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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


The fall of man. [8 verses of poetry] Harrisburg, printed and sold by J. S. Wiestling, 1818.

The fall term of this institution will commence on the 20th of August ... July, 1850.

Fallacies of the free silver arguments By J. Sterling Morton. Washington D.C. May 1, 1895 [Letter to Mrs. James A. Cherry, 1622 Arrapahoe Street, Denver, Colorado.].

Falmouth, February 1776. Whereas the great and General Court of this Colony, have passed an Act requiring all persons who have in their custody any goods that were taken and carried away from any of the inhabitants of the town of Falmouth, at th

A familiar letter to dealers. Boston. 1861.

Family Groceries. Your attention is most respectfully invited to my stock of groceries now in store ... Wm. W. Birth, Washington, D.C. July 2d, 1847.

Family temperance pledge. [Blank form for members of the family to sign] [n. p.] [c. 1887].

Faneuil Hall convention, or Masonry unveiled ... Entered according to act of Congress, February 18, 1830.

Faneuil hall nominations. Ward 4 for mayor Frederic W. Lincoln, Jr. ... [n. d.].

Fare reduced! The great central Pennsylvania rail road route to the west ... rates of fare ... New York, August, 1857. New York. Booth & Norton, Steam Job printers, 27 Frankfort street.

Farewell address of Gen. John A. Logan, Headquarters, Army of the Tennessee. Louisville, Ky. July 13, 1865.

Farewell hymn, on leaving the Old meeting house in Quincy, [1828?].

Farley memorial expedition stamp ... Designed and executed by the art department of the Salt House Press, Baltimore. Maryland 1935.

Farm lands for sale. The Illinois central railroad company is now prepared to sell over two millions of acres of prairie farm lands, in tracts of 40 acres or upward, on long credit and at low rates of interest! ... Chicago Democratic Press Print

The Farmer and his son's return from a vi---- camp: Together with the rose tree. [1775?].

The farmer's field register, or Portraiture of neat cattle, horses, sheep, swine, &c. Their various breeds, pedigree, improvement, and usefulness. Forming an American herd book. Lithographed and coloured from life by James Akin, publisher, Phila

Farmer's! keep out of debt! The undersigned has made arrangements to purchase his entire stock of fall and winter goods in the eastern cities - and his groceries in New Orleans - and will sell for a less profit than has ever been done in this ma

Farmers ---- look here. Wool carding. The undersigned wishes to inform the public in general, that he is now establishing himself in the above business, in the town of Upper Alton ... J. A. Montgomery, April, 1841. Alton. Printed at the "Telegra

Farmers of Middlesex--- Read this and hand it to your neighbours. A plain unlettered farmer of Middlesex takes leave to address a few words to his brother farmers upon the subject of the approaching election of a member of Congress from this Dis

Farmers! Read this!! Why you should vote the Democratic ticket and have the tariff reduced. [n. p. n. d.].

Farmers, dairymen & country merchants' guide or prices current of produce in New York. for the week ending April 4th, 1863. Published by Josiah Carpenter, Commission Merchant. [New York 1863.].

Fast line. Pennsylvania central freight Co. Ohio & Mississippi railroad express line ... Great central route from New-York to St. Louis Cincinnati Louisville, and intermediate points west & southwest over the Pennsylvania Central, Ohio & Mississ

Father Abbey’s will. To which is added, a letter of courtship to his virtuous and amiable wife. Some time since died here, Mr. Matthew Abbey in a very advanced age. He had for a number of years served the College, in quality of bed-maker & sweep

Father Abbey's will. To which is added, a letter of courtship, to his most amiable widow. Cambridge December, 1791.

Father Abbey's will. To which is now added, a letter of courtship to his virtuous and amiable widow. Cambridge. December 1731 ... Boston. Sold at the Bible and Heart in Cornhill [after 1780].

