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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


No. II. Philadelphia, March 14th, 1794. Sir. I have the honor of acknowledging the receipt of your letters of the 5th instant and have considered the question therein stated for my opinion. It is, at what time does the credit upon the duties imp

No. [1908] This ticket will entitle the bearer to such prize as may be drawn against its number in the Norfolk lottery for paving the streets, agreeable to the scheme. [Signed Tho. Newton.] Norfolk Willett & O'Connor, printers. [1796.].

No. [4186] Protestant Episcopal Church lottery. This ticket entitles the bearer to such prize as may be drawn against its number, agreeably to the scheme of a lottery for repairing the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Borough of Lancaster. [Si

No.34 Central Street, Boston, May 23,1859. Dear Sir. Allow me to call your attention to a fine brand of genuine Havana cigars just received be me call the Second Battalion ... Charles C. Fuller.

Nominated for election in May, 1774. The gentlemen nominated, by the votes of the Freemen, to stand for election in May next, as sent in to the General Assembly, holden at New-Haven, on the second Thursday of October, A. D. 1773, are as follow .

The nominating convention ... [Signed] Union man. Atlanta, March 3, 1868.

Nomination for election in May, 1776. At a General Assembly of the Governor and company of the Colony of Connecticut, holden at New-Haven, on the 2d Thursday of October, Anno Dom. 1775. [New Haven 1775].

Nominations of the do-nothings of Washington, for 1856. for Mayor. Jas. Robertson, Editor of the Truth. For assessors Ham Hughes. For Common Council George Turner, George Longdon, John McDevitt. For the Board of aldermen. Bill Porter. Beau Hickm

Noritzky's epigram, No. 9. Subject:- Baltimore. By Geo. I. Nowitzky. [187-?].

The North American review's war weekly by George Harvey. Vol. 1. No. 46. Week ending Nov. 16, 1918.

The North Association of Hartford County. To the piously and benevolently disposed within our limits. [regarding funds for support of missionaries]. Aaron Church, moderator. Done in Association, Farmington October 4, 1797.

North Carolina centennial celebration of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence .... March 25, 1875.

North Carolina. The joint committee to whom was referred the resolutions of the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut, proposing certain amendments to the constitution of the United States, together with so much of the message of his excellenc

The North Eastern boundary question. Boston, 11th September 1840.

North River agricultural warehouse and seed store, 60 Courtlandt Street, New York ... [n. d.].

North of us, south of us. Good neighbors. by Warren H. Atherton. National commander, The American legion. Reprint from the American legion magazine, February 1944.

The North star, or fugitive slave by Henry W. Dunbar. [n. p.] [c. 1899].

North-Carolina, St. By His Excellency Josiah Martin, His Majesty's Captain General, Governor and commander in chief in and over the said province. A proclamation [Ordering martial law throughout the Province, dated] from on board the show Beggy

North-Carolina. The following minutes concerning the state of North-Carolina, will tend to shew the situation and prospects of that state ... [1790?].

North-Western Fair for the Sanitary Commission. [Chicago? 1863].

Northern N. Y. railroad tariff for Western flour and grain, via Vermont central railroad line ... September 11, 1854.

Norwich 20th, February, 1817. An extract from the act entitled "An act in addition to and alteration of an act entitled an Act for forming and conducting the military forces of this state," passed on the 2d Thursday of October, 1816, and now dis

Norwich steamboat route for New York. Landing in N. York at the pier of the New Jersey R. R., making the only direct through route from Boston to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, &c. Connecting with the New York & Erie railroad, for all the

Norwich, (Conn) July 30, 1802. Sir, Presuming you to be a gentleman who is willing to aid and encourage the publication of an invaluable work, I have taken the liberty to present you with a proposal for publishing one of that nature, entitled, a

Norwich, Vt. Sept. 17, 1829., The Norwich Female Seminary is this day opened to receive young ladies under the care of Miss Mary B. Ware, as principal ....

(Not printed at government expense) Congressional record. Seventy-fourth Congress, first session. Americanism versus communism. Address of Hon. Patrick J. Hurley former Secretary of war at the United States flag association program, July 4, 1935

Note to members of the 52nd regiment Virginia volunteers' ... M. G. Harman. Col. 52nd Reg. Va. Vol. Staunton. June 22nd, 1862

Note. Please to obtain subscribers to the following petition and return it to Jacob Kuhn, messenger of the General Court, on or before the 9th of January next. Bunker Hill monument. To the honorable Senate and House of representatives of the Com

Nothing is lost. 1st ed. Cambridge, Mass., Lowell-Adams House Printers, 1966.

