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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Sugar trade of the United States. Annual statement, showing the import and consumption of unrefined for the year ending December 31st, 1864 (exclusive of California and Oregon) New York 1865.

Sugar trade of the United States. Annual statement, showing the import and consumption of unrefined, for the year ending Dec. 31st, 1863 (exclusive of California and Oregon. New York 1864.

Sugar trade of the United States. Annual statement, showing the import and consumption on refined for the year ending December 31st 1865 (exclusive of California and Oregon) New York 1866.

Sugar trade of the United States. Annual statement, showing the import, export, stock and consumption of unrefined for the year ending December 31st, 1857 (exclusive of California and Oregon.) [New York 1858].

A suggestion The national labor union is composed of hundreds of thousands of American citizens, joined in every State in organized associations, and holding their meetings at stated periods under rule ... [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Suggestions for a national circulating medium .... [Signed] Civis. [n. p. n. d.].

Suggestive figures. Populations. The population of New York city is variously estimated- from 900,000 to 1,000,000 ... [New York, n. d.].

A suggestive parallel. Our fathers have told us, and history has recorded the high political excitements and bitter hatreds that prevailed in this country at the beginning of the present century ... Increase N. Tarbox. Sept. 23, 1884.

Suicide of children, murders by children, one person collected in the first eleven months of 1937 clippings from a limited number of California newspapers reporting suicides of five children fifteen years of age or less, and 42 violent deaths ca

A summary calendar, for ascertaining the day of the week for any given time for this century for D. Webster Clegg's ruler patrons. [n. p.] C. 1872.].

Summary of the method of treatment to be used with persons apparently dead from drowning [n. d.].

Summer arrangement! Daily line to the South carrying the great central U. S. Mail to Norfolk, Portsmouth and lower parts of Virginia & North Carolina. Schedule. Leaving Spear's wharf, Baltimore daily, (except Sundays,) at 4 o'clock, B. M. ... T.

Summer arrangement, between Boston and New York via Fall River and Newport, The splendid Empire State. Cabin, $4. Deck $2.50 ... George Sniverick, agent. Bay State Line, No. 11 State Street. [Boston 1859].

... Summer arrangement, commencing June 11th, 1866. New York, 1866.

Summer arrangement. Vermont and Canada railroad. New York, Boston and Portland in one day ... [Boston? 1856].

Summer resort. Allegheny Mountain health institute. The hotels of this establishment, an institution organized and chartered by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, are how open for the reception of guests ... Synopsis of the law organizing the Alle

The sunbeam. Vols. I-II, 1875-76. Philadelphia, Presbyterian Board of Publication.

Sunday police. [Boston] Printed by Nathaniel Coverly, Milk-Street [181-?].

Superior court of judicature. [188-?].

The Supervisory committee of enlistments for colored regiments, asks the co-operation of their fellow-citizens in an undertaking which they deem of the utmost importance to the successful prosecution of the war against rebellion ... [Philadelphi

Supper. [New Haven] Yale University Library, 1962.

Supplement ... Monday evening, December 2, 1793.

Supplement extraordinary to the Independent Journal. Monday, July 28, 1788. On Saturday evening about 9 o'clock arrived the joyful tidings of the adoption of the new constitution, at Poughkeepsie, on Friday, July 25, yeas 30. nays25, Majority 5.

Supplement to "The Political character of Mr. Holmes." [1825].

Supplement to Dickerman's United States Treasury counterfeit detector. Abridged from Dickerman's United States Treasury counterfeit detector. July 1893.

Supplement to South Carolinian. Columbia S. C. December 8, 1860. Speech of Non. F. W. Pickens of South Carolina. Delivered in the Hall of the House of representatives, at Columbia, on the Evening of November 30, 1860.

Supplement to the Boston Evening Post of February 27 1749 [Containing the commissioners’ assessment on the (3z (BPartners (3y (B in the Land-Bank or manufactory scheme]. Boston Printed by T. Fleet 1749.

