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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


(Private and confidential. Sir. I should do myself manifest injustice, did I not explain the nature of the case that occurred on Saturday at the Bank of Pennsylvania ... Your obedient, humble servant Mathew Carey. February 24, 1817.

Private character and public office by George S. Merrian. From the Springfield Republican, Aug. 26, 1884.

Private circular. A plan for the more effectual organization of the Democratic party of Pennsylvania [183-?].

Prix fixé pour le tabac de la Louisianne et conditions que devront observer les habitans ... Nouvelle Orléans, le 15 Juin, 1777. Signé Bernardo de Galvez.

Pro-bono-publico ... Montgomery dining saloon ... Truly the public's servant, Lewis P. True, Proprietor. Boston, July 16, 1861. Wm. M. Kendall, Printer, 36 Washington Street.

Proceeding of the county nominating Convention of Democrats and Conservatives [Worcester County, Md. 1865].

Proceedings of Grand Committee of the Legislature of the State of Vermont at Charlestown, from the 16th to the 19th of October 1781 (Transcriber and attested.) [Regarding the union of Vermont with the United States. And the jurisdictional line o

Proceedings of a meeting held by the Democrats of Clay county at Liberty, Missouri, on Saturday, November 17th, 1888.

Proceedings of a meeting of bank officers held Thursday August 15, 1861. [New York, 1861].

Proceedings of a meeting of members of the legislature, and other gentlemen from different parts of the state, convened at the state-house in Boston. December 6, 1816, for the purpose of adopting measures for recommending the American Bible Soci

Proceedings of the Berkshire County Convention, convened at Lenox, May 29th, 1832, on the subject of the tariff question.

Proceedings of the Church of Peterboro, at their meeting held Nov. 27, 1849.

Proceedings of the Committee of correspondence in New York. Committee-Chamber July 13, 1774 Presents [28 names] The persons appointed at the last meeting of this Committee, to draw up a set of resolves, met for that purpose, but doubts arising,

Proceedings of the Convention begun and held at Concord, in the County of Middlesex, in and for the state of Massachusetts Bay, on the 14th day of July, 1779, for the purpose of carrying into effect the several interesting and important measures

Proceedings of the County Convention held in Frederick City, January 16th 1861.

Proceedings of the General Congress of delegates from the several British Colonies in North-America, held in Philadelphia, September, 1774. From the Pennsylvania Packet. To the printer of the Pennsylvania Packet, Sir. Please to insert in your pa

Proceedings of the Jackson Republican convention with an address to the Jackson Republican electors of New Jersey. Trenton, New Jersey, December 8, 1830.

Proceedings of the Whig state convention, at Worcester, Mass., June 17, 1840.

Proceedings of the convention, began and held at Worcester, in and for the County of Worcester, on the 3d day of August, 1779 for the purpose of carrying into effect the several interesting and important measures ... Done in Convention at Worces

The procession, with the standard of faction: A rantata. [New York, 1770].

Procession. Boston. Oct. 19, 1789. As this town is shortly to be honoured with a visit from the President of the United States: in order that we may pay our respects to him, in a manner whereby every inhabitant may see so illustrious and amiable

Proclaim the truth! Financial management of the Republican party ... [n, p. 1868].

... A proclamation ... I John B. Kendrick, Governor of the State of Wyoming do designate and proclaim Friday, April 30, 1915 arbor day ... Given under my hand at the Capitol in Chenenne this seventh day of April, A. D. 1915. John B. Kendrick, Go

Proclamation ... In accordance with the proclamation of the President, I Charles N. Herreid, Governor of the State of South Dakota do hereby appoint Thursday, the nineteenth day of September, A. D. 1901, on which day the remains of our honored a

Proclamation ... Therefore, I, William Hodges Mann, Governor of Virginia, do fix upon Thursday, the 24th day of November as a day of Thanksgiving ... Given under my hand ... this ninth day of November, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine

A proclamation By His Excellency Hiram A. Tuttle, Governor for a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer .... do appoint Thursday, the 7th day of April next, as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer throughout the State ... Given at the Counci

Proclamation State of Delaware, Executive department [Proclamation for Thanksgiving day November the 30th, 1922].

Proclamation State of Delaware, Executive department [Proclamation for Thanksgiving day Thursday the 29th of November 1923].

