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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


A bill to enable the Courts of common law to give relief in certain cases. [n. d.].

A bill to establish a probate court in the several counties in the State of Tennessee ... December 10, 1849.

A bill to establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and to enable aliens to hold lands under certain restrictions. New-York, Printed by Thomas Greenleaf [1790].

A bill to establish an uniform rule of naturalization,and to enable aliens to hold lands under certain restrictions. New York Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine [1790].

A bill to establish an uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the United States. 30th January, 1800. Further consideration postponed until next Tuesday week. Published by order of the House of representatives.

A bill to establish the Post-office and post-roads within the United States. [Philadelphia] Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine [1792].

... A bill to establish the district of Bristol, and to annex the towns of Kittery and Berwick to the district of Portsmouth ... [179-].

A bill to establish the judicial courts of the United States. New-York, Printed by Thomas Greenleaf [1791?].

A bill to incorporate the Real Estate Bank of Virginia. Presented, December 10th, 1814. [Richmond, 1814.].

A bill to organize a corps of scouts and signal guards, to facilitate communication with the trans-Mississippi department. [Richmond, May 3, 1864].

A bill to prevent citizens of the United States privateering against nations in amity with or against citizens of the United States ... [Philadelphia] Printed by John Fenno [1797].

A bill to provide for and regulate the internal police, of the respective counties, within in this Commonwealth. [n. d.].

A bill to provide for the payment of that part of the direct tax of the United States, which is apportioned to the Commonwealth of Virginia and for other purposes. Presented, December 15th, 1814. [Richmond, 1814].

A bill to provide for the settlement of the accounts between the United States and the individual states ... [New York] Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine [1789?].

A bill to raise a regular force for the defence of this Commonwealth. Reported on the 5th January, 1815. [Richmond, 1815.].

... A bill to simplify the proceedings of courts of justice, and to reduce the costs of litigation and the expense of the judicial establishment. November 26, 1849.

A bill was sent up by the House of Assembly to the Council, in the course of the last session to continue the act commonly called the five pound act, for ten years, and it passed the Council, but was protested against by Mr. Smith. Manuscript co

A bill, concerning the sale of property under executions and incumbrances ... [Richmond, 1820].

A bill, repealing, after the last day of next, the duties heretofore laid upon wines imported from foreign ports or places, and laying others in their stead. [Philadelphia] Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine [1791].

A bill, to amend an act, entitled "An act to reduce into one act the several acts and parts of acts, for establishing a penitentiary-House, and for the punishment of crimes." Presented February 19, 1821] [Richmond, 1821].

A bill, to amend the militia law of this Commonwealth. Presented February 19, 1821. [Richmond, 1821].

A bill, to amend the several acts prescribing the mode of ascertaining the taxable property within the Commonwealth, and of collecting the public revenue. [Richmond, 1821].

A bill, to amend the several acts prescribing the mode of ascertaining the taxable property within this Commonwealth, and of collecting the public revenue. [Richmond, 1814].

The Bimetallic ratio: a reprint from the New York press of June 12th, 1894.

Biographical memoir of the Hon. Mrs. Aldworth of New Market, County Cork ... The original published January 1st, 1811, by S. Kennedy, Patrick Street, Cork, Ireland. New York. Published by Bro. Thomas Toynbee, No. 32 John Street. [c. 1860].

Biographical sketch of William H. Orr [New York? c. 1865].

Biographical sketches of presidential candidates of the Democratic party at the presidential primary election to be held throughout the state of California on Tuesday, May 14, 1912. Woodrow Wilson. Champ Clark.

Biographical sketches of presidential candidates of the Republican party at the presidential primary election to be held throughout the state of California on Tuesday, May 14, 1912. Theodore Roosevelt. William Howard Taft. Robert Marion La Folle

[Obituary of Martha Williams, inscriptions from the tombstones of Martha & William Williams at Brooklyn, Connecticut cemetery. Together with an extract of a letter from Joseph May to Nathaniel F. Williams, regarding Martha Williams.] [n. p. 1822

[Obituary of Mrs. Sara Abbott Woods Perry who died Oct. 27, 1897].