Supplement to the Democratic press, giving a brief account of some of the bloody deeds of General Jackson [Cuts of coffins] [1828].

Supplement to the Globe. Prospectus of the Congressional Globe. Washington City October 1, 1835.

Supplement to the Independent Journal, New-York, July 2, 1788. In our Independent Journal of this morning, we announced the ratification of the new constitution by the convention of Virginia: for the gratification of our readers, we publish the

Supplement to the Pennsylvania Gazette, No. 867. Philadelphia, July 25, 1745. Monday evening the General Assembly of this Province met, having been called by the Governor; who the next morning sent them the following message ... [Philadelphia: P

Supplement to the Republic. List of Senators and Representatives, with their places of residence in Washington. December 25, 1849.

Supplement to the Republican crisis.-- April 13, 1807. The faction unveiled. To the independent republican electors of the State of New-York, Fellow-Citizens. The enemies of Governor Lewis have with unceasing malignity and unblushing impudence,

A supplement to the act intitled. "An act for the further security of the Government." Philadelphia, John Dunlap [1778].

Supplement. City and state. Vol. XIII No. 5. Philadelphia, Thursday, July 31, 1902. [A letter from Charles Francis Adams, Carl Schurz, Edwin Burritt Smith and Herbert Welsh to the Honorable Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States rega

Supplement. Editor of Providence Journal, Dear Sir: On the 18th, instant, you published a statement signed and sworn to by Mr. C/Gowan … will inevitable reduce us.

Supplement. Editor of Providence Journal. Dear Sir: On the 18th, instant, you published a statement signed and sworn to by Mr. M'Gowan … Yours &c., R. G. Hazard.

Supplemental account of some of the bloody deeds of General Jackson, being a supplement to the "Coffin handbill." [Cuts of 6 coffins] ... John Taliaferro. Member of Congress from Northern Neck, Va. [1828].

Supplemental instructions for collectors and assessors of taxes ... Richmond, Sept. 3d. 1863.

A supplementary note on the mould board described in a letter to Sir John Sinclair, of March 23, 1798, inserted in the American Philosophical transactions, vol. 4 nd in Maese's Domestic Encyclopedia voce Plough [Thirty-seven lines and diagram] T

Supplementary. Voice of the prophet; or Pioneer of truth. Philadelphia, 1862.

The Supreme Court building by Guy A. Thompson Member of the St. Louis Bar ... An address delivered at the laying of the cornerstone of the building for the Supreme Court of the United States, October 13, 1932. Specially printed by the Chief Just

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. March 4, 1850. Pray vs. Northern liberties.

The Supreme court decision on national prohibition. Reprinted from New York Christian advocate, July 1920. Westerville, Ohio. American issue publishing company [1920].

Supreme court of the U. States. January term 1834. No. 64. The United States, Plaintiff in error, versus Tench Ringgold. Statement for plaintiff in error. [Washington, 1834].

Supreme court of the U. States. January term, 1834. The United States vs. Antonop Huertas. Appeal from the Superior court of East Florida ... R. K. Call, for appelant. [Washington, D. C. 1834].

Supreme court of the U. States. January term, 1834. The United States, vs. John Huertas Appeal from the Superior court for the District of East Florida. [Washington, D. C. 1834].

Supreme court of the United States. January term, 1840 No. 75 Susan Decatur, plantiff in error vs. James J. Paulding. secretary of the Navy. A writ of error to the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia. in the County of Washington. [Washingt

Supreme court of the United States. John Reynolds. vs. Duncan M'Arthur lessee. Error to the Supreme court of Ohio, for the County of Champaign. [n. p. 18--].

Supreme court of the United States. Lessee of Philip Doddrige, vs. Thompson & J. C. Wright. Washington. Gideon print. 9th Street [182-].

