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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


At a meeting of the proprietors of the Township of Brunswick in the County of York, duly warned according to law by adjournment, on January 4th, 1753 the following vote was passed. [regarding Plymouth Company's claims] [1753].

At a meeting of the rector and visitors of the University of Virginia, held at the said University on the 4th day of April, 1826 ... [Signed] Th: Jefferson, Rector. [1826].

At a meeting of the stockholders held at Raymond, Dec. 9, 1851, the following resolutions were adopted ....

At a numerous and respectable meeting of Republican Citizens held at the White Horse Tavern, the committee appointed to prepare an address to the electors of the first congressional district, reported the following, which after having been read

At a numerous and respectable meeting of federal electors of the city of Albany, held at the City tavern, on Saturday evening, the 14th of February, 1801 agreeably to previous notice published in the Albany Gazette and Centinel. [Albany. 1801].

At a numerous meeting of electors of the town of Kingston, publicy convened at the house of Mr. William De Waal, in the said town, on the 4th day of December inst, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for the office of Representative in the

At a numerous meeting of the Democratic Republican electors of the 15th ward, friendly to regular nominations and opposed to the principles and practises of the Loco Foco Party and their pledge candidates, and to the sub-treasury system held at

At a numerous meeting of the Federal Republicans Citizens of the City of Albany, convened at Bement's Albany Coffee-House on Thursday evening, April 25, 1816 ... Resolved unanimously. That this meeting cheerfully concur in the nomination of the

At a numerous meeting of the citizens of the village of Utica, held at the court room, on Tuesday the 5th day of August, 1828 ... for the purpose of expressing their sentiments upon the measures now in progress for enforcing the observance of th

At a public commencement held in the Chapel of the University, March 16th 1827, the following gentlemen, alumni of the Institution, received the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Lexington, Ky. March 16, 1827.

At a publick town-meeting in Boston, May 9th, 1733, and continued by adjourment to May 11th. Voted, that the following scheme, for setting up and regulating markets in this town, be forthwith printed. [Boston 1733].

... At a special meeting of the Democratic republican general committee, of the City of New York, held at Tammany Hall, on Friday evening, April 26th, 1861, the following proceedings were had ... [New York 1861].

At a town meeting holden in South Kingstown, on Saturday, November 18,, A. D. 1854., the following resolutions were unanimously adopted.

At a very full meeting of delegates from the different counties in the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, begun in Williamsburg, the first day of August, in the year of our Lord 1774, and continued by several adjournments to Saturday the 6th of th

At a very large and respectable meeting of the citizens of Philadelphia, in favor of the erection of a City Hall in Penn Square, held at the County Court House ... on Monday evening February 26th ... [Philadelphia, 1838?].

At a very numerous and respectable meeting of the Democratic Republican citizens of New-Castle County in the State of Delaware, on the 3d of September, 1808 ... Convened pursuant to a resolution of a former meeting, dated the 19th of August last

At any time within twelve months from the date hereof, [blank] promise to deliver to the order of D. Rodney King, Chairman of the Committee on Florists and Horticulture of the Great Central Fair … 1864.

At farewell social of Congregational Church at Hyde Park, Mass., January 22, 1885 upon the departure of the pastor, Rev. P. W. Davis for Palestine. by Gen'l H. B. Carrington. [Poem] [Hyde Park, Mass. 1885].

At the Convention of the Governour and council, an representatives of the Massachusets Colony [A proclamation setting apart September 19, 1689 as a fast day]. [Cambridge Printed by Samuel Green 1689].

At the General Assembly of the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Rhode Island; and Providence-plantations, in New-England, in America; begun in consequence of warrants issued by his honor the Governor, and holden at Newport in said c

At the General Court of their Majesties Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, sitting in Boston by adjournment, December 10th, 1690 [An order for the granting forth of printed bills for seven thousand pounds] Cambridge: Printed by Samu

At the annual meeting held at Jefferson Hall in Portsmouth, on Wednesday afternoon, May 10, 1854 the following report was read by the President ....

At the second sessions of the General Court held at Boston in New-England. Whereas it hath pleased his most excellent Majesty our gracious king, by his letter bearing date the twenty seventh of April 1678 ... that the oath of allegiance as it is

At the town-house in Boston: April 18th, 1689. [A letter] To Sir Edmond Andros Knight ... [concerning his surrender]. Signed by Wait Winthrop [and others] [blank] Boston Printed by S. Green 1689.

