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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Last will & testament of Brigham Young executed by lawyer marks, at Salt Lake City ... New York. Printed and sold by M. J. Ivers. [n. d.].

The last words of John Brown ... B. B. French Washington City. Nov. 24, 1863. Cincinnati. Caleb Clark, printer, [1864].

Last words of Peter Williams and Abraham Cox, who were executed at Auburn, Aug. 27th, 1858, for the murder of the crew of the Brig Albion Cooper.- Rhymed by O. K. Yats. [n. p.] [c. 1858].

Late advices from London. London. Proceedings in the Lower house of assembly. February 20, 1775 … Boston: Printed by Thomas & John Fleet. [1775].

Late and highly important intelligence from France!!!. It is now ascertained, that the few American vessels released from France cost their owners, the full amount of them!! The French decrees not repealed, on the 13th of March!! American vessel

Late and important from Texas. Massacre of the Georgia battalion!!! From the Columbus (Ga.) Herald of the 19th instant. [Columbus 1836].

The (late) House of representatives there, complainants. Jonathan Belcher, Esq; the Governour there, respondent. The Complaints case. to be heard before the right honourable the Lords of the Committee of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy-Counc

Lately re-printed, and to be sold by Joseph Chukshank, on the North-Side of Market Street, between Second and third Streets, Philadelphia, an account of the life of that ancient servant of Jesus Christ, John Richardson, giving a r elation of man

Latin charts for big and small children. [n. p.] [c. 1865].

The laurel tree. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press, 1967.

Lauzanne sees our 'isolation wall' falling; predicts wider American action in Europe ... [From] New York Times, Friday December 9, 1927.

The law of Maine [A song against rum]. [s. l., 1852-53?].

Law office almanac, and legal directory of the state of Louisiana, for 1843-4: showing the parishes, district, the time of holding the different courts, with the names of their officers, &c. &c. New Orleans. Printed by Lumsden, Kendall & Co. 184

... The law that deprives the citizen of his whiskey, rum, gin, or beer, deprives him of his liberty. Liberal democratic ticket ... Boston Cochrane & Sampson, Printers. 9 Bromfield St.

Laws of Yale College 1823. [New Haven, Conn.?].

Laws related to the public printing and binding. Approved March 16, 1872.

[Playbill for] New Theatre, Friday evening, January 9th, 1807. [Delaware? 1807].

Lazy regiment. Orders from Col. Commandant. The Commander in Chief gives notice that he will review his regiment at and orders all his officers to meet at ... [n. d.].

Le Porteur de la renaisance a ses abonnes. 1864.

Le comité national Francais de Philadelphie. Aux délegués de Yorktown. Philadelphia, 12 27 Octobre, 1881.

The lead trust by George A. Macbeth. The nineteenth in a series of letters issued by the New England Free trade League ... Pittsburgh, Pa., March 15, 1900.

A leaf from history. Report of J. Thompson, secret agent of the late Confederate government, stationed in Canada, for the purpose of organizing insurrection in the Northern states and burning their principal cities ... Published by the Union Rep

Leaflet literature. Princeton, Mass. Word office. [n. d.].

Leaflets. "Five to one." by Mrs. C. B. Daniels. Written after the capture of Fort Donelson. [c. 1862].

Leaflets. A balm for earth's sorrows. By Mrs. C. B. Daniels. [c. 1862].

Leaflets. Flowers by Mrs. C. B. Daniels. [c. 1862].

Leaflets. Going home. Written after witnessing a triumphant death-scene. by Mrs. C. B. Daniels. [c. 1862].

Leaflets. The dying year and its young successor. by Mrs. C. B. Daniels. [c. 1862].

[Election ballot for 1846].

[Election posters. Ward 5, Boston. 1860].

[Election ticket for 1769] Philip Livingston, Peter Van Brugh Livingston, John Morin Scott. Theodorus Van Wyck [New York 1769].

[Election ticket for President, Vice President, and members of Congress for the 47th Congress, 8th district of Georgia.] [n. p. 1887].

[Election ticket for the second and third ward] [Washington, June 1853].

A lecture and a song, concerning the roberry at Newbury, to some men in jail at Salem ... Printed for the author, and sold by him. [1817].

Lecture by Rev. Mr. Burnap at the M. P. Church, 9th st. this evening. A band of music will be in attendance. Admission 25 cts. [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Lecture courses on art and decoration ... New York, 1927.

Lecture on Cuba, for the Great Central fair. Applications for tickets should be made as early as possible to either of the following committee ... May 13, 1864.

Lecture on Edgar Allan Poe to be delivered by invitation in the Hall of the House of Delegates, on Monday evening, February 14th at 8 o'clock. [n. d.].

