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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Post office, Boston. Winter mail arrangements ... John G. Palfrey, postmaster. Boston, Jan. 1, 1862.

Post office, Boston. Winter mail arrangements ... John G. Palfrey, postmaster. Boston, Nov. 1, 1861.

Post office, Boston. Winter mail arrangements ... Nahum Capen, Postmaster. Boston, November 16, 1857. J. P. Plumer, printer.

Post office. Boston, Summer mail arrangements ... Nahum Capen, postmaster Boston, May 10, 1858. J. P. Plumer, printer.

Post office. Boston. Mass. Boston, October 20th, 1857. I embrace the earliest practicable moments on assuming the duties of this office, to ask of all who have occasion to seek its accommodations, to make such suggestions of improvements in the

Post office. Boston. Summer mail arrangements (Corrected quarterly.) ... John G. Palfrey, postmaster. Boston, June 9, 1862.

Post-Office, Philadelphia, 19th September, 1796. Establishment of the mails, commencing the 19th of September, 1796 ... [Philadelphia, 1796].

Post-mortem ... Lewis McKenzie Turner. Baltimore, Md. Salt House Press. [n. d.].

Post-office, Philadelphia, 30th March, 1797. Establishment of the mails, commencing the 3d of April, 1797 ... [Philadelphia, 1797.].

Post-road lottery. From the United States Chronicle. [Cranston?] Printed by B. Wheeler, 1791.

Postillon del Mensagero Luisianes del Martes 11 de Diciembre de 1810. By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation [regarding Louisiana colony] ... Done at the City of Washington, the twenty-seventh day of October A. D. one t

Postively last three days Monday, February 4th, Tuesday, 5th and Wednesday, 6th which will be the last exhibition of this panorama in Washington. Odd Fellows' hall, Seventh Street, Washington ... Bayne's original, gigantic series of Panoramas en

Potomac bridge] by Col. William B. Randolph] The following memorial was presented bo the Senate on the 19th instant, and referred to the Committee on the District of Columbia, [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Poughkeepsie, July 2, 1788. Just arrived by express, The ratification of the new constitution by the Convention of the State of Virginia, on Wednesday the 25th June, by a majority of 10; 88 agreeing, and 78 dissenting to its adoption. [Poughkeep

[Application blank for shares in the California Fruit Union] San Francisco. [Oct. 1, 1885].

A practical banking time table. Showing quickly by a single addition or subtraction, the number of days, from any one period to any other, either in the same year or the next preceding, or following; and the day of the month on which a draft or

... Practical instructions to agents. Auburn. N. Y. 1856.

A prayer by George Washington ... This prayer is used regularly at "the President's chapel" of the George Washington University ... Presented to the Daughters of the American revolution by the George Washington University as a token of its appre

A prayer for the southern cause. [n. p. 186-].

A prayer for the spiritual union of mankind. War has failed to end war. Diplomacy has failed to end war. Only ties of the spirit infallibly unite. Therefore we pray for the divine alliance of nations ... Women's pro-league council. [New York 192

The prayer of one hundred thousand. In Senate of the United States, February ninth, 1863 ... The undersigned, women of the United States above the age of eighteen years, earnestly pray that your honorable body will pass at the earliest practicab

The prayer of one hundred thousand. Speech of Hon. Chas. Sumner on the presentation of the first installment of the emancipation petition of the women's national league ... [New York 1864].

A prayer of our nation ... By Richard H. Edmonds, Editor Manufacturers Record, Baltimore, Md. May 30, 1918.

A prayer to be said by all good citizens on the day of fasting & prayer, ordered by Abraham Lincoln. The prayer .... [n. p.] [186-].

Pre-election statement by the Republican state chairman. October 30, 1926.

Preamble and constitution of the anti-slavery society of Lane Seminary. [n. d.].

... Preamble and resolution. Whereas Andrew Jackson, of Tennessee, through a long and brilliant career in the civil and military services of his country, has invariably manifested that the sole objects of his ambition have been to maintain the p

Preamble and resolutions adopted by the club at a special meeting held Thursday evening February 11, 1937. New York 1937.

