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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


National thanksgiving November 30th, at 11 o'clock A. M. Strong Place Baptist Church Brooklyn, N. Y. [Bulletin] [Brooklyn, N. Y.] Argus Print. 1876.

National ticket for President Jacob Blacksnake. For Clerk. Nathaniel T. Strong. For Treasurer. Israel Jimeson ... [New York 181-?].

National utility, in opposition to political controversy : addressed to the friends of American manufactures. Boston : Rowe & Hooper, Printers, [1816]

Naturalization. C. Humphrey Esq. will attend at No. 16 William Street Boston, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 24, 25 and 26, 1860. From 9 A. M., til 9 P. M., and prepare naturalization papers ... Boston, Keenan's Job press, 104 Washington St

Naturalized citizens. Recognition of their rights. What the Republican party has done in that behalf. The Democratic party in opposition. Washington, D. C., Sept. 19, 1884.

The naughty chicken Boston, c. 1855].

Navy Department investigation reviewed. Calumny refuted by Democrats and Republicans alike. [Washington, D. C.?. 1869?].

Navy Department. November 23, 1813. Sir A number of the senior officers of the Navy of the United States having suggested certain alterations in the established "Uniform dress," ... the following description of the "Uniform dress" ... is to take

Navy department, May ,1870. Dear Sir: I beg leave to acknowledge the receipt of your letter asking my opinion as to the feasibliity of laying a line of telegraph across the Pacific, via the Sandwich Islands or along the Aleutian chain ... David

Navy yard, Washington, February 26, 1819. The opinion which had been entertained, that such of the inhabitants of the District and its vicinity, as also such strangers who are now sojourning with us, as may be desirous of seeing the Launch of th

[Independence, Kansas. April 30, 1879.] So many inquiries reach me from all parts of the country in reference to my project for opening up the Indian Territory, I have decided to issue this circular in answer to the most important questions that

Neapolitan ice cream ... The subscriber takes this method to inform the lovers of rare confectionary, that he is manufacturing an entire new article of ice cream, which far surpasses anything in that line ever offered in this city ... E. S. Colt

Near Liberty Bell by E. N. Haag. [1918].

The Nebraska democratic platform. The platform adopted by the Nebraska democrats assembled in state convention at Omaha, March 5, 1908 is as follows. [n. p. 1908].

Ned Buntline's own. Extra. Ned never before has had occasion to get out an extra, but he deems it necessary to say that he was not participating in the riot at the Astor Place Opera House on the night of the 10th ... Edward Z. C. Judson, the "Ne

Negro the only issue! Have the people no other interest worth looking after? Status of political parties ... Spectacular entertainment to attract the attention of the people while politicians pick their pockets by means of national banks and tre

The negro woman's appeal to her white sisters ... Richard Barrett, printer, Mark Lane. [London, 185-?].

Negroes for sale. Will be sold at public auction, at Spring Hill, in the County of Hempstead, on a credit of twelve months, on Friday the 28th day this present month … Spring Hill, [Ark.] Jan. 6th, 1842.

Negroes to ride in City railway passenger cars! Morton McMichael declines to say wether he is in favor of, or against, negroes riding in the City passenger railway cars. Daniel M. Fox declares himself in opposition to all such privileges ... Rea

Neighborhood or jungle. From a address by Dr. James A. Macdonald. Boston, World peace foundation. [1914?].

Net scale of prices for electrotyping adopted by the electrotypers' and stereotypers' association of New York. Rules and regulations in reference to scale of prices for electrotyping ... New York. The electrotypers' and stereotypers' association

Neutrality and trade in contraband ... Department of state, October 15, 1914.

Never performed in Boston. On Wednesday evening, Nov. 28 [1798] will be presented a drama in 5 acts, called the Castle Spectre. Written by the author of the celebrated novel, The Monk. Previous to the performance, the band will play a new overtu

Never! Since the creation of intellectual substance, has a nation of people exhibited more attrocious barbarity, than have the American people for the last quarter of a century ... Geo Lane. Author of the paper entitled "The Worlds own" &c. New

New "Democratic" doctrine. Slavery not to be confined to the negro race, but to be made the universal condition of the laboring classes of society. [Washington, D. C.? 185-?].

The New Democratic Doctrine. Slavery not to be confined to the Negro race, but to be made the universal condition of the Laboring classes of Society. 1856.

New England Freedman's aid society to the colored people of the South. Letter from Gov. Andrew, of Massachusetts. Fellow-Citizens ... Boston, Mass. Sept. 1, 1865.

