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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Class lectures. The first course of instruction in practical phrenology, physiology, and physiognomy, will commence on Thursday evening, Dec. 27th, at 7 1-2 o' clock, continuing on successive Thursday evenings at the Phrenological Rooms 142 Wash

Clay Frelinghuysen Markle Stewart. [1844].

Clear the track! As sung by the Democratic clubs. A serious song and chorus, in which all good Democrats will unite. Music- "Begone dull care!" [1856?].

Clear the track! May 1, 1855. The great "one-horse" race and hottentot wrangle.

Cleveland and reform ... [portrait of] Gov. Grover Cleveland 22nd president of the United States .... [New York. 1885.].

Cleveland omnibus line. This is the only line between hotels, steamboats and depots ... H. S. Strvens proprietor. Cleveland, August 1853.

The closet companion: an help to serious persons, in the important duty of self-examination. Intended to be fixed up on the Christian's usual place of retirement, in order to remind him of, as well as to assist him in, the work ... [Signed] G. B

Clothing. J. W. Smith & Co. merchant tailors and clothers, Dock Square, corner of Elm Street Boston. Our stock of ready-made clothing is large, fresh, fashionable ... B.F. Allen, engraver and printer [1858].

Co-operation of the principal maritime nations in collecting materials for "wind and current charts." National observatory, Washington. November 6th, 1852.

Coast-guard organization ... Boston, 15th May, 1861.

The coat of arms of the most noble & ancient family of the O'Sullivans ... [by] P. J. O'Daly. Boston. Copyright 1879.

Cohos. The wilderness shall blossom as the rose. To his excellency John Wentworth, Esq. Captain General, Governor, and Commander in chief, in and over His Majesty's province of New Hampshire on his grant of a very generous charter, of incorporat

Col. Adam L. Bingaman's address to General Jackson, delivered at Natchez on the fifteenth day of January, 1840. [Natchez, 1840].

Col. Fremont not a Roman Catholic. Is Col. Fremont a Roman catholic. [New York, 1856].

Col. Fremont's nondescript from California. This animal captured by Col. Fremont and his party, near the River Gila, New Mexico, after a chase of three days, has arrived in this city on its way to Europe, and is to be seen alive at 290 broadway,

Col. J. W. Hofmann. 56th Penn. vols. Dear Sir: The "Camp Flag" of your regiment, which was ennobled by the use to which it was applied in the great battle of Gettysburg, has arrived safely at the League House ... Geo H. Boker. Secretary U. L. P.

Col. Thomas A. Scott before the committee on commerce. (From Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 27, 1871.).

Coleccion de varios documentos para la historia de la Florida y Tierras adyacentes California. Ano de 1541. [S. l., 1857]

[Collection of 11 poetry broadsides from the Laboratory Press of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.]

[Collection of 12 poetry broadsides from the Laboratory Press of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.]

A collection of 12 programs of the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Virginia. 1954.

[Collection of 13 poetry broadsides from the Laboratory Press of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.]

[Collection of 17 poetry broadsides from the Laboratory Press of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.]

[Collection of 23 poetry broadsides from the Laboratory Press of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.]

A collection of 97 pieces including posters, cards, announcements, etc., pertaining to New York Mayoralty campaigns 1903-1910.

A collection of Central American burial mound pottery, etc ... Detroit, Mich. October 15, 1886.

A collection of fourteen theatre programs for the 1955 season of the theatre; together with a calendar of the Virginia Highlands Festival, August 1-15, 1955, and an offprint from the University of Virginia News Letter of April 15, 1955, concerni

Collection of sixteen pieces: menus, tickets, programs, etc.

Collection of the journals of America, for France. ... B. P. Poore. Boston: White & Potter's Steam Press. [1851?].

Collections of the Massachusetts historical society. [1865].

Collector's notice. To the tax payers of Macoupin County ... B. T. Burke, Collector of Macoupin County. Carlinville, June, 1839.

