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The Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers at the Library of Congress

Article and Speech Files

"Aerial Locomotion", 1907

"Autobiographical Writings", 1904-1910, undated

"Conservation of Energy", 1889-1898, undated

"Discovery and Invention", 1914

"Experiments in Ventilating and Heating Houses", 1901-1920, undated

"A Few Notes of Progress in the Construction of an Aerodrome with an Historical Introduction", 1907

"Flying Machines of the Future, as Conceived in 1892", 1892

"Growth of the Oral Method of Instructing the Deaf", 1895

"Is Race Suicide Possible?", 1920-1921

"Making a Talking Machine", undated

"Method of Instruction Pursued With Helen Keller, A Valuable Study for Teachers of the Deaf"

"Observation, Twin Brother to Invention"

"On the Possibility of Seeing by Electricity", 1910

"The Photophone and Conversion of Radiant Energy", 1880

"The Question of Sign Language and the Utility of Signs", 1898

"Simple Experiments, Experiments with a Floating Candle"

"The Tetrahedral Principle in Kite Structure", 1903

"Upon a Method of Teaching to a Very Young Congenitally Deaf Child", 1891

"Visible Speech as a Means of Communicating Articulation to Deaf Mutes", 1872

"Pre-Commercial Period of the Telephone", 1911

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