New England anti-slavery convention, at Boylston Hall, Boston, May 27, 28, and 29, 1851. [Boston] Prentiss & Sawyer, printers, No. 11 Devonshire Street [1851].

New England convention. Bunker Hill. September 10th 1840.

New England family magazine, part 5, June, 1854. only one dollar a year. In advance to Robert Merry's Museum. See other side. [Prospectus] [Boston 1845].

New Hampshire Patriot, Extra. Concord N.H. April 26, Nine o'clock. Great and glorious news! We hasten to announce the pleasing intelligence, that our difference with Great-Britain are amicably adjusted. A gentlemen, arrived in town, brings the B

New Hampshire copperhead abuse of Andrew Johnson. [1865].

New Haven rail road baggage express! For the delivery of baggage in New York, Brooklyn, and vicinity ... Studley & Co. [New York, n. d.].

New Jersey building ... [1893].

New Jersey central railroad extension, meeting at Plainfield ... January 25, 1859.

The New Jersey on fire Saturday, Ev'ng March 15, 1856. Tune California Broth'rs. Philadelphia. Printed & sold by G. S. Harris. [c. 1856].

The new Massachusetts liberty song To the tune of the British grenadier. [April 1770].

New Mexico's memorial to Congress. A plain presentation of well-known facts showing why the territory should be admitted to the Union as a state. [1901].

New National theatre Wednesday afternoon Nov. 15 4:30 [1905] The J. B. Pond Lyceum Bureau has the honor to announce the famous author-humorist Mr. Jerome K. Jerome ... in a limited number of humurous recitals ... [Washington, D. C. 1905].

New Orleans carpet & floor oil cloth warehouse, 37 Chartres Street. The subscriber having permanently established himself in New Orleans, offers, wholesale and retail, to the public, at low prices, the following goods … H. Schoonmaker. New Orlea

New Orleans price current, commerical intelligencer and merchants' transcript. New Orleans wholesale prices. Saturday, December 25, 1852. [New Orleans] Printed semi-weekly by Cook, Young & Co. [1852].

New Orleans, April 14, 1884. My dear General: Your letter of the 27th ult., with enclosures, was duly received and referred to Col. Roman for his information ... [Letter to General J. A. Early, Lynchburg, Va.].

New Year's address. [three columns of verse] Wilton, Jan 1st. 1830.

New York & Erie railroad. The great double track, and only broad gauge railroad running west. Through tickets at reduced rates! ... Boston. Farwells & Forrest, Steam Job printers [1856].

New York Central railroad company's express freight line! Boston to the western & S. western states and Canadas, via Buffalo, susp'n bridge & Lewiston ... Boston. Fred Rogers, printer. [1860].

New York City. April 27th, 1861. General orders No. 4.

New York City. ff. Personally appeared Moses Sherwood and William Bennett, both constables of said City and being duly sworn, depose and faith, that on Saturday morning, between the hours of five and six o'clock, the second day of this instant O

New York Mayor's Court. William Trusdell against Francis Harison, Esq. For arresting, imprisoning and keeping the Plaintif Ten weeks in prison, at the suit of Joseph Weldon, without authority ... [Dated New York, August 25th, 1733].

New York and Boston passengers take notice. You can save time and money by taking New York and Erie wide gauge railroad ... See other side of bill for distances and time of leaving Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Steam Press of Toledo Blade. Sept. 18

New York convention of the friends of American industry. At a meeting of the members of the permanent committee in the city of New York, on the 1st of November, 1831 ... [New York, 1831.].

New York for Blaine. Voice of the Empire state calling James G. Blaine to lead to victory! To the National Republican convention ... Dated at Chicago, June 2, 1884.

New York to and from Albany & Troy. Reduced fare ... New York, April 26th, 1852.

The New York tragedy, Giving an account of a horrid murder, committed in a room, on the second story, of the large granite building, corner of Broadway and Chamber street, in the City of New York. [c. 1842.].

New York world.- New York tribune. From the New York World, November 8, 1878. Webster's dictionary. Why it is preferred to Worcester-Proof that it is so preferred.- From the New York Tribune. October 22, 1878. The Tribune's premium. The selectio

New York, 176-- Mr.-- Bought of James Gilliland, at his earthen and glass ware-house, ... [New York, 176-].

