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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Record of the Republican party in behalf of liberty and equal rights Washington, D. C. [1871].

A record of the absence of President Grant and cabinet from the seat of government to the neglect of the people's business. [n. p., 1872].

A record of the statesmanship and political achievements of S. Grover Cleveland Democratic nominee for President of the United States, Compiled from the records by a citizen 1884.

Record of the valuation of lands and town property, in the several counties throughout the state ... Ralph Osborn, Auditor of State. George Nashee, State printer.

Red River riot ... M. L. Pickens. late local editor of the "Times" The Coushatta times Extra edition, Coushatta, La. September 5th, 1874.

The Red cross wants you needs you expects you to enroll now for 1920 membership Only $1.00 necessary ... [Washington, D. C. 1919].

Reduced chart of Claypool's ancestral chart ... [1897].

Reduced. The great central Pennsylvania rail road route to the west ... Rates of fare ... New-York. Booth & Norton, Steam Job printers, 28 Frankfort street. August, 1857.

A redwood park. A project for securing to the state a body of Redwood forest, and to perpetuate it for the public benefit. [Reprinted from the San Mateo County Times and Gazette of January 1, 1887].

Reed's Southern Central R. R. home magazine Official.--- July & August, 1870. Devoted to useful knowledge, home amusements, and the interests of the local travelling public. [Prospectus].

Reform! Dr. Urban's anti-bacchanalian elixir: a safe and sure remedy for the cure of intemperance, and is entirely a concentrated vegetable extract .... [Louisville 1852].

The Reformed German church lottery. For raising the sum of six hundred pounds New-York currency, to be applied towards discharging the yet remaining debts of said church ... New ork, April 13, 1772 [New York, 1772].

Refulationen fur das Louisville Deutsche Casino. [1873].

Refutation of a base slander [Regarding Thomas M. Woodruff] American Ensign Office, 104 Nassau Street. [1844].

Refutation. To the Democratic party of Allegheny County. A paper called the Aurora, and professing to be Democratic, having made a charge against me ... I published in the morning post, the following plain denial of the charge ... George R. Ridd

Regeneracion. This is your cause; That of each one of you.

Regimental order No. 33. Head Quarters. 3d regiment. C. M. Franklin. Aug. 17th, 1858. [s. l.]

Regimental orders. Agreeable to a resolution of a regimental court of enquiry for the 19th regiment, held at the Bell Tavern on the 15th of November last ... Thomas Nicolson, Secretary March 15, 1807. Extracts from the militia laws now in force

Regimental orders. City of Richmond, May 24, 1809 ... [Signed] Geo W. Smith. Lt. Col. Commander, 19th regiment Virginia militia. [Richmond, 1809].

Regimental orders. Third regiment, first brigade, fourth division. Bowdoin, July 20th, 1822.

Register. Purchasers of membership certificates must register their names ... below as indicated in order to be properly recorded on the roll of honor.

Registration! An accordance with the provisions of Chapter 251 of the act of 1878, notice is hereby given to all persons desiring to register their names as voters, to present themselves for registration ... Selectmen of Reading. Reading. Oct. 9

Registration. In accordance with the provisions of chapter 251, of the acts of 1878, notice is hereby given to all persons desiring to register their names as voters, to present themselves for registration ... Selectmen of Reading. Reading, Marc

Registration. Notice is hereby given to all persons desiring to register their names as voters, to present themselves for registration ... Selectmen of Reading. Reading, March 18, 1884.

Registration. Notice is hereby given to all persons desiring to register their names as voters, to presents themselves for registration. The selectmen will be at their office Saturday afternoons & evenings, Oct. 13th, 20th, and 27th ... Selectme

Regni Annae Reginae decimo. Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. An act made and passed by the great and General Court or Assembly of Her Majesty's province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, held at Boston the 17th day of October, 1711. An

Regular Democratic Ticket. Ward 8. 1864 [Boston, 1864]

Regular Republican ticket for Norfolk County Nov. 7, 1865.

Regular line of clipper ships for San Francisco. Elegant California Clipper ship!! ... Cornelius Comstock & Co ... New York [185-?].

... A regular meeting of the above society, will be held at the Old Court Room, on Tuesday evening next, October 12th, 1841, at 7 o'clock .... J. W. Calvin, Rec. Sec. Oct. 9, 1841.

Regular monthly meeting of the Young men's Christian association, Washington, D. C. Monday evening, September20, 1869. Order of exercises. [Washington, D. C. 1869].

Regular monthly meeting of the Young men's Christian association, Washington, D. C., at Lincoln Hall, in their new building, cor. 9th and D sts., Monday evening, October 18, 1869. Order of exercises. [Washington, D. C.1869].

Regular ticket. Ward 11. Union Republican ticket. 1863 ... [Boston] Wright & Potter, printers. 1863.

