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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Report of the Committee appointed in June last to raise and disburse funds to volunteer militia ... [Norristown, 1863].

Report of the Committee of finance. The Committee of Finance have, according to order, prepared an estimate of the probable expenses and receipts of the current year, which they beg leave to report. Expenses of the Commonwealth from 1st of Octob

Report of the Committee of finance. The Committee of finance, have, according to order, examined into the state of the debts due from the Commonwealth; of the revenue and expences of the year ending on the 30th of September 1814 ... [Richmond 18

Report of the Committee of the Rhode Island historical society on the Old Indian steatite pottery ... The above report was received and adopted by the Society, December 4th, 1879, and the undersigned were appointed a committee to carry into exec

Report of the Committee of the trustees of Dartmouth College on the recent investigation in reference to that institution ... 1881.

Report of the Committee on silver coinage of the New York board of trade and transportation. (Adopted at the monthly meeting December 9, 1885.).

Report of the Committee on the subject of assuming payment of the direct tax. presented to the House of Delegates, December 15th, 1814. [Richmond, 1814.].

Report of the Planters' bank of Tennessee Nashville, Oct. 1, 1859.

Report of the Secretary of state, on the memorial of Antonia Carmichael, widow of William Carmichael, deceased. 23d February, 1797. committed to the whole house to-morrow. Published by order of the House of Representatives. [Philadelphia: Printe

Report of the bank committee. The Committee appointed by the House of Delegates, or either of them, have come to the decision to refuse payment in specie of their respective notes when presented for payment ... [Richmond, 1814].

Report of the children's asylum. presented at a meeting of the Board of Guardians of the poor. May 20, 1833. Philadelphia, 1833.

Report of the committee appointed to examine the state bank. Jan. 8th, 1827.

Report of the committee appointed to examine the treasurer's accounts. The joint committee of both houses, have, according to order, examined the treasurer's accounts from the 1st day of January to the 30th day of September 1814 ... [Richmond, 1

The report of the committee of the General Court relating to the settlement of North-Yarmouth, with the order of Court for accepting the same in their sitting begun Jan. 29, 1733.

Report of the committee on revision of the laws of the corporation for the relief of the widows and children of clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New York. New York. September 30th, 1874.

Report of the committee on the abolishment of capital punishments. To the Honorable the General Assembly January session, A. D. 1838. The subscribers, two of the Committee appointed to revise the penal code, respectfully represent.

Report of the committee on the resources of the town. The following report was presented to the Town at the May meeting; it was then ordered to be printed, and the consideration thereof referred to the adjournment on Thursday, 14th June, instant

Report of the committee to whom was referred the bill, entitled "An act for rebuilding the light-house on Gurnet point at the entrance of Plymouth harbour; for rebuilding the light-house at the eastern and of New-Castle Island; for erecting a li

Report on botany and vegetable physiology, read at a meeting of the Historical society, held at the New-York institution, on the 8th day of April, 1817. [New York, 1817].

Report to the President by the Secretary of state. To the President ... T. F. Bayard. Department of State. Washington, October 29, 1888.

Report to the board of trustees of the Human betterment foundation for the year ending February 8, 1938.

Report, in part of the Committee who were directed by a resolution of the House, of the twenty-fourth ultimo. to enquire into the expediency of amending the several acts providing for the sale of the public lands of the United States. 2d Decembe

Report. The Committee on roads and highways, to whom was referred a resolution, instructing them "to inquire, and report, by bill or otherwise, whether, and if any, what provision is necessary to be made by this General Assembly, for the preserv

... The Report. The committee appointed "to see if the town will apply to the justices of the Court of sessions to have a building erected in this town to be used by the County as a House of correction, or adopt any other measures that may tend

Report. Young Man's Republican Union, Head Quarters, Stuyvesant Institute ... [New York. 1860].

A representation of the figures exhibited and paraded through the streets of Phladelphia, on Saturday, the 30th of September, 1780.

Representative. Francis A. Osborne. Election Tuesday, November 4, 1884.

Representatives for the session of 1848-9 [Indiana] giving the names, ages, post office, county represented, nativity, years in state, sessions served, boarding house, occupation, politics, married or single, and remarks. by Samuel Merrill Dougl

A reprint of the first [sic] publication of "A visit from St. Nicholas." [n. p., ca. 1919].

A reprint, with some additions, Document: State of New York, No. 26. In convention, July 12, 1867. Memorial from Dr. Francis Lieber, relative to verdicts of jurors. New York, June 26th, 1867.

Republic of Georgia. Ordinance of secession, passed Jan'ry 19, 1861. with the names of the signers. An ordinance to dissolve the Union between the State of Georgia and other states united with her under a compact of government, entitled "The con

Republican & Democrat -- Extra. West Chester, October 11, 1844. Chester County election returns for 1844--- Official.

The Republican Presidential candidate. "Nominate the right man." [n. p., 1876].

... Republican Union nomination Election Sept. 3, 1833. For Governor. Ezra Meech. For Lieut. Governor. Jed. H. Harris. For treasurer. Benjamin Swan. For Councillors [12 names] Burlington, Vt. 1833.

