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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


In the name and by authority of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's office, proclamation, Pennsylvania is soon to participate in a profoundly solemn and historic departure from precedent when, for the first time in our Republic, there wi

In the name and by authority of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's office, proclamation, the selective training and service act of 1940 … given under my hand and the great seal of the state, at the city of Harrisburg, this eighteenth da

In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Penn'a William F. Packer, Governor of the said Commonwealth a proclamation. Whereas, in and by an act of General Assembly of this Commonwealth, passed the 15th day of April, A. D. 1851, ent

In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Executive department. Proclamation ... issue this my proclamation, designating Friday, April twenty-third, A. D., 1909 as arbor days throughout the Commonwealth ... Edwin S. S

In the name and by the authority of the Territory of Oklahoma. Executive department. Thanksgiving proclamation ... I recommend that Thursday, November 27th, 1902. be observed as a day set apart for devotion and thanksgiving ... Done at Guthrie,

In the session of 1821, the Committee of pensions and revolutionary claims made the following report on the petition of Sarah Dewees and others ... [Washington, 1822].

In the sixteenth year of the reign of George the third, King, &c. 1776. An act for the carrying into execution a resolve of the American Congress, for ascertaining the number of inhabitants in this Colony. [Watertown: Printed by Benjamin Edes, 1

In the supreme court of the United States. February sessions, 1816. The Brig. Franklin and Cargo. vs. The United States. No. 26 Appeal from the District of Rhode Island. Statement on the part of the United States ... [1816].

In the year 1766 the settlers upon the New Hampshire Grants on the west side of the Green Mountains, appointed Samuel Robinson, Esq. of Bennington their agent to state to the King and Council of Great Britain the illegal and unjust proceedings o

In the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and twenty Ohio District, sct. John Stiles, a citizen of and resident in the State of by his attorneys complain of Thomas Nokes, a citizen and a resident in the State of Ohio, in custody, &c. of a plea o

In the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six. An act for establishing a naval office for ascertaining the fees. [Watertown: Printed by Benjamin Edes, 1776].

In this printing office be vigilant, think twice, and say nothing; for what is said and done here will be heard round the world. [n.p.] Hammer Creek Press [1953].

Inaugural address delivered at the first stated meeting of the Board of directors of the Adams Athenaeum, on the 31st of March, 1825; by Col. B. L. C. Wailes, their President. 31st March 1825.

Inaugural address of Abraham Lincoln March 4th, 1865 ... Philadelphia. Jas. B. Rodgers, printer, 52 & 54 North Sixth St. [1865].

... Inaugural address of Gov. Andrew G. Curtin. Delivered January 15, 1861. Daily Telegraph --- Extra.

Inaugural address of Joseph Ritner ... Dec. 15, 1853. Tbio Fenn. Printer.

Inaugural address of Joseph Ritner, delivered December 15, 1835. [n. p.] Crabb & Barrett, printers [ca. 1835].

Inaugural address of Michael Hahn ... delivered at New Orleans, March 4, 1864. [New Orleans? 1864?].

Inaugural address of the President of the United States. 4th March, 1833. [n. p. 1833].

Inaugural address on being sworn into office, March 4, 1829 ... Entered according to the Act of Congress 1836 by E. Bailey in the Clerk's office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

Inaugural address, delivered on being sworn into office, March 4th, 1829.

Inauguration ball. At a meeting of the managers on Monday evening, the 11th January, the following preliminary arrangements were adopted ... [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Inauguration ball. The honor of company is requested at the inauguration ball at the New Washington assembly rooms. 1841.

Inauguration ceremonies March 4, 1921. Admit bearer to reservation "B" East front of Capitol ... This card does not admit to Capitol building.

Inauguration ceremonies. Admit an employee of the Library of Congress, to the platform, after the procession from the Senate Chamber .... Committee of arrangement. [Washington, 1897].

The inauguration of John Stewart Bryan as nineteenth president of the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Saturday October twentieth one thousand nine hundred and thirty-four. Williamsburg. [Colophon: Richmond, Va. Whittet & Shepperson, pri

Inauguration of the Crystal Palace, on the 14th July, 1853. Programme of arrangements. [New York] R. C. Root & Anthony, stationers and printers. [1853].

Inauguration of the equestrian statute of Andrew Jackson ... [Washington, 1852].

Inauguration souvenir of Cleveland and Hendricks, at Washington, D. C. on Wednesday March 4, 1885. Written by J. E. Shaw. Compliments Grand Union Hotel opposite Grand Central depot. New York City. N. Y.

An incident in the rebellion,(not those who originated it.) and who admire the frank, open candid man. [Letter from H. C. Lockhart, Lieutenant-Colonel, prisoner of war to Hon. Aaron Goodrich and Mr. Goodrich's reply] [1862].

A. Lincoln. Attorney and counselor at law. Springfield, Illinois ... My old customers, and others, are no doubt aware of the terrible time I have had in crossing the stream, and will be glad to know that I will be back ... ready to swap horses,

Income tax for 1862 [Instruction and blank] [Washington, 1862].