A preamble and resolutions in relation to the persons denominated "Abolitionists" ... Approved. February 27, 1836. [n. p. 1836].

Preamble and resolutions of the Southern convention. November 18th, 1850.

Preamble and resolutions on the subject of the South Carolina ordinance ... Resolution in relation to a call of a convention to amend the constitution of the United States ... Resolution relating to the President's proclamation and message ... [

Preamble and resolutions submitted to the House of Delegates, on the subject of the acts of Congress restricting the commerce with the British colonies, [Richmond, 1821?].

Prepare to meet us at Chetopa, Kan. a large area of the beautiful Indian territory open to homesteaders ... for further particulars, call on or address the Indian Territory Colonization Society [1879].

Pres't Madison's Library at auction. at Orange Court House, Virginia on Tuesday the 27th day of June, prox., being the day after the County Court of Orange in that month, I shall sell at public auction, to the highest bidder that part of the lib

The present campaign in Virginia. July, 1864.

The present crisis being an important one in regard to commerce, we think it a duty to our friends to communicate to them some material facts, with the remarks which occur to us on the occasion ... Coxe & Frazer. P. S. As we apprehend the follow

Presentation of a medal to Mr. Clay. Extract from the National Intelligencer, February 10th, 1852, City of Washington. New-York. Geo. F. Nesbit & Co., Printers, Corner of Wall and Water streets. 1852.

Presentation of the wooden spoon, by the Junior class in Yale College, at Brewster's Hall, Tuesday evening, June 15th, 1858.

President Cleveland, an illustrated poem by H. Clay Preuss. Respectfully dedicated to the members of the New York delegation to the National Democratic convention, at St. Louis, June 5th, 1888, as a just tribute to a noble son of the old "Empire

President Eliot's speech at the Bay State Club, Oct. 12, 1889. Issued by the Young Men's Democratic Club of Massachusetts. 1889.

President Grant's administration. Reduction of the national debt of the United States ... The foregoing is a correct statement of the public debt, as appears from the books and treasurer's returns in the Department at the close of business, Febr

President Hamilton Holt and the trustees of Rollins College request the pleasure of your company at luncheon at the Country Club of Orlando Friday, February 21, 1941 at 1:00 o'clock to meet Edwin Cranberry ... Winter Park Florida.

President Household-pin-card. Art. 1225 patented. J.K. Polk 1845, Z. Taylor 1849, H. Fillmore 1850, F. Pierce 1853, J. Buchanan 1856 [n.p., n. d.].

President Jefferson's inauguaral speech. On the 4th inst. at 12 o'clock, Mr. Jefferson appeared on the Chamber of the United States' Senate, where his reelection was declared, and the necessary oath administered to him. On this occasion he deliv

President Lincoln and General Grant on peace and war. Interview with the President. Mr. Lincoln's view on democratic strategy. [Signed] J. T. Mills. Letter of General Grant. City Point, Va. Aug. 16, 1864.

President Lincoln's favorite poem, Oh! why should the spirit of mortal be proud? ... Philadelphia A. W. Auner, song publisher. [Ca. 1864].

President Monroe visits Chillicothe. Chillicotheana broadsheet no. 8 Chillicothe, Ohio [1942].

The President and fellows of Harvard college to Greetings: [An invitation to the Tercentenary celebration] 1936.

The President is dead! Long live the nation!! Washington, D. C., September 19, 1881. (Midnight) Fellow citizens: In the name of the now headless trunk of the Republic, you are called upon to join, at this minute's notice the "Holy alliance of vi

The President of the Bethlehem Steel company appeals to Congress for a square deal ... Issued by the Bethlehen Steel company, South Bethlehem, Pa. 1916.

The President to General McClellan. Washington, April 9, 1862.

The President to General McClellan. Washington, April 9, 1862. To Major-General McClellan: My dear Sir-- Your dispatches, complaining that you are not properly sustained, while they do not offend me, pain me very mush. Blenker's Division was wit

The President's D-Day prayer. [n. p. 1945].