... Proclamation The annual loss of life and property by fire in the state and nation is enormous ... Now, therefore, I, I. L. Patterson, Governor of the state of Oregon,.. do hereby proclaim the week of October 6th to 12th as Fire Prevention we

A proclamation Whereas it becomes us humbly to approach the throne of Almighty God with gratitude and praise for the wonders which his goodness has wrought in conducting our forefathers to this western world ... [Boston: Printed by Benjamin Edes

Proclamation [Regarding flags at half mast for John L. Pyle. Attorney General of South Dakota] Done at the Capitol, in the City of Pierre, this twenty-second day of February A. D. 1902 Charles N. Herreid. Governor. [Pierre, 1902].

A Proclamation appointing Good Friday, a day of fasting and prayer, issued by the governor of Connecticut. March 3, 1932.

Proclamation by A. B. Roman, Governor of the State of Louisiana ... Now, therefore, I have thought proper, to issue this my proclamation, notifying the electors and qualified voters throughout the state, of the election ... Given under my hand .

A proclamation by Alexander G. McNutt, Governor of the state of Mississippi. Whereas, it is provided in the 9th section of the "Act supplementary to an act to incorporate the subscribers to the Mississippi Union Bank," approved Feb. 15, 1838, "T

Proclamation by Alexander Ramsey. Governor of the State of Minnesota ... do hereby set apart the twenty-seventh day of the present month of November, as a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God for his wonderful mercy towards us ... Given under my

A proclamation by His Excellency Hiram A. Tuttle, Governor appointing Arbor day ... I appoint Saturday, April thirtieth, instant as Arbor day ... Given at the Council Chamber in Concord, this fifth day of April, in the year of our Lord one thous

Proclamation by William W. Holden, provisional governor, to the people of North-Carolina Whereas, by the Proclamation of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States of America, dated 29th, 1865, I have been appointed Provisional Governor of t

A proclamation by the Governor ... I Francis H. Peirpoint, Governor ... do hereby recommend to the good people of the Commonwealth the observance of Thursday the 28th inst, as a day of Thanksgiving ... at the City of Wheeling, this 14th day of N

A proclamation by the Governor ... I Louis L. Emmerson, Governor of Illinois, do hereby designate and proclaim the week from October 6 to October 12, 1929 to be observed in the State of Illinois as fire prevention week ... Louis L. Emmerson.

Proclamation by the Governor ... The management has set apart the week beginning September 26 as Kansas week at the World's Fair, and September 30 has been designated as Kansas Day ... Topeka, Kansas. September 12, 1904.

Proclamation by the Governor ... Whereas, within this Territory an organization of religionists, denominated ""The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,"" known alao as the ""Mormon Church"" ... Now, therefore, I Caleb W. West, Governor o

Proclamation by the Governor Thanksgiving day, 1910.

Proclamation by the Governor of Virginia. To the people of Virginia: It is with the deepest sorrow that I make this official announcement that John Warwick Daniel ... is dead ... Given under my hand ... this thirtieth day of June, in the year of

A proclamation by the Governor third registration day, Monday, Feb. 16, 1942 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m ... in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, this the 20th day of January, 1942, and in the one hundred sixty-sixth year of our American independen

A proclamation by the Governor. ... In order that our state may have an opportunity to emphasize her close connection with the Louisiana purchase, October 25, 1904 has been designated by the exposition authorities as "Nebraska Day" ... Edmund G.

A Proclamation by the Governor. A day of Thanksgiving and praise. State of New Hampshire. Benjamin F. Prescott, Governor. [ Concord, N.H., 1877]

A proclamation by the Governor. Arbor day, 1903. To the people of the State of Michigan, Greeting: Acting under authority vested in the Executive, I do hereby proclaim Friday, April 24, 1903 as Arbor day ... Signed A. T. Bliss, Governor. [Lansin

A proclamation by the Governor. Flag day ... Given under may hand and the great seal of the State, at the Capitol thereof, in Charleston, on this, the 14th day of May, A. D. 1904 and in the forty-firdt year of the State. Albert B. White.

A proclamation by the Governor. I am pained to announce to the people of Wyoming the death of the Vice President of the United States, which occured at the city of Indianapolis at 5 o'clock this afternoon. The sudden and unexpected death of that

Proclamation by the Governor. It is expected of the Chief Executive of this State that he should set apart a day to be devoted to family rejoicing and the giving of thanks ... [Trenton, 1878].

Proclamation by the Governor. Joel Parker, April 17, 1865, Trenton, New Jersey.

Proclamation by the Governor. State of Florida ... do hereby announce, publish and proclaim that the "Compiled general laws of Florida, 1927" as compiled and published, are hereby adopted and authenticated ... [Dated] the fourth day of January,

A proclamation by the President of the United States. John Hay, Secretary of State of the United States, died on July 1st ... Done at the City of Washington, this third day of July, A. D., 1905 ... Theodore Roosevelt.

