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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Friends and Fellow Citizens! To-morrow will be an important day indeed; on your conduct will depend, whether or not we are to be overwhelmed, in the language held out by the party, "with the impetuosity of the victorious Buonaparte." [Advocating

Friends and fellow citizens: We have reached in crisis in the cause of freedom, of vital and abiding interest ... Rochester, 27th October, 1838.

The friends of Mr. John Broome have discovered, during the progress of the poll, that Mr. Pell, and not Mr. Broome, is the candidate held up by the antifederals in the County of Westchester; and that while the same party in this city, under an a

Friends of the Constitution! To the polls! Two days yet remain for action ... [1841].

Friends to the rights of man. At a meeting of philanthropic gentlemen, holden at No. 3 Water street, some time since, the subject of the melioration of the condition of the vast, and increasing population of this country ... and various suggesti

From Andrew Jackson's church. Wood of 1838. The little brick church that Gen. Jackson erected in 1723 on his Heritage farm to gratify his beloved wife was incorporated into the presbytery, and supplied by it with a minister ....

... From Suspension bridge & Niagara Falls to Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Burlington, Rock Island, Galena, Cairo; and all points in the west and south-west ... Rochester. Steam press of Lee, Mann & Co. Daily American 1855.

From a gentleman of Boston to a friend in the countrey. [Signed] N. N. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green 1689].

From block book to Leonard Baskin; 500 years of book illustration. Williamstown, Mass., 1966.

From documents and letters of introduction from well known and high respectable parties in Illinois, which accredit Mr. W. S. Barnes to this community, the undersigned have full confidence in the foregoing statement ... He will make personal app

From the Albany Centinel. Mr. Andrews: By publishing the annexed copy of a letter from a gentleman of information and veracity, containing a correct statement of the origin and progress of the controversy between his Excellency the Governor and

From the Boston Weekly News-Letter. Feb. 7, 1751. [Boston, 1751].

From the Daily advertiser. Thoughts on coinage, and the establishment of a mint, submitted to the consideration of those statesmen only, who dare to quit the beaten path. [New York 1791].

From the East of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. This day of A. L. 5825. To the R. W. Master, W. Wardens and members of Lodge, the M, W. Grand Master sends greetings. [Regarding the laying of the corner stone of the Bunker Hill monument] [n. p

From the Frederick Citizen. Speech of Mr. Taney. In the Court House Yard, at the public festival given to him by the Jackson Republicans of Frederick county, on Wednesday the 6th Aug. [1834].

From the Independent gazetteer, &c. Mr. Printer. In order that people may be sufficiently impressed, with the necessity of establishing a Bill of rights in the formation of a new constitution, it is very proper to take a short view of some of th

From the Independent gazetteer, &c. Mr. Printer. This is certainly a very important crisis to the people of America. [Against the hasty adoption of the constitution] Before we establish a government whose acts will be the supreme law of the land

From the London Gazette published by authority. From Tuesday November 23. To Saturday November 27, 1714. By the King, a proclamation. Declaring His Majesty’s pleasure for continuing the officers in His Majesty’s plantations, till His Majesty’s p

From the New York Statesman, April 21, 1824. The Common law.- The following letter from the learned president of South Carolina College to Counsellor Sampson, will doubtless be read with interest by all who have perused the valuable discourse of

From the New York Tribune, Mr. Gerrit Smith on the president's message. The currency and the hard times ... Peterboro. Dec. 21, 1857.

From the Office of the Daily Advertiser The following interesting description of the late funeral procession is from the Committee of arrangements. New-York, January 4. [Funeral of George Washington].

From the Office of the Mercantile Advertiser. Friday, November 27, 1801, 11 o'clock A. M. By the Ranger, Chamberlain, from London, arrived at Baltimore, bringing papers to the 12th of October. Preliminaries of peace. Preliminaries of peace betwe

From the Pennsylvanian. The Hon. Thomas H. Benton. We subjoing an interesting correspondence between a number of our fellow-citizens and Colonel Benton arising from a desire on their part to meet him at the festive board during his visit to this

From the Pottsville Miners' Journal of Jan. 9, 1869. Commissioner Wells' revenue report.

