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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Should the nullifiers succeed in their views of separation, and the Union be in consequence dissolved, the following will be an appropriate epitah. (Anticipation. Disunited States. January 1, 1834. Epitaphhere ... lie the shattered remains of th

Sign for the honor of Washington. The Washington monument is to be dedicated February 22, 1885, and the rites of the Masonic Lodge - though once excluded - are to be performed by permission of the Congressional Committee ... This distinction sho

Signature to petition on Ten pound Island asked of me by Mr. Vincent Ferrini. [Berkeley, Calif.] Printed for Oyez by The Auerhahn Press, San Francisco, c1964.

Silk workers & dye workers of Paterson. The communist party hails the general strike of the silk dye workers and broad silk workers forward to victory in your fight against the bosses slavery codes of the NRA ... Come to the mass meeting Thurs.

Silver and the farmer. Present prices and those of 1873. From the Congressional record of February 12, 1896.

Silver anniversary luncheon of the Commonwealth Club of California, Palace Hotel San Francisco. February third, nineteen twenty-eight.

Silver campaign meeting will be held at Ardsley Lyceum Hall, Wednesday evening, Sept. 30, at 8 o'clock for the discussion of "Honest Money." ... Invitations have been extended to the Bryan and Sewall Clubs of Yonkers, Hastings, Dobbs Ferry, Irvi

The silver chain. Dedicated to the people of the United States of America. Batesville, Indiana, January 14, 1898.

The silver dollar and the bank dollar. From the Philadelphia North American Jan 16, 1886.

... Simon Newcomb; astonomer, mathematician, economist; 1835-1909. [n. p., n. d.].

The simple life by Herbert P. Orr ... The world is better because God gave us Chase S. Osborn. [n. p. n. d.].

Single meals 25 cents, at the Rail-road exchange, entrance Nos. 25 & 27 Maiden Lane, fronting on Broadway, Albany. ... Abner A. Pound [1847?].

Sir ... For the purpose of raising funds, we have determined, with the assistance of friends to hold in November a fair, as large and attractive as we can render it ... Officers and committee of arrangements, Stonewall Camp, C.V. Portsmouth, Va.

Sir We beg to announce to you, the establishment of an association, under the title of "The Pennsylvania Society for the promotion of internal improvements in the Commonwealth." ... Signed Mathew Carey, Joseph Hemphill [and 3 others] Acting Comm

Sir, As the Committee of Safety is not sitting, I take the liberty to enclose you a copy of the proclamation issued by Lord Dunmore; the design and tendency of which, you will observe, is fatal to the publick safety ... [Signed] P. Henry. Head Q

Sir, At the Quarterly meeting of the Boston Marine Society, held on Tuesday, the third day of May, it was voted, unanimously, to celebrate the centennial anniversary of that charitable and useful institution by holding a special meeting on the 1

Sir, I take the liberty to enclose proposals for a history of the United States, from the first settlemet of the country to the year 1808, written by the late venerated Dr. Ramsay; and continued to the treaty of Ghent, 1814, by the late Presiden

Sir, the annual meeting of the contributors to the Boston Dispensary, will be holden at the hall of the Massachusetts Bank … Boston, October 6, 1829.

Sir, the importance of making any improvement in the preparation of so valuable a medicine as the Peruvian bark is obviously so great, that if any hints herein stated should be deemed to promote that effect, I shall not doubt but that you will r

Sir- Being engaged in compiling a new map and gazetteer of the United States, I have taken the liberty of addressing you on the subject. Will you have the kindness to fill up the following blanks, and also to give me such information as you may

Sir- You are requested to attend at the time and placed hereafter named by ten o'clock each day equipped according to law. For Petty musters at the Court House in Columbia on the 2d Saturday of April, May, July, and on the first Saturday in Sept

Sir. As the Senate will elect their officers, at the ensuing session, I beg leave to offer myself as a candidate for the situatioon of Assistant Door-keeper to that honorable body ... Alexander Scott. Washington City, 13th October, 1831.

