American Leaders Speak

Portrait Captions

The portraits of the speakers were selected by the editors. These portraits have been drawn from the collections of the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress. The following alphabetical list of speakers provides the associated photograph's caption (and reproduction number, if there is one.) To order black and white glossy reproductions of these pictures, contact the Photoduplication Division of the Library of Congress.

Newton Baker
Former War Secretary possible "dark horse" at Democratic Convention. [Newton D. Baker] (1871-1937). Underwood & Underwood. Photograph, 1924.

Nicholas Butler
[Butler, Dr. Nicholas Murray] (1862-1947). Photographer unknown. Photograph, 1915. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-30390).

Champ Clark
Champ Clark. (1850-1921). Fred Hartsook (dates unknown). Photograph, 1915. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-30380).

Bainbridge Colby
[Colby, Bainbridge, Sec. of State] (1869-1950). Harris & Ewing. Photograph, 1920. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-11813).

Calvin Coolidge
[Governor Calvin Coolidge] (1872-1933). Notman Photographic Company. Photograph, 1919. Call Number: PRES FILE: Coolidge, Calvin, Photograph Three-Quarters "Gov. Calvin Coolidge" (No. J234311).

James Cox
[Governor Cox] (1870-1957). Lucia A. Weeks (dates unknown). Photograph, 1920. Call Number: BIOG FILE: Cox, Gov. James M. (Accession No. 46183).

Homer S. Cummings
Homer S. Cummings (1870-1956). Underwood & Underwood. Photograph, 1920.

Josephus Daniels
[Daniels, Josephus] (1862-1948). Harris & Ewing. Photograph, 1920. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-36747).

Eamonn DeValera
[Eamonn DeValera] (1882-1975). National Photo Company. Photograph, undated. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-67820).

James Gerard
Gerard, Am. Ambassador, at his desk in Embassy to Germany. (1867-1951). Photographer unknown. Photograph, 1915. Call Number: BIOG FILE-Gerard, James Watson (No. K631).

Samuel Gompers
[Samuel Gompers] (1850-1924). Underwood & Underwood. Photograph, undated. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-73364).

Warren G. Harding
[Warren G. Harding] (1865-1923). National Photo Company. Photograph, undated. (Reproduction number: LC-F8-8562).

Will Hays
Latest portrait study of Will Hays. (1879-1954). Underwood & Underwood. Photograph, 1921.

Gilbert M. Hitchcock
[Hitchcock, Gilbert M., from Nebraska] (1859-1934). Photographer unknown. Photograph, 1911. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-39184).

Franklin K. Lane
[Lane, Franklin K. at desk] (1864-1921). Barnell M. Clinedinst (fl. 1865-1907). Photograph, 1913. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-74387).

James Lewis
[James Hamilton Lewis] (1863-1939). Louis Betts (b. 1873). Oil on canvas, undated. (Reproduction number: LC-USA7-25977).

Henry Cabot Lodge
[Lodge, Sen. Henry Cabot] (1850-1924). Pirie MacDonald (dates unknown). Photograph, 1916. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-36185).

Breckinridge Long
[Long, Breckinridge] (1881-1958). Harris & Ewing. Photograph, 1918.

William Gibbs McAdoo
[McAdoo, Wm. Gibbs] (1863-1941). Harris & Ewing. Photograph, 1914. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-33041).

Robert Owen
Thinks Europe can pay debts. [Robert Owen] (1856-1947). Underwood & Underwood. Photograph, 1922.

A. Mitchell Palmer
[Palmer, A. Mitchell] (1872-1936). Harris & Ewing. Photograph, 1919. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-36869).

John Pershing
[Major General John Pershing] (1860-1948). Texas Motorist. Photograph, 1917. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-36580).

Miles Poindexter
[Miles Poindexter] (1868-1946). National Photo Company. Photograph, undated. (Reproduction number: LC-F82-3047).

Corinne Roosevelt Robinson
Famous G. O. P. Women Arrive. [Corinne Roosevelt Robinson in upper left hand corner]. Underwood & Underwood. Photograph, 1921.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
John Davison Rockefeller, Jr., before the Industrial Hearing. (1874-1960). Underwood & Underwood. Photograph, 1915. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-3810).

Franklin D. Roosevelt
[Franklin D. Roosevelt] (1882-1945). Photographer unknown. Photograph, 1920. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-11190).

Frank A. Vanderlip
[Vanderlip, Frank A.] (1864-1937). Harris & Ewing. Photograph, 1917. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-121158)

George White
Democratic Leaders Gather for Jackson Day Dinner. [George White second from left]. (1861-1933). Photographer unknown. Photograph, 1928.

Stephen Wise
[Rabbi Wise at desk] (1874-1949). Underwood & Underwood. Photograph, undated. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-106817).

Leonard Wood
[Maj. Gen. Wood] (1860-1927). Underwood & Underwood. Photograph, undated. (Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-50405).

American Leaders Speak