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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Copy of a letter written by our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. found 84 miles from Iconium 65 years after our blessed Saviour's crucifixion; transmitted from the holy city by a converted Jew, faithfully translated from the original Hebre

Copy of a petition now circulating for subscription, humbly offered for the perusal of the members of the Honourable the House of Assembly. To the Honourable the representatives of the Freemen of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Assembly met;

Copy of a petition to be presented to the Honorable legislature of New-Hampshire at their present session. To the Honourable Senate and House of representatives in General Court convened. [Regarding a road from Exeter to Essex bridge] Dec. 7, 18

Copy of a true abstract of the statements of the several bank corporations, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, rendered January, 1814. Printed by order of the Honourable Senate of January 20, 1814. Attest Alden Bradford. Secretary of the Comm

Copy of curious love letter from a gentleman to a lady. [185-?].

Copy of part of a letter from Israel Pemberton, and son, of Philadelphia, to David Barclay, and son, of London. Philadelphia, the 1st of the 3d Mo. 1740. [Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin 1740].

Copy of preamble and protest ... Brooklyn Auxiliary, New York State association opposed to the extension of suffrage to women. [1894].

Copy of the fifth & sixth articles of the Treaty of neutrality in America, between England and France, in the year 1686. Late sent in orders to His Majesty’s frigots attending the government of this Province, to be put in Execution to effect. [b

A copy of the last will and testament of Richard Bellingham, Esqr. Late governour of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay in New England and some arguments to prove this was the said governours last will and was proved and approved as such, and ought

A copy of verses made by that reverend man of God Mr. John Wilson, pastor to the first church in Boston; on the sudden death of Mr. Joseph Brisco, who was translated from earth to heaven Jan 1, 1657. [Cambridge, Mass., Samuel Green, 1657].

(Copy) To the Governors of Orleans, Georgia, S. Carolina, Massachusetts, and N. Hampshire. Washington, May 6,08. Sir. The evasion of the preceding embargo laws went so far towards defeating their objects, and chiefly by vessels clearing out coas

Copyright- Costa Rica. By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation Whereas it is provided by section 13 of the act of Congress of March 3, 1891, entitled "An act to amend title sixty, chapter three of the revised statutes of

Copyright. By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation ... Done at the City of Washington this ninth day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ten ... Wm. H. Taft.

Copyright. By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation ... Done at the City of Washington this ninth day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ten .... Wm. H. Taft. [Washington D. C. 1910].

The corner stone of a building for the accommodation of the sub-treasury of the United States, and the Post Office at Boston, Massachusetts, laid on the 16th of October, 1871 ....

Corner stone of a new church in Boston. Extract from the Boston Recorder, June 26, 1819. On Wednesday last, the Corner stone of the house of wotship for Rev. Mr. Sabine's Church and Society, was laid in Essex-Street ... [Boston 1819].

Corporation of Vicksburg, vs. The Heirs of Newit Vick, et al. Brief and argument. [n. d.].

The corporation of the City of Richmond, in account with the Chamberlaine, between the first day of July, and the thirty-first of December, 1807, both days inclusive .... N. Sheppard, Chamberlaine. We have examined the Chamberlaine's accounts fr

A correct list of the members of the American council, alias Know nothings (Taken from the record,) residing in the fourth ward, Washington, City, D. C. [Washington, D. C. 185-].

Correspondence between Mr. Yancey and Mr. Scott ... [Letter from N.J. Scott, to William Lowndes Yancey, dated at Auburn, Ala., Nov. 13, 1860.] [Letter from William Lowndes Yancey to Col. N. J. Scott, dated at Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 15, 1860.]

Correspondence between postal improvements, and the removal of the Boston post office ... April 1858.

Correspondence between the Hon. Hugh L. White and the Committee of the two Houses, appointed to inform him of his nomination for the presidency by the Legislature of Tennessee Nashville, October 23, 1835.

Correspondence between the chairman of the Union state central committee and S. S. Maffitt, Esq., candidate for comptroller. Published by order of the Committee. [1863].

Correspondence. Albermarle County, Jan. 12, 1861. Wm. C. Rives and V. W. Southall, Esq's: Gentlemen- Taking it for granted that the bill for the call of a convention ... will speedily become a law, we feel the necessity of selecting without dela

The cost of a rebel peace. Plain words for working-men ... New York. Printed for the Union Executive Congressional committee by John A. Gray & Green [186-?].

The cost of criminal aggression in the Philippine Islands to the people of Massachusetts ... Edward Atkinson. Boston, Oct. 26, 1903.

Costs in gold, white goods, linens, printed cottons, ginghams, &c. made up with a given rate of expenses, by James Halliday. New York. c. 1870.

Cotillion parties. The honor of Mrs. Force's company, is requested at the New Masonic Hall on the following evenings, viz ... [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Cotillon party. The pleasure of your company is respectfully solicited at a Cotillon party, to be given at Donivan's Hall, High street, on Thursday evening, November 18, 1852. Tickets admitting a lady and gentleman $1- Single tickets 50 c

Cotton vs. currency. Ought the cotton trade to be opened? [Boston, 1864].