From the Providence Daily Post. The journal, as in duty bound, advocates the course of the Stonington line in regard to the mails, and asserts that "it will be the fault of the department if they are not restored to that foute;" ... [Signed] Ric

From the Providence Daily tribune February 20, 1855. Editors of Tribune:- After the comments of the Journal, justice to myself seems to require that I should reverse my decision to withold from the press the remarks it censured. The editor of th

From the Providence Tribune Aug. 26. Railroad reform. The following articles in relation to railroad reform, appeared originally, and only a few weeks since, in the Providence Daily Post. They have created some interest in our community, and con

From the State department. By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation. Whereas a general convention of peace, amity, navigation,and commerce, between the United States of America and the Republic of Columbia, was concluded

From the Virginia Gazette, August 25 [1774] A parody on a late proclamation [40 lines of verse. Followed by] From the Massachusetts-Spy. September 1, 1774. A general sample of gubernatorial eloquence as lately exhibited to the company of C -----

From the office of the Daily advertiser The following interesting description of the late funeral procession is from the Committee of arrangements. New York. January 3. [Funeral of George Washington].

From the office of the Mercantile Advertiser, Sunday, July 5th, 1807. By Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States of America, A proclamation, Washington City, July 2, 1807. During the wars which, for some time, have unhappily prevailed

From this City (New Haven) about the year 1820. Dr. Sewall; he was chased away, with twenty more of his blood thirsty gang; by a mob in this city, for taking up a respectable lady, the day after she was buried, to be desected. Sewall is about si

From vantage points in America pro-Germanian shoots in the back with poisoned bullets our boys "over there" ... By Richard H. Edmonds, Editor Manufacturers Record, Baltimore. Md. May 2, 1918.

From various journals and magazines in the United States, for the encouragement and improvement of the useful arts and sciences, the public are presented with the description of Mr. Morneveck's impenetrable stucco. His Excellency James Madison,

Fugitive slave bill ... Approved, September 18, 1850. Millard Fillmore.

The Fugitive slave law. [Hartford, Ct.? : s.n., 185-?]

Fulling, dying, and cloth dressing ... J. A. Montgomery. Nov. 1842. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1842].

Funeral dirge. [Newburyport? 179-].

A funeral elegy by way of dialogue; between death, soul, body and Jesus Christ. Composed by Edmund Weld, formerly of Harvard College, who moving hence into Ireland, became a preacher of the gospel at Inniskean, there; who upon the meditation and

A funeral elegy by way of dialogue; between death, soul, body and Jesus Christ. Composed by Edmund, Weld, formerly of Harvard College, who moving hence into Ireland, became a preacher of the gospel at Inniskean, there; who upon the meditation an

A funeral elegy, occasioned by the tragedy, at Salem near Boston, on Thursday afternoon, the seventeenth of June, 1773, at which time the ten following persons, seven women and three men, were drowned, having been out on a party of pleasure … Pr

A funeral elegy, on the Rev’d and renowned George Whitefield, Chaplain to the Right honorable the Countess of Huntington, &c. Who departed this life at Newbury-Port, on Sabbath morning the 30h. day of September, 1770. AEt. 56. [Boston 1770].

A funeral elegy, on the Revd. And renowned George Whitefield, chaplain to the right honorable the Countess of Huntington, &c. Who departed this life at Newbury-Port, on Sabbath morning the 30th day of September 1770 AEt. 56 [Boston? 1770?].

Funeral honors to the late President. Final and corrected arrangements for the procession on Tuesday, April 20th ... [Philadelphia, 1841].

Funeral honors, to the memory of La Fayette The exercises at the church, Thursday, July 24th. 1834 ... [Albany, 1834].

Funeral honors. Washington, Miss. Aug. 12, 1826. In carrying into effect the views of the Committee of arrangement, the Grand Marshall directs th t the following order be observed, in the procession intended on to-morrow, the 13th instant, in ho

Funeral invitation. Yourself and family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of Maria Louisa, infant daughter of Mr. John Winwright, this morning at 10 o'clock, from his residence on Sycamore between fourth and fifth streets. Cincinnat

Funeral obsequies of the late President Lincoln, in the Congregational church, Rutland, Vt. Wednesday, April 19th, 1865. Order of exercises ... [Rutland, Vt. 1865].

Funeral procession of H. Clay [F]rancis. Died June 29, 1852. Aged 75 years. Born April 12, 1777. S. Francisco. Published and for sale by B. F. Butler [1852].

