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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Dancing soirées, at Carusi's saloon. The honor of company is requested by L. Carusi's soirees, to be held during the present season. The first will take place on the The time fixed for the other Soirées will be announced through the papers.

The danger and the remedy. The excitement so wide spread and deeply seated in the South arises in a great degree from a sense of insecurity. While the slaveholding states maintained an equal power in the Senate, they could submit to much that wa

A danger to be averted. Need of immediate action to protect the five civilized tribes and other Indians from the liquor traffic. The following letter has just been sent to every member of the United States Senate. Philadelphia. December 17, 1904

The dangerous age ... H. C. Apgar. Elizabeth. N. J. [1938].

Daniel Webster is dead! Sunday news office 8 A. M. [1852].

Daniel Webster. No man or woman who attended the funeral of Daniel Webster will ever forget the scenes that were presented to their gaze and for their contemplation ... J. Haven, publisher. [1852].

Dare to be free! ... Washington, D. C. 1922.

Daring robbery $20 reward. My store on E street, between 6th and 7th Navy Yar, Washington, was robbed on Saturday morning the 21st inst., by some villain or villains, who carried off a quantity of groceries and dry goods ... The above rew

Dark pages of the nineteenth century. The convent cell.- Tune - Hazel Dell. The incidents of the song are explained in this narrative. [n. p. c. 1855].

David B. Hill. Knights of labor repudiate and denounce him. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted by Elmira Local Assembly 1965, K. of L., Oct. 2, 1888.

Davis's law catalogue for 1799. Latest London and Irish editions ... [Philadelphia] Printed by Zachariah Poulson, junior No. 106 Chestnut-street nearly opposite to the Bank of North-America. [1799].

A day of jubilee! at Irving Park, Annapolis Junction B. & O. R. R. Thursday, August 12, 1880 .... Grand union ratification excursion and pic-nic! ... [Washington, D. C.] R. O. Polkinhorn, printer.

[Address of the Governor November 6, 1804 to the Senate and House of representatives. Frankfort 1806].

[Address?] of the Lords and Commons to His Majesty on the present state of America, etc. February 11, 1775.

The Dean Stanley memorial. It having been suggested, at the late meeting held in the Chapter house of Westminister Abbey, on the birthday of Dean Stanley, December 13, 1881, at which our American minister, M5. Lowell, was one of the speakers, th

Dear Brethren:- Permit us most earnestly to request a careful and favorable consideration of the following statement of the condition and wants of the Congregational church in Washington ... Charles B. Boynton, pastor. O. O. Howard. President of

... Dear Friend: Governor George H. Earle, at the suggestion of the Pennsylvania Historical commission has designated Saturday, December 12, 1936, as "Pennsylvania ratification day", to commemorate the ratification, by our Commonwealth of the co

Dear Sir ... Your attention is invited to the annexed annual statement of the New-Orleans price-current, which will be found to contain an elaborate review of the past season's operations in our leading staples, together with valuable comparativ

Dear Sir, The Prince society have now ready for delivery to members the second volume of the "Hutchinson papers ... Boston, Mass. December 1, 1865.

Dear Sir. The Presidential campaign is approaching and there is much discussion of the question:" Who is the best man for the Democrats to nominate for President? ... A prompt reply will oblige. Yours truly. Campaign Council. [Bethesda, Md. 190

Dear Sir. The approaching recess of congress has, for some time, pressed on me the duty of communicating to you the proceedings of this interesting session .... B Bassett. Washington, February 26, 1809.

Dear Sir. The enclosed documents will show what the Massachusetts state Texas committee are doing ... Boston. November 6, 1845.

Dear Sir. The present seems to be a favorable time for initiating, by a two-thirds vote of Congress, certain amendments which shall remove the disgrace upon our constitution of permitting or tolerating chattel slavery ... Having passed the prese

... Dear Sir.-The Union State Executive Committee, respectfully, but earnestly, claim your energetic co-operation in the present contest ... Trenton. N. J. Oct. 23d, 1865.

