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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


The Pennsylvania Packet or The General advertiser. Saturday October 27, 1781. [Contains letters by George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, Alexander Hamilton, Edward Hand].

Pennsylvania War-office. April 13th, 1777. This board think it their duty to publish a letter received from Mr. Henry Fisher, at Lewistown, by the Honourable the Navy Board of this State, as it is of importance at this critial period, that all t

The Pennsylvania hermit. Just published an interesting narrative of the life of Amos Wilson ... [n. d.].

The Pennsylvania literary, scientific and military institute, at Bristol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania [Circular. Bristol, Penn. Sept. 14, 1842.

Pennsylvania rail road and its connections. Office of the Pennsylvania railroad company Philadelphia, November 3d, 1857.

The Pennsylvania society for discouraging the use of ardent spirits, to innkeepers, and the friends of order and economy in the State of Pennsylvania ... Philadelphia, Thomas Kite & Co. printers, Seventh and Carpenter Streets [1832].

Pennsylvania ss By the President and the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania A proclamation [Offering a reward of fifty pounds in specie for the murderers of Richard Marple] Given in Council, under the hand of the Presi

Pennsylvania ss. By the President and the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A proclamation [Offering a reward of three hundred pounds for the apprehension of the three persons who robbed Thomas Leaming of a sum of mo

Pennsylvania ss. By the President and the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Whereas by the report of the wardens of the port of Philadelphia to us made, it appear, that "some evil disposed persons have lately removed

Pennsylvania ss. [Arms] In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. By Thomas Mifflin, Governor of the said commonwealth, a proclamation. Whereas it appears in and by a proclamation of the President of the United States

Pennsylvania, ss. I Prothonotary of the Supream Court of the Province of Pennsylvania, do hereby certify, that at a Supream Court held at Philadelphia, for the said Province of Pennsylvania, the day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven

Pennsylvania, ss. In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, By Simon Snyder, Governor of the said Commonwealth, A proclamation ... I the said Simon Snyder, have deemed it expedient to issue this proclamation. Hereby c

Pennsylvania. Capitol. The Commissioners for erecting a state Capitol on the public grounds at Harrisburg, invite architects to exhibit to them plans and elevations for the contemplated buildings, at any time previous to the fifteenth of April n

Pennsylvania. Several proceedings in the two late sittings of Assembly, on the affair of raising money, men &c. for the expedition now on foot against the Spanish West-Indies. [Philadelphia 1740].

... Pension frauds. Hon. Carl Schurz, Ex-secretary of the Interior, on the Dudley pension abuses. [New York, 1884.].

Pension legislation. The Republican party alone has loyally sustained the soldier of the Union. Washington, D. C., August 26, 1884.

Pension of ice. June 1, 1853. For the purpose of preventing the numerous frauds that are daily attempted upon this office the following rules, having been approved by the Secretary of the interior, will be strictly enforced ... [Washington, 1853

The People's Church. [Washington, n. d.].

People's intelligence ... [Signed] William C. W. Schwarz. San Francisco California [1937?].

People's intelligence ... citizens of the United States of America: ... very respectfully, William C. W. Schwarz . San Francisco, California. [1937?].

People's picnic and grand excursion to Highland Grove, Friday, July 18th, 1862 ... Special trains of cars will leave the Maine Railroad Depot, Haymarket Square, at 8 30 A.M., 12 M. and 2 30 P.M ... Boston. I. G. Blanchard, printer.

The people's ticket. For president- Wm. H. Crawford.- For Vice-President- some tried and approved patriot. [24 candidates] [Virginia, 1824].

People's ticket. Fremont and Dayton. Presidential electors. At large- Julius Rockwell and Thomas Colt of Pittsfield [11 districts] For Governor Henry J. Gardner, of Boston ... [1856].

The people's welfare. My reward. [Picture of Henry Clay] Protection to American industry is necessary to secure the independence of our country. And a national bank is as necessary to a nation as national laws. H. Clay.

Perham's grand excursion and clambake, on Wednesday, Aug 6 '62, at Rockport, Mass. the extreme point of Cape Ann. The excursion train will leave Boston from the Eastern railroad depot at 8 1-2 A. M ... returning, leave Rockport at 5 o'clock P. M

The peril. what it is, and what will come of it. Fellow-citizens. hear these words: "The different forms of labor, if slavery were not perverted to purposes of political, ambition, need not constitute an element of strife in the confederacy." ..

Permit me to call your particular attention to a truly valuable work. Now ready. Poole's Index to periodical literature ... New York [188-?].