Fear God. The most free and sincere investigator of truths; or, devout and cheerful inquirer after eternal life, and "the things accompanying salvation." (In the true spirit and glorious liberty of the gospel ... By Frederick Israel ... [New Yor

February 18, 1801. Read the first and second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, to-morrow. A bill, providing for a naval peace establishment, and for other purposes ... [Washington, 1801].

February 24th, 1759. To the Honorable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governor, and Commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg: Printed by William Hunter, 1759] [N

February 26, 1801. Read the first and second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, to-morrow. A bill, fixing the compensation of receivers of public monies for lands of the United States, and regulating the mode of calculating d

February 27th, 1759. To the Honorable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governor, and Commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the House of Burgesses. [Williamsburg: Printed by William Hunte

February 4, 1801. Read the first and second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, on Monday next. A bill authorizing the discharge of Lawrence Erb, from his present confinement. [Washington 1801].

February 6, 1801. Read the first and second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, on Monday next. A bill to extend to aliens who arrived and became residents in the United States before a certain period, the benefits of the act

February 6th, 1801. Read the first and second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, on Monday next. A bill, to continue in force the act, intituled, "An act to augment the salaries of the officers therein mentioned." [Washington

Federal Republican nominations At a meeting of the Freeholders of the town of Canadaigua, held at Taylor's hotel, for the purpose of nominating suitable persons to be supported at the ensuing election, for the office of Governor and Lieutenant-G

The federal bible being strict interpretations of the laws of political economy for the guidance of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of a government under a democracy. To which is added A new declaration of independence for the e

Federal persecution. [Regarding election in New Castle County Delaware 1802].

Federal proceedings in Salem. Friday evening, March 30, 1810. At a meeting of the Federal Republicans at Washington-Hall, Jacob Ashton, Esq. moderator, Mr. John Jenks, secretary ... The arrangements of the election having been completed, the fol

Federal republican meeting. On Tuesday evening last, a very full meeting of the Federal electors of the City of Boston, constituted by a large deputation from each ward, was holden for the purpose of taking such measures as should be deemed expe

The Feds defeated, and republicans triumphant. Tune -- "Vive a la the constitution [New York, 1809?].

Fee bill ------ Law of Massachusetts ---- Published by authority. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six. An act, establishing and regulating the fees of the several officers, and other

Fellow Citizens of Essex County, The undersigned, having entire confidence in the integrity and qualifications of Ralph H. French, Esq. for the office of Register of Deeds, and deeming it highly desirable to terminate the contest by an election,

Fellow citizens, friends to liberty and equal commerce. Brethren. The man who employs his talents, to direct his countrymen in the path of truth, or guard them against impending evils, is a blessing to his Country ... Therefore I doubt not but y

Fellow citizens. You have this moment been witnesses to one of the noblest spectacles that the eyes of freemen ever beheld. You have seen the first patriot of his country, raised by the unanimous voice of his fellow-citizens to the highest stati

Fellow citizens:- It is not to be disguised that we are on the eve of one of the most important elections ever held in this country, and we of the Democratic Whig party ... By order of the Bensalem Clay Club [October, 1844].

Fellow-Citizens. The Democratic Society of Kentucky have directed us to transmit to you the Address and remonstrance which accompany this letter ... December 31, 1793.

Fellow-citizens of East Tennessee. The last news-paper accounts shew a want of troops in East Florida to check the hostile Indians. 'Tis shamefull that Georgia alone should bear this burden. All those who have enrolled themselves with me, are di

Fellow-citizens read this. Sept. 7, 1827. We do hereby certify, that several propositions have been made to us by the partisans of General Jackson to obtain the possession, or the control, of the American watchman newspaper establishment ... If

Female education. With the intention of aiding in the education of younger sisters, Miss Rosa M. Nourse, proposes opening a small and select boarding school at the Highlands, the late residence of her father Major C. J. Nourse, situated on the h

The female patriot, No. 1. Addressed to the tea-drinking ladies of New York [41 lines of verse] [New York, Ma6 30, 1770].