Council Chamber, April 23d, 1811. The following advice was adopted by the Council for the Commonwealth of Virginia, on Tuesday the 23d April. In Council. 23d April 1811. The Lieutenant Governor laid before the board a letter from Philip Norborne

Council Chamber, December 4th, 1820. Sir: I have the honor to enclose an address to the Legislature, which custom requires to be made by the Chief magistrate of the Commonwealth, at this time .... Th: H. Randolph ... [Richmond, 1820].

Council Chamber, January 25, 1794. Sir. The annexed resolution of the General Assembly is sent to you for your information. You will readily discover from its purport, that the Legislature consider the past conduct of the escheators reprehensibl

Council Chamber, October 20, 1785. Gentlemen. The act of Assembly passed last session for further continuing the Act concerning pensioners, directs the courts of the several counties within this commonwealth to make, to the Executive, returns re

Counterfeit national bank notes ... December 1898.

The Countersign ... [Richmond] Soldiers' Tract Society Virginia Conference, M. E. Church, South, [1864?].

Counting the vote for President and Vice-President. Admit bearer to gallery of House of representatives. 557 March 2, 1877.

The counting-house tabular tariff sheet. By J. Harbeson Barnes and Elijah A. Carroll. [c. 30th Oct. 1828].

A country bookseller arrives amidst the metropolitan madness.

A country treat upon the second paragraph in His Excellency’s speech, Decemb. 17, 1730. [Boston, 1730] [Positive Photostat].

County and City of Philadelphia. The will of the majority the law. Citizens of the County and City. Attempts have been made to discredit the proceedings and resolutions of the numerous and unanimous meeting held in the State House yard on Monday

County convention. Liberty and justice. The Dutchess County anti-slavery society, will meet at the house of Daniel P. Eghmie, Washington Hollow, on Monday, the 7th of October inst. [183-?].

County economy Travellers remark on the amazing difference in economy of country people who reside in the northern states of America, from what is observed in the southern ... [1800?].

County tax for the year 1843. State of Maine. Lincoln, ss, - To the selectmen or assessors of the town of [blank] in the County of Lincoln.

... Courage. by Gail Hamilton. New York Charles B. Richardson, publisher. [1862].

Courier Extra. Sunday, Nov. 8, 11 1-2 o'clock. The elections. Great and glorious news. New York. Nov. 8 [1840].

The course and distance being given to find the difference of latitude and departure. [n. p.] [c. 1852].

Course of instruction ... [185-?].

Course of lectures upon the structure of the earth: by Professor B. Silliman of Yale College. [1852].

Course of lectures upon the structure of the earth: by Professor B. Sillman, of Yale College ... [186-?].

A course of six lectures on the "Bible lands," will be given in and for the benefit of the First Baptist church, thirteenth street, by Rev. George W. Samson, D. D [Washington, D. C. 1864].

Course of study. [Lebanon, Tenn. June 1867.].

Court halts price cutting. State code declared constitutional by vice chancellor Buchanan, of Chancery Court of New Jersey on December 12, 1933. Upholds minimum prices fixed by dry cleaners code authority.

A covenant for reformation assented to in Long-Meadow, in Springfield, August 22d 1728.

Craigie, Wainwright, and Co. druggists, No. 37, Wall-Street, corner of Hanover-Square, and opposite the Coffee-House, Bridge have imported by the last ships from Euorpe a very large assortment of drugs, medicines, groceries and paints ... New-Yo

Cranium Gazette. From the Cave. 1st of the month Nisan, A. L. 5822. [s. l., 1822].

Crank and cylinder ... Thos. W. Bakewell. Pittsburgh, Jan. 1868.

The Craven (from an unpublished poem by Alfred Andhison) [New York] Evening post [1862].

... Crawford's charge. Culpepper. Va. 1st Brigade, ist Division, Banks' army. August 13th, 1862.

Credit of the nation in 1860 and 1876. The Democratic platform and Tilden's letter answered. By an official letter from the Treasury Department. [Washington, D. C. 1876].

The crime of the abolitionists ... Speech of Gerrit Smith, in the meeting of the New-York anti-slavery society, held in Peterboro, October 22d, 1835.

Crisis. To the people of the state of New York. War! War! War! Quit-rents, stamp acts- a common distress in our country is the order of the day- These evils presaged our war with Britain; they now presage a war with France, still more to be drea

Criticism of N. Y. Tribune on Gerrit Smith. Peterboro August 9, 1872. Mr Everett Brown, Peterboro, Dear Sir. I thank you for calling my attention to a charge in the N. Y. Tribune of inconsistency on my part ... Gerrit Smith.

Criticism of N. Y. Tribune on Gerrit Smith. Peterboro, August 9, 1872. Mr. Everett Brown, Peterboro. Dear Sir, I thank you for calling my attention to a charge in the N. Y. Tribune of inconsistency on my part ... Gerrit Smith.

Criticism of Smoot wool bill and reply to attacks on Payne bill. by Thomas H. Ball. From Philadelphia press. July 27, 1911.

The crow. [n. p. n. d.].

The crowning crime of Christendom by James Hurnard. Colchester. Bacon printer [1852].