President's Message. Washington City, Dec. 5. This day at 12 o'clock the President of the United States transmitted to both Houses of Congress, the following message by Mr. Todd, his Secretary ... James Madison. Washington, Dec. 5, 1815. [Boston

The President's New Year's reception. January 1, 1909 ... Wm. Loeb, Jr. Secretary to the President. [Washington, 1909].

The President's address to both houses of Congress. Philadelphia. Dec. 8. This day at twelve o'clock, the President of the United States met both Houses of Congress, in the Representatives Chamber, and delivered the following speech: ... [Richmo

The President's message on the treaty papers. Centinel-office. April 7, 1796. A gentleman this instant arrived from New-York, has favored us with the following highly interesting and magnanimous communications of the President of the United Stat

The President's message on the treaty papers. Gentlemen of the House of representatives ... Geo. Washington. United States March 30,1796 [Boston] [Signed of hand] Done by A. Martin Orrery Press [1796].

The President's message to both houses of Congress. Message to the Senate and House of representatives. When we assemble together, fellow-citizens, to consider the state of our beloved country ... Th: Jefferson. December 15, 1802. Concord: Print

President's message to the Senate and House of representatives of the United States ... Th: Jefferson. November 8th, 1808. From the Gazette Office.

President's message to the Senate and House of representatives of the United States Dec. 15, 1802. Frederick-Town (Maryland) Printed & Published by John B. Colvin [1802].

President's message. December 4, 1832. Andrew Jackson. Advertiser-Extra Louisville, Tuesday, December 11, 1832.

President's message. Herald office. Dec. 3, 9 o'clock. P. M. We this moment received by express a copy of the President's message- which we hasten to lay before the public. [Madison's first annual message Nov. 29, 1809] [Boston, 1809].

The president's message. Register Office. Salem, Saturday morning Dec. 25 1802. By an express conveyance, we were late last night in possession of the president's message to Congress. We feel gratified in the success of an arrangement, by which

President's platform inauguration ceremonies January twentieth, 1937. Admit the bearer to the Senate wing of the Capitol and through the rotunda door to the President's platform.

The President's proclamation of pardon and amnesty in the Cherokee language. Translated and printed at Fort Gibson, C. N. by order of Colonel Wm. Phillips. Commanding First brigade, army of the frontier. [n.p. 1864?].

President's proclamation. June 15, 1917. I hereby designate the period June twenty-third toJune thirtieth, next, recruiting week for the regular army and call upon unmarried men between the ages of eighteen and forty years ... to present themsel

President's speech. American Congress. House of representatives. Wednesday. December. The House being assembled, a message was sent to the Senate, to inform them that they were ready agreeably to appointment, to receive any communication which t

The president, trustees and faculty of Duke University request the honor of your presence at the centennial celebration to be held on the twenty-first, twenty-second and twenty-third of April nineteen hundred and thirty-nine. Durham, North Carol

Presidential campaign, 1884. Tract No. 5. Reasons why workingmen should vote for Blaine & Logan. Think! Think!! Think!!! ... [n. p. 1884].

The Presidential question. There are yet many zealous friends of the great and good statesman of Ashland, who will not look on the Presidential question with anything like discretion. The recent success of the whigs of New-York seems with such t

Presidential tally, Presented by the Firemans fund insurance company of California. [s. l.]

Presidential ticket (Election November 8, 1864) For President Abraham Lincoln of Illinois For Vice President Andrew Johnson of Tennessee., [Columbus, 1864]

The press in the federal states. Federal despotism in Kentucky. [Louisville, 1864].

Press und auskunfts-bureau de Columbischen weltaustellung. Chicago den 19.Marz, 1892.

Press und auskunfts-bureau de Columbischen weltaustellung. Chicago den 26.Marz, 1892.

A pressing memorial, circularly transmitted and humbly offered to the several very worthy bodies of justices, of His Majesty’s quarter sessions of the peace, in their respective counties, and to the select-men in every town through the province

Prest. Johnson's amnesty proclamation ... Done at the city of Washington, the twenty-ninth day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five ... Andrew Johnson.