Republican and Independent head-quarters, 166 Washington street, Boston, July 24, 1884. My dear Sir: -We enclose with this a copy of the address adopted by the National Conference of Republicans and Independents, held at New York, July 22 ... Da

Republican anti-caucus ticket. For President John Quincy Adams, For Vice-President Some tried and approved patriot. Ticket. [24 candidates] [Virginia 1824].

Republican campaign song, 1884. Three cheers for Blaine and Logan! By William A. McNeal. [n. p.] [c. 1884].

The Republican candidate for state treasurer in character. His arrest for attempted bribery of election inspectors. The villainy bushed up. From the Rochester Union of November 1, 1879.

The Republican candidate. Thomas Talbot. A sketch of his life. his letter of acceptance. [1878].

Republican committee of seventy-six, Washington 5 June, 1840. Sir. I am directed to inform you that a state meeting of he Republican Committee of seventy-six of the District of Columbia, will be held at the usual place on Monday, the 8th day of

Republican extra--- St. Louis, March 5, 5. P. M. President Taylor's inaugural address. Washington, Monday, March 5, 1839 [i. e. 1849] [St. Louis, 1849].

Republican institution. Boston, February 22d, 1819. Sir. You are respectfully requested to attend the adjourned meeting of the subscribers to the Republican Institution, on Tuesday evening the 2d day of March next ... [Boston, 1819] Verso has An

Republican meeting in Harford. A public meeting was held in Hartford, on the 11th of February, 1856, in pursuance of a call from many citizens, to take into consideration the present exigencies in political affairs, and preliminary to the format

Republican meeting. At a primary meeting of the Republicans of the town of Providence, on the evening of the 13th of August, A. D. 1825 to consult on the propriety of holding another meeting, and devosing measures to be pursued in the approachin

Republican nomination. At a meeting of a number of Republican electors from the city and various parts of the county of Albany, held at the Albany coffee-house, in the said city, on the 19th day of April, 1902. [Positive Photostat].

Republican nomination. At a meeting of the Republican members of the Legislature of this state, and a number of other respectable citizens from different parts of the state, held at the Assembly Chamber, in the City of Albany, on the evening of

Republican nomination. At a numerous and respectable meeting of the Republicans of the county of Dutchess, convened pursuant to public notice, at Kelsey's Long-Room, in the town of Poughkeepsie, on Wednesday evening, April 1st, 1807 ... [Poughke

Republican nominations. At a meeting of the Republican members of the Legislature, together with a number of other citizens of the Western district, held at Wendell's hotel, in the City of Albany, on Monday, the 29th day of March, 1803 ... The f

Republican nominees. 1888. [Specimen sheet] Philadelphia MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan Co. [c. 1888].

The Republican party in danger of defeat, and some of the causes. San Francisco, Cal., December 12th, 1870.

The Republican party's fidelity to the interests of labor. History of the eight-hour law. Grant and Wilson its faithful supporters. [Washington, D. C. 186-?].

The Republican party. Address of the Republican Congressional committee to the party. Review of the history of the party - what it has accomplished - Work yet to be done - Success of President Grant's administration. [Washington, D. C. 1872?].

The Republican party. The friend of education at the South. The educational fund bill. [Washington, D. C.? 1871?].

Republican platform. The Republicans of Pennsylvania, appealing again to the people … [Harrisburg, 1867?].

Republican promise and performance ... Workingmen: turn the Republicans out. Vote for Cleveland ... [n. p. 1884].

The Republican rally. Tune - Hold the fort. For the National convention of the Boys in blue, 1876 By Wm. Oland Bourne. [New York? 1876].

Republican star campaign song ... We'll go for Hayes and Wheeler. Air:- "Yankee Doodle" Melrose, Mass. 1876.

Republican state central committee. Hartford, Ct., February, 1863. Republicans and union men of Connecticut. A state election is soon to take place more important than any which has occurred since the foundation of our government. ... [Signed] J

Republican state convention. The outrage perpetrated by the last Congress in repealing the Missouri compromise, has resulted in the election of an almost unanimous representation in the next Congress from the free states, hostile to the extensio

Republican ticket [1865].

Republican ticket. First ward. For mayor. Sayles J. Bowen. For alderman D. M. Davis. For Councilmen W. H. A. Wormley. J. F. Murray Jersine Johnson. For assessor Henry Parker. [Washington, D. C. 1870].

Republican ticket. For Governor John A. Andrew, of Boston. For Lieut- Governor, Joel Hayden, of Williamsburg ... [1862].

Republican ticket. For Governor. William H. Bulkeley. For Lieutenant Governor, John D. Candee. For Secretary of State, Stiles T. Stanton. For treasurer, Julius Converse. For comptroller, Frank D. Sloat. For representative in Congress, John T. Wa

Republican ticket. For President Abraham Lincoln of Illinois. For Vice President Hannibal Hamlin of Maine. Electors of President and Vice President [11 names] For Governor Richard Yates ... 1860. [s. l.]