Dear Sir: A proposition has been made to our Committee by Frank A. Munsey, a successful and reliable publisher of this City, to start an illustrated paper, to aid in the campaign ... B. F. Jones, Chairman. New York City, August 2, 1884.

Dear Sir: At the meeting held in the Meionao, on Friday, June 13, the following resolutions were adopted. [6 resolutions.] Boston June 21, 1884.

Dear Sir: Having purchased the celebrated stallion and getter of race horses Monmouth Eclipse ... he will make his first season in Kentucky, on the farm of W. W. Bacon ... Frankfort, Kentucky. [1850?].

... Dear Sir: Herewith we send you a specimen ballot which will give you the information necessary to enable you to vote the full Republican ticket ... Philadelphia, October 29th, 1892.

Dear Sir: I am about to make an application to the President and Congress of the U. States to have the same rank bestowed upon Major Thomas William and myself, that Lieut. Col. Henry L. Scott and George W. Lay ... have received ... Yours respect

... Dear Sir: I am directed by the association to inform you that you were elected to membership therein, as shown by the records ... Secretary. Washington, D. C. 1894.

Dear Sir: I have taken the liberty to send you a few documents relating to the Railroad movement in Rhode Island in Rhode Island ... R. G. Hazard. [n. d.].

Dear Sir: I present herewith a bill and argument which have been presented to Congress by the National Society of the Fine Arts to secure a National advisory board on civic art to give advice on questions relating to fine arts under the control

Dear Sir: I take the liberty to invite you to my land sale, in Bostonville, (in the Town of Needham,) which will take place on the 10th inst at One o'clock P. M ... Enclosed is a free pass. Daniel Ayer ... Monday, Oct. 10, 1853.

... Dear Sir: In referring you to the annexed annual statement of our market, which gives the latest information, both foreign and domestic, in our possession; we have only to add, that we still continue a commission business, and will give our

Dear Sir: One most important task lies before the supporters of the Democratic ticket- to bring the people at large to a clear understanding of the tariff question ... It is to this end that we have published The Tariff?? cartoons and comments f

Dear Sir: The accompanying address to the people of Louisiana has been prepared for the purpose of inducing them to deliver up their arms to the use of the state ... Your obedient servant. [Signed by] Tho. O. Moore. Governor. New Orleans, Februa

Dear Sir: The interests of the undersigned being vitally affected by the inequalities of the proposed tax bill, would state for himself and the trade he represents, that he is a wholesale merchant, manufactures and dealer in proprietary family m

Dear Sir: You are cordially invited to attend the Republican Union festival, in commemoration of Washington's birthday, to be given under the auspices of the Republican Central committees, at Irving Hall, on Saturday Evening, the 22d instant, at

Dear Sir: You are doubtless aware of the fact, that the Mills Tariff Bill which has been passed by the Democratic majority of the House of representatives, places on the free list wool, woolen rags of every description and all grades of shoddy .

Dear Sir:- We ask your assistance in heading off the attempt now being made in Congress to compel the Census Bureau to recruit the large additional clerical force necessary in the compilation of the Census of 1910 on a patronage basis, instead o

Dear Sir:- Will you be kind enough to place this circular in the hands of active democrats in this county, who will at once commence an organization for the purpose of supporting the principles of our party, as they will be proclaimed by the con

Dear Sir;- You and your family are invited to be present at the presentation and raising of a flag on the Home for the friendless, which will take place, Wednesday, the 14th of May, at half-past 3 o'clock P. M. New York, May 13, 1862.

The Dearing tragedy. by Daniel Dinen. [n. p. c. 1866].

Death and burial of Abraham Lincoln [Cut of Abraham Lincoln A nation mourns his loss! By Humanities [pseud] Air:- "Sweet home." Boston: Morrill, Pr. [1865].

Death for the Hun. answer to "Deutschland über alles." Air. My countrym'Tis of Thee' ... Daisy Sanial Gill. New York Globe Nov 3, 1917 and other American papers.

Death of General McClellan. [Public Ledger of Daily transcript, Philadelphia, Friday, Oct. 30, 1885.].