Price-list of botanists' supplies on hand and for sale by the Naturalists' Bureau. E. A. Bate, manager. Salem, Mass. ... [n. d.].

Prices current of medicines, paints and dye stuffs, chemicals, surgical instruments, glass ware, shakers' herbs, etc. for sale by Reed, Wing & Cutler, (Formerly Lower & Reed.) druggists and importers of English, French and Mediterranean drugs, .

Prices in 1880 compared with 1890. Prices of farm implements, hardware, clothing, etc., in the West in 1880 and 1890. From the Fort Dodge (Iowa) Messenger, April 10, 1890. Philadelphia. Published by the American Iron and Steel Association. 1890.

Prices reduced. Pennsylvania R. R. Leech & Co. great central route to the west via Philadelphia ... Low rates of freight ... New York, Aug. 1857.

Primary numerical table. Addition. John C. Dow. Lawrence, [Mass.] [c. 1854].

Primary numerical table. Subtraction. John C. Dow, Lawrence [Mass.] [c. 1854].

Primrose Hill, July 11th. 1842. Rules and regulations drawn up and agreed to by a committee chosen by a vote of the miners and laborers of the district of Minersville, to settle the dissatisfaction and difficulties existing between the operators

Princeton August 30th, 1836. Brethren of the American Whig society. We have the honor to address you in the name and by order of our valuable and beloved society ... It has been estimated that not less than ten thousand dollars will be required

The Princeton Press. Extra. Princeton, Monday Morning, March 12, 1855. Nassau Hall burnt down!!.

... The principal takes this means to inform his friends and patrons, that, in order to afford greater advantages to his pupils, he has resigned his charge of "East Windsor Academy," and erected a building, which he has fitted up ... for the exp

Principles and course of proceeding, with regard to the disposition of the monies borrowed abroad by virtue of the acts of the 4th and 12th of August, as to the point of authority. Alexander Hamilton, secretary of the Treasury. Philadelphia, Apr

Principles, articles, and regulations agreed upon by the association of "The adopted sons of Pennsylvania," in Philadelphia, the 2d day of January 1786. Philadelphia: Printed by F. Bailey, at Yorick's Head. [1786].

Print from Pirates Own book, 1837. Albert Frederick, Arthur, George VI looking over his vast empire with Mr. Simpson at sea ... Along the Riviera. a true and thrilling love story. Baltimore. Maryland Salt House Press [1937?].

A printed broadside dated at Detroit, January 26, 1790. A query for bibliographers and historians, accompanied by facsimile of the broadside by Douglas C. McMurtrie. Detroit: Designed and printed by students of the department of printing Cass te

Printed by order of the Senate of the United States. A bill to prohibit the Secretary of the Navy from carrying on the business of trade, commerce, or navigation ... [1801].

Printed by order of the Senate of the United States. Resolved by the Senate and House of representatives of the United States, in Congress assembled, that as a testimony of the high sense they entertain of the nautical skill, and gallant conduct

[Printed sheet of advertisements including one for] Garber & Co.'s passenger and baggage express! Richmond, Va.

Printers' ode. Written for the celebration of the French revolution, in the City of Washington, October 28, 1830.

Printers' picture gallery. The following device is made up entirely of cuts from the specimen-book of a single- type-foundry in this city. Most of the pictures are current at the South, and are even put by masters into the hands of the slaves ..

Printing-office, Petersburgh. G. Douglas having opened a printing-office, furnished with a complete set of types and the necessary materials is ready go undertake any kind of printing work with which merchants or others, either in town or countr

Prints, (in elegant burnished gold frames) to be sold at public auction, at Mr. Bowen's Assembly Hall, head of the mall, on Thursday, July 20th ... D. Bowen. Auct'r. Boston: Printed by D. Bowen, at the Columbian Museum Pres. head of the Mall;- w

Private and confidential. Philadelphia, February 25, 1817. Sir. To the enclosed letter I request the favour of your particular attention. It involves a subject of considerable importance, not to me alone, but to the management of the Bank of Pen

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