Sir. By virtue of the authority vested in us by certain resolutions of the Congress of the Colony of New-York of the day of the day of June, in the year of our Lord, 1776, reciting, That whereas there are in this colony, divers persons, who, by

Sir. Having been appointed by a public meeting held in this city, a Committee of Correspondence to promote the election of Henry Clay, we take the liberty of asking your assistance and co-operation ... [Signed] Richard W. Meade [and 17 others] P

Sir. In conformity to the request of the Senate and House of representatives of the state of Louisiana, I have the honor to transmit to you, the annexed resolution rejecting the amendments proposed to the constitution of the United States, by th

Sir. It is deemed, by our friends in different sections of the state, indispensably necessary, that a State Convention should be holden, composed of delegates from the several counties for the purpose of forming a ticket for State officers ... B

Sir. The Legislature of this state, desirous of establishing a system of criminal jurisprudence, has, by an appointment under the annexed law, honored me with the charge of preparing it ... [Signed by] Edward Livingston. New Orleans, May 1, 1821

Sir. The corporate authorities of this city respectfully solicit your favorable attention to the bill which passed the Senate yesterday for draining the low grounds between 2nd and 7th streets west, a copy of which you will find below. They beli

Sir. The late Whig convention of Indiana at the suggestion of the Whig Central Committee of Tippecanoe, deemed it advisable to hold "another Whig Convention upon the Tippecanoe Battle ground" ... invite you to be present and assist at the Conven

Sir. The outrage committed on Wednesday last on my persons, is doubtless known to you. You may easily imagine that the redress ordinarily given among gentlemen was immediately sought ... Benjamin Tilghman. Philadelphia, March 28, 1828,.

Sir. The subscribers have spared no expence or attention to render the accommodations for travellers, and the entertainment of the citizens, at Gray's Ferry, as complete as possible ... George & Robert Gray. Gray's Ferry. [Pa.] May 20, 1789.

Sir. We have the pleasure to inform you, that at length, after much difficulty, we have succeeded in chartering a vessel to convey to the Greeks, the supplies of food and clothing, contributed by the liberality of our citizens, for the relief of

Sir. We take the liberty of informing you of our intention to publish an original periodical of a character different from any now in existence ... to solicit your assistance as a contributor ... G. P. Putnam & Co. New York. Oct. 1, 1852.

Sir. You are hereby requested to attend a special meeting of the stockholders of the Western rail road corporation, at the Old Court House in Court Square, in the City of Boston, on Thursday the 23d day of November A. D. 1837 ... [Boston, 1837].

Sir. You are invited to attend the First annual commemoration of the opening of the Girard College for orphans, on Monday, the first day of January, 1849, when a discourse will be delivered by Job R. Tyson, Esq., at 10 o'clock, A. M., in the lec

Sir.- The Historical Society of Pennsylvania has instructed us to transmit to you the following letter, with the request that you will reply to it yourself, or exhibit it to such persons in your neighborhood as will probably feel an interest in

Sir: At a meeting of bank officers, held at the Merchants' bank, on the 21st inst., it was agreed that from and after that date, and for thirty days; that the specie held by the banks then associated, should be considered and treated as a common

Sir: By reference to the following letter addressed to me by gentlemen whose names must be familiar to you, you will I cannot doubt, rejoice to learn that it is in contemplation to form an association at this place for the purpose of erecting a

Sir: I am desirous of being elected Secretary to the United States Senate; and I, respectfully, solicit your vote. Estwick Evans. Washington City, November 28, 1836.

Sir: I herewith enclose you, by the direction of the Governor, an Executive warrant , No. [blank] for [blank] dollars, and [blank] cents; the amount of your claim against the state of Maryland; the receipt of which please acknowledge at an early

Sir: I take the liberty of enclosing to you the constitution of the "Native American association of the United States", adopted at a large and respectable meeting held in this City on the 11th instant; and beg your co-operation to carry out the

Sir: It is expected that the Post Office will be removed to the corner of Summer and Chauncy streets at an early period, and I respectfully give notice to holders of boxes that boxes in the new office will be assigned to them without further app

Sir: On behalf of the Republican committee of seventy-six, appointed by the citizens of the District of Columbia friendly to the election of General William Henry Harrison to the Presidency of the United States, we respectfully and cordially add

Sir: The Apollo association for the promotion of the fine arts in the United States have authorized me, their corresponding secretary, to make the design and intentions of that institution known in every city, town and village of our country ...

Sir: The Association of American geologists and naturalists, at its meeting in Boston, on the 24th of September, 1847, resolved itself into the American association for the promotion of science ... [Philadelphia] May 10, 1848.

