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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Maelzel's exhibition at the Julien Hall ... Automaton chess player. Automaton trumpeter. Automaton rope dancers. [Boston] W. W. Clapp, printer [1826].

The Magees slip quietly away from Post Street.

Magna Britania her colonies reduced. [Philadelphia 1765].

A magnificent pictorial and literary weekly journal Gleason's pictorial drawing-room companion. [Circular] [n. d.].

Maine not to be coupled with the Missouri question. Timothy Claimright. Brunswick, Jan. 1820.

Major Andre: writen while he was a prisoner in the American camp. Together with the Rose. Boston Printed by Nathaniel Coverly Jr, Corner Theatre-Alley [After 1812].

... Major General McClellan has informed the Sanitary commission that he has determined to immediately establish entirely new accommodations for the care and treatment of fifteen thousand sick and wounded men at Washington ... [ashington, Septem

Major General Rosecrans on contributions for the sick and wounded. Headquarters Department of the Cumberland. Murfreesboro, February 2, 1863.

The major's only son, and his true love's overthrow. Boston Printed by Nathaniel Coverly, jun'r, Corner of Theatre Alley [1800].

Make bank deposits safe ... Reprinted from the Bankers' magazine, November, 1904.

Mammoth "Cave!" ... Monday eve'g, July 13th, 1863. [program].

Man and his saviour ... Christ our all-in-all. Washington M' Gill & Witherow, printers, [185-?].

The man is not bought! He is still in the slave pen in the Court House! The kidnapper agreed, both publicly and in writing, to sell him for $1200. The sum was raised by eminent Boston citizens and offered him. He then claimed more. The ba

The man is not bought! He is still in the slave pen in the Court House. The kidnapper agreed, both publicly and in writing, to sell him for $1200. The sum was raised by eminent Boston citizens, and offered him. He then claimed more. The b

The managers on the part of New-York, beg leave to the Court, that in their claim filed in pages 8, and 9, of the said claim, it is by mistake that they ... do claim as a boundary between the Colony of New-York, and New-Jersey, a straight and di

Manhattan water-works. The President and directors of the Manhattan company have resolved the following regulation ... [New York] John Low, printer, 17 Chatham-St. [1813-15].

A manifesto and address from Heaven. by the guardian angel of America; from Heaven, whoe'ere beholds on younger earth grieves at the oppression sprung from vilest birth. To the Governors, Councils, Houses of Burgesses, and Representatives of the

Manifesto. To the workers of all the American countries. Greetings ... Washington, D. C. February 1, 1920.

Manifiesto al estado, de la diputacion permanente unida con el consejo de gobierno y diputados residentes en la capital ... Monclova juuio 26 de 1834. Marcial Borrego Presidente. Jose Jesus Grande Secretario.

The Mankato Weekly record--Supplement. Mankato, Min., Friday, December 26,1862.

Mansfield's No. 14 Tremont Row Boston. Friend! Do you want a good pair of boots? ... Boston. Hooper & Co. Printers. 138 Blackstone St. [Boston, 1869].

Mansfields' No. 14 Tremont Row, Boston. Take notice .... attractive store of John Mansfield & son ... Boston Conant & Newhall, Printers, 247 Washington St. [1869].

The manufactory scheme. In consequence of the scheme which is inserted in the book of records of the Manufactory company, proposing a medium of trade and business by and emission of notes of hand, or bills on land security, redeemable by the man

The manuscript collections. In 1835 the Library of Congress contained only a very small number of manuscripts, acquired somewhat casually; in 1935 it possessed some millions of letters and manuscript documents, including the papers of nearly all

Many citizens of Portland propose to give Sergeant Ambler a benefit, to make up his loss by the Bangor fire, which left him destitute. He will lecture at City Hall, Wednesday eve'g, Feb. 10, 1875.

Map of Livingston Manor Anno 1714.