Death of President Lincoln! Born February 12th, 1809:--- Died April 15th, 1865. Air-Sword of Bunker Hill ... Philadelphia 1865.

Death of Wm. Harrison. [poem of 10 stanzas] Night of the grave. [Poem of 4 stanzas. America. 57th Psalm. Whereas, it has pleased and all-wise providence to remove by death William Henry Harrison, the venerable President of the United States ...

Death of an aged lady. Mrs. Mary Gamble, whose death occurred yesterday at Newark, N. J. had advanced well towards the completion of her ninety-ninth year ... Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, September 6,1886.

Deaths and ages ... populatio, and distances from Washington ... Statistics of the United States by the census of 1840 ... Scientific and other important discoveries ... [Washington, D. C. 18--].

Debate on the tariff. Speech of Mr. Mallary of Vermont. House of representatives, March 3, [1828] [Washington, D. C.] National Journal 1828.

Debates on dividing Orange County. Mr. Brush being in the chair, the House, according to the order of the day, proceeded to the consideration of the bill, for dividing Orange County, whereupon J n D N x, Esq; delivered himself as follows ... [Ne

Debs. Ellis B. Harris. [n. p.] [c. 1895].

The decay of our commercial marine. John Codman. Boston, December 1870.

December 6th, 1852. Sir: The undersigned, appointed a committee of invitation by the Washington club, beg leave to enclose to you a copy of its rules and regulation; and invite you to become a member of the Institution ... [Washington, D. C. 185

December 7, 1789. Gentlemen. The permanent residence of Congress has furnished so interesting a subject for debate, in the last session of the Honourable body, as to justify us in presuming that the individual citizens of each state must feel th

Declaration and protest of the women of the United States by the National woman suffrage association. July 4th, 1876.

Declaration at the annual meeting of this Commandery held at Topeka, May 12, 1917 ... [Topeka, Kansas 1917].

Declaration by Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief of the British forces. Sir William regrets the calamities .... August 27, 1777.

A declaration by the representatives of the United Colonies of North-America, now met in General Congress at Philadelphia, setting forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms. A view of that great and flourishing City of Boston, when

Declaration del Pueblo de Tejas, reunido enconvencion general ... En la imprenta de Baker y Bordens, San Feline de Austin 7 de Noviembre de 1835.

Declaration of American Independence [seal] in Congress, July 4th, 1776. --- text in two columns within ornamental border. [Philadelphia 1800 ?].

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of North America. July 4, 1776. [Cut] arranged and adapted for vocal and instrumental music as the great national chant and dedicated to the work by John E. Wilson. Baltimore. 1861. [Negative

... A declaration of dependence and independence nailed on the door of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Flag day, June 14, 1910 ... Baltimore, Md. Salt House Press. 1930.

Declaration of independence published by John Trumbull, New York, Sept. 10th, 1822.

The Declaration of independence, signed July 4th, 1776: A song, designed for the public schools and academies ... Pittsburgh. Hunt & Miner, agents. Allegheny, J. J. East agent. [c. 1858].

A declaration of independence. A promise as to twelve words. In order to testify my approval of the principle of a simplification of English spelling ... I agree to adopt for customary use in my own personal correspondence the following twelve s

Declaration of independence. The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America, in Congress assembled, July 4, 1776. St. Louis. Great Western printing co. [1884].

Declaration of principles of the National woman's party. Adopted at the conference of National and State officers of the Woman's party, Washington, D. C., November 11, 1922.

A declaration of rights, and plan of government for the state of New-Hampshire. Where as by the tyrannical administration of the government of the King and Parliament of Great-Britain, this state of New Hampshire, with the other United States of

Declaration of sentiments of the American anti-slavery society. Adopted at the formation of said society, in Philadelphia, on the 4th day of December, 1833. New York. Published by the American anti-slavery society, 142 Nassau Street. William S.

The declaration of seventy-five physicians of Boston ... Ford & Damrell, Temperance Press, Wilson's Lane Boston 1832.

A declaration of the General Court of the Massachusets holden at Boston, in New-England, October 18, 1659. Concerning the execution of two Quakers ... Printed by their order in New-England. Reprinted in London, 1659. [Facsimile print].