Supreme court of the United States. Susan Decatur, Appellant vs J. K. Paulding, Secretary of the Navy. This is an appeal from the refusal of the Circuit court of the District of Columbia for the county of Washington, to issue a Mandamus to the A

Supreme court, February, 1820. John Hopkins. Plaintiff in error, versus R. B. Lee, defendant in error. Lee had sold to Hopkins an estate called "Hill and Dale," upon which there existed an incumbrance to Rawleigh Colston ... [Washington, D. C. 1

The Supreme court, editorial (Reprint) [From] The Monitor, the official organ of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Vol. LXXIX, No. 48, San Francisco, Calif,. February 27, 1937.

[Usurpation frauds on popular sovereignty.] A proclamation. [Regarding Virginia politics] Washington, June 5, 1861.

A survey of a place for the location of a Navy Yard, on the west bank of the Hudson River ... was left with the Committee on naval affairs in June 1864 ... March 22d, 1866.

Susan B. Anthony 1820-February 15-1900. Celebration of the eightieth birthday of Susan B. Anthony at the Lafayette opera house, Washington, D. C. February fifteenth, Nineteen hundred. [Washington, D. C.] Press of Byron S. Adams [1900].

The Susquehanna Canal lottery. Positively to commence drawing on the 26th of next month (August) ... two prizes of 20,000 dollars each, and six floating capital prizes. Tickets, halves quarters & eights for sale at Robinson's State lottery-offic

The sweetest and most wholesome bread is made by using Samuel Kidder & Co's imperial yeast powder ... Boston 1861.

The sword and garment, or ministerial culture by Rev. L. T. Townsend. [Review of book] Boston [n. d.].

Symbols. Boston, Impressions Workshops, c1966.

Synopsis of decisions under the confederate tax law. Published by authority of secretary of treasury. [1863].

Synopsis of reason. Gentlemen:--Senators, and members of the House of representatives of the United States. The philosophy of nature, reason and sound common sence, together with all ancient and modern history, teaches the pleasing lesson, that

Synopsis of the line of descent of President McKinley from MacDuff, Thane of Fife. This synopsis is from "The Scotch ancestors of President McKinley, " a neat twenty-five cent booklet recently issued by Edward A. Claypool, a Chicago genealogist.

T. F. & R. Gordon, brewers, inform their friends and the public generally, that having been long convinced of the important advantage resulting from an increased consumption of malt liquors, and feeling assured from the present depressed and sin

T. J. Cobden-Sanderson. The book beautiful. This essay, or "tract," as its author called it, was first printed, under the title of "The ideal book or book beautiful." in February, 1901, at the Doves Press, Hammersmith (London), established by Co

A table embracing all the elementary combinations of numbers in addition ... Boston Brewer & Tileston [c. 1864].

Table monitor. [A poem of 8 stanzas] Visitor's eating room Shaker village. [n. d.].

Table of Workman's wages by D. W. Bailey, roofer. Boston. [c. 1856].

Table of discount and premium by Joseph W. Carroll shewing the difference between discount and premium on any given sum from 1 per cent up to 50 per cent. For instance you have $100 in par funds to invest in uncurrent funds at 15 per cent

Table of population &c. [For Rhode Island for the year 1840].

Table of the new rates of toll on the Erie canal, as established by the canal board, and in effect on said canal. [c. 1846].

A table of the votes for Governor and electors of President, in Ohio. A table of the votes for Governor and electors of President in Kentucky [1824?].

Table of weights. A table of weights obtained by us from the secretaries of the different states, showing the no. of lbs. which their laws recognize as a bushel of the following articles ... Agents, Raymond & Ward, Chicago, Ill. [c. 1854].

... A table shewing the amount of pay for each grade of pensioners, according to the ratio of disability. [1819].

Table shewing the amount of principal (on the calculation of 100 dollars) redeemed at certain quarter-yearly periods until its final extinction, by the United States, of their stock bearing an interest of six per cent. per annum, arising from th

A table shewing the value of any number of dollars, from 1 to 10,000, at seven shillings and six-pence. [Philadelphia] Zachariah Poulson, jun. 1778.

... Table showing the cost of wool after scouring. Boston. c. 1867.

