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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Catalogue of oil paintings by J. G. Low. To be sold on Friday, April 12, 1861 at 11 o'clock, A. M., at Leonard & Co's 45 and 47 Tremont Street, - - - - Boston.

Catalogue of portraits of distinguished persons foreign and American suitable for illustrating autographs, scrap books, &c. for sale by Charles B. Norton. New York 1857.

Catalogue of rare and valuable works on America, for sale by Charles B. Norton, agent for libraries, Appletons' building. New York [n. d.].

Catalogue of students in Williams College, Nov. 1801 ... Bennington: Printed by Collier and Stockwell [1801].

Catalogue of students in Williams' College, November 1800. [Stockbridge, 1800].

A catalogue of the fruit trees, &c. in the nursery of Daniel Smith and Co. Burlington, New Jersey, for sale in the fall of 1804 .... [Burlington, 1804].

Catalogue of the trustees, faculty and students of the South-Carolina College, January. 1808. Fausts, printers [1808].

Catalogue of the trustees, instructors, and students of Hopkins Academy, Hadley .... November 1819. Greenfield Denio & Phelps, Printers [1819].

Catalogue of the trustees, instructors, and students of Hopkins Academy, Hadley .... November, 1821. Northampton, T. W. Shepard, printer [1821].

Catalogue of the trustees, instructors, and students of Hopkins Academy, Hadley, November. 1820. Northampton T. W. Shepard, Printer [1820].

Catalogue of valuable property, in the District of Columbia and its vicinity, belonging to the Bank of the United States, to be sold at auction ... [Washington] August 18, 1831.

Catalogue of valuable silver ware, to be sold at auction by Leonard & Co. 49 Tremont Street, Boston. On Saturday, May 18th, 1861 ....

... Catalogue of valuable standard and miscellaneous books, elegant illustrated works, & &c. to be sold by auction, on Thursday, June 10th, 1869 ... [Boston 1869].

Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio Rhod. Ins. et Prov. Plant. Nov. Anglorum, ab Anno 1769, ad Annum 1775, alicujis Gradus Laurea donati sunt. Providence. Typis Johannis Carter [1775].

Catalogus eorum qui in Collegio Yalensi, quod est Novi-Porti in Connecticut, ab Anno 1702, ad Annum 1724. Alicujus gradus Laurea donati sunt. Novi-Londini. Excudebat Timotheus Green MDCCXXIV.

The catarrh recipe ... New York [c. 1866.].

The catastrophe at Elm, Switzerland. An appeal for aid ... Washington, D. C., October 21, 1881.

The Catholic remedy. An excellent new ballad To the tune of, To all you ladies now at land, &c. [Boston] America: Printed in the year 1732.

Catholics, attend! Who are they who wish to deprive you of your religious liberties in this country? I answer, they are those who are the friends of Gen. Jackson … Vote for the ticket headed James Fairlie, our early friend [Signed] An Irish Cath

Catlin's Indian gallery. Opinions of the most celebrated artists and distinguished statemen concerning this extensive collection of portraits,landscapes, costumes, etc ... [1846].

Catlin's Indian gallery: in the old theatre, on Louisiana Avenue, and near the City Post Office. Mr. Catlin ... will endeavor to entertain the citizens of Washington, for a short time with an exhibition of three hundred & thirty portraits & nume

Cattle show and agricultural & horticultural exhibition of the Maryland state agricultural society, to be held in the City of Baltimore. On the 23rd, 24th and 25th if October, 1850 ... Baltimore. Printed by Sands & Mills [1850].

Caucus!! 21st Middlesex representative district. Republicans and all others who stand by the national and state administration, in their endeavors to put down a wicked rebellion, will meet in North Reading, at Town Hall, Saturday evening, Octobe

... The causes of the existing hostilities between the United States, and certain tribes of Indians north-west of the Ohio, stated and explained from official and authentic documents, and published in obedience to the orders of the President of

Caution to the public! 1856. Beware of falsehoods!! Published and circulated ... asserting that the agents of Lake Shore railroad are "emigrant runners" and sell tickets "on commission" and that passengers purchasing through tickets for Detroit,

Caution!! Colored people of Boston, one & all, you are hereby respectfully cautioned and advised, to avoid conversing with the watchmen and police officers of Boston, for since the recent order of the mayor & aldermen, they are empowered to act

Celebrate 200 years of the American Revolution. Declare your independence from big business. July 4, 1976, Washington, D.C., march on the Capitol … [Washington, D.C., 1976]

Celebration at the Union League house, February 22, 1864. Presentation of flag by the ladies of Philadelphia. Speeches of presentation and reception,. Philadelphia, 1864.

Celebration in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. under the auspices of the Department of the Potomac, Grand Army of the republic. Thursday, April 27, 1922, 8 P. M. National Memorial M. E. Church Southw

Celebration of American independence by the Boston Sabbath School Union, at Park Street Church, July 4, 1831. Order of exercise.

Celebration of the 124th anniversary of the birth-day of Washington by the Mercantile library association. February 22, 1856.

Celebration of the Fourth of July by the New York Typographical Society [New York [n. d.].