Funeral services in commemoration of the death of William Henry Harrison, late president of the United States, on Monday, April 19, 1841--- at Mechanic Hall, Salem. Religious exercises by Rev. Charles Mason ... Salem. Observer Press [1841].

Funeral services of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, 10:30 A. M., Plymouth Church, March 11, 1887. Non-member ticket.

Funeral thoughts, excited by the death of John Adams and Thos. Jefferson, on the fourth of July, 1826, the jubilee of independence ... Boston. Howe & Norton, printers, 14 State Street [1826].

... Furniture at auction! on Wednesday next, May 25 at 10 o'clock, A. M., All the furniture contained in the boarding house, No. 12 Prospect St., ... Boston, May 24, 1859. Boston. J. E. Farwell& Co's Steam presses, No. 2. Spring Lane.

The further adventures of Alice in Wonderland. [Chapter one] Boston, Mass., Sunday Free Press, c1908.

Further elucidation of the conduct of Governor Fenner. To the public. The public have seen, in the news-papers, the charges against Governor Fenner, respecting the notorious conduct in plundering Madame Le Gras of her vessel and cargo ... Provid

A further supplement to the act, entitled, An act for regulation the mode of staying execution, an repealing the acts of assembly there in mentioned, and for other purposes. [1809?]

G. G. G. G. or all about Goodwin's grand glittering globules, or Ambrosial aromatic Yankee cachous, sometimes known as Goodwin's disinfectant nectarian breath balls, but which may be obtained, if you like it any better, by calling for Goodwin's

Gaither at Kensington. Mr. George R. Gaither, the Republican nominee for governor of Maryland, will speak in the Town Hall at Kensington Friday, October 4, 1907 commencing at 8 P.M. Addresses will also be made by Mr. Hammond Orner candidate for

Gale's patent horse hay rake! [Albion, Mich. : Gale Manufacturing Co., 1875?]

Gallery of the U. S. Senate. Inauguration Day, March 4th, 1869. Admit the bearer. Geo. T. Brown, Sergeant-at-Arms. Wash., Philp & Solomons, [1869].

The game of the states, on which the coat of arms of each state is represented; also, The game of "who'll be president?" Salem, Mass. Published by W. & S. B. Ives [1845].

The gardener's patent locomotive seat ... E. Whittlesey. Patentee and manufacturer ... Philadelphia Quinn, Pr. 3d & Market St. [1863?].

Garfield memorial hospital to be erected in the City of Washington. This is to certify that S. Denden Gallaudet has contributed one dollar towards the establishment of the Garfield memorial hospital ... New York Homer Lee Bank Note Co. [188-?].

Garfield's death warrant. That letter in which he advocates an extended Chinese immigration --- He advises that employer's union of Lynn, Mass., "that the question of employees is only a question of private and corporate economy" ---Read, Workin

Garments made to order ... G. C. Harris & Co. 18 Washington St ... Boston Commercial printing and advertising house, [1859].

Gen. Butler on the tariff ... [Boston 1885?].

Gen. Grant's policy "To ask any soldier to vote for such a man as Heister Clymer, of, at one time, known disloyalty, against another who has served four years in the Union army, with credit to himself and benefit to his country, is a gross insul

Gen. Grant's reasons for supporting Gen. Garfield. A sharply-drawn contrast. Speech at Warren, O., Sept. 28, 1880 .... President Grant's letter in 1876 to Gov. Chamberlain, of South Carolina, on the Hamburg massacre [Washington D. C. 1880].

Gen. Hunter and the negroes .... [New-York, 1863.

Gen. La Fayette. The members of the Corporation of Annapolis are invited to assemble in the Senate Chamber on Friday morning the 17th instant, as soon as the approach of General La Fayette to the City shall be announced ... James Boyle. Mayor of

Gen. M'Clellan's address to the army … Alexander & Co., publishers, 619 Jayne Street, Philadelphia.

Gen. McClellan for peace. The Baltimore sun of Jan. 11 says that the following communication, addressed to a gentleman in Baltimore, makes a very interesting contribution to the political history of the civil war, to the effect that Gen. McClell

Gen. McClure's further relation of facts. To the public. In my last address to the public, I gave a brief statement of some of my most prominent acts, while commanding on the Niagara frontier, not doubting, but the same would have been perfectly

Gen. Scott denounced! The anniversary of the "Battle of Chippewa" has been celebrated to-day by the publication, in the National Intelligencer, of the following bulletin against the Patriot who has fought for the Union, the Constitution, the law

Gen. U. S. Grant memorial, Saturday, August 8, 1885. Programme. [Woonsocket, S. D. 1885].

