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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Put the new constitution over. To the members ofthe Federal employees union,Local No. 2 ... The rules committee. [Washington, D. C. 1919].

Put these in coloured paper for gentlemen. Sold by John S. Bridges, confectioner, Baltimore. [n. d.].

Q. Horatius Flaccus, early editions in the Pauline Fore Moffitt Library, University of California General Library ... compiled and printed by Kenneth J. Carpenter for members of The Roxburghe Club of San Francisco and other friends, 150 copies.

Quaestiones pro modulo discutiendae sub Reverendo D. Ezra Stiles ... Collegii Yalensis, quod est, divina providentia, in Novo-Portu Connecticuttensium, praeside. In comitiis publicis, á Laureae Magistralis candidatis. M.DCC.LXXXVI. [New Haven] E

Quaestiones pro modulo discutiendae sub Reverendo D. Samuele Locke, Collegij-Havardini, quod est, divina providentia, Cantabrigiae Nov-Anglorum, praeside, in comitiis publicis a Lauree magistralis canditatis Idibus Quintilibus, MDCCLXXII … Bosto

Quaestiones pro modulo discutiendas sub Reverendo D. Edvardo Holycke collegii-Harvardini quod est, Divina providentia Cantabrigias Nov = Anglorum praeside. [blank] In comitiis publicis a Laureae Magistralis Candidatis MDCCXXXVIII.

Quaestiones sub Reverendo Joseph Willard, S. T. D. Universitatis Harvardianae, quae est Cantabrigiae, in Republica Massachusettensi, praeside, in comitiis publicis, à Laureae Magistralis candidatis, pro modulo discutiendae. Die Julii XX. Anno Sa

Quaestiones sub Reverendo Josepho Willard, S. T. D. Universitatis Harvardianae, quae est praeside, in comitiis publicis ... Bostoniae: Typis Thomae et Johannis Fleet. [1789].

Quaestiones sub Reverendo Josepho Willard, S. T. D. Universitatis Harvardiniae, quae est Canatabrigiae, in Republica Massachusettensi ... Bostoniae: Typis Edmundi Freeman. [1787].

Quaestiones sub reverendo Josepho Willard, S. T. D. Universitatis Harvardianae, quae es Cantabrigiae, in republica Massachusettensi … [Boston, 1791].

The Quaker gun, now on exhibition, was brought from the rebel works at Manassas, and wishing the public to witness the artillery used by the aforesaid rebels, it will be exhibited for a few days only at the old "Press" office, 417 Chestnut Stree

Quarantine proclamation by the governor of Texas. No. 1. 1884. To all whom these presents may come. Be it known that I, Jno. Ireland, governor of the State of Texas, by the authority vested in me by the laws of this State, do hereby declare that

Quarantine proclamation prohibiting the importation into Ohio of cattle affected with tuberculosis. Effective March 23, 1909 ... Done at Columbus, Ohio, on the twenty-third day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and nin

Quartel general, exercito de ocupacion, Corpus Christi 8 de Marzo, de 1846. Orden Num. 30. El exercito de occupacion en Te jas ... Z. Taylor, Br. Bd. General en Gefe, Exercito de los Estados Unidos.

Quarterly statement of banks for October 1861. Abstract from the quarterly statements of the several banks of the state of New Jersey filed in the office of the Secretary of State, in pursuance of an act approved March 14, 1860. Trenton. N.J. J.

Queries and answers relative to the state of the colony of Connecticut. [s. l., 1769?].

Queries for statesmen and legislators. [n. p. n. d.].

Queries, to the voters of Baltimore County. [Signed] Antismithites, January- 1789. [Baltimore: Printed by William Goddard? 1789]

Query, stated by the secretary of the Treasury, to the committee appointed to inquire into the state of the Treasury department. Alexander Hamilton. secretary of the Treasury. Treasury department, 24th, March, 1794. [Philadelphia, 1794.].

The question settled. Mr. Way is eligible for the mayoralty .... [Signed] Wm. Wirt. Washington June 3, 1822.

