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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Check your baggage to Oswego. Great northern and western route! via Oswego, Toronto, and Collingwood connecting the eastern cities with Lake Michigan, Huron & Superior. Ontario, Simcoe & Huron railroad ... Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co. printers. [

The Chesapeak ticket. First distridt. Philip Key. Second district. Joshua Seney, Third district William Pinckney. Fourth district Samuel Sterett. Fifth district, William V. Murray. Sixth district. Upton Sheredine. [1791?]

The Chicago Union Veteran club. Address of the committee on political action to the soldiers and sailors of Cook County ... Henry F. Hawkes, Chairman. [1879].

Chicago world's fair. Guide to the Egyptian temple of Luksor, (Thebes.) ... Chicago [1893].

Chicago, April 12th, 1865. To the officers & pupils of the colleges, seminaries and private schools of the Northwest. The North-western sanitary commission have decided to hold a fair in the City of Chicago, to commence on the 30th day of May, 1

Chicago, Ill., October 14, 1899. To the schools of America: The accompanying souvenir receipt, handed you on this the first anniversary of the celebration of Lafayette Day by the schools of America, is intended as a certificate of co-operation o

Chicago, October 30th, 1871. To the friends and correspondents of the Chicago Academy of Sciences.

Child lost. Samuel Bender left his home on Thursday, the 13th inst., and crossed the Long Bridge, in company with another boy, to pick blackberries, and was seen the day following on the Leesbury road; since when no correct tiding have been obta

Chinese mulberry trees. American silk agency, No. 5 Bank street Philadelphia. The subscriber having opened a permanent agency for the purchase and sale of all articles connected with the culture and manufacture of silk in the United states, offe

Chinese mulberry trees. American silk agency. No. 5 Bank street. The subscriber having opened an agency for the purchase and sale of all articles connected with the culture and manufacture of silk in the United States, offers for sale, 15,000 Mo

Choice farm lands for sale! The Illinois Central rail road company is now prepared to sell about 1,500,000 acres of choice farming lands in tracts of 40 acres and upwards, on long credits and at low rates of interest ... [Chicago? Ill. 1857].

Cholera. We would call the attention of our city readers to the proceedings adopted by a meeting held at the City Hall last evening ... the dictates of humanity call upon us to co-operate in producing, as far as practicable, a concert necessary

Christian Citizen- Extra. Appeal to the friends of peace in the United States ... Boston, March 1850.

Christian Citizen- Extra. To the people of the United States. The month of August last witnessed at Paris a Congress or convention of persons, from various countries, to consider what could be done to promote the sacred cause of peace ... Boston

Christian workers' card. By Isaac C. Hoskins. [n. p. [c. 1906].

Christliches alphabet. [20 stanzas of verse] [n. d.].

Christliches buss-lied, gestellt auf den 20ten Julius 1775, in North-America gehaltenen fast-tag. [11 stanzas of verse in two columns].

Christmas 1885. [n. p.] [c. 1885].

Christmas Carol. The visit of Saint Nicholas. Written by Prof.C. C. Moore. Philadelphia. Issued by John M. Wolff, stationer [1842].

Christmas folders for 1917, 1918, 1920 1921, 1922. Boston, Merrymount Press].

A Christmas greeting from sunny California ... Thomas P. Swift. Copyright 1913. [s. l.]

Chronicles of New Haven green (First published in the New Haven Daily journal and Courier of April 15, 1901. This leaflet is gummed ready for insertion in the book.) ... James Terry. New Haven. April 16, 1901.

Church of the "Prince of Peace." To be erected on the battlefield of Gettysburg. The Nation's thank-offering for peace and union, and a memorial of our beloved dead. [n. p., 1884].

Churchill's Hudson street temperance house. Nos. 10 & 12 Hudson Street, Albany ... A. C. Churchill. Albany, 1847.