A proclamation by the governor ... I, Francis H. Peirpoint ... do appoint Thursday, the 27th day of November ins., as a day of prayer and thanksgiving ... Done at the City of Wheeling this 8th day of November in the year of our Lord, one thousan

Proclamation by the governor [State of West Virginia seal] Thanksgiving proclamation. November 26, 1885. E. W. Wilson. Governor. Henry S. Walker. Secretary of state.

A proclamation by the governor of Nebraska Territory. In accordance with a custom which has been practiced by most of the States and Territories for many years ... I, Alvin Saunders ... do hereby appoint and designate the last Thursday of the pr

Proclamation by the governor. State of New Jersey. Whereas, the President of these United States has appointed Thursday, November the twenty-fourth, as a day of festival and thanksgiving by all the pople of the United States, at home and abroad

A proclamation by the governor. Thanksgiving day Delaware 1904. [Dover, Delaware].

Proclamation by the mayor Dated April 18, 1906 [regarding earthquake].

Proclamation by the mayor. Whereas, by an act of Congress, entitled "An act to incorporate the inhabitants of the City of Washington, and to repeall all acts heretofore passed for that purpose," approved the 15th May, 1820," full power and autho

Proclamation for New Mexico Day at the World's fair at St. Louis, Missouri ... do hereby designate Monday, the seventeenth day of October A. D. 1904 as New Mexico day at St. Louis ... [Santa Fe. 1904].

Proclamation for New Mexico day at the World's fair at St. Louis, Missouri ... Whereas, in conformity with a request from the management of the exposition a day was named for "New Mexico Day" by a former proclamation, but later it was found nece

A proclamation for a day of thanksgiving and praise, by the governor ... I hereby appoint ... Thursday, the 29th day of November next, to be observed throughout this state as a day of thanksgiving and praise ... Given at the Council Chamber, at

Proclamation for day of fasting and prayer. Whereas, our beloved Chief Magistrate of the nation, William McKinley, President of the United States, has succumbed to the assassin's bullet ... I ... porclaim Thursday, the nineteenth day of Septembe

Proclamation for the introduction of the millennial empire, or the peaceful reign of the Prince of Peace, according to the promises, prophecies and revelations, given by the spirit of truth, at the lips of the holy prophets and apostles since th

Proclamation headquarters Department of the gulf. New Orleans May 1st, 1862 … The City of New Orleans and its environs, with all its interior defences having been evacuated by the rebel forces in whose possession they lately were, and being now

Proclamation of Arbor Day Feb. 5, 1904.

Proclamation of emancipation. Designed, written and engraved by A. Hageboeck, Minneapolis Minn. [c. 1883].

A proclamation of peace! Orders, No. 1848. Head-Quarters, Washington-Whereas, the recall of Gen. Scott, from the seat of war, having turned all harsh thoughts to peace and love, and changed the talk about General Taylor and Santa Anna, to that o

Proclamation of the Governor to the people of Minnesota: The great rebellion has been crushed, and peace, so long prayed for, has at length been vouchsafed by a kind Providence to our bleeding country ... There remains to us the sacred duty of h

Proclamation of the President of the United States [Regarding granting of pardons] Given under my hand at the City of Washington, the 8th day of December, A. D., 1863 ... Abraham Lincoln. Wm. Cameron & Co., Pr's Union office. [1863].

The proclamation of the President of the United States of America to the American people and The message of the Federal council to the churches and Christians of America. [New York, 1916].

A proclamation on the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of General Robert E. Lee, by Claude A. Swanson, Governor of Virginia Januar 19, 1907.

Proclamation to the people of Arizona. July 9, 1866.

Proclamation! Headquarters, Alexandria, Va., May 26, 1861. Special orders No. L. Capt. Whittelsey, First Michigan infantry, is detailed for duty as Provost Marshal of this city ... Cll. O. B. Willcox. Headquarters, Alexandria, May 26, 1861. Orde

Proclamation! In view of the present state of affairs in the city, breaches of the peace having occurred, by which the peace and quiet of our citizens is greatly disturbed, I do hereby call upon all peaceably disposed citizens to enroll themselv

Proclamation! To the people of Lebanon! I am about to leave you. I have endeavored since my entrance in your city to prevent all lawlessness ... Jno. H. Morgan. Act. Brig. Gen. C. S. A.