Fest-lied zum goldenen jubilaeum des Mozart-Verein's New York. [New York 1904].

Festival of the Seventh Avenue Sunday School, Wednesday evening, May 28, 1862 ... New York Baker & Godwin, printer. [1862].

Festival song at the celebration of the laying of the Atlantic telegraph. New York, on the 1st day of September 1858. Dedicated to the "Atlantic Telegraph Company" by William Spitznasski. Tr. from the German.

Fete nationale de la France. 1789 - 14 Juillet - 1881 Grande fete Champetre! au "Sharpshooters' park." Anniversaire de la prise de la bastille, le 14 Juillet 1789, et de la fete de la federation, le 14 Juillet 1790 ... Le Comité Chicago, le 1er

A few facts about the National victory memorial building ... [Washington, D. C. 1919].

A few facts for quarrymen in Orleans County to consider .... L. D. Leonard. [n. p. n. d.].

A few lines composed on the dark day. May 19, 1780. [New Hampshire? 1780].

A few lines on Magnus Mode, Richard Hodges & J. Newington Clark. Who are sentenc’d to stand one hour in the pillory at Charlestown; to have one of their ears cut off, and to be whipped 20 stripes at the public whipping-post, for making and passi

A few lines on occasion of the untimely end of Mark and Phillis, who were executed at Cambridge, September 18th for poysoning their master, Capt. John Codman of Charlestown. [Cut] [Boston 1755].

A few notes on the Jesuit relations, compiled for private circulation by E. B. O'Callaghan, M. D. 1853. [Albany. N. Y. 1853.] [Negative Photostat.].

A few observations on the conduct of the General Assembly of New-York, for some year's past, addressed to the freemen and freeholders of the City and province. Printed in the year M, DCC, LXVIII. But never published.

A few suggestions, respectfully submitted, concerning the Senate bill now pending in the House of representatives; a bill virtually creating monopoly and high prices in telegraphing between the Atlantic and Pacific states. Respectfully addressed

A few thoughts compose’d on the sudden & awful death of Mrs. Fessenden, wife of Mr. Nathanael Fessenden, of Cambridge, who was shot May 30, 1770. Boston: Printed and sold in Milk-Street 1770.

Fifth Avenue Hotel. N. Y. at the intersection of Broadway, opposite Madison Square, This location is the most healthy, delightful, and central in this great metropolis ... Hitchcock, Darling & Co. [New York, 1860].

Fifth Congress of the United States. At the first session, begun and held at the city of Philadelphia, in the State of Philadelphia, on Monday, the fifteenth day of May, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven. An act prohibiting, for a limi

Fifth Congress of the United States: at the first session, begun and held at the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, on Monday, the fifteenth of May, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven. An act in addition to an act, inti

Fifth annual announcement, and circular for 1867-8 ... Dixon, Ill. Dixon Telegraph, Job print. 1867.

Fifth congress of the United States: at the second session, begun and held at the city of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, on Monday, the thirteenth of November, one thousand, seven hundred and ninety-seven. An act concerning aliens .

Fiftieth anniversary of Hamilton College. Rust ringing by the class of '65 ... Monday evening, July 145h, 1862.

Fiftieth anniversary of the dedication of the meeting house in Hollis street, Thursday, January 31, 1861. Order of exercises ... Boston. Nathan Sawyer, printer, 19 Water St. [1861].

Fifty dollars reward For the man and property, or a reasonable reward for either ... Address Clark Hay. Springfield, Hamilton Co. Ohio, January 19th 1852.

Fifty dollars will be given for any information as to the scoundrel who published to the world a notice, purporting to have been written by the managers of the Washington circus, in which I was made the subject of ridicule and circulated by some

The fighters of '61 The seventy-seventh boys recall their battles. The twenty-sixth annual reunion ... [1888].

The financial bill and currency question ... [Signed] E. [1862?].