Churchill's dissertation on cholera. The key to the cause of Asiatic cholera ... Marion Churchill. No. 6. La Grange Street. Boston, Mass. U. S. A. September 10, 1866. Boston. J. E. Farwell & Co. Printers, 37 Congress Street.

Cincinnati & St. Louis route. New York to St. Louis, Cairo, Vincennes, Evansville, Louisville & Madison, via Cincinnati and Ohio and Mississippi railroad ... St. Louis 1857.

Cincinnati Whig --- Extra. Wednesday night, 8 o'clock. April 25th, 1838. Most awful steam boat accident lost of 125 lives.

Cincinnati, 25th April, 1873. The friends of the late Right Rev. Charles Pettit McIlvaine have determined to erect a suitable monument to his memory ... The enclosed checks may be drawn upon any banker, or bank, and returned immediately to Emman

Cincinnati, April 7, 1813. General orders. Soldiers, you are now about to leave the shores of Kentucky. Many of you can boast that she gave you birth ... Green Clay, Brigadier-General. [Cincinnati, 1813].

The cipher. [Berkeley, Calif.] Printed for Oyez by Andrew Hoyem of San Francisco, c1965.

Circular No. 1. Republican State Central Committee ... San Francisco March 1860.

Circular No. 1. The World's industrial and cotton exposition. New Orleans. Department of installation. Special announcement. New Orleans. March 15th, 1884.

Circular No. 25. Richmond, Va. October 21st, 1868.

Circular No. 4. Central committee, 1857. Dear Sir:- As representative of the Central Committee of the Young men's Christian associations in the United States and British provinces, for this district, it is my duty to endeavor to enlarge the infl

Circular No. 83. New York, September, 1896.

Circular [1848].

Circular at a meeting of the Pennsylvania Society for the promotion of manufactures and the mechanic arts, held May 15th, 1832, it was Resolved, that the friends of domestic industry who assembled in Convention in October last be requested forth

Circular from the Executive committee of the Democratic association of Washington City. Washington City, D. C. Sept. 1844.

Circular instructions. Regulations in relations to the issue of certificates for bonds and registered stock. Treasury Department, C.S.A., Richmond, February 25, 1863.

Circular letter No. 4. Montgomery, May 20, 1861.

(Circular letter). Friends and fellow citizens, Being appointed by the legislature of this Commonwealth, to make applications to you for relief under the present and most pressing exigencies of government ... [1782].

Circular letter. From a committee appointed by the officers of the Massachusetts line of the late federal army to the officers of the different states. Boston, (Massachusetts.) Feb. 23, 1792. [Notifying them that they had selected General Willia

Circular letter. Harvard, Mass., March 20th, 1849. Esteemed friend:- Have you read the publications of the United Believers? and if so, what do you think of the views therein presented? ... I am your friend. Lorenzo D. Grosvenor.

Circular letter. Relief for sick and wounded volunteers ... [Cambridge] Dec. 4, 1861.

Circular memorial, To His Excellency James Bowdoin, Esquire, and each member of the General court now sitting in Boston, with all others whom it may concern. Beloved brethren ... [Concord, Mass., 1787].

Circular of the American union commission [New York, 1864].

Circular of the Columbia insurance company of Philadelphia. [184-?].

Circular of the Montana immigrant association. Preamble - constitution- object. Helena, 1870.

Circular of the New-York Committee in aid of the Cherokee nation ... New York, February 10, 1832.

Circular of the State Historical society of Wisconsin ... Madison Wis April 1, 1855.

Circular of the Wisconsin state University Madison, July, 1861.

Circular to County Courts. Richmond, January 16, 1806. Gentlemen. The numerous changes which the lapse of a new years has necessarily created, render it impossible for the executive, from any documents in their possession, to ascertain the prese

Circular to collectors, naval officers and surveyors. Treasury department. Comptroller's office, May 27, 1799. Sir. I transmit herewith for your information and government, the following acts of Congress, passed at the last session- viz. [Philad

Circular to marshals and disbursing agents. Treasury department. First comptroller's office. February 22, 1840. [Washington, D. C. 1840].