Gen. Wm. Henry Harrison's cabin at North Bend. [n. p. c. 1840.

General Andrew Jackson's mother did not die on the roadside - her grave ... John W. Gaines. August 16, 1918. Nashville Banner, August 18, 1918.

General Assembly. begun and held at the Capitol in the City of Richmond, on Monday the seventh day of December, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and seven, and of the Commonwealth the thirty-second. An act, concerning the sale

General Conway's speech, for quieting the troubles in America. Against an independency: He is for peace, but yet argues the vigorous prosecution of the war: the great distresses and debt of America: General du Portail's account of America sent t

The General Courts answer to Joseph Dudley esqr. &c. This was pas'd by the whole court. Nemine non confentiente. Gentlemen:- [Refusing their assent to his Commission for governing the Colony and other places therein mentioned]. [Boston: Printed

General Dix's Proclamation ... Done at the Baltimore Bastile, this 4th day of September, the 1st year of Abraham's glorious and peaceful reigh. John L. Dix. Maj. Gen. [1861].

General Dix's Proclamation ... Done at the Baltimore Bastile, this 4th day of September, the 1st year of Abraham's glorious and peaceful reign. John L. Dix. Maj. Gen. [1861].

General Grant and his cigar! ... Geo. Trask. Fitchburg, Mass. [186-?].

General Hull and the defence of Fort M'Henry. A new song, called the surrender of General Hull. The defence of Fort M'Henry, (Baltimore.) A new song [The Star Spangled Banner] [1813?].

General La Fayette. To have been a partaker with Washington, in the perils and glory of our great conflict for freedom, is a passport to our hearts. In meeting you, his loved form seems to approach us ... Chester County, July 26, 1825.

General M'Clellan endorses Governor Curtin. Headquarters Army of the Potomac, Sharpsburg, Sept. 27, 1862.

General M'Clellan's dream. [n. p. 186-].

General Metcalfe. To the people of Kentucky. In a few weeks you will be called on to exercise your right of suffrage in the choice of a Governor and Lt. Governor ... July 1, 1828.

General Orders March 20, 1810 and April 19, 1810. [s. l.]

General Orders, No. 67, War Department, adjutant General's Office, Washington, April 16, 1865. Andrew Johnson assumes duties as president as result of Lincoln's death.

General Orders. Harrisburg, 27th Aug.1814. The recent destruction of the capital of the United States, the threatened and probable conflagration of the metropolis of a sister state, and the general threatening aspect of affairs warranting the op

General Taylor's letter of condolence to Henry Clay on his recent distressing bereavement .... Philadelphia. Published by C. Alexander Daily Chronicle Office, Franklin Place 1847.

General Taylor's letters. Letter of Gen. Taylor to Gen. Gaines-.Secretary Marcy's reprimand of Gen. Taulor - and Gen. Taylor's reply: with the fable alluded to annexed. [Washington, D. C. 184-].

General Taylor's two faces. "Look upon this picture, and then upon this." Published under authority of the national and Jackson democratic association committee. Washington, August 1848.

General Washington's letter, declaring his acceptance of the command of the armies of the United States. In Senate July 18, 1798. Gentlemen of the Senate, Believing that the letter received this morning, from General Washington, will give high s

General Zachary Taylor. The friends of General Zachary Taylor, as the candidate of the people for the station of President of the United States, assembled in obedience to a public call, at the State Capitol of Michigan in the City of Detroit, on

General appeal. The undersigned in the spirit of simple justice, Christian philantrophy, and national pride, to save our country from the humiliation arising from the apparent ingratitude of the Republic to her fallen chieftan ... recommend our

General committee, May 1, 1775. The following persons were mentioned in the Committee of observation, as proper to be elected for a General Committee for the City and County of New-York, in the present alarming exigency [100 names] [blank] The f

General defense committee ... Will you help? now? Another member of the Industrial workers of the world has been murdered ... Wm. D. Haywood. Secretary-Treasurer. Chicago [1919].

General directions for using Dr. Carl Von Meyer's German homoepathic balsam. [n. p.] [c. 1854].

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