Notice ... Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, claimants of interest in the Half Breed lands, are not cooperating with Messrs. Aiken and Little, in sales of the half breed lands, or any portion of them ... [Des Moines, Iowa] Sept. 4, 18

Notice Extra! William McCoy, the one cent button man, is now in town, and the people can be supplied at short notice, as there is 'a few more left. 'The idea is there are twelve dozen buttons on each card, making a gross, or one hundred and fort

Notice Mayport steam-saw mills St. John's river, Fla. is offered for sale ... Apply to A. M. Reed. Jacksonville, March 24, 1853. [Jacksonville, 1853].

Notice at the next regular meeting of the Upper Alton lyceum, to be held on Tuesday Evening, Feb. 11, at the Seminary Hall, the following questions, by order of the Society, will come up for debate: - "Has Congress power to abolish slavery in th

Notice extraordinary. R. C. Weightman, a man of known liberal principles; all those who vote for this gentleman at tomorrow's election, will have general permission to sleep on the benches in the Market House, this intense warm weather. May the

Notice is hereby given to such persons as have received beating orders from His Excellency Governour Shirley, to raise men for the defence of His Majesty’s colonies in North America, and have not made return of the inlistments of the men they ha

Notice is hereby given you, that the following act has been passed by Congress. An act for the relief of Oliver Evans ... On the 22nd day of January, 1808, letters patent were granted to Oliver Evans, pursuant to the above recited act, securing

Notice of sale. The subscriber,by virtue of an indenture made by Thomas Snowden,jr., of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, on the 1st day of January last past,(which has been duly acknowledged and recorded in said County), will dispose of,"at public

Notice the directors of the Medina County Fire insurance company, have levied the following assessments upon the premium notes of the members of said Company, to wit ... which notes of the assessments are made payable September 15, 1849. ... Med

Notice to all interested. That at the public sale of non-residenter's r al property in Trenton, on the 5th day of May, 1818, to satisy the direct tax of the general government for the year 1816, I did purchase from General N. Price, Collector ..

Notice to botanists. Dear Sir: I desire to obtain Herbarium specimens from all parts of the world. I therefore address you for the purpose of exchanging ... Dr. J. H. Oyster, Paola, Kansas.

Notice to builders, architects, masons, &c. Welch's patent anhydrous cement ... New York Oliver & Brothers, Steam Printers, 82 Beekman-Street, [n. d.].

Notice to holders of Confederate cotton. Office Assistant Special agent Treasury Department. District of Vicksburg. Meridian, Miss., August 15th, 1865. All persons holding cotton, the title of which was vested in the so called Confederate states

Notice to holders of registered stock of the old funded debt of the District of Columbia. Treasury of the United States. October, 1878.

Notice to millers, &c. As attorney in fact for Michael Withers, the patentee of cast iron wing gudgeons: I do hereby give all persons public notice who use Michael Wither's invention or improvement in the said patent gudgeons, that the price is

Notice to publishers. At the close of its present volume, in April, we intend to enlarge the Galaxy, and devote a portion of the increased space to a critical review of the literature of the month ... W. C. & F. P. Church. New York February, 186

Notice to tax payers ... Reading, May 1, 1865.

Notice to tax payers. We, the subscribers assessors of the Town of Reading, respectfully call the attention of the inhabitants to the following laws in relation to taxing the property in their possession, on the first day of May ... Assessors of

Notice to tax payers. We, the subscribers, assessors of the Town of Reading, respectfully call the attention of the inhabitants to the following laws in relation to taxing the property in their possession, on the first day of May ... Assessors o

Notice to tax-payers! We, the subscribers, assessors of the Town of Reading, respectfully, call the attention of all tax-payers, in said Reading, to the following laws in relation to ascertaining the retable estate within this Commonwealth ... A

Notice to the enrolled militia of the County of Middlesex. The Drafting Commissioner for the County of Middlesex will hear claims to examption at the following times and places ... John W. Bacon, Drafting Commissioner. Natick, Nov. 3, 1862. Bost

Notice to the inhabitants and other persons liable to pay taxes in the city of Boston ... City Hall, May 1, 1867.

... Notice to the inhabitants and other persons liable to pay taxes in the city of Boston ... City Hall, May 1, 1869.

Notice to the lovers of ease & comfort. A good fitting boot produces ease--- ease, comfort-comfort, happiness ... B. T. Stark. Washington City, 1848.

