Cities and Towns Maps Title List

  1. Von den newen Inseln : der Statt Themistitan in den newen Inseln gelegen/figurierung. (Mexico City, 1597)
  2. Manatvs gelegen op de Noot [sic] Riuier. (Manhattan, 1639)
  3. Korte beschryvinge van de landschappen des werelts enz. (Israel--Jerusalem, 166-?)
  4. [George Washington's survey of the site of Belhaven (Alexandria) Virginia.]. (1748)
  5. A map of Pensilvania, New-Jersey, New-York, and the three Delaware counties. (1749)
  6. A plan of Alexandria, now Belhaven. (1749)
  7. Plano del Puerto de Plata situado en la costa del norte de la Ysla de Sto. Domingo en la latd. de 19 gs. 43 ms. N. y en la longd. de 306 gs. 18 ms. segun el merido. de Tenerife. (San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, 17--?)
  8. A map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent (1752)
  9. Stadt St. Domingo. (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1755?)
  10. Boston, its environs and harbour. (1775?)
  11. Sketch of the action between the British forces and American provincials, on the heights of the peninsula of Charlestown. (1775)
  12. A plan of the city and environs of Philadelphia, survey'd by N. Scull and G. Heap. Engraved by Will Faden. (1777)
  13. A plan of the town of Boston with the intrenchments &ca. of His Majesty's forces in 1775. (1777?)
  14. Nuevo plano de Puerto Rico / sondeado y registrado de orden del Capitan de Navio Dn. José Montero de Espinosa en el mes de nov. de 1785. (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1785)
  15. Ichnography of Charleston, South-Carolina : at the request of Adam Tunno, Esq., for the use of the Phoenix Fire-Company of London, taken from actual survey, 2d August 1788 / by Edmund Petrie. [London] : E. Petrie, 1790.
  16. Plan of the city intended for the permanent seat of the government of the United States. By Charles L'Enfant. (1791)
  17. Plan of the city of Washington / Thackara & Vallance sc. (1792)
  18. Plan of the city of Washington in the territory of Columbia (1792)
  19. Plan of the city of Washington (1793)
  20. Plan of the city of Washington : now building for the metropolis of America, and established as the permanent residence of Congress after the year 1800 / B. Baker sculp. Islington. (1793)
  21. Plan of the city of Washington and territory of Columbia / engraved by W. & D. Lizars, Edin'r. (1819)
  22. District of Columbia. (1835)
  23. Plan of the city of Washington : seat of government of the United States / drawn from the original plan adopted and signed by J. Adams, president of the U.S., by W. Elliot. (1835?)
  24. Norman's plan of New Orleans & environs, 1845.
  25. Official map of San Francisco. (1849)
  26. New York City and environs. (1860)
  27. Johnson's Georgetown and the city of Washington : the capital of the United States of America / by Johnson and Ward. (1862)
  28. View of the Panamint Range Mountains, mines, mills and town site ; Sherman Town, property of the Panamint Mining & Concentration Works. (1875)
  29. Atlas of fifteen miles around Washington. (1879)
  30. Plan of the city intended for the permanent seat of the government of t[he] United States : projected agreeable to the direction of the President of the United States, in pursuance of an act of Congress passed the sixteenth day of July, MDCCXC, "establishing the permanent seat on the bank of the Potowmac" : [Washington D.C.] / by Peter Charles L'Enfant. (1887)
  31. Plano de la ciudad de Mayagüez y sus contornos. (Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, 1888)
  32. Anderson's new guide map of the city of Seattle and environs, Washington. (1890)
  33. District of Columbia / engraved by Evans & Bartle Wash. D.C. 1892 .... 1894. (1892-1894)
  34. Plan goroda Tomska s prilegaiushchei k nemu zhelieznodorozhnoi vietv'iu. Sostavil: zemlemier Sredne-sib. zh.d. S.A. Syrtsov. (Tomsk, Russia Federation, 1898)
  35. Washington in 1800. (1900?)
  36. Pharus-map World's Fair St. Louis, 1904.
  37. Boundaries between Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Tam. (Mexico) (1910)
  38. [Mormon Temple Salt Lake City]. (1910)
  39. Plan goroda Irkutska / E.R. Bender. (Irkutsk, Russia, 1915)
  40. Foot traffic in Seattle, Washington, Wednesday, April 26th, 1922. (1922)
  41. San Juan, P.R., North, from Hotel Palace. (1922)
  42. General view of harbor at San Juan, Porto Rico looking South. (1927)