Financial crises - their causes and effects. Mr. Carey to Mr. Bryant. Letter fifth ... Letter sixth. Philadelphia, February 7, 1860.

Financial facts for the people. [No. 1] ... H. H. D. Washington, Feb. 27, 1868.

Financial facts for the people. [No. 3.] ... H. H. D. Washington, March 23, 1868.

Financial policy of the United States. At the regular monthly meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New-York, held March 2, 1876, Mr. Samuel B. Ruggles ... presented and the Chamber ordered to be published, the following statement .

The financial record of President Grant's administration. [1873?].

Finn & Rockwell's counting-house calendar! for time without end. Auburn. N. Y. c. 1850.

Fire! fire! There will be a meeting of the members of the New Fire comp'y! held at the room now occupied by the City Council this evening, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing said company. A general attendance is requested. [Alton? Ill.]

The fire-wards of Portland ... C. B. Brooks, Chairman. Portland, January 6th, 1818.

First annual Nevada state industrial exposition and auto show at Reno Nevada June 2nd to 9th, 1923.

First annual commencement. Order of exercises ... Henry Female College. Thursday, July 1st, 1852. Louisville. Hull & Brother, printers [1852].

First annual reception of the Illinois state Republican association at Music Hall, Masonic temple. Friday evening, February 6th, 1871. Complimentary. Admit gentlemen and ladies [Washington, D. C. 1871].

First annual reception of the Illinois state Republican association, at Music Hall, Masonic temple. Friday evening, January 6, 1871. Order of exercises ... [Washington,D.C.] Gibson Bros, prs. [1871].

First annual report of the directors of the Eastern shore railroad company. People's press - Extra. Princess-Anne, Md., February 6, 1838.

The first attempt at a critical history of the American flag "The American flag of stripes and stars" ... By William Elliot Griffis ... [Review of book] Andrus & Church, Ithaca, N. Y [1927].

The first battle for political freedom by Lewis McKenzie Turner. Baltimore, Maryland. Salt House Press 1930.

First book of the Chronicles of Morgan and his Quid Council. Look here Removals ... Look there. Appointments ... [Signed] An Old Continental. [1807].

The first celebration of the festival of St. Nicholas, by the New-York Historical Society, December 6th, 1810. [New York, 1864].

First commencement of the Columbian College, in the District of Columbia, Wednesday, December 15, 1824. [Washington, D. C. 1824].

The first division Massachusetts Militia. Third brigade. August 10th, 1818. Brigade orders.

The first ecumenical council of Nice; a world's Christian convention. A. D., 325 By Dean Dudley 8 vo. Price $1.00 A liberal discount made to the trade. Published by T. O. H. O. Burnham, 143 Washington Street, Boston. Opinions of the Press

First enrollment in order to secure through Congress at its next session a postage rate of one cent for two ounces on manuscripts, newspaper correspondence, music scores and other impersonal manuscript communications ... Society of American auth

First exhibition Monday, January 28th 1856. Academy Hall ... China & Japan illustrated. A magnificient series of panoramic pictures sketches painted by George R. West and Wm. Hiene ... [New York] Herald Print 1856.

The first exhibition of the Metropolitan mechanics' institute, for the promotion and encouragement of manufactures, commerce, and the mechanics and useful arts, will be opened at the City of Washington on Thursday, the 24th day of February, 1853

First grand semi-occasional entertainment of the Swampoodle ruins, (of Mr. C, Wendell's bindery.) at Charles Kloman's restaurant, Washington. October 24, 1857 ... [Washington, D. C. 1857].

First gun of the campaign. Judge Jordan's address at Lebanon - railroad robbers, cattle thieves and land sharks, the offspring of republican rule. [Address delivered at Lebanon, Aug. 5, 1886].

The first impression of the following address, was speedily exhausted, and as the subject has excited much public attention, it is not republished in the form of a newspaper essay for general circulation, until another pamphlet impression shall

The first look through the window ... [translated by] George Tabori. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press, 1967.

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