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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


"The World's Columbian exposition." Sueltos. La Dinemarca ha apropiedo $67,000, para su representacion en la "World's Columbian Exposition" ... [Chicago? Ill., 1892?].

Orleans convention. Mr. Magruder, from the committee appointed to frame a memorial to congress, praying the annexation of Florida to this territory, presented the following, which was received, and laid on the clerk's table for further considera

[Form of customs] Return of seamen on board the called the A. B. master or owner .... Return of monies received from masters and owners of vessels of the United States, pursuant to the act of Congress, entitled, "An act for the relief of sick an

The ornament of the American fireside ... Dedicated to the youth of the United States. Under this title, the subscribers are preparing to publish with all convenient despatch, executed in the clear and elegant style of the present improved state

Orphans' court sale. Estate of James S. Moore, dec'd. Thomas & sons, auctioneers. 2 two story brick dwellings. Nos. 46 & 48 Queen Street ... M. Thomas & Sons. Philadelphia, January 23, 1856. Gustavus V. Town, Printer, No. 4 Hudsons Alley.

[Portrait vignettes of Washington, Lincoln, and Wilson. Compliments of Ede Mae, prima donna, Ira A. Miller. manager, Fred Jacobs, agent] [s. 1., s. n., ca. 1918].

The Osage ceded lands in Kansas. In the matter of the bill now pending in the Senate to amend a bill providing for the sale of said lands. The following statement is submitted to those members who have not fully investigated the facts in respect

The Osage ceded lands in Kansas. In the matter of the bill now pending in the Senate to amend a bill provinding for the sale of said lands ... Wilson Shannon, McComas & McKreighan. [Washington, D. C. 186-?].

[Positive Photostat of the issue of the New York Journal Nov. 7, 1792 regarding Governor Clinton].

[Poster offering fifty dollars reward for the capture of a runaway slave Stephen.]

"The Boston stone." Opposite the "Marshall House" may be seen the celebrated "Boston Stone" imbedded in the wall, long an object of interest to the curious and antiquary. [186-?].

"Not hay racks" "But more hay," is the way Tom Reed puts it in speaking if the silver craze to his neighbors and friends, at Alfred, Maine, recently. It is a homely illustration, but nevertheless is as forcible as it is true. This is what Mr. Re

"You don't have to die to win" if insured in the New York life on the Tontine investment plan. Baltimore. October 20, 1884.

[The Goucher College broadsides. Nos. 1-7] [Baltimore, 1943].

"The mountain labored and brought forth a mousê" Providence, April 19, 1842.

Our Chinese policy. What we should forfeit in declaring war. "Most favored nation" treaties to be preserved at all costs ... Horace N. Fisher. Boston, Sept. 25. Boston Transcript Thursday, September 27, 1900.

Our National Library [a poem by] Jennie Moore Bryan. [1928].

Our book bulletin- No. 11. Immense success of Buffalo land. Sixth thousand already in press! ... A word to our army of agents. E. Hannaford & Co., Publishers of first-class subscription books. Cincinnati, June 28, 1872.

Our canals. Address of Hon. Horatio Seymour upon the funding bill and the necessity for cheap canal transportation, delivered at a public meeting in the City of New York, Oct. 27th, 1870 ... New York, James Sutton & Co. Printers. [1870].

[Four cards issued with the compliments of H. E. Beebe, Ipswich, S. D., each one with a quotation from a different author.] [before 1938].

Our country ..... home industry. [Cut] Manufacturers and mechanics. Your enemies have rallied under the banner of Gen. Jackson-the same man whom they a few days since declared a tyrant and a murderer. One of their avowed objects is a repeal of

Our country and the duty we owe it. [Washington, D. C. K 186-?].

Our country's hope. Harrison & reform. 4th may 1840. Published by J. S. Horton, corner Baltimore and South St. Baltimore, Md.

Our country. Hagers-Town, Md. Vol. I. no. 16, October 18, 1828.

Our currency: its volume and character ... Taxes who pays them? [n. p. 187-].

Our currency: its volume and character ... Taxes: who pays them. [New York 1875?].

Our daily bread for the year. The Bible in 52 divisions for weekly reading Wilbraham, Mass. 1858.

Our destiny is in his hands. "We will not accept a Hitler-dominated world. [A reproduction of a cartoon from the Detroit Free Press of Thursday, May 29, 1941].

[Four election tickets November 6, 1860].

[Four election tickets of 1862].

Our exports of cotton manufactures ... Washington, April 14, 1870.

Our farmers. By the Bard of Tower Hall. Philadelphia. Bennett & Co.'s Tower Hall clothing bazaar. [c. 1859].

Our first duty is to keep down the democracy. Peterboro, September 8, 1874.

Our flag - "The grand union" excerpt from a book written by Barlow Cumberland ... Brookline, Mass. 1926.

Our flag ... J. D. Claitor. [n. p.] [c. 1917].