Collector's office of Reading. To 187- Your tax for the year 187 amounting to $ and interest is now due ... James A. Bancroft. Collector of Reading.

Collector's sale. Middlesex ss. Reading March 30th, 1861. To all persons whom it may concern. Notice is hereby given, that the taxes assessed upon the following premises ... have not been paid ... George Batchelder. Collector of the Town of Read

College memories. by a fellow of the Society of science, letters and arts (London Eng.) before the Adrian college Theological society, March 23, 1889. [Two columns of verse] W. F. Cogswell. Adrian, Mich [1889].

College of George-Town, (Potomack) in the State of Maryland, United States of America. I. This college was first opened for literary instruction, not quite six years ago… George-Town, January 1st, 1798.

A college symphony. Christine McGaffey. Copyright 1905.

Colonization. A Card. The Rev. R. H. Breckenridge, the profundity of whose wit has enabled him to make the discoverry, that "the members of the Anti-Slavery societies hate slavery so much that they hate those who hold their fellow-men in boyage

Colony of Connecticut by the Governor, proclamation [for raising four regiments] Given under my hand at Lebanon, in said Colony, the 20th day of January, 1776. Jonathan Trumbull. [New London? 1776].

Colony of Massachusetts Bay 1776. We the subscribers, do each of us severally for ourselves, profess, testify, and declare, before God and the world that we verily believe that the war, resistance and opposition in which the United American Colo

Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, 1776. We the subscribers, do each of us severally for ourselves, profess, testify and declare before God and the World, that we verily believe that the War, Resistance and Opposition in which the United American Colo

Colony of Massachusetts-Bay. Henry Gardner, Esquire. Treasurer and Receiver-general for said Colony. To [blank] Constable or collector of [blank] Greeting, &c … Given under my hand and seal at Watertown, the twentieth day of December, 1775. [Wat

Colony of New-Hampshire. By the Council and Assembly A proclamation. Whereas the Congress of this Colony have, agreeable to a recommendation from the Honorable Continental Congress, resolved on, and form's themselves upon a plan of government by

Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay To [blank] Field officers of the [blank] Regiment of militia in the County of [blank] Greeting. You are hereby directed to fill up and deliver commissions to all such captains and subalterns, as have been elected

Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay. A proclamation for a general fast … We, therefore, have thought fit, with the advice, and at the desire of the House of representatives, to set apart, and do hereby appoint Thursday, the seventh day of March next

[Color engraving of twelve scene depicting the effects of drunkenness … n.p., 18--]

Colossal bust, of Thomas Paine, the author-hero of the American revolution. The undersigned propose to compose part of, and assist in forming an organization for the purpose of having made and erecting in the memorial hall of the Centennial exhi

Columbia's centennial greeting A cantata. Poem by E. Pluribus Unum. Music omitted. Philadelphia: Published by S. C. Upham. [c. 1876].

Columbia-Caledonia a Scottish-American song ... James D. Law. Camden, N. J. July 4th 1896.

Columbia. Message from His Excellency the Governor. No. 1, delivered to the Legislature of South Carolina, on the 29th November, 1808. [Columbia, 1808].

Columbia. Message. From his Excellency the Governor, No. 1, delivered to the Legislature of South Carolina, on the 27th of November 1810 ... [Columbia, 1810].

Columbian College in the District of Columbia [Circular regarding financial condition] Washington, May 18, 1826.

Columbian College in the District of Columbia. It is now the 1st term of the 4th year of this College ... College Hill, District of Columbia, near Washington City, April, 1825.

Columbian college, D. C. July 6, 1848. You are respectfully invited to attend the commencement of the graduation of the senior class of this institution, which will be held on Wednesday next, in the E Street Baptist Church, Washington City ....

Columbus, Ohio, August 12, 1880. To the of the United States: We, the undersigned, late soldiers of the 46th Regiment Ohio Volunteer infantry, respectfully represent that to our knowledge Col. Worthington of that regiment was never chargeable wi

Combine in a fight against railroad. [From the Rural New-Yorker, New York of January 24, 1891.].