Black Valley railroad! Great central, broad gauge, fast route, from Sippington, through Tippleton and Topersville via Beggars-town, Demonland and Black Valley, to destruction! Accidents by collisions entirely avoided as no trains are run over th

Black republican and office-holders journal. No. 5. for the elevation of negroes, gorillas, and ourang-outangs. September, 1865.

The blackest rose. [Berkeley, Calif.] Printed for Oyez by The Auerhahn Press, c1964.

Blackout of the dream. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press, 1967.

Bladensburgh, 2 August, 1775. Sir. The letters which Mr. Johnson, the adjutant brought, were read at the head of the company on Monday, being put on Tuesday, for every man who would tisk his life, in defence of American liberty to repair to the

Blaine and the miners. He wants the miners all to pay an annual tax of ten dollars and thinks the Pennsylvania miners are infinitely better able to pay taxes than the builders contractors, lawyers, physicians and surgeons. [n. p. n. d.].

The Blaine letters. [New York, 1884].

The Bland silver bill. To the editor of the Herald. New York January 10th, 1878.

The [blank] day of [blank] 1775. Received of the [blank] Firelock to the use of the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay of the value of [blank] shillings which sum the receiver-general of the said Colony is directed in forty days after the date here

Blank form for a demand of payment of a promissary note.

Blazing-stars passengers of God’s wrath: in a few serious and solemn meditations upon the wonderful comet: which now appears in our horizon, April, 1759: Together with a solemn call to sinners, and counsel to saints; how to behave themselves whe

The Blind Exile. [c. 1863]

The blind man's appeal. By George A. Wilson, who lost his eyesight by fever and cold which resulted in total blindness. [n. p. 1883].

Bloody battle near Niagara [Cut] The United States' army, commanded by Major Jacob Brown, victorious over the British forces, under the command of Major General Riall; "The action commenced on the 25th July, at 5 o'clock P.M. and continued witho

A bloody butchery, by the British troops: or, The runaway fight of the regulars … [To which is annexed] A funeral elegy to the imortal memory of those worthies, who were slain in the battle of Concord. 1775] Salem Printed and sold by E. Russell

The bloomer costume. As sung by Lewis Knight, at the Dramatic association, Forrest Hall Georgetown, D. C. [Georgetown, D. C. 1851].

Blowing Rocks, and Regulating Streets. Proposals will be received at the Office of the Street-Commissioner, in the City-Hall, for the following purposes ... [Signed] John S. Hunn. Street Commissioner. New York, February 2, 1807. Printed by South

The Blue pill. Louisville, Wednesday, August 1, 1832.

Board and instruction for young girls. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Folsom, of Cambridge receive into their family a few young girls for board and instruction ... Cambridge, 1st July 1860.

Board of Commissioners, West of Pearl River give notice -- That the claimants, under the British ad Spanish grants, legally and fully executed, prior to 27th of October 1795, are required by law to prove that the original, grantee, his, or her h

Board of Health --- bill of mortality. Deaths in Charleston, S. C. from the 1st January,1831 to the 1st January 1832 .... 733 [Charleston 1832].

The Board of commissioners appointed in the state of New-Hampshire, in pursuance of an Act of Congress passed on the 9th day of July, 1798, entitled "An act to provide for the valuation of lands and dwelling-houses, and the enumeration of slaves

The Board of directors of the American colonization society, impelled by the most powerful motives of humanity forward the following appeal to the Legislatures of the several states, praying them to make each a small appropriation to help send t

The board of managers of the Washington national monument society to the American people ... New York. Oliver & Brother, Printers 89 Nassau Street [1835?].