... Increased success and crowded houses nightly attend each performance of the eminent American actor J. E. Murdoch ... masterly impersonation of "Hamlet." ... Philadelphia. United States Steam-Power Job printing establishment, Ledger buildings

Independence and reform!! Address of the liberal republican state executive committee and other prominent liberals. A liberal state convention to meet on the 24th of January, at Jefferson City. Review of the Political situation. Rally for the ca

The independence of Hawaii. Editorial article from the Pacific Commercial advertiser July 28th, 1885. [Hawaii?].

The independent & constitutional ticket for a general committee, of the City of Philadelphia, the northern liberties and district of Southwark; to continue in being till the last day of the present year; for the purposes of raising and supportin

The Independent Chronicle. Extraordinary, --- for Monday, November 5 1804. [Boston, 1804].

The Independent Whig, mechanical, commercial literary and political. By Oliver Oldschool. To the public. The above is the title of a newspaper, to be published weekly in the City of Albany, the first number of which it is intended shall appear o

Independent opposition day boat for New-York, & intermediate landings, from the pier foot of Hamilton-St ... The new & splendid steamer Alida ... Albany From the Mammoth Job Press of H. D. Stone [1847].

Indian civilization. Letters from Mr. Wm. Welsh to Hon. Eli K. Price, and Congressional action favorable to the Board of Indian commissioners. Philadelphia March 1871.

Indian speech, delivered before a gentleman missionary, from Massachusetts, by a chief, commonly called by the white people Red Jacket. His Indian name is Sagu-ua-what-hath, which being interpreted, is Keeper-awake. ... Boston: Nathaniel Coverly

Indiana ... Trenton. New Jersey. 1879.

Indiana State Fair and Exposition. Twenty-second annual exhibition under the auspices of the Indiana State Board of Agriculture, commencing September 7th, and continuing 30 days. Live stock show, the week commencing September 28th, at Indianapol

[Lines] made on Ebenezer Ball, who was executed at Castine, October 31st, 1811, for the murder of Mr. John Tileston Downes. [Two poems. One written the day before his execution, and the other written the day he was executed.]

Infamous libel. From Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper. Sept. 13th, 1862. "Col Fletcher Webster, of the 12th Mass. regiment, is reported among the killed in the battle of August 29th, before Washington. He was the sole surviving son of Daniel

Infirmary. Dr. Sherrill has taken a house with good and airy rooms pleasantly situated at 540 Hudson St. New Y. and fitted up an institution often desired by those who have not a regular home ... [New York 185-?].

Information about sending to Union prisoners in the Richmond prisons ... Philadelphia [1803?].

Information for emigrants to Kansas. Office. National Kansas Committee, Chicago March 23, 1857 ... Edward Daniels, Agent Emigration Nat'nal Kansas Com. [Chicago, 1857].

Information for the people. The friends of Messrs. Fremont and Dayton, desiring that their fellow citizens should act understandingly in reference to the great issues that are to be decided at the next election, submit the following important do

Information. Whereas pursuant to a law of the United States, entitled "An Act giving a right of pre-emption to certain persons who have contracted with John Cleves Symmes, or his associates, for lands lying between the Miami rivers, in the terri

"The singing birds" Musical poem. By Wm. Wheeler Hubbell. Dedicated to little Annie Marie ... Log Cabin Home, Appomattox Co., Va. 1884.

Ingratitude has been called the vice of republics. On the late occasion we have seen the Government and people of the United States give a practical and triumphant refutation of this calumny by their conduct to Gen. La Fayette. Another opportuni

The injustice of granting subsidies to steamship companies ... J. C. Washington, January 27, 1871.

Innholders and retailers. Abstract of the laws for the regulation of licensed houses, &c Published by order of the Court of sessions of the County of Essex; that those who are licensed may be more distinctly apprised of their duties, and the bet

Inspection return, of the arms, accourtements, camp equipage, books and stationary, belonging to a company of Virginia militia, commanded by Capt. from the regiment, in the county of called into actual service, under the general orders of the da

Installation! First Congregational Church, Cornwall, Conn., Thursday, June 27, 1872.

Instructions ... Form of the declarations for assurance ... [179-].

Instructions concerning ballots ... Hartford, Conn., 1898.

Instructions for collectors of taxes ... Richmond, May 15, 1863.

Instructions for coloring and restoring buggy tops, by Wm. Robertson, practical chemist and fancy dyer! Kalamazoo, Michigan, "Telegraph" job print. 1866.

Instructions for masters of transports, captains and commanding officers of military commissaries, that are of shall be employed in His Majesty’s service in the province of the Massachusetts-Bay. Directing how supplys of provisions, cloathing an

Instructions for taking depositions upon notice out of the state of Kentucky, to be used in Kentucky. [n. d.].

Instructions for the agents for collecting subscriptions to the produce loan. Confederate states of America, Treasury department, Richmond, January 3rd, 1862.