Come one! Come all! Richmond, Burke, Jefferson, Columbia, Warren, Wilkes, Edgefield and Barnwell, Come to the sale of my likely negroes ... James L. Coleman. Augusta, Ga. Dec. 26, 1856.

Come to the gala week. Come and help us cage the tiger. Jacksonville, Fla. November 24-29 1902.

Comfort for soldiers!! Knowles' American insect destroyer, for the destruction of roaches, ants, flies, moths, bedbuga, mosquitos, flies, lice, &c., and to every kind of insect it is certain death. Indispensable for the army! ... Agents wanted.

The Commandery-in-chief of the Military order of the loyal legion of the United States held its fortieth annual meeting ... October 28, 1925, and unanimously adopted the following petition with preambles and resolutions in connection with the pa

Commencement day 18th June, 1868.

Commencement exercises of the Illinois female college held in Strawn's Hall, Thursday June 17, 1869. Jacksonville Journal print. 1869.

Commencement of The Columbian College in the District of Columbia, Wednesday, Dec. 21, 1825 ... [Washington, 1825].

Commencement of The Columbian College in the District of Columbia. Wednesday, December 20, 1826 ... [Washington 1826].

Commercial treaty with England ... Washington, Nov. 24, 1815.

Commissary General's Office. Philadelphia. Oct. 10. The farmers and others are desired and required to bring in and deliver at His Majesty's magazines in this City, what cattle, sheep, and forage they can spare, for which they will be paid at th

A commission By His Excellency the Honorable Thomas Gage, Captain general and governor in chief, in and over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay, and Vice-Admiral of the same, general and commander in chief of all His Majesty’s force

Commissioner Butler to Captain Tillman. I have just read Captain B. R. Tillman's charges against the Department of Agriculture and against myself, made in his Greenville speech ... A. P. Butler. Commissioner of Agriculture, Columbia, S. C. June

Commissioner's office for the purchase and sale of spirituous and intoxicating liquors, to city and town agents ... In order to avoid all mistakes ... he has adopted the following rules ... A. S. Mansfield, Commissioner. June 1 1855.

The commissioners appointed to execute the several acts of Congress, to provide more effectually for the settlement of the accounts between the United States, and the individual states. report. Office of the Commissioners of accounts. Philadelph

Commissioners of the Kensington District of the Northern Liberties. Standing commi ttees for the year 1832. Philadelphia. Joseph Rakestraw, printer. No. 256 North Third Street [1832?].

Committee Chamber, December 6, 1774. [Resolves in regard to the 10th article of the Association of the General Congress, requiring the opening of all package of goods imported after December 1st, 1774] [Philadelphia, 1774].

Committee Chamber, July 13, 1774. The public are hereby requested to attend at the Coffee-House, on Tuesday next at XII o 'Clock to Signify their sense of the resolves entered into by the Committee of Correspondence, in New-York, and of the dele

Committee Chamber, New-York, April 29, 1775. Extract of the proceedings of the General Committee of observation. Resolved unanimously, That in the opinion of this Commitee, no violence or molestation should be offered to the troops now quartered

Committee Chamber, New-York, January 10, 1776. Whereas the business of this Committee has been much impeded by reason of the absence of many members, and the quorum or number constituted to form a House being found by long experience to be too l

Committee Chamber, Sept. 30, 1774, 6 o'clock, P. M. It was resolved unanimously, that the following narrative of the proceedings of the committee, be published. At a meeting of the Committee of correspondence of this City, specially summoned, th

The Committee appointed by a general meeting of the inhabitants of Richmond and Manchester, interested in the Tobacco trade, to enquire into the abuses existing therein, to report the same, together with such remedies, asto them shall appear mos

The committee appointed by the delegates of the several wards of the City of Philadelphia, to draft a delegate system for the City of Philadelphia, respectfully report. [Philadelphia, 1844?].

