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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


For prohibitionists, An open letter to ex-governor St. John by Rev. William M. Thayer. Franklin, Mass. July 22, 1884.

For sale! That very valuable tract of land known as Crater Farm near Petersburg, Virginia ... For terms, address Mrs. Susie R. Griffith, Crater Farm, Petersburg, Virginia Kirkham & Co. printers [n. d.].

For sale, an agreeable, convenient, and valuable country seat, situated on the main road, in the pleasant, healthy and growing village of Jamaica, distant only twelve miles from New-York ... Brooklyn, Printed by Thomas Kirk [1802].

For sale. The premises formerly owned and occupied by Mr. Seth Sweetser, consisting of a small house and about one-quarter of an acre of land ... For terms apply to the Selectmen of Reading ... Reading, June 20, 1867.

For sale. The quantity of 389,565 acres of farm lands, in sixty adjoining and adjacent tracts, fit for wheat, rye and other grain, cattle, tobacco and cotton. These lands (except one tract) are situated in the county of Rutherford, District of M

For the North American and U. S. Gazette. To Richard H. Dana, Jr. Esquire ... R. H. Hare, 917 Chestnut Street. February 20, 1861.

For the North American and the U. S. Gazette [Two letters on slavery, one signed A Marylander and the other A Countryman.] [Philadelphia Feb. 4, 1861.

For the North and West! Day boats for Albany & Troy connecting with Rensselaer & Saratoga and N. Y. Central R. R. ... A. J. Darling, agent on the wharf. [1869].

For the U. S. A. We, the undersigned, citizens of the United States, hold that the Republic brought into being by Washington, Hamilton, and their associates in the struggle of 1773-1789, and maintained in existence in the crisis of 1861-65 by lo

For the comfort of Americans and for the use of mankind in general, a discovery has been made to give ease to the cheek, comfort to the upper lip, a pleasant familiarity to the chin, and an agreeable surprise to the bearded phisiognomy: which ta

For the information of persons transacting business with the bank. the following rules are made known ... Bank, December 1, 1784. [Philadelphia] Printed by Hall and Sellers [1784].

For the occasion of the one millionth volume celebrated by the University of Nebraska Libraries--Lincoln, 13 July 1971. [Lincoln? 1971?].

For the twenty-fifth National anti-slavery subscription anniversary, at the Music Hall, Boston, Wednesday evening, January 26, 1859 ... Boston. Prentiss, Sawyer, & Co., Printers 19 Water St. [1859].

For you to read!! What will result from Blaine's nomination. Maine votes for state officers in September of this year. Ohio votes for state officers in October of this year. West Virginia votes for State officers in October of this year. These 3

Forage return for Capt. troop of cavalry, of Virginia militia, at commencing the day of and ending the day of 181, both days inclusive ... [181-].

Forbes' improved system for the manufacture of ale, beer and porter of the finest quality and flavor ... George W. Forbes, brewer, 180 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio [c. 1887].

... Ford's Theatre Society presents ... Oliver Goldmisth's lusty masterpiece ... She stoops to conquer, or, the Mistakes of a night. [Wash.] NRT-at-Ford's Theatre, 1968.

... Ford's Theatre Society presents ... William Shakespeare's agreeable jest ... The Comedy of errors. [Wash.] NRT-at-Ford's Theatre, 1968.

Ford's Theatre, Tenth Street, Above E. Season II, Week XXXI, Night 196 … Friday evening, April 14th, 1865. Benefit! And Last Night of Miss Laura Keene … Tom Taylor's celebrated eccentric comedy … One Thousand Nights, entitled, Our American Cousi

Ford's Theatre. Dedication of restored Ford's Theatre and Lincoln Museum ... Sunday, 2 P.M. January 21, 1968. [Wash., National Park Service] 1968.

... Ford's Threatre Society presents ... Stephen Vincent Benet's Civil War saga ... John Brown's body. [Wash.] NRT-at-Ford's Theatre, 1968.

Forest home. [n. p c. 1862].

Form of a bond under the 2nd section of the act of he 9th January, 1809. [Blank forms for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 9th sections of the act of the 9th January, 1809 regarding embargo].