Proclamation. Executive office. Columbus, Ohio, July 3, 1862. Fellow-citizens. Another appeal to your patriotism has become necessary. The enemies of our government, now assembled at Richmond in hostile array, largely outnumbered any disposable

Proclamation. Executive office. Nashville, Tenn., May 9, 1862. Whereas certain persons, unfriendly and hostile to the government of the United States, have banded themselves together.. and are now going at large ... plundering Union citizens whe

Proclamation. Hear ye! Hear ye! Know all men by these presents. Greeting: I will arrive for the first annual visit to my domain of Nevada at ye city of Reno, at the hour of nine of the morning of the second day, sixth month in the year of ninete

Proclamation. Le gouvernement ayant été informé par le Ministre Plénipotentiaire de sa Majesté auprès des Etats-unis d'Amérique, qu'une expédition rassemblée sur les Lacs devait attaquer cet Été les Illinois, ... Nlle Orléans ce ce 31 Mai 1797.

A proclamation. Mayor's office, Washington Dec. 23, 1828. Whereas it has been too much the habit of idle and inconsiderable persons, on Christmas and New Year's day and Eve, to indulge firing off guns, pistols, squibs, and crackers, and burning

A proclamation. State of Connecticut. Executive Department, Norwich, April 10, 1862. On Sunday, next, at 12 o'clock M., I invite the people of this State to assemble at their usual places of religious worship [to pray for the army] William A. Bu

Proclamation. State of Kansas, Executive department. In the observance of a universal custom, as old as the Commonwealths of the Union, I, Thomas Carney, Governor of the State of Kansas, do hereby designate and set apart Thursday, the 26th day o

Proclamation. State of Kansas, Executive department. Topeka, July 29th, 1863. Whereas, His Excellency, Abraham Lincoln ... has designated Thursday the sixth day of August next as a day of National thankgiving, praise and prayer ... I have hereto

Proclamation. State of Massachusetts-Bay. In Council, July 30, 1777. Whereas the General Assembly of this state stands adjourned to Wednesday the third day of September next ... [Boston: Printed by John Gill, 1777].

Proclamation. State of Minnesota. Executive office, Saint Paul, July 10th, 1862. To the people of Minnesota. The President of the United States has, at the solicitation of the Governors of the loyal states called upon the nation for a large incr

Proclamation. State of New York ... Now, therefore, I, Horace White, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by law .... do hereby appoint Thursday, the twenty-fourth day of November, in the year of our Lord on

A proclamation. The President of the United States has this day announced, by proclamation the return of peace ... Therefore, I, James H Blake, Mayor of the city of Washington, by the authority and with the advice of the corporation of said city

Proclamation. The goodness of the supreme Being to all his rational creatures, demands their acknowledgements of gratitude and love ... The United States in Congress assembled, therefore, taking into consideration our present situation, our mult

Proclamation. Thursday, April 12th, is by the advice of the Executive Council, designated as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer ... Given at the Council Chamber in Concord, this twentieth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand

Proclamation. To the people of the state of Wisconsin: Whereas, In addition to the draft of twenty per cent of the first class of the enrolled national forces heretofore called for, the President of the United States, by his proclamation of the

A proclamation. Wheareas the President of the United States, on the 8th day of December, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and on the 24th day of March, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty-four, did, with the object to suppress the existing r

Proclamation. Whereas it hath pleased Almighty God the father of all mercies admist the vicissitudes and calamities of war to bestow blessings on the people of these States, which call for their devout and thankful acknowledgments; more especial

Proclamation. Whereas, in and by the Constitution of the United States, it is provided that the President "shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offences against the United States, except in cases of impeachment:" and whereas a reb

Proclamation. Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God to vouchsafe unto us as a nation and people manifold blessings throughout another year, and a day for national thanksgiving has been designated by the President of the United States ... I, Willi

Proclamation. au nom de la republique. Française, Laussat, Préfet colonial, aux Louisianais ... A la Nouvelle-Orléans ... An XI de la Republique française. [1802].

Proclamation.- In pursuance of resolutions passed by the Town Council of the Borough of Williamsport, the cotozens without respect to party distinction, are invited to meet together in Doebler's Hall, on next Thursday evening at 7 o'clock, to "e

A proclamation: Whereas the enemy have invaded this state, and now occupy John's and James Island, and the reduction of this town is undoubtedly their object. [Re. bearing arms] [Charleston, S, C. 177-].

Produce loan in aid of the Confederate states. To the people of Louisiana and Mississippi. New Orleans, February 1, 1862.

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