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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Democratic National Convention. Chicago, July 1940 [ticket of admission]. New York, Quayle & Son Corp. [1940].

Democratic National Convention. [Guest ticket]. Baltimore, Md. 1912.

A Democratic Republican song, for election [New York? n. d.].

Democratic Union ticket. For Governor, Henry W. Paine. of Cambridge. For Lieutenant Governor Thomas F. Plunkett. of Pittsfield ... [1862].

The Democratic candidates--- 1884. Stephen Grover Cleveland of New York. Thomas A. Hendricks of Indiana ... These electrotypes are from fine engravings by Rea. of Philadelphia ... Philadelphia. [c. 1884].

Democratic catechism of negro equality. July 4th, 1863 ... Philadelphia, Pa. 1863.

... Democratic caucus! A meeting for the election of delegates to attend the "Democratic District Convention" ... [Lynn, Mass.] From the Boston Post Job Office [1858].

Democratic caucus. Agreeable to a vote of the meeting the proceedings of which are subjoined, The Democrats of Concord, are requested to assemble at the Court House, on Saturday, the 5th day of February, inst. for the purpose of appointing Commi

Democratic celebration of the third Congressional district. Regular toasts. [13 toasts including toasts to Andrew Jackson, President of the U. S. Martin Van Buren, Vice-president, Pennsylvania and Henry A. Muhlenberg,] [n. p. 183- ].

Democratic conservative ticket. 2d District. [cut] For President Samuel J. Tilden. For Vice-President Thomas A. Hendricks ...[n. p. 1876].

Democratic convention nomination. For governor. Thomas F. Carpenter, of Providence ... To the Democratic Republicans of Rhode-Island ... Providence, Feb. 28, 1840.

Democratic falsehoods exposed. Facts for the people. Washington, D. C. Gibson Brothers, Printers [1868?].

Democratic festival in honor of election of Pierce and King. Bill of fare. United States Hotel, Washington, D. C. Nov. 30th, 1852.

Democratic inauguration ball. Sir: You are no doubt aware that extensive preparations are being made by the Democratic Association of the District of Columbia ... to give a magnificient ball on the evening of the 4th of March next, in honor of t

Democratic meeting Pole raising!! Cleveland, Hendricks and reform. There will be a Democratic meeting and pole raising at New Geneva on Friday, October 24th, 1884.

Democratic misstatements exposed. The Treasury statement of losses in receipts and disbursements defended against an ignorant and malicious assault. Letter of Hon. Edward Mc Pherson, Secretary of the Republican congressional committee. Washingto

The Democratic party. The great Democratic party has been boken in pieces ... Vandal Digum, for himself and associates. [n. p. n. d.].

Democratic platform planks, epitomized. 1908. New York 1908.

Democratic political economy ... [n. P.] [c. 1852].

Democratic rally to-night! Academy of music. Address by Hon. Hoke Smith, of Atlanta. Introduced by Hon. Lee S. Overman. Meeting called to order by Judge Armistead Burwell at 8:30 o'clock. Music by Charlotte Band. Ladies and gentlemen invited. Gu

Democratic ticket Democratic electors for the state at large ... Democratic state ticket. For Governor Joel A. Matteson ... [s. l., 1852?].

Democratic ticket [1865].

Democratic ticket. Democracy!! Bryant. Pearson. For collector, John Y. Bryant for register, P. M. Pearson. To the Democratic voters of Washington City ... Signed by the Committee. [Washington, D. C.] June 3rd, 1853.

Democratic ticket. For President, Gen. Franklin Pierce, of New Hampshire, For Vice-President, Hon. William R. King, of Alabama. [15 districts] [1852].

Democratic ticket. For Senator. Jared Bassett, For representatives, Ralph I. Ingersoll, and Noyes Darling ... [New Haven? 1819?].

Democratic ticket. Our principals the constitution. For President John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky For Vice President Joseph Lane of Oregon. Electors .... Election on Tuesday, November 6th, 1860. Lith of Hoyer & Ludwig, Richmond, Va.

Democratic whig meeting! Whereas intelligence has been just received that distinguished Whig members of Congress have remonstrated with the President against the appointment of James D. Doty, to the office of Governor of this Territory, and have

The democrats of Portland, will dedicate the New City Hall, to true democracy this Friday evening ... September 9, 1859. From Tucker's Caloric Printing Establishment.

Democrats, will you read this? General Sickles on the New Jersey democrats ... [1865].

Dentistry and Thomsonism. Lahaska, Bucks Co,, Pa. Printedby F. P. Sellers, Lambertville and New Hope job and newspaper office. 1858.

Department of State, Washington, July 8, 1869. The convention lately concluded between the United States and the Republic of Mexico provides that all the claims on the part ... of the United States, upon the government of the Mexican Republic ..