Questiones pro module discutiendae D. Edvardo Holyoke Collegij-Harvardini, quod est divina providentia Cantabrigiae, Nov-Anglorum, praeside, in comitiis publicis a Laureae Magistralis Canditatis. Decimo-septimo Calendas Sextilis, MDCCLXVI. [Camb

Questiones pro modulo discutendae sub Reverendo D. Edvardo Holyoke, Collegij-Havardini quod est, divine providentia Cantabrigiae Nov-Anglorum, praeside. In Comitiis publicis a Laureae Magistralis candidatis, Decimo Sexto Calendarum sextilis, MDC

Questiones pro modulo discutiendae sub Reverendo D. Edvardo Holyoke, Collegij-Harvardimi quod est divina providentia Canabrigiae, Nov-Anglorum praeside. In Comitiis publicis a Laureae magistralis candidatis, Decimo-quinto calendarum sextili MDCC

Questiones pro modulo discutiendae sub Reverendo D. Edvardo Holyoke, collegij-Harvardni quod est divina providentia Cantabrigiae, Nov-Anglorum praeside. In comitiis publicis a Laureae Magistralis conditatis, Idibus quintilibus MDCCLXI.

Questiones pro modulo discutiendae sub Reverndo D. Edvardo Holycke, Collegij-Harvardini quod est, Divina Providentia, Cantabrigae Nov anglorvm praeside. In Comitiis publicis a luareae Magistralis Candidatis: MDCCXLI.

Questions and answers about the new national life insurance co. The other day a stranger walked into the office of one of our large bankers, when the following conversation ensued. ... Applications for life insurance can be made to [n. p. n. d.]

Questions asked and answered. A short catechism for everyday use. From the Philadelphia Inquirer [n. d.].

Quincy Tufts, fashionable, fancy and staple goods, No. 105 Washington St. Boston ... [1869].

R. Hoe. & co. manufacturers of single and double cylinder printing machines, Washington and Smith hand presses, self-inking machines, steam engines, cast steel saws, machinery, &c. &c. &c ... New York. Geo. W. Wood. printer. [c. 1846].

The raccoon's feast. Arcadia, [Calif.], Raccoon Press, c1963.

Radical cure of abdominal hernia or rupture, without inconvenience to the patient or restriction in exercise or diet. [New York, 1867].

The radical. A religious magazine. Ed. by S. H. Morse. Published by Adams & Co. Boston.

Rail passenger service via Pennsylvania railroad in connection with rail passenger service between Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul effective September 1, 1928. Northwest airways, Inc. and transcontinental air transport, Inc. in connection with

Rail road celebration, November 18th 1835. [Norwich, 1835].

Railroad Directory. New York, 1854?

Railroad dining rooms in the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore railroad depot, Philadelphia ... Philadelphia. Colbert, Pr. 55 S. Fourth Street [1861].

Railroad electioneering. The determination now manifested by the officers of the Stonington railroad to rule or ruin the state, indicates that they will again be meddling with our elections ... [Signed] Justice.

Railroad reform, from the Providence Daily Post, September 5th, 1854.

Railroad reform. In my previous articles, I have attempted and I hope not wholly without success, to show that discrimination by the railroad corporations is a palpable violation of their charters and that it is also contrary to justice and publ

Railroads in the kingdom of Belgium compared with those in the United States ... [Signed] F.A. Chevalier de Gerstner. Cincinnati. 25th June 1839.

Railway communication between North and Central and South America. A memorial on the subject to the Congress of the United States by Hinton Rowan Helper. St. Louis, Missouri, October 12, 1882.

Raleigh, N. C., Sept. 30, 1871. Hon. H. L. Bond. Judge United States circuit court. Sir: We have the honor in the interest of the peace of the people to North Carolina to address you this note. The fact that a secret, unlawful organization, call

Rally for the Union!!

Rally to avoid the draft! A meeting will be held at Osgoods' Hall, in Ilion, on Saturday evening, February 4th, 1865, to adopt definite measures to obtain volunteers to fill the quota of this town, and to raise the necessary ready means for that

Rank and distinguishing marks in the Navy and Marines. [1918?].