Declaration of the Reverend Mr. David Jones. To the Citizens of the State of Pennsylvania, the following observations are submitted by the subscriber [Charging that James Ross attorney having repobated the doctrine of original sin court conseque

Declaration of the anti-slavery convention assembled in Philadelphia, Dec. 4, 1833. Philadelphia. 6th December 1833.

Declaration of the anti-slavery convention. Assembled in Philadelphia, December 4, 1833 ... [Philadelphia] Merrihew & Gunn, printers. No. 7 Carter's Alley [1833].

Declaration of the causes which impel the state of Texas to secede from the Federal Union : also the ordinance of secession. [Austin, Tex.? : Herald office, 1861]

The declaration of the free [poem] New York, C. P. Farrell [n. d.].

Declaration, platform, and constitution of the Republican association of Washington, D. C. [Washington, 1854].

The Declaration.- The Declaration of independence was adopted Thursday, July 4, 1776, by the Second Continental Congress ... The Liberty bell- The old bell which hung in the tower of the State House (now Independence Hall) ... [Declaration of in

Decoration day proclamation ... Given under my hand and the great seal of the Territory of Oklahoma, at the City of Guthrie, this twelfth day of May, nineteen hundred and four. T. B. Ferguson. Governor.

Decoration of graves of Union dead. List of committees.. [Washington, D. C. 1868].

Dedicated to the American parent by Edward Bok. A roll for educators to ponder over ... A roll for parents to think over ... A roll which speaks for itself ... Reprinted from the Ladies Home Journal for January, 1902. Distributed by the Departme

Dedicated to the president of the United States. and to his honored wife by C. D. Bradlee (July 10th, 1881).

Dedication of the William Lloyd Garrison Ward at the new St. Monica's home, 125 Highland Street Roxbury Friday evening, June 10th, 1904 at 8 o'clock.

Dedication; Department of Rare Books & Special Collections; San Francisco Public Library; October 1, 1964 ... [San Francisco, 1964].

Deep sea telegraphy. Comparison between the cable submerged from Ireland to Newfoundland in 1866 by the Telegraph construction and maintenance company, and that proposed on Allan's principle for the same distance and depth ... [n. p. 1866].

Defence of Governour Willcox [Signed] Many neighbours. Charlestown, April 5, 1817.

Defence of Pickering, against Bancroft. [n. d.].

The defender devoted to the protection of American labor and industries. Published by the American protective tariff league. New York.

The defense of Wake. [San Francisco. The Windsor Press. 1942?]

(Deferred dept.) Treasury of the United States. No. Register's-Office. Be it known, that there is due from the United States of America, unto or assign, the sum of being deffered stock, bearing interest at six per cent, per annum from inclusivel

Delaware State, ss. His Excellency, the President having received the following Act of Congress of the 17th of March last, orders that the same be made public throughout this State. New-Castle, May 5, 1785. By the United States, in Congress asse

Delaware lotteries. $28.000! Consolidated lottery of Delaware authorized by "An act for the encouragement of internal improvements in the State of Delaware." Chapter DVII. Passed at Dover, January 26, 1859. Wilmington, Del. Gootee & Co. 1


Delegates from the state of New York to the National union Republican convention, to be held at Philadelphia, Wednesday, June 5th, 1872 Headquarters - Continental Hotel.

Delinquent lands in Virginia. An act, further to extend the time of redemption of lands and lots returned delinquent for the non-payment of taxes west of the Alleghany mountains, and for other purposes. Passed February 27th, 1835. [Richmond, 183

Demeritt's North American catarrh remedy cures catarrh and prevents consumption! ... Boston 1869.

Democratic Hickory club. At a stated meeting of the Hickory club of the City and County of Philadelphia, held on the 3d September 1844, the following address was adopted and ordered to be published: To the Democrats of the Union. The importance

Democratic Inauguration Ball. [Mrs. Anna Maria Wilson] The Pleasure of your company is respectfully solicited at a BALL to be given at the National Theatre, on the evening of the 4th of March, 1845. In honor of the President and vice President e

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