Instructions for the inlisting of men .... In provincial Congress at New-York, June [blank] 1775. To [blank] Gentlemen, Greeting. Know you that the grand Continental Congress ... have resolved and ordered, that a certain number of troops should

Instructions for the officers of several regiments of the Massachusetts-Bay forces, who are immediately to go upon the recruiting service … Given at the headquarters at Cambridge, this 10th day of July 1775. Horatio Gates, adjutant-general. [Wat

Instructions in rifle drill and movements. Published for the information and government of the first battalion rifles. M. V. M. [n. d.].

Instructions to collectors and assessors of Confederate taxes. Richmond, Nov. 12, 1863.

Instructions to tax collectors in reference to the return of estimates of tax in kind in certain cases. Richmond, January 6, 1865.

Instructions to the officers appointed to recruit in New-York, for the service of the United States of America ... Fish-Kill: Printed by Samuel Loudon [1776].

Instructions to the operators of the Washington and New Orleans telegraph company. Washington, D. C. H. Polkinhorn, printer. corner of 7th and D. Sts. 1854.

Instructions to town committees respecting the registry law. [183-?].

Instructive lecture. Chief Maungwudaus of the Chippeway nation of the West will deliver a descriptive lecture at Rumford Hall on Monday Eve. March 15 ... Boston Hooton Printing Establishment, F. A. Searle proprietor [1850].

Intelligence from the Southward. Philadelphia, March 31, 1781. [General Greene's account of the battle of Guilford] [Philadelphia] Printed by David C. Claypoole. [1781].

Intelligencer- Extra. Harrisburg, Pa. Tuesday Evening, Dec. 26, 1838. To the people of Pennsylvania. It is our painful duty to inform the people of Pennsylvania that the Senate this afternoon passed a resolution by a vote of seventeen to sixteen

An intercepted original letter from General Washington to his Lady, in the year 1776. To Mrs. Washington, &c. My dearest life and love. June 24, 1776.

Interest at 3 per cent for one day in cents. [New York? c. 1868].

Interest on $10,000, from date of coupon to November 1st - Current six months, containing 184 days ... Jay Cooke, Subscription agent. 114 South Third Street, Philad'a [1863?].

An interesting account of the great American University now in course of erection in Washington, D. C.; and some facts concerning profitable investments which may be made near the site of the University in American University Park ... Washington

Interesting facts for the consideration of the citizens of Washington ... It is a fact that Mr. Rufus Porter, of this City, has discovered an apparently feasible plan for aerial navigation, which has been satisfactorily tested, on a small scale

Interesting information for Congressmen. How an office is procured at the Capitol. Disclosures of a consultation at headquarters of the New Hampshire ring No. F. Street. [Washington, D. C. February 23,1871.

Interesting intelligence from Europe. Boston May 13, 1776 … [Boston. Printed by T. and J. Fleet 1776].

Interesting questions & answers relative to the 7-30 U. S. Loan ... For sale by Jay Cooke & Co., at the Philadelphia and Washington Office ... [1865].

Interesting questions and answers relative to the 7-30 U. S. Loan ... Subscriptions received at office of Jay Cooke & Co., Philadelphia and Washington ... [1856].

Interesting to farmers. Woodside's patent revolving harrow and seed cart ... James D. Woodside, Washington, D. C. [1836].

Internal commerce .... Zadock Street. [n. p. n. d.].

Internal taxation simplified. Suggestions for a bill for collecting ad-valorem duties on sales of merchandise and produce by government stamps. [n. p.] [1862?].

The internal, external & infernal revenue tax. It should be immediately abolished ... [Signed] Patriotic humanity. Washington, D. C. Jan. 14, 1884.

International coinage of silver. Proceedings of the National board of trade. New York, December 31, 1872.

The international copyright bill ... The Authors' copyright league. Dec. 12, 1888. [n. p. 1888].

International despatch! from New York and Philadelphia to the west and southwest via Buffalo. Freight by this despatch is forwarded over the New York and Erie, Buffalo and Lake Huron, G. W. Mich. Cent., &c. railroads ... New York, August 1, 1857

International exhibition of works of industry and art, to be held in London in 1862. [Washington, 1861?].

The international mind ... [New York 1917].

The International telegraph: or, The voice of the free by Caroline Smith. [n. p. n. d.].

[Minutes of the meetings of the Constitutional Society. Richmond, Printed by Dixon and Holt? 1784].

Invalid brigade! ... Rally 46ers. "Glory Halleluja!" Your country calls!! Let'er call!!! Get your certificares and join the glorious brigade of Gen. Debility ... [n. p. n. d.].

Invention By the Bard of Tower Hall. Philadelphia Bennett & Co's Tower Hall clothing bazaar. [c. 1859].

Inventory of Ship Mars, as she is to be sold on the 13th April Instant, at the American Coffee-House. [New York? 1816?].

Inventory of books belonging to the Washington preparative meeting of friends ... Washington, Duncanson, printer. [183-?].

Invitation and program. Ceremonies in recognition of the completion of the inclosing of the east corner milestone of the District of Columbia also in commemoration of the one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the laying of the first corner

The invitation. No. 79 American tract society. [Boston? 1823?].

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