The Committee appointed on that part of his Excellency the Governor's Message, No. 1, which relate to our foreign relations, beg leave to submit the following report [1808?].

The Committee appointed to confer with a Committee of the Senate in preparing proper rules to be established between the two houses for the inrollment, attestation, publication, and preservation of the acts of Congress, and to regulate the mode

The Committee appointed to report a plan, making provision for the payment of interest on the debts of the United States--- report. [New York] Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine [1790].

The committee appointed to take into consideration, the act for establishing the post-office and post-roads in the United States, and report whether any, and what alterations were necessary. [Philadelphia, 1792?].

Committee chamber, New-York, November 3, 1775. Whereas the Provincial Congress, in order that the duration of their power might be limited to a short period, did, by their resolve dated the 10th day of October last, and inserted in the publick n

Committee chamber, New-York. The Provincial Congress of the Colony of New-York, on the 9th of August, instant, passed the following resolves, viz ... [New York: Printed by John Holt, 1775].

A Committee having been appointed by the National Union League of Tennessee, Council No. 1, to prepare a Memorial to their fellow-leaguers, the following is respectfully submitted ... Nashville, Tennessee, Dec. 4th, 1863.

The Committee of both houses on the letter this morning received by this Court from His Excellency General Washington relative to supplying the army with fire-arms, beg leave to report by way of resolve: [That a committee be appointed to collect

Committee of management for the year 1842 [19 names] The object of this association, incorporated by the Legislature of the state of New York in the year 1840, is to advance the cause of the fine arts in the United States ... [New York 1842].

The committee on exhibition of the Horticultural society, District of Columbia, submit the following schedule of premiums to be awarded at their exhibition on the 30th inst. [Sept. 1857] ... [Washington, D. C.] R. A. Water's steam job press, Sta

The committee on the Governor's message having under consideration that part thereof, which relates to certain amendments to the constitution of the United States, as recommended by the state of Maryland, and having the said amendments under con

Committee on the celebration of the evacuation of the city of New-York by the British. New York, 1888.

The Committee to whom was referred sundry resolutions touching, among other things, our foreign relations, and the measures of the administration consequent thereon, beg leave now to report on this branch of the subject ... [Richmond 1808?].

The committee to whom was referred the bill for establishing and organizing a battalion of infantry to be called the Marine Corps .... Philadelphia, John Fenno, [1798].

The Committee to whom was referred the bill" to define more particularly the crime of treason, and to define and punish the crime of sedition, [are of opinion, that the said bill ought to pass, with the following amendment, viz ... [Philadelphia

The Committee to whom was referred the memorial of the representatives of the people south of the Ohio, report ... [April 10, 1794. [Philadelphia: Printed by Childs and Swaine, 1794].

The committee to whom was referred the message of the President of the United States, of the 14th instant, report as follows. [Philadelphia? 1792].

The Committee to whom was referred the several petitions of the Quakers of New-England, of the Providence Society for the abolition of the slave-trade, and the petition from the delegates of the several societies for the same purpose, in Convent

... Committee, appointed to examine into the measures taken by Congress and the State of Virginia, respecting the lands reserved for the use of the officers and soldiers of the said state, on Continental and state establishments, in the cession

The Committee, to which was referred the second article on the right of suffrage, report as follows ... [1842].

Committee- Chamber, New-York, April 28, 1775 Gentlemen. The distressed and alarming situation of our Country, occasioned by the sanguinary measures adopted by the British ministry, (to enforce which, the sword has been actually drawn against our

Committee- Chamber, New-York, May 9, 1775 Resolved 1st. That any person in this city, or county, who has arms, ammunition, or the other articles necessary for our defences, to dispose of ... he shall be held up to the public as an enemy to this

Committee-Chamber, July 19, 1774. Proceedings of the Committee of correspondence. The resolves proposed by the Board to the inhabitants of this City, having been published and dispersed through the town several days previous to this meeting ...

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