Form of application for a charter of a division of Sons of Temperance ... Philadelphia January 18th, 1847.

Form of proceeding of a brigade court-martial. [Baltimore 181-].

Form on an application and certificates for taking up lands in the old purchases, and east of the Allegheny river. James Dunlap. of the township of Derry, in the county of York, applies for three hundred acres of land, situate in said township a

Forrest Hall! Georgetown, D. C. Young mens' dramatic association. First appearance of the young and talented favorite actress Miss Kate Reignolds!!! who will appear as Therese ... Georgetown, D. C. Printed by Settle & Rodier, Congress street. [J

Fort Smith bulletin. Semi-weekly. Vol.2, no. 122. Wednesday evening, December 17, 1862. [Fort Smith, Ark.].

Forty dollars reward. Baltimore County, October 5, 1777. Ran way last night, from the subscriber, an English servant man, named Samuel Phillips, a weaver by trade ... [Signed] William Goodwin. [blank] Baltimore: Printed by M. K. Goddard [1777].

Fougera's compound iceland moss paste, (paté pectorale au lichen et au lactucarium.) Prepared by E. & S. Fougera. pharmacéutists and importers ... [New York, 1866].

The Founder's week committee of the City of Philadelphia requests the pleasure of your company at a reception to be given to the distinguished guests attending the two hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary celebration at Horicultural Hall on Mond

Founding of Transylvania to be commemorated in state Oct. 12 [1935]. By Dr. Archibald Henderson. [n. p. 1935].

Fountain-Extra. The Maine law and its operations. To aid in destroying the liquor traffic. Hartford, Conn., November, 1851.

Four sections of an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Maryland, entitled, An act to promote the recruiting service. [Baltimore: Printed by Mary K. Goddard, 1777]

The four traitors, who most infamously sold themselves to the Dorrites, for office, and political power. [1842?].

Fourth Congress of the United States: at the first session, begun and held at the City of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, on Monday, the seventh of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. An act to suspend, in part, the

Fourth Congress of the United States: at the first session, begun and held at the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, on Monday, the seventh of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. An act for allowing compensatio

Fourth Congress of the United States: at the first session, begun and held at the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, on Monday, the seventh of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. An act for the relief and prote

Fourth Congress of the United States: at the first session, begun and held at the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, on Monday, the seventh of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. An act in addition to an act, i

Fourth Congress of the United States: at the first session, begun and held at the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, on Monday, the seventh of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. An act making further provision

Fourth appeal to the free and independent voters of Congressional district No. 9 ... Holliston, July 20th, 1833.

... Fourth meeting of the Executive committee Monday, October 29, 1883 ... New York 1883.

Fourth of July ! A meeting of the citizens of Brandon was held at the Inn of A. W. Titus, on the 18th of June, when it was resolved that the approaching anniversary of our national independence should be appropriately commemorated, and that our

Fourth of July 1829. Laying the cornerstone of one of the eastern locks of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. The ensuing anniversary of national independence, having been fixed upon as an appropriate day for laying the cornerstone of one of the Eas

The Fourth of July and the Washington national monument ... Washington, June 17, 1854.

Fourth of July in Dorchester, and Edward Everett. Citizens of Dorchester! ... Dorchester. June 30, 1855.

The fourth time. at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Land. This present Wednesday Feby. 10, 1773 Hamlet (With alterations.) [London, 1773) [Facsimile, New York, 1953.].

Fragment of an original letter on the slavery of the negroes; written in the year 1776, by Thomas Day, Esq ... Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Bailey, at Yorick's Head M, DCC, LXXXIV.

France. Arret of the King's Council of State, concerning commerce with the French Islands in America of the 30th of August, 1784. (Extracted from the records of the Council of State). [Philadelphia: Printed by John Dunlap and David C. Claypoole

Francis Piatti, respectfully informs his friends, and the public in general, that he has for sale at his store, on the Main Street, at the corner of the street leading-to Coutts's Ferry below the market house, a general assortment of groceries .