Notice to the public. At the request of the Executrix of the late Col. William Byrd of Westover, it is thought proper to warn the public against the purchase of supposed titles to lots in the City of Richmond, to which the seller can show no leg

Notice to the public. The Gosling restaurant 247 Pennsylvania Avenue, South side, between 12th and 13th streets. Now open for the accommodation of the public in New York style ... [Washington, D. C.] Sage, printer, corner of 7th street and the A

Notice to voters! All persons entitled to the right of voting, whose names do not appear on the list of voters, are requested to apply to the Selectmen to have their names placed thereon ... Selectmen of Reading. Reading, Reading, Oct. 26th, 187

Notice to voters. Register! Register! All persons entitled to the right of voting whose names are not on the list of voters are requested to present themselves for registration before 10 o'clock P. M. Saturday, April 5, 1879 ... Reading, March 2

Notice! All persons having outstanding bills against the Town of Reading are requested to present them to the Selectmen for payment, on or before the 7th day of February next ... Selectmen of Reading. Reading, Jan. 24th, 1863. Boston. F. A. Sear

Notice! All those persons holding articles for land from me, in the town of and who have made no payment thereon, or in any way adjusted them, within one year past, are hereby requested to call at my office without farther notice, Within from th

Notice! His Excellency Erastus Fairbanks, Governor and commander-in-chief having made the request through the Adjutant General of the state, Company D. 1st regiment. V. V. M., Captain W. Y. W. Ripley will cause a national salute to be fired and

Notice! Notice is hereby given that persuant to the resolutions of the board of town auditors, and also of the petition of twelve or more electors of the town of German Flatts of this date, a special town meeting will be held at the Mohawk House

Notice! Particular attention is called to the following statute of the General laws of Massachusetts: Chapter 1t1, Section 66 ... James Reid, Chairman of the selectmen. James A. Bancroft. Chairman of the road commissioners. Reading, December 24t

Notice! The undersigned, one of the surgeons appointed "To examine militia men claiming to be disabled." has had assigned to him the towns of Malden, Melrose, South Reading, Reading North Reading, Wilmington ... He will be at the Town House, in

Notice! Travelers for Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago Kansas and the great west! Read, mark, and digest .... If you wish to secure yourself and family speed, safety and comfort, be sure and ask for tickets via Lake Shore railroad ... Ogdensburg, Sen

Notice! Village ordinance! At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the village of Waterford, at the office of John Cramer 2d, on the 3d day of January, 1853. [Ordinance regarding muzzling of dogs] Wm. H. Scott, Clerk.

Notice! We the undersigned Republican patrons of the Post Office at Cardington, Morrow Co., O. believing that there is a dissatisfaction in regard to the manner of holding the late election for Postmaster, at said place; would respectfully invit

Notice! to purchasers of carpets. The subscriber having determined to make a change in his business, has disposed of his entire stock to Messrs. Geo. W. Chipman & Co., Cor. Hanover & Union Sts. Boston ... Dudley Williams, 234 Washington Street.

Notice!! Gov. Duncan will make a speech to the original supporters of Gen. Jackson, and all who may please to come and hear him in Carrollton, on Monday, Oct. 26 ... Oct. 24, 1840. [Carrollton? Ill.].

Notice!! Taken from the subscriber, on the night of April 16th, at Nutter's tavern in Upper Alton, a calfskin pocket book ... William H. Hungerford. April 17, 1840. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1840].

Notice. A lecture will be delivered before the "Alton Literary society," on Friday evening, Febr'y 8th at half past 6 by, J. R. Bullock, Esq, Citizens are invited to attend. N. G. Edwards, Sec. Alton, Feb. 8, 1839. Alton "Telegraph" Office [1839

Notice. A lecture will be delivered before the "Alton literary society," on Friday evening, December 21st, by Alfred Stevens, Esq'r., on the fall of Poland. Citizens are invited to attend. N. G. Edwards. Sec. Dec. 20, 1838. Alton "Telegraph" off

Notice. A lecture will be delivered to-morrow afternoon, by Thomas Austin, in Liberty Hall on Clinton Street, to commence at half past 4. The public are invited to attend. Po'keepsie, July 25th, 1840.

Notice. A meeting of the Alton Lyceum, will be held this evening, Friday, November 29th, at the Old Court room - over Bowman Neef & Co's store; at which place the meetings of the Society will be held this winter ... By order of the Society. [Alt

Notice. All citizens who wish to sign the Memorial to the State Legislature, to abolish the municipal court of this City, are requested to call at the Alton house, Piasa House of at the store of Messrs Stevens & Trenchery, where the petition has

Notice. All persons having unpaid bills against the town of Reading, are requested to present them at the selectmen's Office for payment on or before the 13th instant ... Selectmen of Reading. Reading, Feb. 2, 1864. Boston. From F. A. Searle's S

Notice. Bank of Washington, May 12, 1837. Notwithstanding the information which has reached Washington of the suspension of specie payments by the banks of New York, as well as some of the banks of Philadelphia and Baltimore, the President and d

Notice. Bank of the Metroplis, May 12, 1837. Nothwithstanding the information which has reached Washington, of the suspension of specie payments by the banks of New York, as well as some of the banks of Philadelphia and Baltimore, the President

Notice. For the information of those who paid money for recruiting purposes, the subscribers hereby give notice that the treasurer has not been able to hire money at a fair rate for the purpose of refunding the money to them ... Selectmen of Rea

Notice. Great Western and Michigan central railroads! The only route via Niagara Falls and suspension bridge ... Rutland, Vt. 1857.