[Catalogue of lumber for sale.]

[Material relating to the Abbey Press. New York, n. d.].

[Material relating to the Robert Frost Memorial, held at Amherst College, Feb. 17, 1963].

[Oath of allegiance to the United States. with place for signature and of person taking the oak and for the notary] [n. p. n. d.].

"Fathers" and bimetallism. Jefferson and Jackson opposed the cheap dollar ... [n. p. n. d.].

Atlantic and Pacific telegraph range: under the arrangements of Henry O'Rielly. The first division, constructed eastward of the Mississippi ... The second division, westward of the Mississippi ... Organization of the Louisville and New Orleans t

Atlantic cable celebration, Walpole. N. H., August 19, 1858. Hymn, to be sung at the conclusion of the exhibition, to the tune of "God save the King."

Atlantic telegraphs. From the Electrician, March 28th, 1862.

Atlas ----- Extra !! Sunday, November 8, 1840. Glorious news!!! Whig triumph.

Attack made by the British army, under Sir Edward Packenham, on the lines of intrenchments of the American army commanded by Major General Andrew Jackson in the plain of Chalmette's plantation, on the left bank of the Mississippi, five miles eas

Attention College greens! To arms!!! To arms!!! The College Greens will hold themselves in instant readiness to march to Harrisburg; to support the supremacy of the laws, when ordered. By order of the Captain, Jos. Kidman, Orderly sergeant. 1stb

Attention delegates to the Springfield convention!! You, one and all!! are requested to meet in Market-Street, on Monday morning, June 1st, at six o'clock ready to take up your march for Springfield. William S. Lincoln, Marshal. Saturday, May 30

Attention natives! front face!! No amalgamation! The Native Americans of Dauphin county, will assemble in their respective wards and townships on Saturday evening, the 12th day of July, for the purpose of electing delegates to the Native America

The attention of Congress is most respectfully invited to the important considerations of the communication from the National intelligencer of May 7, 1858, with the hope that some measures may pass Congress the present session, which shall impro

The attention of every voter is called to the subjoined extract from a circular of the Republican State Executive committee. "We trust that it is unnecessary that we should impress upon our friends everywhere the importance of bring out the enti

The attention of members of Congress is earnestly invited to the following facts. The government of the United States is spending at the rate of one thousand millions a year which, in round numbers, is three millions of dollars every day ... All

The attention of the patrons of the fair is respectfully called to the collection of antiquities and curiosities exhibited in the rooms in the rear of the organ ... Entrance, at left of organ. Admission, 25 cents. [1865?].

Attention southern men! down with the abolition press. Meet at Schneider's at 8 o'clock this night. December 26, 1860 [1860].

Attention workingmen! great mass meeting to-night, at 7:30 o'clock, at the Haymarket, Randolph St., bet. Desplaines and Halsted : workingmen arm yourselves and appear in full force! = Achtung Arbeiter! grosse Massen-Versammlung heute Abend, 1/2

Attention workingmen! great mass meeting to-night, at 7:30 o'clock, at the Haymarket, Randolph St., bet. Desplaines and Halsted = Achtung Arbeiter! grosse Massen-Versammlung heute Abend, halb 8 Uhr, auf dem Heumarkt, Randolph-Strasse, zwischen D

Attention!! The loyal citizens of Otsego County are invited to attend a meeting at or near the fair grounds, in Cooperstown, on Wednesday, Oct. 2, 1861, at 3 1-2 P. M., for the purpose of organizing an Otsego County regiment ....

Attention!! Whigs! Democrats! and Conservatives!!! All who want to put their horses in a good English grass pasture, can be accommodated by applying to the subscriber in Upper Alton ... L. S. Wells. [Upper Alton, Ill] [1840?].

Attention, voters! We, the subscribers, hereby give notice that we shall be in session, in our office, on Thursday, the twenty-seventh inst., from one to eight o'clock, P. M., to draw a warrant for a Town meeting, to revise the list of voters, a

Attention. The committee of arrangement is authorized to state to the citizens of Nashville and its vicinity, that General Jackson, will arrive at Nashville, on Monday next .... The citizens of the town and neighborhood, are all respectfully inv

Attention. We call your attention to the enclosed sample ballot marked for the Republican candidates [1907].

The Attorney General and auditor of the Commonwealth of Virginia-- Appellants. against Robert Bristow, Appellee. In the Court of Appeals [1800?].

