 1931.

For a more complete description please see About the Letters from the Uriah W. Oblinger Collection .

Oblinger Lillie May

Lillie May Oblinger was born December 1, 1887, the youngest daughter of Uriah and Laura (Bacon) Oblinger. She spent the winter of 1895-96 in San Francisco with her mother, and returned to the Oblinger farm in Nebraska in the spring of 1896. In 1900 Laura sent for Lillie to live in San Francisco, and in late November of that year Lillie moved to California. She was a good seamstress, and helped her mother and Bacon grandparents sew bathing costumes for a Bay area store. Letters from her early childhood and her early teen years are signed "Lillie," but she disliked the name and went by "Dixie" for the greater part of her life. From 1902 to about 1920 she married and divorced four men: William Erickson, August Seyfried, Jerry Cheatham, and Charles Clendenan. She was a vaudeville performer during the 1910s, and in the 1950s she drove her own taxicab in Washington, D.C. She died in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, on July 7, 1979.

Oblinger, Maggie Esther

Maggie Esther Oblinger was born October 11, 1877, in Fillmore County, Nebraska. She was the youngest daughter of Uriah and Martha "Mattie" (Thomas) Oblinger. Maggie and her sister, Stella, kept house alone in the sod house in Gove County, Kansas, for several months in 1887 while their father was working in the county courthouse and their stepmother, Laura, was in Minnesota recuperating from an accident. Maggie trained to be a teacher at a normal school near Wheatland, Missouri. On September 14, 1897, she married William Sandon in McCook, Nebraska. Maggie died October 23, 1965, in Denver, Colorado.

Oblinger, Martha Alice "Mat": See McKenzie, Mat Oblinger

Oblinger, Mary Elizabeth: See Traver, Mary Elizabeth Oblinger

Oblinger, Mattie V.

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Martha Virginia Thomas Oblinger

Martha Virginia (Thomas) Oblinger, "Mattie," was the first wife of Uriah Wesley Oblinger. She was born December 16, 1844, in Onward, Indiana, the daughter of William P. and Margaret (Stafford) Thomas. Mattie and Uriah married on March 25, 1869. In 1873 Mattie and her daughter, Ella, joined Uriah in Fillmore County, Nebraska, where the family homesteaded for the next seven years. Mattie and Uriah had three surviving children: Ella Ermina Oblinger, Sabra Estella Oblinger, Maggie Esther Oblinger, and an infant son who died at birth on February 27, 1880. Mattie, who died of complications during this labor, was buried with her son in Fillmore County, Nebraska.

For a more complete description please see About the Oblinger Letters.

Oblinger, Nettie

Adah Annette "Nettie" Oblinger was born January 4, 1884, in Fillmore County, Nebraska, and was the second child of Uriah and Laura (Bacon) Oblinger. On March 3, 1908, she married Lloyd Naden in McCook, Nebraska. She died September 15, 1926, in Danbury, Nebraska.

Oblinger, Sabra Estella "Stella": See Oblinger, Stella

Oblinger, Sabra Gabriella: See Van Doren, Sabra G.

Oblinger, Sadie Iona

Sadie Iona Oblinger was born in Ottawa, Minnesota, on November 16, 1882, the eldest daughter of Uriah and Laura (Bacon) Oblinger. On January 21, 1901, she married James Franklin "Frank" McCart in McCook, Nebraska. The couple farmed in Sioux County, Nebraska, and had seven children: Netus Wilbur, Clifford Franklin, Laura Iona, Lois Wilna, Reta Irene, Katherine, and Fern. Sadie died on February 9, 1973, in Hemingford, Nebraska.

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Sabra Estella "Stella" Oblinger

Oblinger, Samuel

Samuel Oblinger was born January 31, 1818, near Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio. He married Esther Zook on July 5, 1838. She was born November 13, 1817, in Montgomery County, Ohio. They had seven children: Sarah, Uriah, Cynthia, Sabra, Abia, Horace, and Algarine. The Oblingers moved to Miami County, Indiana, in 1843, where Samuel farmed and operated a saw and gristmill on Big Pipe Creek. Esther died on September 25, 1855, in Cass County. The following year on August 17, 1856, Samuel married Frances Long in Miami County, Indiana. She was born September 9, 1832, in Westmoreland County, Virginia, and died May 7, 1885, in Waterville, Minnesota. Samuel and Frances had four children together: Jerome, Mary ("Mollie"), Martha, and Ida. In 1866 Samuel, his family, and two brothers moved to Minnesota and settled by Lake Sakata, near Waterville in Le Sueur County. Samuel farmed there until his death. Samuel was also an ordained minister of the German Baptist Church (Dunker or Dunkard) from 1869 until his death at the age of eighty-four. He died on March 7, 1902, at the home of his son, Horace, in Waterville.

Oblinger, Sarah Ann: See Murray, Sarah A.

Oblinger, Stella

Sabra Estella "Stella" Oblinger was born February 4, 1875, in Fillmore County, Nebraska, and was the second child of Uriah and Martha "Mattie" (Thomas) Oblinger. Stella married Solomon H. Stilgebouer on August 6, 1893, in Wheatland, Missouri. The couple farmed near Danbury for most of their married life, but lived a short time in Luddell, Kansas, around 1900. They had four children: Neta, William, Glen, and Beth. As an adult Stella used the fuller form of her name, Estella. She died May 16, 1912, at Marion, Nebraska, and is buried in the Danbury Cemetery.

Oblinger, Uriah Wesley

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Uriah Wesley Oblinger

Uriah Wesley Oblinger was born May 14, 1842, in Montgomery County, Ohio, and died March 27, 1901, in Danbury, Nebraska. Uriah fought in the Civil War with Company D, Sixth Indiana Volunteer Infantry (April-August 1861), with Company A, Thirty-ninth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and the Eighth Indiana Volunteer Cavalry (1861-64). He was mustered out of service in Indianapolis in September 1864. Uriah wrote to Martha Virginia "Mattie" Thomas during the war, but was unable to support a wife and family until March 25, 1869, when the couple finally wed in Cass County, Indiana. In the fall of 1872 Uriah and brothers-in-law Giles and Sam Thomas traveled to Nebraska to claim land in Fillmore County under provisions of the Homestead Act. Mattie and their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Ella, joined him in May 1873 and together they worked their claim until Mattie's death in February 1880. Uriah sent his children to live with relatives and moved to Minnesota in January 1881. There he met Laura Iona Bacon, whom he married on October 30, 1881, in Le Sueur County, Minnesota. Uriah moved his family back to Nebraska in 1883, then moved again in early 1886 to Gove County, Kansas, where he took a timber claim. He farmed and also served as the clerk of the District Court in Gove City until 1890, when he lost his bid for re-election. In 1891 the family moved to Wheatland, Hickory County, Missouri, until 1894, when they returned to Nebraska, this time near Danbury, Red Willow County. Uriah died of uremic poisoning on March 27, 1901, while staying with his daughter, Ella, in Danbury, Nebraska. Uriah had three surviving children by his first wife: Ella, Stella and Maggie. His children by his second wife were Sadie, Nettie, and Lillie; a son, Chester, died in infancy.

For a more complete description please see About the Letters from the Uriah W. Oblinger Collection,
the Descendants of Amos Oblinger, and the Descendants of Uriah Wesley Oblinger

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