Department of state. Washington 183 To the publisher of the Sir: The newspaper now published by you has been selected for publishing the orders, resolutions, and laws ... passed during the second session of the twenty-fourth Congress ... Should

Department of useful and fancy articles (Home-made) in aid of the Great Central fair, for the United States sanitary commission. It is purposed to hold a "Great Fair" in this city, in the first week of June next, on behalf of the United States S

The departure of ships, [Cambridge, Mass.] The Lowell House Printers, c1966.

The deposition of Captain James M'Alpine, Commander of the Schooner Polly and Nelly, who arrived here on Wednesday last from St. John's River, in East-Florida, but last from off Tybee in Savannah-River, Georgia, whence he took his departure on t

Description and specification of the manner of executing and finishing the work of the two wing buildings proposed to be attached to the Patent-Office building, agreeable to the original design, and which are further explained by drawings made f

Description of Dr. Mattson's pocket injecting instrument, with directions for its use. [n. p. c. 1853].

Description of Stickney's patent pump. [n. p. n. d.].

A description of a monument designed to perpetuate the memory of American liberty [Feb. 14, 1795].

A description of part of the contents of the Columbian Museum ... [Boston] D. & A. Bowen, printer [1814].

A description of the Passeflora Coerulea [Or Passion flower] [n. p.] c. 1839].

Description of the design of the Washington National Monument, to be erected at the seat of the General Government of the United States of America, in honor of "the Father of his Country," and the worthy compatriots of the Revolution. Washington

A description of the great storm at Providence, (R. I.) September 23, 1815. to accompany the print, published by Bowen & Kidder. Sept. 2. 1816. Boston, Sept. 2, 1816.

A description of the picture and mezzotinto of Mr. Pitt, done by Charles Willson Peale, of Maryland. [n. d.].

Description of the pope. 1769. [Massachusetts 1769].Province of Massachusetts-Bay. The Honorable Harrison Gray, Esq; Treasurer and Receiver-general of His Majesty’s said Province. To the select-men or assessors of the town of district of [blan

Description of the rise and fall of a clergyman at Pawtucket, R. I. [n. d.].

... The desire of the public-spirited people of the United States to do honor, in some lasting way, to the memory of Carl Schurz is universal ... New York 1906.

The Despotic Tyranny of Military Rule-- How long will Americans bear its burdens? [n. p. 1877?].

The despotism at Richmond. The Confederate loan in England. The slave power and its supporters. [From the London Daily News, March 20.] [1862].

Destiny of the black man ... Muldrow, Ind. Ter. [blank] 189 [blank] There will be a meeting held at [blank] by [blank] on [blank] 189[blank] Brothers and sister of the colored race! Let us begin to notice our conditions in the United States befo

The 'destiny' of the United States in the hands of Martin Van Buren! and the friends of the British government rejoice. St. Albans [Vt.] The Messenger Extra. August 27, 1840.

Destitution in Kansas. Appeal for help ... October 30, 1860.

Destroy not man's faith in man! Accept the right man, whichever party nominates him! ... G. S. Peterboro June 12, 1868.

Destruction of the town of Albany, Whitesie County, Illinois, on the 3d of June last. An appeal to the benevolent ... Capt. W.S. Barnes, of Albany, Illinois, is the accredited agent for the relief committee ...

Devouring flames. Michigan's old state capitol succumbs to them after thirty-five years of service [1883?].

Día de la Americas 14 de Abril Los pueblos de América. Independientes libres papra un mundo libre. Washington, D. C., E. U. de A. [1945].

Diagram of crime ... [n. p.] [c. 1856].

A dialogue between a Boston man and a country man. [Concerning the proposed incorporation of Boston] [Boston?] Printed for a publick good. 1714.

A dialogue between death and a lady very suitable for these times. Boston. Sold at the Heart and Crown in Cornhill, [1800].

Die Konstellationen ... the constellations. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press, 1967.

Die artikel der Patriotischen gesellschaft der stadt und Caunty Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Gedruckt bey Henrich Miller, in der Reesstrasse. [1772].

Die candidaten der freihändler England's Für Präsident Grover Cleveland ... Die candidaten der Schutzzöllner Amerika's für Präsident Benjamin Harrison ... [n. p. 1888].

Die platform. Baltimore. Die National-convention, welche sich am 7 Juli zu Baltimore versammelte und Abraham Lincoln zum Präsidenten und Andrew Johnson zum vice-präsidenten nominirte nahm die folgende platform am:Beschlossen [etc.] Chicago. Die

Died general purchasing power and major prosperity after long over-taxing illness ... [Broadside advocating passage of general welfare act H. R. 4199]. [Chicago. Ill.? 1938?].