Attorney General's office. June 4, 1857. The following regulations have been prepared for the convenience of those who may have occasion to draw conveyances, made abstracts, or collect evidence of title to lands in cases where it may be the duty

The attractive element of Asiatic cholera, with the experience of Mrs. Marion Churchill, in 1832. Boston, February 14, 1866.

Auction on Wednesday, the 8th day of April, inst. Will be sold at public auction, at the dwelling house of Hannibal A. Ellsworth, in the town of East Windsor, a large amount of personal property ... Sam'l W. Thompson. Deputy Sheriff. East Windso

Auction sale of real estate. The Lansingburgh plan road company will sell at public vendue, at the Phoenix Hotel in Lansingburgh, N. Y., on Monday, March 14, 1864, at 10 o'clock, A. M. the following described real estate ... Dated at Lansingburg

The auction sale of rich fancy goods at store, 36 School Street, (Savings Bank Building,) will be continued on Thursday and Friday, Dec. 30th and 31st, at 10 o'clock, A.M., and 7 P.M. A consignment of rich goods, for New Year's gifts, just recei

Auction valuable property. On Wednesday the 23d inst. at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, precisely, will be sold. house and lot, situated at Rockets, adjoining the property of Mr. Ellis. It is a comfortable dwelling house, and has a good garden spot

Auditor's office, December 22d, 1820. Dear Sir Agreeably to your request, I have prepared a list of the officers of Virginia, shewing their salaries as now fixed by law, and as they stood in 1814 ... James E. Health, Auditor. [To] Thomas Miller

Auditor's-office 15th November, 1814. To the Honorable Speaker and members of the Legislature of Virginia. Gentlemen. By the first section of the act passed at the last session of Assembly entitled "An act changing the fiscal year of this common

Aufruf! Ein furchtbares Unglück hat das glarmerische Dorf Elm in Schweizerland hetroffen. Am. 11 September abhin wurde dasselbe durch einem Bergstruz, ähnlich demjenigen des Rossbergs verschüttet ... R. Gebner. Vice-Konsul und gerant des schweiz

August 1808. To Sir, The Central committee has transmitted to me the following communication, which I forward to you for your consideration and co-operation. Boston, August 10, 1808. To Chairman of the committee for the County of Sir. The inhabi

Aus Zion's Herald "Der kleine Peter." Gedruckt für Friedrich Hasted.-1846.

Auszug aus dem vortrage über Volapük: Vorzöge und Nutzen der Weltsprache. [n. p. 1898].

Auszug aus der konstanzer abendztg. vom 12 January 1898. Nr. 9 S. 3.

The author of the following communication is not influenced by malicious motives. His object is solely to expose, publicly, the mal-conduct of a government officer ... As a suit is now pending in court respecting this transaction, it is hoped th

Autograph letters. What they are worth - The importance the pursuit of collecting has attained in this country. Some manuscripts of famous authors ... New York [189-].

Autographs. Chicago [n. d.].

Average form and size of adult heads ... Arranged for showing the phenological developments of persons measured with the cephalometer by Enos Stevens. Boston. Tappan & Bradford's Lithog, [c. 1849].

Avery's patent for locking stones in the foundations of lighthouses ... More information may be obtained by letter addressed to John P. Avery, Norwich, Conn. [1854].

Avis au publico. To the Public. Oefentliche bekanntmachung. [Offering employment to the destitute in his workshop twenty-eight miles from Philadelphia; and giving the liberal bill of fare which will be provided] Imprimè à Philadelphie, par Henri

Avoid the draft! ... All men who desire to join any particular regiment of cavalry now in the field, are hereby authorized to present themselves at any time during the next thirty days ... James B. Fry Provost Marshal General. Norristown, Pa. He

Awake! Awake! Awake! -- Rouse! Rouse! Rouse! Citizens of Kentucky ... But a few days and you will be precluded from redeeming your lands sold for the non-payment of the direct tax ... James Morrison, Supervisor. Lexington, January 3d, 1805.

The awarding of the commission and progress of the Lafayette monument ... Chicago. November 20, 1899.

The awful beacon to the rising generation [Cut] Powers killing Kennedy. We here present the public with a view of the wretched Powers in the act of murdering the unfortunate and unspecting victim of his revenge…[Cut] Powers in prison. And his d

The awful crisis which has arrived must be felt by us all, however, we may differ as to the causes which have produced it, or the measures which may avert its calamity ... [Richmond, Printed by T. Nicolson, 1799].