Regular ticket. Ward II Union Republican ticket. For mayor Edward S. Tobey ... [Boston] Wright & Potter, printers, No. 4 Spring Lane. [1861].

Regulating and paving streets. Proposals in writing, will be received at the office of the street commissioner, in the City-Hall, until Thursday, the 6th of November, for the following purposes, viz ... [Signed] John S. Hunn, Street- Commissione

Regulations and additional instructions in relation to the assessment and collection of taxes to carry into effect the amendments of the tax laws, made by an act to amend the tax laws, approved June 10, 1864, and an act to amend an act for the r

Regulations and instructions in reference to the receipt of four per cent certificates, in payment of the tax on coin, moneys held abroad, &c. Richmond, November 1, 1864,.

Regulations and instructions more accurately defining the intent and meaning of paragraph 1 section 1 of the act of amend the tax laws, approved 14th June 1864. Richmond, August 12, 1864.

Regulations as to bonds and certificates of stock to be issued under the war tax act and the acts supplementary thereto. Confederate states of America, Treasury department, Richmond, January 16th, 1862.

Regulations as to cases wherein the tax on moneys on hand or on deposit is claimed to have been erroneously paid. Richmond, January 20th, 1864.

Regulations for a system of letter carriers in the cities of the United States, under the 41st section of the "Act to change the organization of the Post Office department." Approved 2d July 1836. [Washington, D. C. 1836].

Regulations for the Belle lettre club. [Dated in Mss. New York, Feb. 24, 1795] [Positive Photostat].

Regulations in reference to four per cent certificates informally assigned, which have been received in payment of taxes. Richmond, July 27, 1864.

Regulations in relation to the receipt of four per cent certificates and bonds from agents who have funded the moneys of their principals in their own names, to pay the taxes of principals. Richmond, June 24, 1864.

Regulations of sundry articles, at the Town-meeting at Portsmouth, October 1st, 1779 [Portsmouth, 1779] Positive Photostat.

Regulations of the Library of Congress [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Regulations of the Port and Harbour of Georgetown. ... Ratified in Town Council, the 12th March 1807 and in the 31st year of American independence. [Georgetown, S. C. 1807].

Regulations on the Board of Health, of the Village of Lansingburgh ... A Kirkpatrick, printer, Gazette office. [1867].

Regulations relative to the admission of cadets into the military academy ... B. F. Butler Secretary of war ad interim. Ferbruary 15, 1837.

Regulations relative to the admission of cadets into the military academy ... John C. Spencer, Secretary of war. War Department, July 13, 1842. [Washington, 1842].

Regulations to be observed in the delivery and distribution of fuel and straw to the garrisons on the sea coast, and recruiting parties. Given at the War-office of the United States in Philadelphia, this twenty-sixth day of December, A. D. 1797.

Regulations. Inaugural ball, March 4, 1897, Pension office, Judiciary square, Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C. Gibson Bros. prs. [1897].

Regulations. [Roxbury, 1846].

A regulator for Crazy Will's death-watch; or P----- J-----a's witchcraft explain'd. A letter, &c. July 30 1761. [An answer from a gentleman in Connecticut to his friend in New-York respecting supplies, &c. for the Connecticut troops.] [New-Haven

Reimchen über das fruszwaschen; win Seitenstückzueinem Gedicht in der "Kirchen-Harfe." Nro. 183.

Reinterment of the remains of John Howard Payne at Oak Hill, Washington, D. C. Saturday, June 9, 1883. [Washington, D. C.] Gibson Bros prs. [1883].

Rejoinder to Mr. Rives. Estimates for printing. Washington, May 27, 1854.

A relation of Captain Bull, concerning the Mohawks at Fort-Albany, May 1689. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green, 1689].

The relation of the individual to the State. [Description of the painting] [New York, 1905].

A relation of the misfortunes of the French neutrals, as laid before the Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania, by John Baptiste Galerm one of the said people. [Philadelphia, 1756].

The relations of the government to the Indian tribes. Letter to Hon. James Doolittle, U. S. Senator, from Wisconsin. Philadelphia, January 31, 1863.

Release all class prisoners … General Defense Committee … Chicago, Ill. … Wm. D. Haywood. [1906-07?].

Released for publication Saturday morning September 15, 1923. By the Governor of Illinois A proclamation ... I further designate Monday, the 17th day of September, of the present year, as Constitution day ... Len. Small.

Reliable information for all whom it may concern. In regard to the so-called Australian Electoral ballot, invented and introduced at a general election by Geo Wm. Smith of Rolla, Mo., in 1882 and again in 1886 at my expense and risk, for the ben

Relics shown in a tent erected in Franklin School House hall, Washington street, near Dover, February 26th and 27th from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. for the benefit of the children's mission, represented by Rev. Henry Morgan ... Boston. J. H. & F. F. F

Relief department. Statement of receipts and disbursements for the month of December, 1918.

Relief department. Statement of receipts and disbursements for the month of July, 1919.