Our industrial interests. Specie payments-- The currency-- Funding the national debt. The following views on these subjects, now engaging so much attentuon throughout the country, are respectfully submitted to Congress ... Benjamin Bannan. Potts

Our lost friend. P. J. Mahon. Indianapolis, December 1, 1885.

Our most illustrious presidents have been most abused. Washington, D. C. October 14th, 1871.

Our next president The song of the season! "Bubby Linkum!" [1860?].

Our triumph. By the author of "The countersign." Richmond, Va. Soldiers Tract association N. E. Church South [1864].

Our western farmers are not such fools as some Englishmen and their allies take them to be ... George Draper. Hopedale, Mass. Dec. 6, 1882.

Our whole country! A grand meeting of all the friends of Liberty and constitutional government, in the Fifteenth ward, will be held on Monday evening, September 28th, 1863 at Coates and Twentieth Streets ... George F. Gordon. Chairman of committ

[Journal of the proceedings of the House of Representatives. 11 issues in broadside form, Nov. 23-25, Dec. 4, 15, 17, and 18, 1846; Jan. 1, 4, and 5, 1847]. [Tallahassee, 1846-7].

Outline of new domestic postage rates (other than publishers' rates) effective April 15, 1925. [Washington, D. C.] March 17, 1925.

Outrage. Fellow Citizens, An abolitionist, of the most revolting character is among you, exciting the feelings of the North against the South. A seditious lecture is to be delivered this evening, at 7 o'clock, at the Presbyterian church in Canno

[Governor Keith's commission to Joseph Pidgeon] 1722.

Owed to the festive barkeepers of America! in four canters. By Si Slokum. [n. p.] [c. 1880].

P. Canfield respectfully informs his friend and the public that he has contracted with the visitors and governors of St. Johns' and Washington Colleges respectively for the schemes of a lottery granted to said institutions by the General Assembl

Page's kindling wood. First street. South Boston, Terms cash. Hard wood ... Soft wood [1862].

Pagent "The star of Ethiopia" to celebrate the XIII amendment ... October 11, 13 and 15, 1915 ... [Washington, D. C. ] Goins printing Co. 1344 You Street N. W. [1915].

Painting in general by James L. Walker. Market-Street, near the Court-House, Baltimore, sign of the painting muse ... [blank] Baltimore: Printed by Philip Edwards, in Market-Street, nearly opposite the Card Manufactory [1792]

Palemon Lacey's century calendar ... Wapello, Iowa, Republican print. [c. 1870].

... Palestine, past and present, with biblical, literary, and scientific notices By Rev. Henry S. Osborn .... [Prospectus] Philadelphia. James Challen & Son, publishers. [n. d.].

Palmer's list of stamp duties. [Corning. N. Y. 1863].

The Panama canal. A fallacy exposed. Gold is not needed.

Panama railroad steamship line ... Intended sailing dates. October 1900 to July 1901 ... New York, October 17th, 1900.

Panama railroad steamship line. Intended sailing dates May to August 1900 ... New York May 1st, 1900.

A panegyric on William the Second by Stan V. Henkels. In answer to Owen Wister's scurrilous attack on our good President. [1917].

Panorama, North 11th, near Market St. The painting of the celebrated Palace and garden of Versailles is again exhibited in Philadelphia ... [Philadelphia] July 1821.

Paper and stationery warehouse. John Marsh, Joy's building, No. 77 Washington Street, opposite State Street Boston, manufacturer of account books, writing and dressing cases, &c. importer and dealer in foreign and domestic stationery ... [Boston

A paraphrase on the second epistle of John, the Round-head, to James, Prolocutor of the Rump-Parliament, in a liberal manner … [Boston? Hills and Hicks? 1775].

Parlor entertainments for the Great Central fair at the Soldiers' reading room ... On Tuesday evening, May 17th, 1864. Constant Guillou's lecture on the Island of Cuba ... [Philadelphia] King & Baird printers [1864].

Parlor entertainments for the benefit of the Great Central fair at the Soldiers' reading room ... on Saturday evening, April 23, 1864 ... [Philadelphia, 1864].

Parson Brownlow's farewell address, in view of his imprisonment by the rebels ... October 24, 1861. Philadelphia. Published by Thomas W. Hartley, No. 420 Franklin St.

Parson Messenger, at York. A new consolatory song and lecture to the Reverend Parson Messenger, of York in the District of Maine, concerning his dismission from the ministry, and the ample sufficiency of the grace of God. By Jonathan Plummer a l

... Participation bond to be held in trust by the above committee for the fulfillment of its obligations to the owner or owners ... [New York 1917.].

The particulars of the late melancholy and shocking tragedy, which happened at Salem, near Boston, on Thursday, the 17th day of June 1773 [Boston 1773].

The party of freedom and its candidates. The duty of the colored voter. Published by the Union Republican congressional committee, Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C. Printed at the office of the Great Republic [1868].

The party of privilege, civil service reform, rotation in office, money, what is it? Messrs. editors ... Frederick Robinson. Marblehead, Feb. 1878.

Passenger route between New-York & Montreal and intermediate places, via Troy &Saratoga Springs ... Troy. May 1856.