... Celebration of the anniversary of American independence! in the City of Newburyport. Daily Evening Union, Extra. July 5, 1852.

Celebration of the evacuation of the City of New-York by the British. Order of procession ... New York 1883.

Celebration of the evacuation of the city of New York by the British. Address. To the citizens of New-York ... [New York 1883].

Celebration of the ratification of the treaty of peace between the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, at Cambridbe, Feb. 23, 1815. Order of procession ... Order of exercise ... [Cambridge 1815].

Celebration of the sons of temperance, July 11, 1850. In the City of Oswego.

Celebration of the two-hundreth anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin under the auspices of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia for promoting useful knowledge, April 17th to 20th, 1906.

Census in the Eastern district of Virginia. [n. d.].

Census in the Western district of Virginia. [n. d.].

A census of the electors and inhabitants in the State of New York. taken in the year 1790, in pursuance of a law of the said state .... [New York] Printed by Childs and Swaine, printers to the state [1790].

Centennial Martha Washington tea party and reception. Music Hall June 10th and 11th, 1875. Punderson & Crisand, printers.

The centennial celebration of Washington's inauguration. New York, November 8, 1888.

Centennial celebration of the birth of Albert Pike. House of the Temple, Washington, D. C. Thursday evening, January 6, 1910, eight o'clock. [Washington, 1910].

Centennial ode, by Joseph Sutter. [Philadelhia. 1876].

The Centinal - Extra - February 26, 1812. Commissioners'-Office. Adams County, Pennsylvania. Agreeably to an act of assembly entitled. "An act to raise county rates and levies." requiring the commissioner of the respective counties to publish a

Centinal extra, Wednesday, December 16, 1795.

Centinel Extra. Saturday, April 30, 1808. Argument---- demonstration. Mr. Key's speech. In the last Centinel, we mentioned the able and lucid speech of Mr. Key, in Congress on the subject of the embargo. We lay it before our readers, this day, w

Centinel, No. 11. To the people of Pennsylvania. Friends, countrymen, and fellow-citizens. As long as the liberty of the press continues unviolated, and the people have the right of expressing and publishing their sentiments upon every public me

Central Academy, Washington City ... This institution has been in successful operation for nearly six years, and is permanently located in the building formerly known at the Medical College, corner of E. and 10th streets ... [Washington] H. Polk

Central academy, Corner of E. and 10th street, Washington City, D. C. A select school for boys ... [Washington, D. C.] Polkinhorn's steam job press [1858?].

Central branch Union Pacific land grant ... Dudley M. Steele. President Saint Joseph & Denver City railroad company. Washington, February 6, 1871.

The Central colored Presbyterian church of Philadelphia, worshipping at the present time in Einghth near Carpenter Street, respectfully appeal to a generous public for aid, in erecting a house of worship ... Philadelphia, November 14, 1844.

A century of progress. International exposition Chicago, U. S. A. 1933. Know all men by these presents, that U. S. Library of Congress was an exhibitor at a Century of Progress exposition, Chicago, 1933 ....

A certificate and a letter inclosing the same, written by a gentleman in New-York, to his correspondent in Kings County. New York, April 26th, 1800. [Positive Photostat].

Certificate of incorporation and constitution [New York? c. 1870].

Certificate of marriage. Prepared by Rev. Mrs. Phebe A. Hanaford, pastor of the First Universalist society, Hingham, Mass. Boston. C. C. Roberts, printers. [c. 1869.].

Certificate of nationality. United States of America, City, County and State of New York. [c. 1851].

Certificates, &c. The following are the certificates of the County surveyors, who surveyed the upper branches of the Little Miami and Scioto rivers and returned a map and their field-notes of said survey to the court of common pleas, of Champaig

Certificates. "These are to certify all, to whom it may concern, that Mr. Donald Fraser, of this city, teacher and author of several useful publications;- has been known to me for many years. And as far as I have ever heard has always sustained

A challenge! The rebellion of the southern traitors against the Union and the government, is a rebellion against the democratic rights of the people ... [Signed] A Democratic workingman. New York, Aug. 25, 1863.

Chamber of commerce. The following report was accepted at a special meeting of the Chamber, 12th inst., and ordered to be printed for distribution among the members, and to be considered at the special meeting to be held Wednesday evening next 1

Chamber of supplies, Watertown, June 18, 1775. Gentlemen, The welfare of our country again induces us to urge your exertions in sending to the magazine in this place, what can be procured of the following articles, salt pork, beans, peas, vinega

Chambers, 140 Washington, Opp. School St. Boston, March 1, 1862. Dear Sir: Allow us to invite your attention to our store ... Yours truly. Chas. H. Thwing, Chester A. Collins.

Champion's double lever bridge. The engravings annexed, are illustrations of Samuel and Thomas Champion's permanent wrought iron tubular suspension bridge ... For further particulars, address Samuel and Thomas Champion, Washington, D. C. [Washin

Champion's mode of building and transporting bridges. (Patent ante-dated May 22, 1853.) ... [Washington, 1853].