Francis Pic, in the rear of Colonel Gamble's store, on the Main Street, just arrived from Philadelphia, takes the liberty of informing the ladies and gentlemen of Richmond that he has for sale, an elegant assortment of millinery ... Richmond May

Frank Leslie's pictorial history of the war. A magnificent record of the rebellion. Price 25 cts. For sale here. N. Y., French & Wheat, steam printers [1861].

Frankfort High School. The eighth semi-annual session of this school will commence on Monday the 11th day of September next ... E. Alfred Grant, principal. Frankfort, Ky., July 24, 1854.

Frankfort, Kentucky. United States of North America, February 25th, 1839. Sir:- The Agricultural society of Kentucky, one of the United States of North America, presented a memorial to the Legislature of that State at its last session praying fo

The Franking privilege. Address of Hon. Henry A. Reeves to his constituents. To the people of the first Congressional district of the state of New York ... Henry A. Reeves. Washington, D. C. February 5, 1870.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's last message to the American people. [n. p. 1945].

Franklin Delano Roosevelt January 30, 1882 - April 12, 1945. [Notes of sympathy from Churchill to Mrs. Roosevelt. Stalin to President Truman and a testimonial from Malcolm Bingay in the Detroit Free Press.] [Ann Arbor, Mich. 1945].

Franklin Delano Roosevelt on freedom. [New York, Amalgamated Lithographers of America. c1963].

Franklin Trotting Park North Chelsea, near Boston. A purse of $100 two miles and repeat, to harness! on Monday, October 10, 1859 ... Admission 50 cents. S. Emerson, proprietor. Boston .Farwells & Forrest, Steam Job printers, 5 Lindell Str

Franklin Trotting Park North Chelsea, near Boston. A purse of $50.00 will be trotted for on Thursday, September 15th, 1859 ... Admittance 50 cents ... S. Emerson, proprietor.

Franklin academy ... A select school for boys. number strictly limited to twenty-four ... Washington. Polkinhorn, Pr. D St. bet. 6th & 7th Street. [1851?].

Frauds of the revenue of customs ... Resulting from this method of disposal by the government, we have in connection with our store of Storms, Thurber & Co ... secured a considerable portion of the costly merchandise referred to in the above off

Frederic W. Goudy: a memorial Sunday, May 11, 1947. New York. Advertising Agencies' service company, Inc. 1947.

Free coinage of silver.,Speech of Hon. Galusha A. Grow, of Pennsylvania, in the House of Representatives, Thursday, February 13, 1896.

Free cotton and free cotton states. [Letter dated Derby, Conn., December 15, 1860 from Henry S. Sanford to Thurlow Weed, esq.] From the Albany Evening Journal. 1860.

Free evening schools. The Chambers Street Chapel Evening Schools will begin on Monday evening, October 13th, at 7 o'clock, for men and boys; and on Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 7 o'clock for girls and women ... Boston, Oct. 9, 1862.

Free free all welcome at Belasco theatre. Thursday, April 24, 1919, 4.30 P. M. Women's victory loan rally ... [Washington, D. C.] Francis R. Hughes, printer, 1320 New York Avenue [1919].

A free public dinner in honor of the Hon. Jas K. Polk will be given at Lewisburgh in Marshall county, on Thursday the 6th of October. The Citizens of Marshall and the adjoining counties are respectfully invited to attend and participate ... Sept

The Free soil district committee to the electors of the 2d District [Amesbury? 1848?].

Free trade & free lands of Magdalena. The Al clipper schooner Sarah ... is now loading ... [San Francisco, Francis & Valentine, printers [187-?]].

The free trader No. 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 13, 14, 15 [New York, n. d.].

The Free trader. No. 12. The last American steamers ... New York1869].

Free-soil members of the Legislature. [1849?].

A Freedman's speech. Phildelphia: Published by Frienss' association of Philadelphia and its vicinity for the relief of colored freedmen. [1866?].

Freedmen and Union refugees' department of the Mississippi Valley Sanitary fair [1864].

Freedmen's and union refugees' department of the Mississippi Valley Sanitary fair. Circular. Saint Louis, Mo. March 17th, 1864.