Permit us to call your attention to our extensive manufactory of regulation and presentation swords, and military, masonic, odd fellows' and sons of temperance goods, regalia, jewels, &c ... Emerson & Silver, Trenton. N. J. 1863.

Perpetual almanac, compiled and arranged for practical use, by E. L. Dunbar, of Jackson county, Indiana. [c. 1840].

A perpetual almanack: the prime, epact, cycle of the sun, dominical letter, moon's age, high water, day of the month, day of the week, what days of the month all the Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, &c in any month of any year fall on lea

Perpetual calendar. showing the day of any month corresponding to any day of the week, for the year 1775, to the year 2025 ... [Washington, D. C.] Barnard & Sandy. [c. 1848].

Perpetual counting house almanac by Stephen V. R. Stewart. Rochester. N. Y. [c. 1839].

A perpetual time table showing the rising and setting of the sun, serving without sensible variation. [c. 1833].

Perry's victory. Boston, Leonard Deming. [Ca.1814-1820?].

Persons' new price list. Store, 1137 Washington Street ... [1861].

Perth-Amboy church lottery. No. The possessor of this ticket shall be entitled to such prize as shall be drawn against its number, if demanded with six months after the drawing is finished - subject to a deduction of fifteen per cent. [Perth Amb

Pertinent questions'. Why does Jefferson Davis look so thin? Why is Stephens so singularly boney? .... The fact that neither of them have ever called at M. Samstag's Nos. 462 and 464, Seventh street and consequently neither have ever tasted his

Peter Neff's method of paying the national debt. [n. p. 186-].

Petition against Sabbath mails. To the Honourable the Senate and House of representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled. [Washington, D. C.? n. d.].

Petition of Franklin W. Smith and others for use of a site in the park of the soldiers' home, by an association for the promotion of a National gallery of history and art in Washington. To Major-General John M. Schofield, President, and the Boar

Petition of Joseph Segar of Virginia. To the Congress of the United States: [Washington, D. C. 186-?].

The petition of Wm. Dewees, presented Dec. 1791.

The petition of certain non-conscripts, respectfully presented to the Confederate states Congress. To the speaker and members of Congress of the Confederate states of America ... The petitioners. By their counsel, John H. Gilmer. Richmond, Aug.

A petition to Congress. To the Honorable the Senate and House of representatives in Congress assembled ... Polly Morey. [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

A petition to the Honourable the Committee of safety for the Colony of New-York. We the subscribers, inhabitants of said colony, humbly beg leave to represent that the unhappy contest which has long subsisted between Great Britain and the Americ

A petition to the people of Halifax. We the inhabitants of the District of Halifax. To all charitable and well disposed Christians of every denomination, send greetings … Signed at a legal town meeting, November 11, 1773.

Petition. To the Hon. the President, Vice President, and members of both houses of Congress assembled. F. Coombs. Washington City, July 1866.

Petition. To the House of representatives: Gentlemen:- We, the undersigned, a sub-committee of a Committee of one hundred resident citizens and taxpayers of South Washington, District of Columbia, beg to all your attention to Senate bill No. 298

Petroleum report for 1865 by H. Heinlein. New York. Philip E. Bogert stationer & printer [c. 1866].

Pettie'-Island lottery, for disposing of a great variety of curious pictures, jewellery, &c. &c ... [Philadelphia? n. d.].

Phil-busters third annual parade! at Troy, Monday, July 5th, 1858. Programme ... [Troy, 1858].

Philadelphia 18th 12th Mo. 1790. Yesterday a deputation of the religious society called Quakers, attended the house of representatives of the United States with the following address and memorial asserting the rights of conscience and the reason

Philadelphia 20th, March 1798. Dear Sir I have been sometime waiting for something important to communicate to you from this place but until the message of the president of the 5th inst. with the letter of our Envoys at Paris, on the 8th of Janu

Philadelphia architects. Instructions to architects competing for plans for the centennial anniversary building. [1872].