March 23d, 1843. Dear Sir. The importance of the pending election to the peace and prosperity of this State, is our best apology for thus addressing you ... Signed. John Brown Francis [and 10 others].

March 6th, 1759. To the Honorable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governor, and commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the House of Burgesses. [Williamsburg, 1759] [Negative Photostat.].

Mark this! Mark this!! 30 to 59 per cent saved by making your purchases at Oak Hall ... Oak Hall 32 & 34 North Street. Boston, Mass. [n. d.].

The Market Square Tavern. John Green begs leave to acquaint the publick that Williamsburg taverns & ordinaries thank its old customers and ask a continuance of their custom at its Inn on the Duke of Gloucester Street at the east of the old publi

Marmion for sale. This desirable and airy situation, in King-George county, Virginia, will be for sale on Wednesday the twenty-ninth of March, on the premises to the highest bidder ... G. Lewis. Marmion, Feb. 26, 1820. Fredericksburg. Printed by

Martij 27, 1712. [A latin poem signed] N. Hobart. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Sewall, 1712].

Martin L. Bradford & Co. cutlery hardware and fishing tackle. 142 Washington St. Boston [n. d.].

Mary to James K. Polk. Epistle IV. [New York 1846].

Mary to James K. Polk. Epistle IX. New York, Feb. 25th, 1846.

Mary to James K. Polk. Epistle VII. New York, Feb. 11, 1846.

Maryland Temperance Herald, August 7, 1849. According to our books, you are in due the "Herald," on September 1849. [blank] which please enclose to us in letter ... Please answer without delay.

Maryland University lottery, for the benefit of the medical college of Baltimore Fourth class, New series. [Alexandria, 1825].

Maryland day World's Columbian Exposition Chicago, Tuesday, September twelfth. Programme of ceremonies at Music Hall, three thirty P. M. ... [1893].

Maryland sc. Know all men by these presents, that we [blank] of [blank] county, are held and firmly bound unto the state of Maryland, in the full and just sum of [blank] gold currency, to be paid to the said state of Maryland ... [n. p. 1781].

Maryland state ticket. Election, Tuesday November 6th, 1860 ... For President of the United States John Bell of Tennessee. For Vice President of the United States, Edward Everett of Massachusetts. ... [n. p. 1860].

Mason's lodge, September 9th 1777, 10 o'clock P. M. To the inhabitants of Pennsylvania. The following is a copy of a paper we received at half past four o'clock this afternoon, and we have since received orders to prepare for our banishment to-m

Masonic Temple. New York. 1852. The members of the Lafayette Lodge, No. 64, Free and accepted masons, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the state of New York .... propose giving their second annual ball ... December 23, 1852 ... [New

Masonic chart.

Masonic odes---- for 1812. Ode I ... Ode II. [1812].

Mass meeting of Republicans and sound money men. Hon. N. W. Cuney will speak at 8:00 p. m. in the North Court room, in County Court house this p. m., July 28, 1896. Fort Worth. W. V. Smith & co., printers. [1896].

Mass meeting of the people of Augusta! In pursuance of a public notice which has been extensively circulated, a large and respectable meeting of the people of Augusta County assembled at the Court House, on Monday, 8th of May, "to take measures

Mass meeting of the workingmen of Massachusetts. in Faneuil Hall, Feb. 20, 1861. Address of the workingmen of Massachusetts. [Boston 1861].

Mass meeting to avoid the draft. Citizens of Philadelphia! Rally in your might, and assemble in Independence Square, on Saturday evening, October 25th, [1862] and adopt measures to promote enlistments in the Philad'a city guard 157th Regt., P. V

The mass. By Wm. George Reed, LL. D. [n. p. n. d.].

Massachusetts Anti-slavery Society. Commission. To [blank], Dear Sir, you are hearby appointed and commissioned … [Boston, 183-?].

Massachusetts Centinel. Boston Published by Warden & Russell, 1785.