Freedom for political prisoners. Are 110 million Americans afraid of the ideas of 66 men? ... Joint Amnesty committee, 233 Maryland Bldg., Washington, D. C. [1922].

Freedom from cough in ten minutes after use. Insured by Bryan's pulmonic wafers ... James Bryan, sole proprieter. Rochester. N. Y, [n. d.].

Freedom of opinion!! Electors of Norfolk: On the first Monday of April, you will be called on to give your votes for three intelligent, honest independent citizens to represent you in the Senate of this Commonwealth ... [1832?].

Freedom's campaign songs. No. 1-4. New York. Published by the National printing Co. 1868.

The freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to meet at Faneuil-Hall, on Monday the fourteenth day of March, current, at nine o’clock in the forenoon, then and there to nominate a

Freemen and soldiers of Kentucky ... Charles Scott. Frankfort. Nov. 17, 1808.

Freemen of Rhode-Island! read, reflect and decide!! [Oct. 1821?].

Freemen of the First Congressional district. The following is a verbatum copy of a letter addressed by Thomas McDaniel, of Bennington, to Obadiah H. Platt, editor of the Brattleboro Phoenix, a professed Whig newspaper Bennington, Vt. 25th Oct. 1

Freemen! avoid conscription! The undersigned desires to raise a company for the Confederate services, and for that purpose, I call upon the people of the Counties of Jefferson and Hawkins, Tenn., to meet promptly at Russellville on Saturday, Jul

Freemen! of Tennessee! The Yankee war is now being waged for "beauty and booty." ... To arms! and let us meet the enemy on the border ... All those who desire to join with us in serving our common country, will report themselves immediately J. B

The Freemen, freeholders, and inhabitants of the City of New-York are desired to meet at the Coffee-House, on Saturday the 3d instant, at 12 o'clock in the forenoon, to choose a committee to act for them. Feb. 1, 1776. [New York, 1776].

The Freemens' Republican ticket. In favor of the peoples' rights, and the restoration of harmony in Rhode-Island. Election, Wednesday, April 20th, 1842.

Freight reduced. New York and Erie R. R. company's fast freight line from New York to the west'n & south-west'n states, via Dunkirk, Buffalo and suspension bridge ... New York, August 1, 1857.

French academy. No. 33 Beaver-street, New York. Terms- Board and tuition $300 per annum - half in advance [Circular] [New York 181-].

Fresh advices from the American army. Camp at Cambridge, May 28, 1775. Yesterday a party from the United American army was ordered to take the cattle, hay, &c. from Noddle's and Hog Islands ... [Providence] Printed by J. Carter. [1775].

Fresh advices from the northern army. Danvers, Friday September 27, 1777.

Fresh intelligence. Monday. November 6, 1775. Williamsburg, (Virginia) Oct. 28. After Lord Dunmore, with his troops and the navy, had been for several weeks seizing the persons and property of his Majesty's peaceable subjects in this colony, on

Fresh news from Boston. Copy a letter from a person of distinction at Cambridge, to a gentleman in this City, dated Cambridge, March 21, 1776. Sir, I shall now my dear Sir, acquaint you with some further particulars than which I have been transm

Fresh news. Just arrived an express from the Provincial camp near Boston, with the following interesting account of the engagement at Charlestown, between about three thousand of the King's regular forces, and about half the number of Provincial

Fresh oysters. The Overland oyster express company, having opened an establishment in this city, are now prepared to furnish shutlers, hotel keepers, restaurants, and families!! with fresh oysters! ... Washington, D. C. [n. d.].

The friend in need! [Remedy for the bites of insects] Boston [c. 1859].

A friendly address to the inhabitants of the town of Providence. Friends, brethren, and fellow-citizens. Impressed by a sense of duty, and actuated by motives of charity to our fellow men, we the clergy of this town, beg leave to arrest your att

Friendly advice to seamen ... Seaman's missionary. New-York, Christmas, 1843.

Friendly caution. Note.- The principal and only question now is, will the Democratic party again commit the blunder of attacking American industries ... G. W. Dean. New York, Nov., 1882.

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