Rare Americana. Interesting collection of R. H. W. Dwight. Exhibited in galleries of the Boston art club. Indian documents and slave bills of Massachusetts. [Reprint from Boston daily globe. Wednesday, May 3, 1905].

Rare opportunity! 100 of T. Gilbert & Co's grand, parlor grand and square piano fortes must be sold immediately at auction prices ... Boston, F. A. Searle, Steam job printer, Journal building, 118 Washington Street [1861].

Rates of charges between New-York, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Havre de Grace, Baltimore and Washington ... [184-?].

Rates of insurance in the port of Boston, from March to September 1826. [Boston 1826].

Rates of toll to be charged on the Philadelphia, and Columbia, and Allegheny Portage railways, from and after the first day of March, 1838. Theo Fenn, Printer.

Rattler! Winner of the great stallion stake on Long Island, Sept. 30, 1850.---- Time 2.46. Will stand for the use of mares at the stable of the subscriber, in Kingsbury. N. Y. ... James Bigart. Kingsbury, April 16th, 1853.

"Brave new world.". New York Oct. 31, 1937.

The raven. [Facsimile of a manuscript] exhibited for the first time at Yale University Library in honor of the 150th birthday celebration of Edgar Allan Poe. Courtesy of Richard Gimbel. [New Haven? 1949?].

Ravenswood. This thorough bred son of the famous imported Sir Harry, out of the imported Dutchess, whose pedigree is given below ... will stand the ensuing season, commencing on the 15th of March, and ending on the 1st of July, at Middleburg, in

Raymond High School Prize speaking contest. Monday, March 9. Methodist Church 8 P. M ... Admission 25 c.

Circular. It is evident our Southern brethren could not avoid their present rebellion. The inexorable logic of events compelled them into it ... They were forced to choose between the Union without slavery or slavery sustained by a despotism whi

In order to promote the recruiting of the Massachusetts quota, both of volunteers and of Militia, I respectfully recommend that throughout the Commonwealth ... business generally be suspended during the afternoon of the coming week, and that the

[Orders to U. S. troops stationed in Virginia dated January, 14, 17, 4th, 28, 29, 10th 1800.].

Re-opening of the Quincy hair-dressing and bathing rooms basement of the Quincy House. Cor. of Brattle St. and Square, Boston ... Boston, Geo. B. Hamlin, Printer. [n. d.].

Re-union. Washington, January 1869.

Read and remember! ... "Buy me and I'll do you good." Dr. Langley's root and herb pills ... Boston [1855?].

Read electors! The sentiments of the firm friend of liberty, Dr. William James Macneven. New York, 29th March, 1834.

Read this and pass it on. Leaflet No. 1. A talk by Uncle Abe ... December 1, 1899.

Read this! Let the following extract from a patriotic letter by Gen. Hovey and his Indiana Colonels stationed at Helena, Ark., to the democracy of Indiana, sink deep into the heart of every lover of his country. "In this dark hour of our country

Read! Read!! Read!! Important letters, that should be read by every voter in Ohio, before casting his ballot on the 12th of October, 1875. Greenbacks in the East. Letters from Wendell Phillips and Governor Curtis ... Workingmen's appeal. To the

Read! Wake up before it is too late! Speech of Mr. Updike upon the resolution to discharge the Committee selected by a Board of Managers to report upon the "Registered state debt" May session, 1842.

Read!! Pause and reflect. Van Buren is in favor of negroes voting, and opposed to the poor white man's enjoying this inestimable privilege!

Read, circulate and show Minnesoteans who offer their local bonds for sale. Minnesota state bonds. Complete answer to Governor Horace Austin's message. Facts against opinions. From New York "Evening Post," January 16th, 1871.

Read, ponder, and reflect. Astounding disclosure! A voice of warning to the people of the South. General Scott proved by one of his own supporters (an abolitionist) to be in favor of the repeal of the fugitive slave law, and that he will if elec

Reading for the soldiers. Tract House, 28 Cornhill. Boston, May 25, 1861.