Passengers from Washington for the West are reminded that they can procure through tickets and baggage checks: at the Washington station, direct for all parts of the West! The connecting trains leave Washington daily at 6 A.M. and 41/2 P.M. T. H

Passengers from Washington for the west are reminded they can procure through tickets and have baggage checked at the Washington depot to all parts of the west! via Cincinnati, Wilmigton and Zanesville short line railroad ... Baltimore, Md. Jame

A pastoral charge, and a specimen of classical latinity, or The Latin commonwealth, vs. William Pastor. [Signed] Gulielmus Hogan. Pastor Ecclesiae Sanctae Mariae. Philadelphia, 13th Februarii A. D. 1822.

Pastoral letter and call for help ... New York City, December 15th, 1873.

Patent divitial invention. This invention, for which letters patent of the United States were obtained by C. S. Rafinesque, dated 23d August, 1825, imparts or restores to values safely invested, the properties of available ... [Lexington? 1826].

Patent sofa-back folding seat school desk. This desk was patented by R. Cruikshank of Pottstown. Pa. May 24th, 1864 ... [Pottstown, Pa. 1864].

Patent sponge boots, for horses feet. The subscriber respectfully informs the public, that he is manufacturing and has for sale, the above article, the utility of which, in preserving horses's feet from the many diseases to which hey are liable

A patriot's creed ... To uphold my creed I have subscribed to War stamps. [1918].

The patriotic American farmer. J-n D-k-ns---n Esqr. Barrister at Law: Who with attic eloquence and roman spirit hath asserted the liberties of the British Colonies in America. [Philadelphia] Printed for & sold by R. Bell, Bookseller. [1784].

A patriotic celebration of the one hundred and thirty-third anniversary of the Declaration of independence enacted by the General Assembly of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence plantation May 4th, 1776. Public celebration inaugurated by t

Patriotic prayer for the southern cause. [n. p. 186-].

Patriotic songs! These songs of freedom will be sung on the Mall, July 4th, 1861, by a large choir, commencing at 6 1-2 o'clock ... [6 songs].

The patriotism of peace. From a memorial day address by Rev. Philip S. Moxon. Boston World peace foundation. [1914].

Patriotism. From a very able and spirited Address to the electors of New-Jersey, the following extracts are made ... Speaking the language of truth, and inculcating lessons of political morality, they may be viewed as an earnest and disintereste

Pavilion fountain at Saratoga. This celebrated medicinal spring rises in a valley near the Pavilion Hotel ... Rules for drinking ... D. McLaren. Saratoga Springs, May 20, 1842.

Peabody 1906. Citizen's rights, No. 2.

Peace King, Teddy. The white slaves battle cry of freedom. Copyright By the author Thomas W. Mizner, Detroit, Mich. Sept. 1905.

Peace between the United States of America and Great-Britain ratified by the President of the United States, February 17, 1815, By Thomas Shaw, of Standish. [Standish? 1815] [Reprinted] on sale at A. J. Huston's Portland. and at all Maine booksh

Peace on earth, and good will to men. It is coming, it is coming; and it is almost here. An open letter. To the Irish Americans, greetings ... Stewart Sanderson. Shelby. N. Y. Jan. 2d, 1888.

Peace patriots. Love of country: opposition to war. The United States having agreed with other countries that the settlement of international disputes shall never be sought except by pacific means, it becomes a patriotic act for her nationals to

Peace, liberty, and independence. Philadelphia, March 24, 1783. His Most Christian Majesty's Cutter the Triumph, commanded by the Chevalier Duquesne, arrived this morning, in 36 days from Cadiz. By her we have the following very agreeable and im

Peace, to be enduring, must be conquered. Printed for the Union Congressional committee bymJohn A. Gray & Green, New York [1864].

Peach grub destroyer ... [Washington, D. C. 1851].

Peale's Philadelphia museum. Living models. Mr. Osgood's lectures and personifications of painting and sculpture by the living models ... Philadelphia. U. S. Job printing office, Ledger Building January 13, 1848.

Peculiar people. By oneofthem .... The Free Methodist's hold their meeting every Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, at 1023 7th St. N. W, and at night at 805 H. St. N. E ... [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Pedigree of the Henry--- Johnston families. From the Charlottesville (Va.) Chronicle ... Lynchburg, Va. Johnson & Schaffter, printers, Market St. [187-?].

Penmanship. Messrs. Dolbear are now commencing their last course of lessons in this city. ... Nashville. August 1st, 1843.

Pennsylvania Colonization Society. Musical Fund Hall, May 14th, 1857. Order of exercises ... Statement. [Philadelphia] W. F. Geddes, printer [1857].

Pennsylvania Intelligencer---Extra The following is the vote for Governor in this Commonwealth, in 1829-1832- and in 1835 as far as returns have been received. [list of returns by counties] Signally and gloriously triumphant!! The question is se

Pennsylvania Packet or General advertiser. Wednesday, April 8th, 1778. Lancaster: Printed by John Dunlap. [1778].

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