Chancellor Walworth: Dear Sir: I have read a paper, signed by yourself, as Chairman of a committee. I found it among the proceedings of a convention, held in Rome 15th inst. In that paper you claim, that democracy and slavery may be in full fell

Chancery sale of improved property, by virtue of decree passed Nov. 3d, 1876, in cause 5,201 equity, Leonard vs. Jonnson et al, I will sell, on Saturday, November 25th, 1876 ar 4 o'clock P. M., on the premises parts of Lots Nos. 8, 9, and 201 in

Chandler From Chicago Tribune. Detroit Nov. 1, 1879.

... The changed condition of the country - the causes and the remedy. Extracts from the speech of Hon. Nelson Dingley, Jr. of Maine, in the House of representatives, June 10, 1896. Philadelphia. Published by the American iron and steel associati

A chapter from the secret history of the war. Philadelphia, September 27, 1864.

The character and death of the late Rev. George Whitefield ... [Portsmouth] Printed and sold by D. and R. Fowle [1770].

The charges swept away. A political scandal speedily settled. Report of a committee of Independent Republicans dwelling in Buffalo, concerning accusations against Governor Cleveland. [New York, 1884].

Charity: a poem by John Eyre. New York, August 18, 1853.

Charles C. Watson. taylor and habit-maker No. 93, Second street, between Chestnut and Walnut-streets. Philadelphia. March 28, 1792. [Philadelphia] Printed by Johnston and Justice. [1792].

Charles Dickens' new book! "Uniform with Great expectations," The Lamplighter's story; ... by Charles Dickens ... It is published complete and unabridged in the following styles ... For sale by A. K. Loring, 319 Washington St., Boston, Mass [Nov

Charles-Town, (South-Carolina) December 12, 1706. Sir. I am just returned from Mobile, (in West-Florida) where I saw a very melancholy scene, the effects of a false description of that Province, published by a certain proprietor of a British col

Charles-Town, July 28, 1770. On Friday last was opened a Star-Chamber court, held by virtue of a commission lately received from Governor Bernard, and composed of one honest and virtuous man (happily obliged by his office to sit as President the

Charleston, August 11th, 1835. Sir, In pursuance of the directions of my fellow-citizens of this, place, I transmit to you a copy of the resolutions, lately reported by a Committee of twenty-one, and unanimously adopted by a very large meeting o

Charleston, August, 1793. Fellow citizens. The present state of Europe, where every power seems to be arming one against the other, must naturally lead the citizens of America to contemplate with pleasure, the happy situation they are in ... [Ch

Charleston, July 24, 1798. Dear Sir. It is with great concern, I find, it has become my duty to transmit to you a very different state of our public affairs, from that, which at our last meeting, we all hoped would have been produced by the expe

Charleston, S. C. April 11th, 1833. At the period of the Revolution of the Acordada, which compelled the Congress of Mexico to revers the election of Pedraza and place Guerrero in the Presidential chair, the City was taken by assault ..... Many

Charleston, S. C. June 11, 1886. Dear Sir: The consistory of the Huguenot church of Charleston, S. C. gratefully acknowledge your prompt and kindly response to their appeal ... Treas. for fund repairs Huguenot church. Charleston. S. C. 1886.

Charlottesville, Dec. 1, 1822. Sir, The undersigned are a committee appointed by the Agricultural Society of Albermarle, (under certain resolutions of that body of the 7th of Oct. last and which are hereto subjoined) to solicit donations, from i

The chart of knowledge. Compiled and copyrighted, 1936 by Prof. Geo. W. Muhleman, Hamline university. Rockford, Illinois. Published by Eclipse Fuel Engineering Company [1936].

Chart of the reserve association. New York 1911.

A chart to health (second edition.) The electric equilibrium .... W. J. McGehee, M. D. [Savannah, Georgia? c. 1857].

A chart to health. The electric equilibrium. [n. p.] [c. 1856].

A chart to prevent hog cholera. [by] Hiram McGehee. [s. l., c. 1838].

Chart. Chiffere indéchiffrable, or Art of key writing. [New York? c. 1865].

Charter Lexington gas company. [1876].

The Charter for the North Shore of Massachusetts Bay. known as the Sheffield Patent Jan 1, 1623 [Reprint].

Charter from the Legislature of the State of New-York. No stockholder individually liable beyond the payment in full of the amount of stock held by him. [1850?].

Charter issued only by the U.S. Grand Lodge ... Baltimore, 1884.

The charter of Connecticut. From a printed collection of American charters, London 1766. [London?].

The charter of incorporation of the Farmers' live stock & mutual relief association of Mississippi. [ n. p. 1882].

The charter of nations. This charter is found in the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth verses of the twelfth chapter of Zechariah's prophecies ... [New York? c. 1856].

Charter of the Town of Woodstock ... Martinsburg [W. Va.] Printed by N. Willis [1791].

... Chauncey Shaffer, Esq., a prominent member of the American party, supports John C. Fremont, as candidate for the office of President of the United States, and gives his reasons for so doing in the following letter. Saratoga Springs, Thursday

Cheap postage. Proceedings of a public meeting, held at the Merchants' Exchange in the City of New York, December 14th, 1850.

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