Sir: The bill "for the ascertainment and satisfaction of claims of American citizens for spoliations committed by the French prior to the 31st of July, 1801" the date of the ratification of the Convention with France of September 30, 1800, was v

... Sir: The following treatise on the culture of hemp and water-rooting, is submitted to the farmers of Missouri and the adjoining states ... David Myerle. Washington City, Jan. 8, 1844.

Sir: The period has arrived when the American people are about to choose their chief magistrate. The issue presented in the canvas is clear and all important. It is plainly, whether Abraham Lincoln ... shall be sustained, and the national life a

Sir: The purpose of the Great Central fair, as set forth in the circular herewith, is one which so eminently commends itself to our sympathies and affections, as to require no argment or appear to secure the co-operation of all who may be able t

Sir: The stockholders of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal company have had under consideration for some time past, the subject of a distribution of a portion of the tolls derived from the canal, among the creditors of the late Potomac company ... W

... Sir: This establishment has lately been re-opened under an entirely new management and strictly for the interest and accommodation of the Mercantile and business portion of the community ... Boston, June 20 '59.

Sir: To perfect the organization of the democracy of this state, and to bring that organization into the highest condition of efficiency, are the purposes for which we now address you ... New York, March 31st, 1868.

Sir: We have reliable information that a secret and systematic effort is now making by the "truck and dicker" coalition, to secure at least a balance of power in the next Legislature and it behooves the Whigs to take instant and effectual measur

Sir: We send, herewith, a "Review of the report of the Corporation of Washington against the acceptance of the act of the State of Maryland for completing the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal" to which we respectfully call your attention ... Washington

Sir: When I undertook the editorship of the Political Economist, it was in the fond expectation that there would be no difficulty in procuring a sufficient number of subscribers to pay the mere expense of printing and paper ... [Signed] Mathew C

Sir: You are respectfully invited to attend a meeting of Republicans of Ward 5, at Phillips Hall (Mercantile building,) Summer street on Friday evening next, August 28th at 7.5 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing a Grant & Colfax Club. Per or

Sir;- You are probably more or less acquainted with the existence and character of the American annual register; but if not, this circular will introduce it to your favorable notice ... New York, 1844.

The situation in Georgia - The vital issue - Congress and the Republican party. From the Atlanta New Era. November 26th [1869?].

The six o'clock club, founded November 10, 1887 to promote good fellowship and study of the "Gospel of Relaxation." Requirements for membership. [Washington, 1887].

Sixteen reasons why our Republican party should not run Gen. Grant for president in 1868. [Sixteen reasons] American Republicans. [n. p. 1867?].

Sixth National Exhibition. Programme for Wednesday, October 27, [Richmond, 1858].

Sixth ward. Workingmen's ticket. For collector S. S. Briggs. For register, Z. K. Offutt. For Surveyor. H. W. Ball. For alderman Robert Clarke. For Common Council. William Morgan, Henry Steward, Thomas E. Jacobs. For Assessor. John Russell. [June

Sixty reasons for attending public worship ... New Haven, Ct. Printed by William Storer, Jun. at the office of the "Literary Emporium. [184-?].

Sixty-ninth Sabbath schools of the First Baptist church. Trenton. N. J. Sunday, June 14th 1885, anniversary. 3 o'clock P. M,.

The size of it! Blood will tell!! This settles the presidency! A six and one-quarter hat and number twelve boots! The capacity of one and the incapacity of the other. From the New York extra. The candidates phrenologically considered .... [New Y

Size up your savings. W. S. S. War Savings Stamps issued by the United States government Your savings account tells a story. Can you improve that story? Buy war Savings stamps-Regularly. Issued by the United States government. Treasury Departmen

Sketch of Major Bennett's life. [Delaware 1832].

... Sketch of Mr. Teackles remarks, in the House of Delegates, in the debate upon sales by public auction. House of Delegates. Thursday, Feb. 14, 1828. [Annapolis 1828].

Sketch of the laws of the General Assembly of Virginia, passed during the session of 1826-7.

A sketch of the life and public services of General William Henry Harrison, candidate of the people for president of the Unit d States, to which is annexed an appendix. Washington City. Printed by Jacob Gideon, jr. 1840.

A sketch of the life and public services of John Quincy Adams, president of the United States, and commander in chief of the army and navy, &c. &c ... [Signed] Plutarch. Fayette Co. July 31, 1827.

Sketch of the proceedings of the Virginia Legislature. Session 1806---7. Office of the Virginia Gazette 1807.