Notice. Groton Board of health. The attention of the inhabitants of Groton is called to the following regulation. [regarding quarantine of animals] Board of health. Groton, June 28, 1893. Ayer, Mass. Huntley S. Turner, Poster and Job Printer [18

Notice. New-York & Harlem railroad Co. A meeting of the stockholders of this company will be held at their office ... April 22d, 1853 ... By order of the Board of directors, Alexander Kyle, Secretary. Office of the New-York and Harlem railroad c

Notice. The Young mechanics of New Haven are requested to meet at the Hall of the Young mechanics' institute, in Church Street, over the Cabinet Store of Walker, Osborn & Co., on Wednesday evening, July 24th at 8 o'clock, to take into considerat

Notice. The electors of the upper section of Montgomery county, in favor of an equal distribution of the offices throughout the different sections of the county, will meet on Monday the 26th inst. At the house of Henry Kreps in New Hanover towns

Notice. The sexton is directed to close the front gates and doors of this church immediately after the reading of the first lesson, and to keep them closed during Divine service ... By order of the Vestry. Richmond, Va. Printed at the Dispatch s

Notice. The subscriber have been informed that certain persons who frequent the cemetery, are in the habit of taking the flowers from the lots where they have been placed by the friends of the deceased ... We therefore hereby give notice that we

Notice. The subscriber respectfully informs merchants, publishers or newspapers and the public generally, that he has established a collecting agency for New England and parts adjacent, and gives his personal attention to the collection of bills

Notice. The subscriber will publish on the 1st of February next, a supplement to the Bibliotheca Americana, containing omissions, change of publishers, alterations in prices of books that have been reduced, and new works which have appeared with

Notice. The subscriber wishes to hire a person, either white or black, who is accustomed to, and competent in every respect, to groom a high mettled covering horse. Besides being a good horse-man, a character for honesty and sobriety will be req

Notice. The taxable inhabitants of School District No. [blank] called [blank] within the following bounds, beginning at [blank] are hereby notified to hold their first district meeting, on Saturday the 18th day of August next ... By order of the

Notice. The undersigned, having chartered the steam-boat Eagle for the purpose of accommodating all the citizens of Alton and the vicinity, who may wish to see the murderers hung at St. Louis, on the 9th day of July next, would inform the publi

Notice. To prevent misapprehension and to ascertain the facts in relation to drafting, I have had an interview with the provost marshal this morning, and am assured that drafting for a portion of Washington County only has taken place, and that

Notice. the introductory lecture, before the Alton institute, has been postponed, on account of the inclemency of the weather, until Tuesday evening next ... J. W. Lincoln, Rec. Sec. Alton, Friday, Jan. 29, 1841.

Noticia interesante y de suma importancia. para los amos de casa, vendedores de muebles, companias de ferrocarriles, fondistas, companias militares, companias de Maquinas de vapor, fabricantes de pia os, adornistas de salones, &c. &c. compuesto

Notification. All persons who are desirous of leaving the Town of Boston, are hereby called upon to give in their names to the Town-Major forthwith. By order of his Excellency the General. James Urquhart, Town-Major. Boston, 24th of July, 1775.

Notification. In obedience to the order of the Town, the Committee for inlisting men, hereby inform you, that they are to return to the Town at the adjournment of the meeting (which will be on Monday the 7th day of May next, at 3 o'clock P. M.)

Notification. The freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, are hereby informed, that the select-men have received a petition from a number of gentlemen, desiring they would make it known to the inhabitants of the town, that they

Notification. The freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to meet at Faneuil-Hall, on Wednesday 26th of Octob. inst. at Ten o'clock A. M. then and there to consider the petition

Notification. The freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to meet at Fanieul-Hall on Friday, the fifth day of May current, at nine o’clock in the forenoon, then and there to elec

Notification. The freeholders and other inhabitants of the town of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to meet at Fanieul-Hall, on Monday, the 23rd of May instant at XI o’clock beforenoon then and there to choose three sele

Notification. The freeholders, and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to meet at Faneuil-Hall, on Thursday the 11th day of May instant, at ten o'clock A. M. then and there to elect and depu

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