Relief for starving thousands. People of Pennsylvania:- In those districts of Great Britain which are devoted to the cotton manufacture, there is actual or impending starvation ... Contributions may be sent to A. G. Cattell, Esq, Treasurer of th

Religious experience ... Newburyport. Printed by W. & J. Gilman, 9 State-Street [n. d.].

Religious liberty protected by the constitution and the Geghan bill. [n. p. 1875.].

Religious notice. Rev. A. Chandler, will preach at the Brick school house, in Upper Alton, on Saturday evening, March 27th, 1841 at half past 6 o'clock ... He will preach at the above place, on Sabbath evening next, at candlelighting. March 27,

Religious worship. Chapman (large) Hall is open every Sunday morning, afternoon and evening for religious worship. Preaching at 10.5 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M., by Rev. Edwin Burnham ... Come and worship the Lord with us, when you may be

Remarks addressed to the electors of the State of New-York. In the year 1792 certain affidavits made by Daniel M'Cormich and Alexander M'Comb, intended as an exculpation of the late Governor Clinton from the charge of having speculated in the pu

Remarks of F. H. Walker, made at the banquet of the merchants and manufacturers' association Baltimore. January 25th, 1894.

Remarks of Gerrit Smith on words of the Chief justice ... Peterboro, July 10, 1867.

Remarks of Hon. James A. Garfield, in the House of representatives, April 14, 1866, on the first anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln. House of representatives. Saturday, April 14, 1866.

Remarks of Mr, Mangum of North Carolina, in the Senate of the United States, February 25th, 1834. The following extracts from Mr. Mangum's speech on the Memorial of citizens of North Carolina remonstrating against the removal of the public funds

Remarks of Mr. Cyrus W. Field, at the International telegraphic conference, Rome December 28th 1871.

Remarks of Robert E. C. Stearns on the late Professor Joseph Henry, before the California academy of sciences, May 20th, 1878; and resolutions of the Academy, June 17th, 1878.

Remarks of Senator Blaine at the Minneapolis Fair, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 1878.

Remarks on "Reasons why Mr. Southard ought not to be elected by the Legislature to supply the vacancy in the Senate, created by the resignation of Dr. Bateman.

Remarks on the pay of surgeons of the Navy. [n. p. n. d.].

Remarks on the slave-trade ... Printed and sold by Samuel Wood, No. 362 Pearl-Street [1807].

Remarks upon the resolves of the new committee. I consider it as a great misfortune, that before I entered upon this business, I had no opportunity of consulting the gentleman, who was the author of the truly elegant and learned criticisms on th

Remember Brownsville. [n. p. 1906].

Remonstrance against dividing Willingborough township. To the honorable the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey ... Beverly, February 15, 1859.

Remonstrance and protest against the annexation of Texas. To the Honorable the Senate and House of representatives of the United States in Congress assembled ... [n. p. n. d.].

The remonstrance of Richard Ward Esq; concerning the mortgage. [Newport: Printed by Ann Franklin, 1737] [Positive Photostat].

Removal! Store to be taken down! Bargains in good clothing! Prices marked down to close out stock ... Macullar & Williams, one-price clothing store. 158 Washington Street, Boston.

Removal. Messrs Dix. & Edwards would announce to the trade, that on the 1st of February their publishing establishment will be removed to the fine central position No. 321 Broadway. [Advertisement of books in press] [New York, 185-?].

Renovation and reconstruction for the south-west circle, and eventually for the planet Earth and all the inhabitants thereof, to commence with the Noachic inspired culture of the manipulative forces or sensations in family boat building, and thu

Reply of Russell T. Noyes to David M. Foster and others. in regard to his (Noyes's) right to a seat in the New Hampshire House of representatives. Concord. N. H. July 14, 1879.

Reply to Bobalition of slavery. [Cuts] Dialogue between Scipio and Cato, and Sambo and Phillis, occasioned by reading the account of Bobalition proceedings, as detailed in a letter from Cesar Gobbo, to his friend Marco Mushy, residing in the cou

Reply to Gen. Butler's letter. The following letter from General Butler appeared in the New Regime, his own organ, published in Norfolk, and has been copied into some of the papers in the country. Lest it may mislead the public, I propose to exp

Reply to a member of Congress, who asked me the following question: "What do you deem the best way to cut down our revnue?" ... George Draper. [Washington, D. C. 189-?].

... Report [of ] the Committee on the public buildings, to whom was referred so much of the President's message, of December 8th, as relates to the progress of the public buildings ... February 7, 1827.

Report and statement of accounts to 31st December, 1878. [London] Metchim & Son, 32, Clement's Lane, E. C. [1879].

Report of Orison Blunt to the Loyal national league. [New York. n. d.].

Report of committee on tobacco warehouses Richmond & Manchester. [n. d.].

Report of the Bank committee. [Regarding the Bank of Virginia and Farmers' Bank of Virginia] [n. d.].

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