A lecture on the importance of education. [Alton 1838].

A lecture on the life, character, dying declarations, and death of Edgar Allan Poe, being a defense of the illustrious poet against imputations cast upon his memory by unfriendly biographers. by John J. Moran. Congregational Church, Wednesday ev

A lecture! will be given by Madame Hagerty! at Apollo Hall! on Friday evening March 25th, [1853] on Monday Ev'g March 28, she will sing ten different languages! of the unknown tongues. [Washington, D. C. 1853].

Lectures on English grammar, In the order of nature, and by the application of common sense, to the use of words and sentences, according to a late method of teaching in Philadelphia Baltimore, and other cities, by D. Hewett .... [Washington, D.

Lectures on national education. Joseph Lancaster presents his respects to the members of the national legislature, and informs them that the following are the subjects of the two lectures intended to be delivered by him in Congress Hall, on the

[Pledge card filled in in mss by James Sweeney and dated 18 March 1843].

Ledger Office, Norfolk, June 24, 1807. We are now to present to our readers the details of a most unexampled outrage in the perpretation of which the blood of our countrymen has been shed by the hands of violence and the honour and independence

A. J. Bleecker, auctioneer. Sale of curiosities. relics, glass, &c., &c., belonging to the estate of the late Thomas Riley ... on Friday, 12th February, 1864, at 7 o'clock, P.M. ... New York. Clayton & Medole, printers, 46 Pine Street. [1864].

Legal tender notes the best currency - one protested - reasons why ... The New York Mercantile Journal March 29th, 1873.

Legionary orders. December 28th, 2799 [i.e., 1799]. Yesterday the commandant was honored by a communication from the governor … [signed] John Shee, commandant of the Philad. Militia Legion.

Legionary orders. The militia legion is notified, that they are to parade on Thursday morning next, precisely at 10 o'clock, in the State-House yard, to attend the ceremonial of the interment of the much lamented patriot and soldier, General Was

Legislative directory. 1927. Issued by the Indiana Republican State committee. Indianapolis 1927.

Legislative roll and lodgings -- May, 1825. B. H. Norton -- Printer -- Times & Advertiser Office. [Hartford, Conn.?].

Legislature of Kentucky. House of Representatives. Wednesday Nov. 7, 1798. Mr. Brackenridge gave notice that he would on tomorrow move the house to go into Committee of the whole on the state of the commonwealth, on that part of the Governor's a

Legislature of Kentucky. In the House of representatives November 10th, 1798. The House according to the standing order of the day, resolved itself into a committee of the whole on the state of the Commonwealth ... that the Committee had accordi

Legislature of Vermont November 5, 1814. Mr. Huntly, on motion and leave, introduced the following resolutions ... [1814].

Leonard & Co. Auctioneers ... We shall hold a sale of books, photograph albums, paper and stationery to the trade and others in Boston, the third week in November ... Leonard & Co. Boston. Oct. 1st, 1863.

Leonardo, the desire to know, desidero di Conoscere.

Lese-Majesty [blank] Baltimore, Maryland Salt House Press. 1935.

The less you are taught and the more you think the greater you will be. The brain trust ... Lewis McKenzie Turner. Baltimore. Md. Salt House Press. January 1935.

Lesson [translated by] Teo Savory. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] Unicorn Press, 1967.

The lesson not learned. Peterboro, March 25, 1868.

... Lessons given every evening in the week, except Sundays and Mondays ... For terms apply at the Hall. [1860].

Let crushed Cuba arise! Substance of the speech of Gerrit Smith, in Syracuse, July 4th, 1873.

Let every Federalist do his duty, and Masschusetts will yet be saved!!! Federal republicans! Boston, April 1811.

Let every man have his own wife and every woman her own husband. [NewHampshire 181-?].

Let the American people ponder. Ku-Klux diabolism. Eleven pregnant facts brought to light by the Congressional investigating committee. Its Democratic paternity, its hellish features and party purpose. [n.p. 1867?].

A letter addressed to Lord Sackville West by a citizen of California To the British Minister, Washington, D. C. Sept. 4, 1888. New York Printed by David H. Gildersleeve, [1888].

A letter addressed to the Baptist denomination in general and the members of those churches composing the New York, Warwick, Hudson River, and Danbury Associations, in particular ... J. M. Horner [183-?].

Letter from Chief Justice Chase to a committee of colored men. New Orleans, June 6, 1865.

Letter from Col. George. Concord. N. H. Aug. 6, 1860.

Letter from Col. Robert G. Ingersoll. to Philip G. Peabody Esq. New York, May 27, 1890.