Circular to registers and receivers of the United States land offices. General land office, June 9th,1837. Gentlemen: It has been decided that the act of Congress approved on the 19th of June, 1834, entitled "An act to revive the act entitled'An

Circular to registers and receivers of the United States' Land offices, by order of the Secretary of the Treasury. General land office, July 22, 1834. Gentlemen: Annexed is a copy of an act of congress, approved 19th June, 1834, entitled"An act

Circular to the Collectors of the customs. Philadelphia, August 4th, 1793. Sir, It appearing that repeated contraventions of our neutrality have taken place in the ports of the United States, without having been discovered in time for prevention

Circular to the Democratic Republican hundred committees, of the respective hundreds of Newcastle County. [Urging the election of David Hall for representative in Congress] Newcastle, September 14th, 1805.

Circular to the collectors. Treasury department, November 8th, 1826. Sir. I have caused to be annexed hereto, for your information, the copy of a "General Convention of peace, amity, commerce and navitagation, between the United States of Americ

Circular to the loyal citizens of the United States of America. Whereas it is desirable to establish a National Union home for the disabled soldiers and sailors of the army and navy of the United States; and whereas the flaw or crack in the old

Circular to the trade. Now ready, the battles of the Crimea ... Published by G. S. Wells, 140 Nassau Street. N. Y. [n. d.].

(Circular) Department of state. Washington 183 I have the honor to subjoin the copy of a resolution of the two houses of Congress, passed the 26th April, 1816 requiring the Secretary of state to "compile and print, once in every two years, a reg

(Circular) Stockbridge, September 14, 1798. At a court martial, holden in this town on the 28th ult, composed of officers from each of the three regiments in the first brigade; after the business of the day was finished, the subject of petitioni

(Circular). New-York, February 11, 1808. The committee appointed by the Tammany society, or Columbian order, of the City of New York, to make arrangements respecting the interment of the relics of American seamen, soldiers and citizens who peris

Circular, Department of information and accommodation of the world's industrial and cotton centennial exposition. [New Orleans, 1884].

Circular, to the friends of Jefferson Davis ... [1865-67?].

Circular--- No. IV. To the voters of the second Congressional district of Tennessee. Fellow-Citizens:- When I wrote my "Circular- No. III" I suspected that Mr. Lea would delay the publication of his answer to so late a period that I should not h

Circular. "United States fiscal department." To professional gentlemen, officers in the various branches of the public service, claimants, and others "immediately interested in the practical administration of the government." ... Taylor & Maury,

Circular. A meeting of a few individuals, who have received their education at Harvard College, was held in Boston, on the 6th inst. [Regards the erection of a monument to John Harvard] Boston, 14th September, 1827.

Circular. Abolitionists of Massachusetts- ... Boston, Feb. 12, 1838.

Circular. Abstract from a report of a committee, accepted in Grand Lodge, June 12, 5822. [n. p. 1822].

Circular. Alexandria, April 23d, 1817. Sir. We conceive it proper, from motives which we have no doubt you will justly appreciate, to submit for your information the following correspondence ... to remote banks and the public generally. [Resolut

Circular. An appeal to the citizens of Ward Eleven! ... Boston, Dec. 26, 1862.

Circular. Boston Highlands, May 12th, 1869. The undersigned having leased for a term of years, the store recently occupied by Charles D. Leckie ... beg leave to call your attention to the large stock of new goods now offered by them for sale ...

Circular. Bureau of ordnance and hydrography. July 7th, 1855. Sir. From the condition in which some of the articles of ordnance equipments and stores, have been landed from vessels returning from cruises, the Bureau, with the approbation of the

Circular. Circulate the truth!! "Strike quick and hard! "The subscriber desires to express his hearty thanks to sundry intelligent and human anti-slavery men of Haverhill and Bradford ... G. K. R. [1861].

