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Pacifica Radio Archive

Pacifica Radio (see Recorded Sound External Sites) is the nation's first listener-supported, community-based radio network. Since 1949 the network has pursued its mission to promote cultural diversity and pluralistic community expression. Just over one hundred cassettes representing 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s Pacifica Radio programming form a small but important collection of radio shows that feature thought-provoking stories not aired on mainstream, commercial networks. Topics that are pertinent to the study of American women, such as prostitution (RYA4163), women alcoholics (RYA 3943), women's social networks (RYA 3918), the women's music scene (RYA 4112), and lesbianism (RYA 4162) are addressed. Women of Color, Voices of Resistance (RYA 8636) broadcasts the songs and poetry of American minority women such as Babette Vasquez (n.d.) and Miya Iwataki (b. 1944). Interviews with many women, including Maya Angelou (b. 1928) (RYA 3938), singer and songwriter Holly Near (b. 1949) (RYA 3932), and Sister Ita Ford (1940-1980), who was interviewed just before she was murdered in El Salvador (RYA 3922), are available as well.

The entire collection is fully accessible through the Library's online catalog by name, by subject, and by program title.

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