Sketch of the proceedings, &c. of the General Assembly at the session of 1807-8.

The slander nailed! The testimony of four ministers of the gospel against Mr. Whipple's slanders. To the people of Rhode Island. ... Providence, Oct. 30th, 1852.

Slaughtering Sam'l Work; on his own hook. Alton, Ill's. The subscriber has erected a large and convenient house and pens, in the city of Alton, near Shields' Branch, for the purpose of carrying on the slaughtering and dressing of beef, hogs and

Slaughtering of beef and pork at Alton, Illinois ... Thornton & Kirby. Alton. Nov. 17, 1841. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1841].

Slave labour employed in manufactures ... [Signed] Hamilton. Philadelphia, Oct. 2, 1827.

Slavery abolished by the laws of nature!!! Negroes not of the same species with white men!!! The mulatto race will soon cease to exist!! [Regarding course of lectures in aid of the abolition of slavery in the United States to be given by Robert

Slavery and Liberty--- 'E. Pluribus unum!' [1844?].

Slavery and the Boston riot. The following letter was written, shortly after the pro-slavery riot in Boston by Angeline E. Grimke to William Lloyd Garrison ... 1835.

Slavery and the next President. New York, Printed by Baker & Godwin [1864].

Slavery and the slave trade in the District of Columbia. [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Slavery and truth. The institution of slavery presents itself to sane minds in these two aspects. Religious and political. The former more particularly concerns the church - the latter the state ... [1861?].

Slavery in Massachusetts. Letter from Mr. Moore. To the editor of the Historical magazine. ... George H. Moore. New York: April 24, 1869.

Slavery in the United States.. [n. d.].

Slavery! Wanted immediately, 300 able-bodied laborers! Above the age of 25 years to assist the present fire department in working their several machines, for which a liberal compensation will be allowed for their services. Those from the County

Slavery. an ode by J. R. Toulmin ... Lexington, May 7, 1803.

The slow progress which young ladies make at the study of geography is the source of much grief to their parents. [Annonymous announcement made regarding Mrs. Lee's method of teaching geography. [Georgetown Dec. 21, 1808].

Smallest share of stock in the world .... Ackermann & Coles. New York Times. Sunday October 5, 1913.

Smallwood's daguerrian gallery, Congress at just above Mr. Cissel's drug store ... W. C. Smallwood, Georgetown, D. C. May 4, 1850.

So lebet die reine Schaar ... Ephrata, Pa., Restored Press of the Brotherhood of the Cloister, 1966.

Soap! Soap! Blaine's only hope! Blaine's funeral died November 4th, 1884. Hon. Jas. G. Blaine, and with him the Republican party, aged 24 years ... Pall bearers, John A. Logan, Jay Gould, Ex. Gov. Cornell, and John I. Davenport. Undertakers, Hon

A sober reply in Christian love to a paragraph in Jonathan Edwards's discourse, delivered at New Haven, Sept. 10th, 1741. [New London, Printed by Timothy Green, 1741?].

A social supper. The honor of your company is respectfully solicited at a supper to be given by Mrs. Tate, at Ladies' Hall, on Thursday the 13th of November. Her friends are earnestly invited to attend, as nothing shall be wanting to render them

The society called Shakers, in Logan County, Ky. continue their fulling mill in operation ... John McComb, Saml. G. Whyte, Agents. South Union Jasper Springs. Sept. 12th, 1815. Russellville. Printed at the office of the ‘Weekly Messenger' [1815]

The Society for political education has been organized by citizens who believe that the success of our methods of government depends on the active political influence of educated intelligence, and that parties are means, not ends ... [189-].

The Society of Constitutional Republicans. Those citizens who are in favour of the proposition for forming "The Society of Constitutional Republicans." are requested to meet at the White-Horse Tavern, in Market-Street, at 6 o'clock of the evenin

The Society was organized a little more than two years ago, to co-operate, in generous rivalry, with the British "Palestine Exploration fund" in a thorough scientific survey of the Holy Land ... [List] of Members of the Society. [New York 1873].

The solar gaz machine. O. P. Drake's latest improvement for lighting with gas. factories, hotels, stores, and dwellings ... Manufactured and sold by O. P. Drake & company 6 & 8 Bedford Street, Boston, Mass. [1866].

Sold by J. Williams, No. 39, Fleet-Street Price six-pence. The scotch butchery a well executed print. Boston, 1775.

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