Circular. Concord, N. H., 1864.

Circular. Concord. Feb. 1, 1861.

Circular. Dear Sir. The Committee of correspondence for Washington County, believing you to be interested in the questions embraced in the following memorial have taken the libery of addressing a copy to you ... 1817.

Circular. Dear Sir: I take this method of acquainting you of the progress I am making in my long promised series of works on the Lives of the pioneers .... Madison, Wisconsin, May 1st, 1857.

Circular. Dear Sir: With this Circular you will receive a copy of the "Letters of Junius," which were written in order to expose to the people some of the frauds practiced upon them by officers in power ... Wm. R. Dickerson. Clayton, Pr. 76 S. T

Circular. Dearly beloved brethren. You must already have been in some measure apprized of the hazard to which the vital interests of our beloved church are exposed, at the last meeting of the General Assembly ... Philadelphia. July 21st, 1831.

Circular. Extracts from the philanthropic and patriotic speech of Hoh. Henry B. Lovering, our champion and representative in Congress ... Hampton, Va., 1886.

Circular. Fellow-citizens of the fifteenth Congressional district. Traitors in arms seek to overthrow our constitution and to seize our Capital. Let us go and help to defend them .... Jas. B. McKean. Saratoga Springs, Aug. 21, 1861.

Circular. Frederick-Town, September 23, 1802. Sir: We being appointed a committee to communicate with our fellow-citizens of Frederick County, beg leave to call your attention to the election on the first Monday of October next, for four delegat

Circular. Great improvement in marking linen. Indelible pencil with or without cloth holder! Clark's patent, 1859; Improved 1861 ... Boston. B. L. Mitchell, Printer, 24 Congress Street [1861].

Circular. Having associated ourselves in the property and management of the New York times and commercial intelligencer, we deem it proper to adopt this method of making its character and objects more generally known, with the view of extending

Circular. Important to all whom it may concern. I have permanently located myself in the village of East liberty, for the purpose of practising as a botanical physician, on the new and old systems ... Henry Hahn, M. D. East Liberty, Green townsh

Circular. National convention of farmers, gardeners and silk culturists, and friends of agriculture generally, resident in all parts of the union, on the call of the American institute of the City of New York. New York, August, 1845.

Circular. New Iberia, La., April 24, 1863. The generally received impression, that the slaves of this Parish, are free, by force of the presence of the Union army is erroneous ... A. B. Long, Capt., & Provost Marshall, Commanding Post.

Circular. New York. March 14, 1804. Sir. The General committee of Republicans in the City and County of New York, having appointed the subscribers a committee to correspond with our republican fellow-citizens in different parts of the state, in

Circular. New-York, May 5, 1814. The Baptist Youth's missionary society of the city of New-York, having been for a considerable time much weakened in their endeavours through the non-attendance of many of its members, thought proper, at its last

Circular. Norwich, June 28, 1813. His Excellency the commander in chief requires that an immediate examination should be made of the arms and equipment belonging to the men under your command ... Eben Huntington, Adjutant-General.

Circular. Office of State collector of Virginia. Richmond, March 23, 1864.

Circular. Office of state collector of Virginia. Richmond, December 1, 1864.

Circular. Office of state collector of Virginia. Richmond, September 22d, 1863.

Circular. Office of the County Courier. New York, 15th July, 1816. Sir.- You have no doubt seen it promised that the County Courier sould be discontinued to such of its patrons as should have neglected to pay for it ... [Signed] The proprietor.

Circular. Office of the corresponding secretary, "Order of the blue arrow," Sigourney, Iowa, Sept. 1865.

Circular. Pennsylvania's contributions of men to sustain the federal authority ... [186-].

Circular. Philadelphia, November 4, 1856. Fellow Citizens:- We present you herewith, an electoral ticket, nominated by a state convention composed of delegates from the various counties of the State, representing the two parties hostile to the C

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