Letter from Colonel Connell to Senator Thurman. The party in a false position, and Connell refuses to speak. Lancaster, Ohio, August 2d, 1871.

Letter from Daniel, Webster. The following letter was written by the Hon. Daniel Webster, in reply to an invitation to attend the late Harrison Convention, held at Concord. N. H. Washington, June 11, 1840. [Letter to Samuel Coffin, Esq., Concord

Letter from Dr. Daniel L. Green of Bethlehem, to Dr. Samuel L. Mitchell, of New-York. with the answer. [Philadelphia. Young, printer 54 North Third St. [1825].

... Letter from Dr. E. B. Foote-- His system of practice. Bee Extra. Boston, January 23, 1858.

Letter from Gen. Jackson to Mr. Southard [Together with Mr. Southard's answer] [1827].

A letter from General Jackson ... Hermitage September 11, 1841.

A letter from General Lee. To General Burgoyne, dated June 7, 1775: received at Boston, July 5. Printed from the New-York Gazeteer, July 6. [Boston, 1775].

Letter from General Meade .... April 8, 1864.

Letter from George F. Train. Danville, Pa., October 29th, 1864. To the editor of The Age, Philadelphia .... Philadelphia John L. Kirke, Printer. No. 43 South Eleventh Street [1864].

Letter from Gerrit Smith on temperance. To the thoughtful and candid of the County of Madison ... Gerrit Smith. Peterboro March 8, 1871.

Letter from Gerrit Smith to Hon. Mr. Churchill. San Domingo. Peterboro December 22d 1870.

Letter from H. Haupt, Esq. civil engineer to Hon. John P. Hale, Chairman of Committee on naval affairs on the subject of coast and harbor defenses, and armor for war vessels. [From the Boston Commercial Bulleton of April 26th 1862].

Letter from Hon. B. F. Hallet, to the president of the meeting in Faneuil Hall, in support of the new constitution! 17 Louisburg Square, Oct. 11, 1853. [Boston, Ma.].

Letter from Hon. John I. Slingerland. To the editors of the Evening Journal. Albany, Aubust 12, 1856.

Letter from Hon. William Woodbridge, United States Senator from the State of Michigan. It is with great reluctance, that I furnish the following letter to the public and yet I do not feel at liberty to withhold a document from so high a source,

Letter from James Gallatin, Esq. on financial affairs. The proposed issue of legal tender notes - course of the money market - resumption of specie payments - trade with the southern states, &c. &c. New York, June 14, 1862. Hon. William P. Fesse

Letter from John H. Gilmer to a member of the Virginia Senate on the position and duties of Virginia in the existing state of political matters. Richmond Dec. 28, 1864.

Letter from John H. Gilmer to a member of the Virginia Senate, on the position and duties of Virginia in the existing state of political matters. Richmond, Dec. 28, 1864.

Letter from John W. Brett, Esq., Deputy-Chairman of the Submarine telegraph company, as to the number and duration of the cables laid by that company. Submarine telegraph office, 58 Threadneedle street, London, July 3rd, 1863. Sear Mr. Field ...

Letter from Julian Hawthorne.

Letter from Mr. Botts. House of representatives, January 29, 1848. To the editors of the Whig ... John M. Botts.

Letter from Mrs. Barney to Gen. Jackson. Baltimore. June 13th, 1829. Sir Your note of the 22d April, addressed to me through your private secretary, accompanying the return of my papers ... [Signed] Mary Barney. Curtis, Pa. [1829].

Letter from W. C. Smedes, Esq., to the committee in behalf of the Memphis jubilee. Vicksburg, August 18, 1859.

Letter from a Dutchman, to a New Jersey legislator. [1857?].

A letter from a gentleman in New-York to his friend in the Country. Sir, In answer to yours of the 27th instant, inclosing the copy of a petition lately preferr'd to the General Assembly, and desiring my serious thoughts on the subject, I take

A letter from a gentleman in New-York, to his friend in Dutchess County. New-York, January 3, 1769. Sir, You ask in your letter, how your members behave; and I kept back my answer, because a dissolution was much talked of when your letter came t

A letter from a member of the Cabinet. The Pittsburgh Chronicle publishes the following letter, which it says a prominent clergyman of Pittsburgh has just received from a member of President Buchanan's Cabinet - a truly Christian man and a tried

Letter from the "Shade of Washington," to a venerable Senator of the United States, and now addressed to all distinguished patriots of the United States. Augusta, Ga. Feb. 16, 1861.

Letter from the Hon. George W. Julian The soldiers' bounty bill - a proposition to benefit speculators. Published by order of the Land reform association. New York. [n. d.].

Letter from the Hon. William Sprague. Providence, March 2d, 1842.

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