Reading of the Declaration of independence White Plains, July 11, 1776 (From a painting by George Albert Harker - Courtesy Westchester Title and Trust Co.) New York's declaration of independence ... Compliments of The Westchester County Historic

Reading, Berks County, Pa. 1841. Dear Sir: On behalf of the Committee of correspondence of the Whig Party of Berks County, I take the liberty of requesting from you such information as you may possess, or can readily obtain, respecting the state

Ready navigator; or, Traverse table. [n. p.] [c. 1853].

The real Chicago platform, as expounded by the Democratic orators at Chicago ... For sale by all news agents. [n. p. 1864?].

The real Chicago platform, as expounded by the Democratic orators at Chicago. [1864?].

Real estate. The subscriber would respectfully inform the citizens of Boston and vicinity that he has opened an office in Phoenix Building, Room 8 ... N. D. Rich ... Boston, Aug. 1st, 1860.

The real meaning of prosperity. By Herbert Myrick. 1909. [Edition from "Farm and Home." Chicago and Springfield, Mass.: Phelps Publishing Co.].

Reappaisements of merchandise by U.S. General appraisers, Treasury department. Office of the Secretary. Washington, Jun 28, 1909.

Reason against any of His Majesty's Council voting, or using their influence in the ensuing election ... [New York, 1769].

Reasons why Mr. Southard ought not to be elected by the Legislature to supply the vacancy in the Senate, created by the resignation of Dr. Bateman ... [Signed] Real inhabitant of New-Jersey. January 15, 1829.

Reasons why Senate bill 213 House bill 112 which has been reported back recommended by your committees with amendments, should be passed ... [Washington, D. C. 1877?].

"The greatest possible freedom of trade." [n. p.] 1888.

Rebel echoes. No. 1-4 [n. p. 1880.]

Rebel prison experience, by H. Boaze, late sergeant Co. E. 44th Indian Vol. Inf. Taken in action at Stone River, Tenn., Dec. 31, 1862. Old Libby. Neenah, Wis. Blair & Huie, printers [c. 1891].

Rebel terms of peace! Citizens of Indiana. The Copperhead politicians of our State are crying out for "peace on any terms", and they tell you it is a very easy matter to "compromise with our misguided southern brethren." To clearly understand th

Rebel terms of peace! Citizens of Maine! The Copperhead politicians of our State are crying out for "peace on any terms," and they tell you it is a very easy matter to "comprimise with our misguided southern brethren." To clearly understand the

Rebel war claims! Grand raid on the Treasury. How loyal men are to be taxed!!. What Democratic retrenchment means. [Washington, D. C.? 1876?].

Recantations of Robert Hooper, John Pedrick, Robert Hooper, Jun, George M’Call, Richard Reed and Henry Sanders In Committee of Sayety. Cambridge, May 4, 1775 … Printed and sold in Queen Street [1775].

Receipts for the most approved summer beverages ... [n. p. c. 1853].

Received at the Treasury of Virginia, from the 1st day of January to the 30th day of September, 1814, both days included ... [Richmond, 1814].

Received at the treasury of Virginia, from the 1st day of October to the 31st day of December 1813, both days included. [Richmond 1814].

Recent notices of the Salt House Press. Baltimore Evening Sun, October 31, 1934.

Reception of the Prince of Wales in Boston Thursday, October 18, 1860.

The recollections of a small boy by Charles E. Fairman. First Baptist Church of Fairfax, Vt. Aug. 29, 1938.

A recommendation from the convention of the Congregational ministers, at Boston, May 26, 1790 [That only properly qualified members of regular associations be asked to discharge the ministerial office.] Simeon Howard, moderator of the Convention

Reconstruction!! An appeal to the Patriotic National Republican members of Congress … most respectfully submitted, by Anthony M. Dignowity, of San Antonio, Texas, December 4, 1865.

Reconstruction. Letter from Peter Cooper to President Johnson. [186-M].

Reconstruction. Peter Cooper to President Johnson. [186-?].

Record of a nine months' regiment at the Battle of Gettysburg, The 151st regiment, Penna. volunteers ... List of losses at Gettysburg, by companies. Hamburg, Pa. The Item printing house. [186-].

Record of the National Republican party ... [1871?].

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