The Board of managers of the Washington national monument society, City of Washington. Gentlemen: By a series of experiments made under the instruction of the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, to determine the strength of the marble p

The Board of managers respectfully beg leave to present the following history of the Association during the past year ... New York, December 4, 1865.

The Boardwalk model. [Philadelphia, 1923].

The boasted "Grand old party". Trying to conceal its crimes by diverting public attention ... John F. Collin. Hillsdale. N. Y. Dec. 6, 1887.

Bold Dighton. Being the account of an action fought off Guadaloupe, in 1805, where ninety-five Americans and near three hundred Britons made their escape from the prison at that place [180-?].

The Bonnie Clay flag, a song for 1844 for ladies & gentlemen. By J. H. Warland, Esq. Inscribed to the Boston Clay club no. 1.

... Book, job and card printing. [Circular] Boston 1861.

Booker T. Washington. by R. V. Randolph. Seattle, 1913.

Books and stationary, of all kinds, kept constantly for sale by Charles Peirce ... [n. d.

Books for new members. The House passed, yesterday, a joint resolution to procure such books for the new members as had been purchased for the members of previous Congresses ... John C. Rives. Washington, March 25, 1856.

Books in the war by Theodore Wesley Koch. The romance of seven million books that went to war. What the reviewers say ... New York. March, 1920.

Books published and for sale by Wm. Parsons Lunt, (Successors to Wiggin & Lunt) 221 Washington Street. Boston. April 15, 1869.

Books published and sold by W. W. Woodward No. 52 South Second, the corner of Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. February 1810.

Boots & shoes! Great bargains offered by E. B. Palmer & Co. No. 25. Guild Row. Boston Highlands ... W. H. Hutchinson, Printer 1820 Washington Street. [1868].

Bossism!. W. F. Howland, Chairman, and party organization. Fraudulent resolutions. At a meeting of the Democratic Executive Committee of Carteret County, the following preamble and resolutions were adopted ... 1884.

Boston Gazette extroardinary. Washington Nov. 8, 1808. Agreeably to appointment, the following message was this day communicated to both Houses of Congress, by the President .... [Signed] Thomas Jefferson. [Boston Nov. 8, 1808].

Boston Gazette, Extra. Thursday, April 2, 1812. Highly interesting letter. [Gen. Maltby's letter to Gov. Elbridge Gerry] [Boston, 1812].

Boston Highlands, October 26, 1868. The residents of Winthrop, Moreland, Perrin, Waverly, and Warren Streets are hereby notified of the following extension and slight change in the route of the grand torchlight procession of this evening .... Ch

Boston July 21, 1779. Gentlemen, Inclosed you have acopy of the proceedings of the Convention at Concord, on the 14th instant, which you will please (in conformity to a resolve of said convention) to lay before your town immediately, for their a

Boston New-England Specimen of Mein and Fleeming's printing types. [Boston between 1765 and 1769.

Boston Saturday evening gazette Established 1814 ... We adopt the present mode of calling your attention to the gazette as an advertising medium ... Wm. W. Clapp, Jr. Editor and proprietor. [Aug. 17, 1858].

Boston Theatre. On Monday, February third, will be performed the tragedy of Gustavus Vasa ... [n. d.].

Boston and Liverpool ... Boston, December 21, 1866.

Boston book trade sale. August 9th, 1864 The subscriber respectfully announces to the trade, that the next regular trade sale of books, stereotype plates, and stationery will take place, in August next, commencing Tuesday, August 9, at 9 o'clock

Boston in New England. August 9th 1667. The Governour, deputy-governour and sundry of the magistrates. Being assembled, do judge meet to comment to their beloved brethren and neighbours the inhabitants of this colony this following proposed ...

Boston investigator. ... Extra. Boston, April 1855. Dear Sir- We wish to make an effort to increase the circulation of the Boston investigator, and believing you to be willing to assist in the work, we take the liberty to forward you our prospec

Boston music hall! The peoples' promenade concerts. The twentieth concert will be given by the Germania band! as brass band and orchestra. on Saturday evening, August 28th, 1858 ....