Philadelphia, 11th Month, 18th, 1793. Respected friend. As our correspondence with most of our friends, both at home and abroad, has been interrupted on our part, for nearly three months past, it is proper that we should account to them for so e

Philadelphia, 26 October, 1789. At a meeting of the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the abolition of slavery, &c. An essay of a plan for improving the condition of free negroes was presented by the committee appointed to prepare it, which aft

Philadelphia, April 15, 1861. To the President of the United States. The unparalleled event of the past week has revealed to the Citizens of the United States, beyond question ... that a peaceful reconciliation under the form of our Constitution

Philadelphia, April 1792. (Circular.) Sir. In conformity to an appointment and instructions from the officers of the Massachusetts line of the late American army, I have attended at the seat of government, from the 20th of March to the present p

Philadelphia, August 9, 1798. By virtue of a writ of fieri facias to me directed, will be sold at public vendue on Tuesday the 14th of August inst, at 9 o'clock in the forenoon, at the house lately occupied by Doctor Thomas Ruston, the corner of

Philadelphia, December 12th, 1796. Respected friends. The convention of the different abolition societies in the United States assembled at Philadelphia, in January last, directed us, specially, to notify the several societies of the proposed me

Philadelphia, December 22, 1801. Elegant family Bible. with copious concordance. The flattering encouragement received by Mathew Carey, for his recent edition of the Bible, has induced him to lay before the public the following proposals for pub

Philadelphia, December 8, 1777. Regulations under which the inhabitants may purchase the enumerated articles, mentioned in the proclamation of His Excellency Sir William Howe, K. B. General and Commander in Chief. &C. &c. &c ... By order of His

Philadelphia, February 13, By a gentleman just arrived in this City from New-Jersey, we have received his Britannic Majesty's speech to both Houses of Parliament. ... [Philadelphia] Printed by E. Oswald, in Market-street [1783].

Philadelphia, February 17, 1809. Sir. The present state of the commerce of the United States, arising out of the conduct of the belligerent powers, having shown our wants, and pointed out the necessity of calling to our aid such of the natural p

Philadelphia, January 14, 1775. Proposals for printing by subscription, in four pages folio, on a good letter and demy paper, in size and quality, equal to the Pennsylvania Gazette, or Journal. The Pennsylvania Mercury and Universal advertiser .

Philadelphia, January 2, 1775. Proposals for printing by subscription, a free and impartial weekly news paper, to be entitled, The Pennsylvania Ledger, or the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New-Jersey weekly advertiser; upon the following condition

Philadelphia, January 5th, 1787. Sir. The subscriber should think himself wanting in gratitude to his kind customers, and undeserving of their future favour, if he should neglect to return them his most humble and unfeigned thanks for the spirit

Philadelphia, July 15th, 1850. Sir: The undersigned, a committee appointed by the National Convention of the Friends of Education, held in this city in October last, to make arrangements for a similar meeting to be held in this city in the last

Philadelphia, July 23, 1779; To the public Fortunately we have preserved the original letter sent to our late chairman by the chairman of the city committee, and have it therefore in our power to prove, as it is a piece of justice due to ourselv

Philadelphia, July 4th, 1776. Gentlemen. The Congress this morning directed us to confer with the Committee of Safety and Inspection, and the Field Officers now in town about the proper mode of collecting the militia of this province, in order t

Philadelphia, July 8, 1804. Proposals by Oliver Fairplay, for publishing the private and public life of the first consul. Ne quid consul auspicii premat. [Philadelphia 1804].

Philadelphia, June 12, 1809. Sir, Impressed with an idea, that the importance which attaches to the recent trial of Gen. M. Bright ... I have sedulously sought and have succeeded in obtaining, through Thomas Llyod, a particular report of that tr

Philadelphia, June 21, 1825. Sir, A number of persons, feeling an interest in the collection and preservation of whatever may conduce to the knowledge of the History of Pennsylvania, have formed a society under the title of "The Historical Socie

Philadelphia, June 7th, 1863. Dear Sir: The Union League in Philadelphia, is desirous that the coming fourth of July should be distinguished by a great national celebration, of a character more extensive and imposing than has ever been presented

Philadelphia, March 20th, 1799. My dear Sir: According to my promise in my letter of February 10th, I now present you with a sketch of the principal acts of Congress during the session which closed on the 3d instant, and of the state of public a

Philadelphia, March 24, 1783. His most Christian Majesty's Cutter the Triumph, commanded by the Chevalier Duquesne, arrived this morning, in 36 days from Cadiz. By her we have the following very agreeable and important intellegence. The principa

Philadelphia, May 10th. 1841. Sir. A state convention, for the promotion of the agricultural, manufacturing, mechanical and mining interests of Pennsylvania, will be held at Harrisburg, on Tuesday, the 25th day of May inst .…

Philadelphia, May 18, 1844. The National Clay club of Philadelphia, presents to their correspondents the following report of the state of the party in those counties of Pennsylvania, from which official intelligence has been received ... Committ