New York, 1775. Sir, The independent company of free citizens, of which you are a member, are to meet this day at [blank] o'clock in the Brick-meeting yard; at which time and place, properly armed and accoutred, you will be pleased to give your

New York, 9th April, 1799. Sir. We are appointed a committee by the Republican electors of New York, to inform the electors of the Southern district, that Ezekiel Robins, of New York, and Pierre Van Courtlandt, Jun. of West-Chester, have been no

New York, April 16, 1776. The Mechanics in union and their associates, beg leave to offer the under mentioned gentlemen to the public, as fit men to represent the city and county of New-York, in the next Provincial Congress; the electors reservi

New York, April 1826, Sir. I trust your honorable station, and the magnitude of my subject, will excuse the liberty I take in making the following communication. I am confident ... that I have discovered that law in nature, or cause of the varia

New York, April 2, 1790 Proposals by John Trumbull, for publishing by subscription, two prints, from original pictures, from original pictures painted by himself: representing the death of Gen. Warren, at the battle of Bunker's-Hill; and the dea

New York, April 28, 1775. To the public. At a meeting of a great number of the inhabitants of this City, at the Liberty Pole, yesterday afternoon, the following nomination of deputies, to serve in Provincial Congress, were unanimously agreed to,

New York, Committee-Chamber, Wednesday, 26th April, 1775. The Committee having taken into consideration the commotions occasioned by the sanguinary measures pursued by the British ministry, and that the powers with which this Committee is invest

New York, Dec. 13, 1776. To the public. Considerations on the present revoled state of America, addressed to its inhabitants at large ... [Signed] Camillus. [New York] Printed by M'Donald & Cameron in Water-street between the Coffee-House and th

New York, February 10, 1798 Sir. I have, for some months past, devoted my leisure hours to the collection of materials, with a view to writing an history of New-York ... Samuel Miller. Queries, &c ... [New York, 1798].

New York, February 15, 1773. James Rivington bookseller, printer and stationer, in New-York. Purposes to publish a weekly news-paper, every Thursday, differing materially in its plan from most others now extant; he has been honoured with encoura

New York, January 20, 1769. As Mr. Jauncey has endeavoured to exculpate himself from the charge brought against him in my advertisement, and has in his evasive vindication, aim'd at black'ning my character, by representing me, in conjunction wit

New York, January 4, 1769. To the freeholders and freemen of the City and County of New York. The appointment of two members only, by the various denominations of dissenters, who form a majority of the electors of this City and County, having be

New York, July 1, 1776. By the arrival of Capt. Williams, at Philadelphia from St. Eustatia, we have the following letter, which was received in this City yesterday evening. London, April 9, 1776. It will no doubt be entertaining to you to know

New York, June 23, 1769. To the publick. As I have justly incurred the resentment of my fellow citizens, from my behaviour, as set forth in an advertisement, Of great importance to the publick; I beg leave to implore the pardon of the publick, a

New York, June 24th, 1775. Last night arrived an express from the Provincial camp near Boston, with the following interesting account of an engagement, at Charlestown, between about Three thousand of the King's regular forces, and about half the

New York, May 11, 1774. The mechanicks of this city are requested to meet, this evening, at 7 o'clock, at the house of David Philipse, in Horse and Cart street, on business of the utmost importance. [New York: Printed by John Holt, 1774].

New York, May 19, 1905. Dear Sir: A conference was held in New York, May 3, 1905, to consider a proposition received from Mr. Andrew Carnegie, to provide funds to promote the simplification of English spelling ....

New York, May 2, 1775. To the friends of freedom in the City of New York, &c. Gentlemen, I think it my indispensable duty, when public liberty is invaded and in danger, to hold up to your view as vile and incendiary and conspirator against the h

New York, May 31st, 1770. Advertisement. Whereas a meeting of the inhabitants was called yesterday, without the knowledge of the Committee appointed to inspect into the importation of goods, and there undertook to pass resolves, on a matter sett

New York, May 8, 1775. Extract of a letter from Philadelphia, to a gentleman in this City, dated the 6th instant. Yesterday evening Dr. Franklin arrived here from Londin in six weeks, which he left the 20th of March, which has given great joy to

New York, November 19, 1824. The following is the substance of a trial of Messrs William & P. C. Smith for a conspiracy against Mr. Abraham Paul, as published in the New-York papers during the present week .... New York 1824.