Massachusetts anti-slavery fair .... Boston 1841.

Massachusetts mutual fire insurance company for insuring buildings against damage by fire. This policy of insurance witnesseth, that ... Witness our hands and common seal, this day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninet

Massachusetts-Bay. By the Governor, A proclamation for proroguing the General court … to Wednesday the nineteenth day of February next … Given at Boston the twenty-eighth day of December 1771 … Boston: Printed by Richard Draper, Printer to His E

The massacre of the Wichata. or Sheridan's last ride. By "Shenandoah", author "Moke-ta-va-ta" The martyred chieftain. [n. p. n. d.].

Masters of vessels as well as others therein concerned, are required to make themselves properly acquainted with, and in all cases to act in due conformity with the following port regulations ... Samuel Alexander, Harbour master. at Port Warden'

Matters at Washington, in 1861. [From the Chicago Post of May 1, 1861.] The following letter from Lambert Tree, esq., (father of Lambert Tree, Jr., of this city gives a faithful representation of how matters are in the federal metropolis during

A Maxim. From the American Historical Record. [Circa 1871?].

May 20, 1763. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governour, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the Council, [Williamsburg: Printed by Joseph Royle, 1763] Negative P

May 21, 1763. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governour, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the House of Burgesses. [Williamsburg: Printed by Joseph Royle, 1763]

May [blank], Memorial day extra 1885. [order of excercises, etc.]

Maynard & Noyes' fine black ink powder. [Boston, 18--].

Mayor's election. To the citizens of Washington. The friends of Gen. Van Ness are circulating handbills and puffs through every part of the city ... [Signed] A voter. [Washington, 1832].

Mayor's election. To the citizens of Washington. You will be called upon in a few days to choose a chief magistrate ... General Van Ness is an honest unsuspected man; he has been a faithful and vigilant officer, and deserves, as he will receive,

Mayor's office, City Hall, July 8th, 1863. In view of the recent glorious victories of our arms in Pennsylvania, and at Vicksburg, I John B. Romar, Mayor, do hereby recommend and request that all private and public buildings, so far as practicab

The mayor, aldermen and citizens of New-Orleans, to the honorable the Senate and House of representatives of the United States in Congress assembled. [Regarding the claim of Batture]. [New Orleans, 1809].

The Mayoralty ... As Mr. James G. Berret has been making, very free use of my name and character in no very reputable manner, as I have been informed, I take the liberty with the public, (very much against my inclination,) to give a few reasons

Mayoralty. Clear the track for John C. Harkness, the mechanic's workingman's and independent candidate! ... Many voters. May 21, 1846. [Washington, D. C.] Printed by James N. Davis, Southwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 12th street.

Mayoralty. The annexed article from the National Intelligencer of Friday, is recommended to the attention of every independence and honorable man in the City ... [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

The mayoralty. The charge having been made that J. W. Maury, Esq., has proved himself by his course in the Board of Aldermen unfriendly to our public schools, it is deemed proper at this time, to published the following act, providing for the es

Maysville, Ky. July [blank], 1840. Dear Sir: In pursuance of a recommendation of the Maysville and Mason County Democratic association, a public meeting of the friends of the present National administration from the neighboring counties of Kentu

McClellan and his officers. At a finding of a court martial, not satisfactory to him Gen. McClellan sent the following just and noble rebuke and admonition. New York: American temperance union. [1861].

McClellan and his officers. New York American temperance union [186-?].

McLean & Co's great boot & shoe sale! ... Boston. Geo. F. Downes, Plain and ornamental steam job printer. 15 Morton Place. [1869].

The measure of constitutionality to nullify a statute ... Edward Grandison Smith. Clarksburg, West Virginia. February 22, 1937.