Republican ticket. For electors of President and vice-president of the United States. Frank W. Cheney. J. Howard Wittemore. Henry R. Kibbe. Edward F. Jones. William A. Slater. William G. Harding. For Governor, Morgan G. Bulkeley ... [s. l., 1888

Republican ticket. For electors of president and vice president of the United States. Henry B. Norton, Abijah Catlin, Amos Pease, Erastus Brainerd, Eugene S. Boss, Phineas C. Lounsbury. For Governor: Hobart B. Bigelow ... [s. l., 1880].

Republican ticket. Grant and Wilson. For electors of President and Vice president .... For Governor. William B. Washburn of Greenfield.. [1871].

Republican ticket. James T. Austin, Thomas Welsh, Jr., Samuel A. Wells, Thomas Kendall, N.P. Russell, Caleb Loring [Massachusetts? 182-?]

Republicanism in Connecticut. Why its poor progress? ... [Signed] Mark Howard. Hartford, Jan. 18th, 1869.

Republicans of Old Greene, rally at the call of your country ... We repeat again, turnout and hear the principles of one of the purest Republicans of the age, defended, that of Gen. Jackson. Many voters. September 2d, 1840.

Republicans! Democrats! A word with you about negro suffrage ... [Signed] Oliver Ellsworth. [1869?].

The Republics of the United States and France ... Louis A. Cuvillier. [1918].

Republikanische dokumente. [Pennsylvania resolutions against extension of slavery] [1820].

Republikanische platform und candidaten für Präsident der Ver. Staaten: Abraham Lincoln, von Illinois. Für Vice Präsident: Hannibal Hamlin, von Maine ... [n. p. 1860].

Requisition for straw, cor Capt. company of Virginia militia, from the regiment, in the county of, called into actual service under the general orders of the day of 181. now at [181-].

Resolution - Passed by the General City and County convention elected to revised the rules for Native American nominations for general County officers - convened at the Native American rooms, February 6th, 1846.

Resolution No. 171. Adopted at National convention of the American federation of labor Atlantic City, June 18, 1919 .... Buy war savings stamps. [1919].

Resolution of the Legislature of the State of North Carolina in relation to the pay of disabled soldiers. [Richmond? 1865].

Resolutions [expressing loyalty to the Union. Annapolis. 1861].

Resolutions [relating to interference by the slavery in the prosecution of the war. Annapolis. 1861].

Resolutions adopted at the ex-soldiers' and sailors' convention, at Chicago, January 22 and 23, 1873.

Resolutions adopted by the citizens of Fairfax County, Va., in public meeting assembled at Fairfax, C. H., on Saturday, April 27, 1861.

Resolutions adopted unanimously at an impeachment meeting, held at Pottsville, Penna., March 11th, 1867.

Resolutions agreed to in Committee of the whole, July 27, 1799. [13 resolutions amending the Kentucky constitution]. [Frankfort? Kentucky 1799].

Resolutions and proceedings in Committee of the whole, on the 31st day of July 1799. [2 resolutions amending the Kentucky constitution]. [Frankfort? Kentucky 1799].

Resolutions and proceedings in committee of the whole, on the 1st day of August, 1799. [3 resolutions amending the Kentucky constitution]. [Frankfort? Kentucky 1799].

Resolutions and proceedings in committee of the whole, on the 30th day of July, 1799. [9 resolutions amending the Kentucky constitution]. [Frankfort? Kentucky 1799].

Resolutions and proceedings in committee of the whole, on the 5th day of August, 1799. [10 resolutions for amending the constitution]. [Frankfort? Kentucky 1799].

Resolutions and proceedings in committee of the whole, on the 8th day of August, 1799. [5 resolutions for amending the constitution of Kentucky]. [Frankfort? Kentucky1799].

Resolutions concerning the Real Estate Bank of Virginia. [1814].

... Resolutions expressive of the determination of Georgia to prosecute the present war with the utmost vigor and energy. House of Representatives Jan 11, 1864. [Atlanta?].

Resolutions of the Anti-monopoly association of the Pacific coast. [1874].

Resolutions of the Board of governors of the State bar of California in opposition to adding six additional justices to the Supreme Court of the United States, passed at a regular monthly session held in San Francisco, February 19-20 1937.

Resolutions of the committee of the whole ... New York, October 17, 1883.

Resolutions of the trustees and faculty of Cornell University on the death of Professor William Alexander Hammond [1938].

Resolutions passed at a national convention of liquor dealers, held at Chicago, November 24, & 25 1869.

Resolutions passed by Post No. 1, Dept. of New Mexico, G. A. R. at a regular meeting held at Santa Fe. N. M., November 13, 1867. [Resolutions regarding the admission into the union of Colorado as a state].

Resolutions passed by the Convention of the people of Arkansas on the 20th day of March, 1861.

Resolutions proposing an article of amendment to the constitution of the United States ... Approved January 17, 1817. [Frankfort, 1817].

Resolutions recommending call for a convention of the United States ... Approved January 25, 1861. [Frankfort, Ky.]

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