New York, October 1, 1774. To the publick. We the subscribers having been appointed as a committee by a considerable number of the inhabitants of the city, [to ascertain by direct question, whether sundry persons, were purchasing and shipping go

New York, October, 18, 1776. To the public. Considerations on the present revolted state of America, addressed to its inhabitants at large ... [Signed] Camillus. [New York] Printed in Water-Street, between the Coffee-House and the Old Slip. [177

New York, September 18, 1769. Advertisement. We are sorry to acquaint the public, that Thomas Richardson, jeweller, lately from London now living in the House of Mr. Thomas Grigg, Cabinet maker, has knowingly and wilfully, subjected himself to t

New York- 4th Nov. 1804. Sir. It is with sensations extremely painful, that the managers appointed to conduct the several lotteries under the Act for the encouragement of literature, are compelled to communicate to you, Sir, for the information

New York. January 8, [1770]. All the real friends of liberty, and our happy constitution, having with the greatest regret, beheld at several of our late elections the most infamous bribery and corruption with the most brutal debauchery and riot

New York. March 27, 1783. The following is copied from a hand-bill. Published by Mr. David Claypole. Philadelphia, March 24. His most Christian Majesty's cutter the Triumph, commanded by the Chevalier Duquesne, arrived this morning in thirty-six

New York. May 17, 1770. Advertisement. The subscribers to the non-importation agreement, are desired to meet at the Exchange tomorrow morning, prvisely at 11 o'clock to consider of a letter recieved from Philadelphia, relative to the non-importa

New York. May 17, 1815. Sir. The perserving zeal, the generous patriotism and the undauted courage displayed in the defence of New Orleans, claim universal admiration and gratitude ... Daniel D. Tompkins. to Com. Patterson. [With resolutions fro

New and elegant American atlas, to be published in Philadelphia by Tanner, Vallance, Kearny and Co. engravers, in connection with J. H. Eddy, geographer, New York ... [Philadelphia, 1817].

The new and elegant screw steamship Mt. Vernon having resumed her trips, will leave for New York, on Wednesday, Jan'y 25th, 1860 and New York for Washington on Saturday, Jan. 28th, at 3 p. m ... Washington. H. Polkinhorn's steam job press, D. st

New and reliable fast freight line to the west! Time guaranteed, delivery certain. The Pennsylvania R. R. Co ... New York, July, 1857.

New and reliable fast freight line to the west! Time guaranteed, delivery certain. The Pennsylvania R. R. Co. have concluded arrangements with responsible parties in the West for the establishment of fast freight lines over the Great Central Rou

New and short route to the gold mines of the Black Hills, Montana and Idaho. 400 miles saved. The "Black Hills exploring and mining association" desires to call the attention of miners and emigrants to the new and short route to the gold mines w

A new and short rule for calculating interest at six per cent, and any other desired rate. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1855 by Elizur P.Minier in the Clerk's office of the southern district court of Ohio.

A new and true relation, of a little girl in the County of Hartford, at Salmon-Brook in Simsbury who acted in a strange manner supposed to be bewitch’d, in March 1763. Boston Printed and sold [By John Kneeland] at the Head of Milk-Street. 1766.

A new arsecotcia song; composed by old Betty Grey. Tune-- Rogues march. [New York? n. d.].

A new ballad, upon a new occasion. To the tune of A cobler there was, &c. Fit to be sung in streets. [n. d.].

New banking law, J. C. Hallock would prevent financial assassination. Recent troubles avoidable ... Reprinted from the Washington Herald of April 26, 1908.

... New building, Nos. 82, 84 and 86 Louisiana Avenue ... The gymnasium will be open daily (Sundays excepted) from 6 o'clock A. M. till 10 P. M .... Abner S. Brady. New York. Frank McElroy, Steam book and job printers, 113 Nassau Street [n. d.].

New cheap store!! Boot, shoe & slipper manufactory ... Groceries, boots & shoes ... Sam'l Lesure. Alton, Sept. 15, 1841. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1841].

The new crisis at the South by Rev. A. D. May 9, LL. D. [Berea, Ky. [n. d.].

New daguerreotype rooms, in Cohasset! D. S. G. Doane having newly fitted up and established a permanent suite of rooms, for the express purpose pf taking daguerreotypes, respectfully informs the citizens of Cohasset, and the neighboring towns ..

New edition of the plantation record and account book by Thomas Affleck. Published by Weld & Co. 68 Camp Street. New Orleans. [Prospectus]. [n. d.].

The new electro-magnetic planchette, or, mysterious writer! With metallic plates on the top, is the most sensitive instrument in use ... [Boston n. d.].

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