Boston music hall! Thursday, March 26th, 1857. S. Thalberg's concert. Programme ... J. H. & F. F. Farwell & G. Forrest, printers.

Boston news letter. From Monday April 17 to Monday April 24, 1704. [Boston, 1704].

Boston photograph Albums. Messrs. Roberts Bros., of Boston, practical book-binders, of large experience in fine work, now manufacture a great variety of new patterns and sizes…Roberts Brothers, Nos. 149 & 149 1-2 Washington Street, Boston [1861]

Boston, 15th, May, 1794. Sir. A society has lately been instituted in this town, the first object of which is to afford relief to those who suffer by fire ... Your humble servant. [Signed in mss.] James Freeman. Corresponding secretary of the Ma

Boston, 26th of June, 1775. This Town was alarmed on the 17th Instant at break of Day, by a firing from the Lively Ship of War; and a Report was immediately spread that the Rebels had broken Ground … Boston, June 26, 1775.

Boston, 26th of June, 1775. This town was alarmed on the 17th instant at break of day, by a firing from the lively ship of war; and a report was immediately spread that the rebels had broke ground and were raising a battery on the heights of the

Boston, April 10, 1729. Reverend Sir, The New-England chronology staying for the remarkables of your place, and the composer being unwilling to send it to the press without them, that so the work may be as compleat as possible --- You are theref

Boston, April 13, 1761. Whereas an act was pass'd … in January 1761, for enquiring into the rateable estate of the said province; the assessors of th Town of Boston, in conformity … [Boston, 1761].

Boston, April 18, 1785. The minds of the people being greatly and justly agitated by the apparent intention of the government and the merchants of Great-Britain to deprive the industrious trader of every benefit of our commerce ... [Boston, 1785

Boston, April 20th, 1773. Sir. The efforts made by the legislative of this province in their last session to free themselves from slavery gave us, who are in that deplorable state a high degree of satisfaction. We expect great things from men wh

Boston, April 27, 1778. The following bills, together with a letter from Governor Tryon to Governor Trumbull, and his answer thereto, came to hand this afternoon.

Boston, December 1, 1773. At a meeting of the people of Boston and the neighbouring towns at Faneuil-Hall, in said Boston, on Monday the 29th of November, 1773, nine o’clock A. M. and continued by adjournment to the next day; for the purpose of

Boston, December 1, 1773. Gentlemen, The Committee of correspondence for this Town had just prepared their letter covering the proceedings of the town at their two late meetings of the 5th and 18th ultimo, when a ship arrived from London with pa

Boston, December 15, 1836. You are hereby notified that an assessment of five dollars on each and every share of the capital stock of the Western Railroad corporation, has been laid by the directors, payable to the treasurer, on Monday, the sixt

Boston, December 2, 1773. Whereas it has been reported that a permit will be given by the custom-house for landing the tea now on board a vessel laying in this harbour, commanded by Capt. Hall: this is to remind the publick, that it was solemnly

Boston, December 20, on Tuesday last the body of the people of this and all the adjacent towns, an others from the distance of twenty miles, assembled at the old south meeting house to inquire the reason of the delay in sending the ship Dartmout

Boston, Fall River, Newport, and New York via Taunton. Fastest and most reliable boats on the sound ... Boston [n. d.].

Boston, Feb'y 19, 1859. I desire to call your attention to my removal from 26 Central Wharf, to No 2 Broad St., Cor of State, and shall be happy to receive a business or social all, at my new Counting Room, at your earliest convenience ... B. F.

Boston, Feb. 19th, 1777. In pursuance of the Act of the General Assembly of this State entitled. "An act to prevent monopoly and oppression;" the select-men and Committee of correspondence ... [Boston, 1777].

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