Died in the battle of the Washita, November 27, 1868 Louis McLane Hamilton (son of Philip and Rebecca Hamilton,) Captain in the 7th United States Cavalry. in the 25th year of his age.

Died, near the South-side railroad, on Sunday, April 9th, 1865, The Southern Confederacy, aged four years. Conceived in sin, born in iniquity, nurtured by tyranny, died of a chronic attack of punch .... Philadelphia: Jas. B. Rodgers, Pr. 52 & 54

The difficulty in officering the medical corps of the Navy. From the New Orleans Journal of medicine. [Washington, D. C.? 186-?].

Dignified patriotism. Extract from the Hon. Mr. Hillhouse's speech, in the Senate of the U. States, against the passing of the new embargo law. [n. p., 1808].

The dimensions of the Testudo Coriacea, or Leather Tortoise, caught by Samuel Coon, one of the branch pilots of New-York on board the Young Pilot, by way of Sandy-Hook, on the 27th Sept. 1811, and purchased by John Scudder, proprietor of the Ame

Dinner given by the City of New Orleans, to the Congressional delegation, at the St. Louis hotel, Friday, Dec. 28, 1866.

Dinner on the occasion of the silver jubilee Central manufacturers club, Thursday, October 16th, 1930 at the Chamberlin-Vanderbilt hotel. Old Point Comfort, Virginia. Oct. 16, 1930.

Direct tax ... [Signed] Americanus [18--].

Direct tax ... [Signed] Americanus [1809].

Directions [for making soap] [by] Mrs. Mary Ann Zahm. [n. p.] [c. 1905].

Directions for restoring persons apparently dead from drowning ... Circulated by the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 1875.

Directions for using Gould's nautical perambulator [Followed by 4 certificates] Boston, Young and Minns, printers [1801].

Directions for using army flour ... [n. p.] [c. 1858].

Directions for using the cryptograph [Together with the Cryptograph] Boston. c. 1869.

Directions how to stock and use Gideon Davis's improved barshare or fallow plough ... Gideon Davis, Manufacturer. Georgetown, D. C. [c. 1829].

Directions taken from an act passed in the state of Louisiana providing for the inspection of beef and pork in the City of New Orleans [183-?].

Directory [card] [Washington, D. C.] [n. d.].

Directory, 1912.

Disastrous calamity on the North Pennsylvania rail road ... John McDevitt, No. 846 N. Second Street. Philadelphia [c. 1856].

Discharge from the United States' corps of marines. To all whom it may concern. This is to certify, that a of marines, being about years of age, feet inches high, having eyes hair complexion; and by occupation a says he was born in is hereby dis

Discours prononcé le 4 Juillet, jour de l'anniversaries de l'indépendance, dans l'Eglise catholique par le Reverend Pere Seraphin Bandot, recollet, aumonier de son excellence Mr. Gerard, ministre plénipontentiaire de France auprés des Etats Unis

Distribution of each dollar in taxes based on levy of 1917. Payable in 1918. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Designed by H. A. Stuart, City Statistician. Issued by Dan C. Brown, City Comptroller.

Distribution of premiums at the Academy of the visitation, Georgetown. July 21st 1852.

District No. 9. Bolting Free soilers ... A free soiler. Taunton. Nov. 5th. 1850.

The District government. Why General Chipman should be re-elected to Congress. Speech of Hon. Arthur Shepherd ... [Washington, D. C. July 29, 1870?].

The District of Alaska, Executive Department. Lincoln Proclamation. [ Jan. 27, 1909].

District of Columbia, County of Washington. I, [blank] of [blank] do solemnly swear on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God ... that I will at any and all times hereafter, and under all circumstances yield a hearty and willing support to the Cons

District of Columbia. Rates of fare for public conveyance of passengers. One-horse vehicles ... Two-horse vehicles ... [Washington, D. C.] July 8th, 1892.

District of Columbia. Washington County, to wit: The jurors of the United States, for the Country aforesaid, upon their oath present that late of the County aforesaid together with divers other evil disposed persons, to the number of ten, and mo

Districting law. Commonwealth on Massachusetts. In the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-four. An act for dividing the Commonwealth into districts for the choice of representatives in the Congress of the United States, and

... Diversity of employment, for a people possessing a variety of raw materials, the only course that will lead to real independence. [n. d.].

The divine name humbly celebrated on occasion of the translation to Heaven of the bright soul of the pious and veruous Madam Susanna thacher late consort of the Reverend Mr. Peter Thacher, pastor of the Church of Christ in Milton, September 4 An

Division orders Eleventh division. Headquarters, Bath. Oct. 28, 1815.

Division orders. First Division- Canton, January 26, 1818.

Division orders. Head Quarters Sackets Harbor Adjt. Genls. Office. May 12th, 1815.

Division orders. New York 1850.

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