Table showing the depreciation and the relative value of paper currency, when compared with gold and its premiums. New York. January 1, 1870.

Table, showing local freight rates per ton, per mile, upon the Concord railroad, the Boston & Maine railroad, and other roads, in comparison with each other, for distances substantially alike, and the average of all ... Concord, July 28th, 1887.

Tables of advance. British sterling reduced to dollars and cents, with advance thereon from thirty to two hundred per cent. Carefully and accurately computed by Oscar Myers. New York. Published by E. B. Clayton's sons. [c. 1863].

Tabulated falsehoods. Look on this side and then on that. A correspondent asks us to print a complete list of the falsehoods which Mr. Blaine has told at various times in connection with his Little Rock and Fort Smith railroad transactions, with

Tacoma kaleidoscoped. Our educational prospects! The future cattle port? No cattle pest in W. T ... From Tacoma Wash Ter'y "Ledger" Editor Radebaugh, Pacific Terminus of North Pacific, Puget Sound. [1888?].

Tafeu! Receipt to manufacture 1 cart load of Dodge Hayward's land dressing, worm and insect killer:--- ... Directions for using ... Dodge Hayward, proprietor. [n. p. 1840?].

Take care!!! By an act of the Legislature passed at Princeton, intituled "An act for "carrying into effect on the part of the state of New-Jersey the constitution of the United States assented to, ratified and confirmed by this state, on the eig

Take notice! To all whom this may concern. Darby, Delaware County, Pa. Tuesday, October, 9th, 1866. The undersigned votes the (so called) Republican ticket ... John Sidney Jones. Darby, Pa. 1866.

Take notice. The trustees of Point Pleasant Market, take this method to inform the butchers and others that they have completed the Market-House, (situate at the inter-section of Frankford Road and Maiden Street, in the Northern Liberties,) and

Take this home, read at your leisure. A. G. Court. No. 371 Washington Street ... who would respectfully invite your attention to his stock of jewely & fancy goods! ... A. G. Couty. 371 Washington Street, Boston. Under Adams House [1860].

The tale of the seven ravens and the devoted sister. Illustrated by Norik von Schwind. Photography by Joseph Albert ... J. M. C. Armbruster. Washington, D. C. [n. d.].

Tally sheet 1884. The Aetna Life insurance is non-forfeiting and indisputable.

Tammany Society, or Columbian Order. Founded in 1789. Tammany Hall, New York, June 15, 1870. Dear Sir: The Tammany Society ... will, as is its yearly custom, celebrate the coming Fourth of July ... [New York, 1870].

"Stand pat!" under present prosperity. N.Y. [1904].

Tariff correspondence. The answer of Messrs. Wilkins, Lynch, Patterson and Craft, to the following letter addresed to them by a number of the Mechanics and Manufacturers of this City and County, having been received and considered ... [Pittsburg

Tariff of tolls, per ton of 2000 lbs per mile, to be charged on the James River and Kanawha canal, and on the North River improvement. To go into operation on the 16th day of August 1858.

The tariff question ... George Draper. Hopedale. Nov. 27, 1882.

The tariff question described by a retired merchant. Republican national platform ... Democratic national platform ... [n. p. 1884].

The tariff question. The McClure-Cooper debate. Reply of State Chairman Cooper to the speech of Colonel A. K. McClure. [Oct.1888].

Tariff trust examples. by Henry W. Lamb. The twentieth in a series of letters issued by the New England Free trade league. [1900?].

Tariff trusts by Henry W. Lamb. The twenty-fourth in a series of letters issued by the New England free trade league. [1900?].

... The Tariff, English and American interests. Rejoicing in England. English iron masters jubilant over the downfall of American iron industry. The treason of Congress to American interests. From the Miners' Journal of May 14, 1870.

Tarrant's effervescent seltzer aperient prepared on an entire new principle, from a late and accurate analysis of the celebrated Seltzer spring in Germany. [New York? c. 1866].

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