Ayer's cherry pectoral, for the cure of coughs, colds, influenza, hoarseness, croup, bronchitis, incipient consumption, and for the relief of consumptive patients in advanced stages of the disease ... Prepared by James C. Ayer, druggist and prac

B-n, Dec.8, 1713. To the honourable the Society for prorogating the gospel in foreign parts. The representation and request of the ministers, church wardens and vestry of the Church of England in B---n … [Boston 1713].

B. W. Smolk's first annual blue grass directory! and historical accounts of Kentucky and the U. S. ... Lexington, Ky. [1870].

Bachelor's hope. For sale. That desirable farm, called Bachelor's Hope, lying in Prince George's County, Maryland, about one mile from Vansville, and the same from the rail road, and about twelve miles from Washington City is now for sale, the p

Baggage master for Baltimore & Ohio R. R. gives bonds to company for safe delivery of baggage in Baltimore & Washington cities ... Wiley, Pr., American Building. [1857?]

The bail bond of Mr. Jefferson Davis, late president of the Confederate States, with all the original signatures thereto. [Richmond, 1867].

Baker Memorial Library 1928-1953. Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire, [1953].

Ball's patent indestructible water and gas pipe, made of wrought iron, lined with & laid in hydraulic cement, manufactured by the "Water & gas pipe co.," at Jersey City, N. J ... The company are prepared to take and execute contracts to construc

The ballator. A proposal for election of members in General Assembly, by way of ballot: or, an effectual method of regulating elections. New York, March 7, 1768.

Ballet de coon. Arcadia, Calif., Raccoon Press, c1964.

The ballot. dedicated to the Centennial celebration of the United States, in honor of the achievements of the people in the pursuits of the arts of peace and human progression for the period of one hundred years, from 1776 to 1876 by S. A. Holme

A ballotd, owed phor the tymz; not the knusepaper. By Twark Main, skulemarster ... Harfford Sitteigh, Meigh the Sicksteanth, 1871.

Baltimore County, to wit: the subscriber [blank] justices of the peace, for the County aforesaid certify that [blank] together with [blank] appeared before [blank] the subscriber, and superceded a certain judgment obtained by [blank] against abo

[Baltimore election tickets. Nov. 4, 1844].

Baltimore, April 18. The following resolves, with his Excellency the Governor's proclamation, reflect so much honour on this infant state, and so clearly manifest the justice and dignity of its rulers, that I think it my duty to present them to

Baltimore, Dec. 31, 1776. This morning Congress received the following letter from General Washington. Head-Quarters, Nowtown, 27th Dec. 1776. Sir I have the pleasure of congratulating you upon the success of an enterprize, which I had formed ag

Baltimore, March, 1819. Dear Sir. As one interested in the advancement of sound and hearty federalism - the "good old cause" of the revolution, we take the liberty to address you on a subject extremely interesting, not only to ourselves, but to

Baltimore, October 13, 1840. Sir, At a meeting of the committee heretofore appointed at a general meeting of the citizens of Baltimore, for promoting the diffusion of knowledge by the adoption of M. Vattemere's system of exchanges, it was deter

Baltimore, den 22sten Januar, 1816. Wohlehrenwürdiger Herr pastor: Ew. Wohlehrwürden nehme ich mir die Freiheit über einen gegenstand zu schreiben welcher für die deutschen kirchen in diesem lande won grosser michtigket ist.

Baltimore. April 12, 1783. Wednesday last an officer arrived at Philadelphia from New-York with letters from Sir Guy Carleton and Admiral Digby, to the honorable the secretary for foreign affairs, inclosing a proclamation of the king ... By the

Baltimore. December 15th, 1864. Sir:- Your attention is called to the association formed in this City for the moral and educational improvement of the Colored people.

Baltimore: April 26, we have just received the Following important intelligence, viz. Watertown, (Massachusetts-Bay) April 19 Wednesday morning 10 o'clock. To all friends of American liberty Be it known, that this morning, before break of day, a

Balto. & Potomac Rail Road ... On and after January 1st, 1877, trains will leave as follows ... [Washington, D. C., 1876].

Balto. & Potomac Rail Road. Fast seaside express for Long Branch, Cape May and Atlantic City! On and after Monday, July 26th, 1880 ... Baltimore. John D. Lucas, printer [1880].

Bank and railroad meeting ... Sept. 24, 1839.

Bank bill, as it passed the Louisiana legislature. February 1, 1842. Approved by the Governor. on the 5th February, 1842.

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