Philadelphia, May 25, 1782. A gentleman from the Eastward, who arrived in town this morning, has favoured us with a Boston newspaper, dated the 16th instant, from which we have extracted the following. Boston, May 16 The following account of a s

Philadelphia, May 25th, 1868. Dear Sir: You are respectfully requested to meet a few of the friends of Chief Justice Chase on the 10th day of June 1868, at Parlor C. Continental Hotel, in this city, for the purpose of taking into consideration t

Philadelphia, May 6, 1783 1 o'clock, P. M. A gentleman just arrived in town from New-York has favoured us with a Gazette Extraordinary printed in that city last Saturday evening, from which we have extracted the following intelligence.------ New

Philadelphia, May 6th, 1776. Just printed, published and now selling by R. Bell. in Third Street (Price ten shillings neatly bound) The diseases incident to armies. With the method of cure. Tr. from the original of Baron Van Swieten ... [Philade

Philadelphia, May 6th, 1776. Lately printed, published and now selling by Robert Bell, in Third Street (Price three dollars. The military guide for young officers ... By Thomas Simes ... [Philadelphia: Printed by Robert Bell, 1776].

Philadelphia, May 7, 1741. Extract of a letter from one of the officers, who went from this place, dated before Carthagena, April 3, 1741. [Philadelphia B. Franklin? 1741].

Philadelphia, Monday, December 27, 1773. The unanimity, spirit and zeal, which have heretofore animated all the colonies, from Boston to South Carolina have been so eminently displayed in the opposition to the pernacious project of the East-Indi

Philadelphia, November 20, 1801. Elegant family Bible. Price seven dollars. Just published by Mathew Carey. an elegant edition of the Bible. in large quarto. [Philadelphia, Mathew Carey, 1801].

Philadelphia, October 25, 1852. Dear Sir: This letter is not a common political circular, but, it is hoped, will be read calmly and considerably by you and every other person whom it reaches ... Its object, in all candour, is to influence, by re

Philadelphia, September 21, 1779. The mote point of finance, or the crown land equally divided. The American continental treasury want not only a great annual revenue, but the capacity of founding it, so as by borrowing present capitals on the c

Philadelphia, September 26, 1792. Sir, I have this day seen a publication in the Maryland Gazette, of the 20th instant, signed by you, in which among other things you state Mr. Mercer's having brought a charge of a very serious nature against me

Philadelphia, Thursday, Sept. 27, 1770. Many respectable freeholders and inhabitants of this City, justly alarmed at the resolutions formed by a number of the dry goods importers on Thursday last, at Davenport's tavern, which reflect dishonour o

Philadelphia, Wednesday, June 2. Congress. House of representatives, Monday May 31. The House took up the resolution proposed by Mr. Fitzsimons, that Congress should meet and hold their next session at the City of Philadelphia. This motion produ

Philadelphia, ss. Whereas Collector of the taxes in agreeably to an Act of Assembly, passed the 16th day of March, 1785, has made return to me, that a taxable in the said has been delinquent in paying the sum of his asseeement in the funding tax

Philadelphia. In Congress, Monday, May 15, 1775. The City and County of New-York, having through delegates applied to the Congress for their advice ... [To act on the defensive when troops arrive] [Signed] Charles Thomson, Secretary. [And transm

Philadelphia. January 16, 1776. [Extracts of correspondence between Robert Howe and Lord Dunmore forwarded to the president of the Convention at Norfolk.] [Philadelphia:] Printed by John Dunlap [1776].

Philadelphia. June 30, 1846. The Executive committee of the Eastern Pennsylvania Anti-slavery committee would express their approbation of the foregoing circular, and second the appeal which it makes to you and your aid in the support of the Nat

Philadelphia. Sir. A respectable body of the citizens of Pennsylvania, conceiving the wealth and force of these states, would rise proportionably with the diminution of their demand for the commodies of other countries, and the supply of their w

Philomathean anniversary. Union college. December 14th, 1815.

The philosopher's stone! Gold & silver plating, by the electro-magnetic apparatus ... Alton. Printed at the Telegraph Office [1840?].

The philosophy of mind according to Thomas Brown, M. D ... Transylvania University January, 1826. [Lexington, Ky.] T. Smith, printer [1826].

Phoenomenon [Cut] That beautiful full blooded stallion lately imported by Lang, Brierly & Co. from England, will stand for covering this season at the stable of Maj. Thomas Leavett, of Northampton. [Description of the horse] Stabling and pasturi

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