The crowning crime of Christendom by James Hurnard. Colchester. Bacon, printer [185-?].

... The Crusaders believe that the country-wide controversy over National prohibition justifies them in asking for an expression of opinion from you on this subject. On the enclosed return postcard is printed the platform of the Crusaders ... Wa

Crushing out small manufacturers. Editor Boston Herald: In the debate upon the question of removing stamps from friction matches, Mr. Scheneck is reported to have said that "the manufacturers begged the committee to retain the tax ... A small fr

...An act authorizing the secretary of the Treasury to finish the light-house, on PortlandHead, in the district of Maine. [New York: Printed by Francis Childs and Hohn Swaine, 1790.].

...An act for extending the time for receiving on loan that part of the domestic debt of the United States, which may not be subscribed, prior to the first day of March. One thousand seven jundred and ninety-three. [Philadelphia: Printed by F

An act to provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions and to repeal the act now in force for those purposes.

Cumberland's crew. Brooklyn. N. Y. Henry J. Wehman, song publisher. [n. d.].

Cumberland, (Colony of Rhode Island) April 16, 1763. To the public [An address against the official conduct [An address against the official conduct of Governor Ward. Signed] A Freeman. [Providence: Printed by William Goddard, 1763].

Curatores Bibliothecae Hooverianae concilio rectori professoribus Universitatis Catholicae Lovaniensis ... data die XXV mensis Mai, Anno MDCCCCXXVIII ab Universitate Stanfordiana.

A cure for deceit. [185-].

A curious piece of antiquity on the crucifixion of Christ and the two thieves. For sale by J. H. H. Vehslage. New York. Hy. J. Crate, printer. 181 William Street. [c. 1858].

The currency question Gen. Butler's letter to the editor of the Boston daily advertiser ... October 12, 1867.

Currency reform. Treasury certificates. An elastic currency preventing financial stringency ... W. H. Conkle. Dec. 2, 1907. [Washington, D. C. 1907].

Currency table, showing the value of a "greenback" dollar note, in specie, from par to 200 per cent, advancing by 1-8ths. Computed by John V. Yatman, New York. New York. Published ny E. B. Clayton's sons, printers and stationers, No. 157 Pearl S

Custom House, Balto. Sept. 22, 1881. The train bearing the body of the late President of the United States to its final resting place will pass through our city, via the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad, on Friday, the 23d instant ... John L. Thom

The cynic's rules of conduct by Chester Field. Jr. [n. p.] [c. 1905].

D. C. Stephenson behind move which brought 15 absent senators back. Leader confers with heads of minority in hotel at Dayton, after which "Travelers board bus for home ... Indianapolis. February 27, 1925.

D. Leathe's yellow dock syrup. Certificates ... Sold by J. Russell Spalding, 27 Tremont-Street. Boston. [1860].

D. P. Davis, 15 Washington St., (Near Dock Sq.,) Boston. manufacturer and dealer in clocks! clocks! of every variety of style, viz: for banks, insurance office, hotels ... Boston. Fred Rogers, printer, 152 Washington St. [n. d.].

D. Webster Clegg's concise time table, for acquiring the number of days from a given month or date to any other date in the year. [n. p.] [c. 1872].

Daily Gazette Extra. Boston, Thursday morning. Nov. 5, 1840.

Daily Press and times. Extra. Saturday May 16, 1868. Impeachment. The vote on the 11th articles. The President found not guilty.

The daily citizen. J. M. Swords, proprietor. Vicksburg, Miss. Thursday, July 2, 1863.

Daily forum extra. The American eagle against the British lion! Americans read. Manufacturers, mechanics, Democrats and Whigs, one and all!!! ... Phila. October 1, 1844.

Daily line to the South! Sundays excepted, Carrying the Great Central U. S. Mail. Schedule ... T. Shepperd, Agent. Baltimore, August 25, 1847. Murphy Printer, 178 Market Street, Baltimore.

A daily paper is proposed to be published in Washington City. By William Duane & son. [Washington, 1802].

A daily prayer for the modern Jew. By Rabbi S. Felix Mendelsohn, Temple Beth Israel, Chicago. [c. 1938].

The Damning sin of profane swearing and cursing [176-?].

Dan Rice's great show. Sixth appearance of M'le Ella Zoyara in her unparalleled Scene of equitation. Saturday afternoon, March 3, 1860 ... Philadelphia U. S. Steam-Power Job Printing Office, Ledger Building [1860.].

Dan'l O'Connell ---on--- democracy! ... Irishmen and workingmen! Give your votes in behalf of freedom and not in behalf of slavery'. A Democratic workingman. New York, Oct. 13th, 1863.

The dance. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press, 1967.

Dancing and physical exercise. Mr. Wm. N. Bell, returns his sincere thanks to the citizens of Boston and vicinity, for the very liberal patronage he has received during the present season, and respectfully announces that he will open a school at

Dancing and waltzing academy. Mr. Joseph B. Brown respectfully gives notice to the public that he will reopen his Academy at Tremont Hall, 25 Eliot Street on Tuesday evening, September 26, 1865.

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