Mechanical multiplier. invented by George W. Edelman, of the U. S. Assay office, New York, to determine the value of any amount of federal currency, from $1 to $100,000 in British sterling, at 8.5 to 10 5/8 per cent. prem., and vic

The mechanicks in union, and their associates, are earnestly requested to attend the general committee of mechanicks in Union, at Mechanick Hall, on Monday evening next, to consult with them on business of importance. By order of the Committee.

Mechanico microcosmico, or, The surprising & entertaining Temple of industry, is, after a long course of costly experiments ... at length completed and is now open for exhibition at from the hours of 9 in the morning until 8 in the evening ... R

Mechanics and workingmen - Read and reflect! Republican tariff plank ... Democratic tariff plank ... The Republican party aims to elevate and dignify labor - not to degrade it. [n. p. 1884.].

Mechanics of New York, read the heart-rending truth! Sixty American citizens enslaved --- Ten beheaded and hung by the nefarious scheme of Miranda, the would-be King of America, the Duke of Braintree, a Burrite Col. and a Nova Scotia Tory, F****

The Mecklenburg Declaration. May 20, 1775. [8 stanzas of verse] May 20th, 1875.

The Mecklenburg declaration of independence Charlotte North Carolina May 20th 1775. [Reprint].

The meeting in Faneuil Hall, to protest against the annexation of Texas. According to public notice, a very full and most respectable meeting of citizens opposed to the annexation of Texas to the United States, was convened in Faneuil Hall, on T

Meeting in behalf of the American board of commissioners for foreign missions, in Park Street Church, May 29, 1845.

A meeting of Methodists, in Western Oneida County. At a respectable meeting of the Methodist brethren, at the house of Deacon Andrew Clark, in the town of Western, in the county of Oneida, convened on the 11th April, 1810, for the purpose of tak

Meeting of citizens in the Park, Wednesday August 10, 1814. Public meeting. On Wednesday, pursuant to public notice, there assembled in the Park, in front of the City-Hall an immence concourse of Citizens ... [New York, 1814].

Meeting of condolence on the assassination of President Lincoln. Abridged from the Galway express of May 6, 1865.

A meeting of the Board of managers of the Washington City Bible Society will be held at the rooms of the Young men's Christian association ... on the 25th instant at 5.5 p. m, Washington D. C. Feb. 21, 1867.

The meeting of the Ward Committees of the City of Philadelphia having resolved, on the 29th of June, to appoint 38 conferees, to meet and act with the 19 conferees appointed on the 21st of June at a partial meeting, called after the county distr

Meeting of the citizens of Washington. A very numerous and highly respectable meeting of the citizens of Washington, convened by the Mayor, in consequence of the extraordinary attempt made by the Baltimore and Ohio railroad company, to interfere

A meeting of the electing committee of the "Philadelphia society for the establishment and support of charity schools will be held at the usual place on evening, the day of 180 at o'clock. Sec'y. To. [Philadelphia, 180-].

The meeting of the friends, City Hall Park. [New York, July 1863].

Meeting of the mechanics and others of the City of Washington. A meeting of the mechanics and others, of the City, will be held on Friday evening next, at 7.5 o'clock, at the City Hall, in reference to the recent acts of the Commissioner of publ

The melancholy case of Mrs. Ackerman. Copy of a letter from a Dutch farmer, in the County of Orange, to a gentleman of the law, in the City of New-York, [and] The answer. [Signed] Z. W. New York, January 29. [New York, 1772].

Melancholy! How are the mightly fallen." [letter to Tom Moore regarding the execution of Duff Green] Washington, August 4th, 1829.

Member of Congress. William Loughton Smith The importance of this city in the federal scale and the immense revence it pours into the federal coffers, would seem to entitle it to some share in the Federal Councils; yet strange to tell, it is rep

Members composing the House of Assembly of the State of New-York. with their places of residence ... Albany, January 1805.

Members composing the Senate of the State of New-York. With their respective districts, classes and places of residence ... Albany, January 1805.

Members of Congress. [2nd Congress 1792-93.] [Philadelphia 1792.].

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