An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


[Existence of war - Spain.] By the President of the United States of America: a proclamation Whereas by an act of Congress approved April 25, 1898, it is declared that war exists and that war has existed since the 21st day of April, A. D. 1898,

Xmas eve dance! Town Hall, Epping Dec. 24, 1924. Music by Elkin's boys of Pep. Admission 50 cents.

[Extract from New York times] Malaga refugees reported bombed ... [Associated press report from Valencia, Spain, Feb. 17, 1937.].

[Extraordinary session of Congress-1903.] By the President of the United States of America, a proclamation. Whereas, by the resolution of the Senate of March 19 1903, the approval by Congress of the reciprocal commercial convention between the U

"My friends." When in July 1863, the City of New York was under the reign of a mob, when stores were closed ... at such a time when no man felt safe ... then Horatio Seymour the candidate of the McClellan Confederate peace deomcracy for Governor

Y. M. C. A. Course. --- Season 1880-'81 Lincoln Hall, Monday Evening, December 20. Archibald Forbes' lecture: "The inner life of a war correspondent. [Washington, D. C.] Brown, pr., 920 F St [1880].

Y. M. C. A. appointments for Sunday services, May 28, 1871 ... [Washington, D. C. 1871].

Yale College, Commencement day, July 22, 1869. Songs for the dinner. [New Haven, 1869].

Yankee doodle. Revised for the Camp Fire by Comrade Thersites. Copyright by Capt. C. E. Mastin, Richmond, Ind. [c. 1888].

Ye Giglampz: a weekly illustrated journal devoted to art, literature and satire. Vol. I, no. 1. June 21, 1874. Cincinnati. [Cincinnati, 1963].

Yellow fever and the national board of health. From the Pensacola Advance, March 10th, 1880. [Pensacola 1880].

Yes or no? Plain facts for thinking men. Think first, and then vote! ... Boston. Wright & Potter, printers, 79 Milk Street, corner Federal [1869].

York patriotism. American meeting in the true spirit of seventy-six. Agreeably to previous notice, a large number of Republicans from the various parts of the County of York, consisting (as was ascertained by actual enumeration).

York, ss. To [blank] one of the surveyors of highways in the town of York, at a public meeting thereof regularly notified and warned, in March last, did vote and raise a sum of money to be expended in materials and labor, on the high-ways and to

You [blank] jointly and severally confess judgment to [blank] for the sum of which were recovered by the said [blank] against the said [blank] on the [blank] one of the justices of the peace, in and for Baltimore County, the said sum of money an

You [blank] of [blank] in the County of Middlesex, are permitted to sell, within the County aforesaid, until from the date hereof, all or any excised articles. And you are in all respects to conform to the excise acts that now are or may hereaft

You are coordially invited to be present at the session of the Conference on the care of dependent children called by President Theodore Roosevelt to be held at eight o'clock, Monday evening, January twenty-fifth nineteen hundred and nine at the

You are cordially invited to call and examine the great historical painting of "The last hours of Lincoln," designed by John B. Bachelder. Painted by Alonzo Chappel, It will remain on exhibition but a short time ... [Washington, 1867].

... You are hereby appointed and respectfully requested to act as Corresponding Chairman of the newspaper which is to be published for the Sanitary commission, during the Great Central Fair, to be held in Philadelphia in June next ... [Philadelp

... You are hereby respectfully notified that in order to perfect preparation of the new Female department of Pennington seminary, a delay of two weeks has been found necessary ... J. T. Crane, principal Pennington Mercer County. N. J. April, 18

You are repectfully invited to attend the inauguration ball on the evening of March 4, 1873. [Washington, 1873].

You are requested to attend the funeral of Col. Edward Carrington, to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock. Monday, October 29, 1810.

You can't help it. When you have bought War Savings Stamps, your money is bound to grow. If an emergency arises and you cash them before maturity, the interest is handed you along with your original investment. N. B.-June 15 is a national pay da

Young Ratler. rising 4 years old, a handsome dark bay, about 15 hands and 3 inches high, will stand and cover mares this season, ... William R. Maddox. Washington, March 10, 1834.

The young dead soldiers do not speak. [Washington, 194-].

The young heroine by the sea. [1887].

Young ladies' classical institute. A select family boarding and day school. No. 490, E. street, between 5th and 6th streets, Washington City ... [Washington, D. C.] Henry Polkinhorn print. [1855].

Young men of Boston! With few exceptions you must be the artificers of your own fortune ... To this end was our generous system of public institutions established. Charles Wells is emphatically a child of that system ... [Signed] A young man. [B

Young men! vote for Edgar Tehune for Congress - First district ... To the young men of the first Congressional district ... Edgar Tehune. [Chicago? Ill., 1886].

Young men's whig national convention held in Baltimore May 2d 1844. [Campaign badge printed on satin].

Yount ladies' institute, a boarding and day school, English and French ... [Washington, D. C.] Polkinghorn's steam job press. [1858].

Your City and County tax in Roxbury, 1849. Poll, Real estate, Personal estate, Income, &d .... [Roxbury, 1849].

Your aid is asked in accomplishing the object of the appeal below. It is know that the rebel army is largely supplied with clothing, arms, saddles, and even food and ammunition, by forced and voluntary contributions from the deluded people of th

... Your attention is earnestly and respectfully called by the undersigned to the pressing necessity for the strict observance of the rules of camp police ... Washington [1861].

Your friend will enjoy this. Pass it along. Steps. U. S. A. is "Home of auto." over 27,000,000 here ... [1937].

Your note for dolls. will be due at the Bank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria, Va. [185-?].

Your presence is cordially invited to the formal opening on Thursday afternoon, October twelfth from 3:00 to 5:00 o'clock of The Hispanic Room recently completed on the second floor of the Main Library Building. [1939].

Your taxes for 1876 are Interested to Total, Please settle the same, or hand to your Collector a written extension from the selectmen on or before. W. Wallace Davis. Collector for 1876.

Youth ... William Kimberley Palmer Chicopee Massachusetts. U. S. A. January 1938 A. D.

Youth is never so well taught as by example. A man who preaches personal purity should practice it ... From Document No. 1. Published by the Democratic National committee 1884.

Zu verkaufen eine enzahl kostbarer land-esstriche in den Graffschaften Frederick und Shanandoe, im Staat Virgininien ... Philadelphia, den 26 osten December 1798.

Zur nacht right. Weilen gegen mich ist aus gestreued worden, zu meinem mach theil gegen den nechsten wahl oder Stimm dag, das ich solte die hochdeutschen in dieser stat, solte feur braende geheisoen haben ... Johann Morin Scott, January den llde