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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


To the publick. I the subscriber, Abraham H. Van Vleck, of the City of New York, knowing I have committed a most atrocious crime against my country ... in shipping privisions to Nantrucket ... make a free and voluntary gift of the Sloop Henry an

To the publick. New-York, October 5, 1774. By Mr. Rivere, who left Boston on Friday last, and arrived here last night, in his way to the General Congress, we have certain intelligence that the carpenters and masons who had inadvertently undertak

To the publick. The booksellers of the town of Boston. Unwilling to impose on the publick by printing their private disputes in the newspapers … and at the same time (in justice to themselves) desirous of making their answer to Dr. Ames as publi

To the publick. The long expected Tea Ship arrived last night at Sandy-Hook, but the pilot would not bring up the Captain till the sense of the City was known. The committee were immediately informed of her arrival, and that the Captain solicits

To the publick. The ship Lady Gage being arrived from London, with a considerable cargo of goods, many of which, it is proable were ordered (after the whole continent had declared for a non-importation) with a view of taking advantage of the pub

To the publick. We the Committee, who were appointed by a large number of our respectable fellow-citizens, at the house of Mrs. Van de Water on the 21st instant to draw up a line of conduct, to prevent the messrs. Murrays involving others in a b

To the publisher of the Globe, Washington. Office of the Secretary of the Senate of the U. States. Washington, Dec. 6, 1841. The Senate having directed that each Senator be supplied with a certain number of newspapers, "provided the same be publ

To the real patriots and supporters of American independence [On the surrender of Chevalier Longchamps to the Court of France] [Signed] An independent patriot. [Philadelphia 1784].

To the representatives in Congress from the Southern states. Richmond, Va., April 17th, 1884.

To the representatives of the Freemen of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met. The memorial and remonstrance of Isaac Howell and White Matlack, in behalf of themselves, and others, who have been disowned by the people called

To the representatives of the people of the State of New-York, in Senate and Assembly convened. The Governors of the New-York Hospital respectfully report ... [New York 1805].

To the republican voters of Indiana. As the Independent Republican committee of Indiana, we offer our reasons for the course we are taking ... After this lapse of time, and after all the discussion that has been had, we see no reason for support

To the rescue ... We are upon the eve of a Presidential election ... [n. p. n. d.].

To the rescue! Patriots & freemen! Will you throw all the burden upom governments? Let each man --- each woman! speak and act! Will you let a secret foe overcome you while you awake, then! You cannot do, you cannot say too much! ... Awake! arous

To the respectable body of gentlemen nominated by the publick voice as a committee, for managing the affairs of the inhabitants of this City, in the present exigency of our publick concerns. [Protesting against the action of another committee fr

To the respectable inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. Friends and Fellow Citizens! [On trade and representation in the next Congress] By order of the Committee. Isaac Low, Chairman. New York, 29th March, 1775 [New York: Printed by J

To the respectable public. Certain resolves having been proposed by the Committee of correspondence, to a numver of citizens assembled at the Coffee-House yesterday, and rejected; and instead of desiring that amendments or additions might be mad

To the respectable public. Have a good end in view, and pursue it. Every friend of American freedom, rejoices to find a true and honest spirit of liberty prevailing in all ranks and degrees in this city. [Considering which of the two sets of res

To the respectable public. We conceive the sense of our fellow citizens, relative to the delegates to represent them at the proposed congress, (notwithstanding the proceedings of yesterday at the Coffee-House) remains so uncertain, that until th

To the right honorable the President of the United States, and heads of Executive offices at Washington. This memorial of numerous foreigners now at the seat of government, most respectfully and obsequiously represents; That many of your memoria

... To the sachens, chiefs and warriers of the new confederacy of the Iriquois, the Tadodahoh sends peace ... Therefore, we recommend to you the prompt circulation of the accompanying petitions, and their immediate transmission to Washington. Me

To the school children of the United States Arbor day (which means simply "Tree Day") is now observed in every state in our Union - and mainly in the schools ... Theodore Roosevelt. The White House, April 15, 1907.

To the selectmen and inhabitants of [blank] at the late session of the Legislature, a large number of gentlemen, from all parts of the District of Maine, assembled for the purpose of considering our situation as connected with Massachusetts ...

To the selectmen or assessors of the town of in the County of Greeting. Whereas the General Court, in their last session, resolved the sum of should be raised on the several towns within the said County, according to the directions of the law, f

To the settlers of the half-breed tract. [Iowa, 184-?].

To the sheriff or marshall of the said County of [blank] or either of their deputies or constables of the town of [blank] within the said County or to any or either of them greeting. In his Majesty’s name you are required to attach the goods or

To the slaveholders of the County of Madison ... [by] Gerrit Smith. Peterboro, April 10, 1843.

To the sons of liberty in this City. Gentlemen. It's well known, that it has been the custom of all nations to erect monuments to perpetuate the remembrance of grand events [For the erection of a liberty pole in place of the one erected at the t

To the stockholders of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal .... [Signed] A Philadelphia stockholder. Philadelphia, March 26,1824.

To the stockholders of the Hartford and New Haven rail-road company ... January 25, 1838. [s. l.]

... To the subscribers and advertisers of the late American exchange ... The New York Banker & broker. New York, Feb. 28, 1882.

To the subscribers to the coast-guard fund. ... R. B. Forbes. Commanding officer of the Coast Guard. Boston, June 12th, 1861.

To the tax-payers and rent-payers of Philadelphia. Citizens' municipal reform association. October 11, 1872.

To the temperance workers of Ohio. [n. d.].

... To the three generals, with Scotch orders, on their voyage to North-America. Sigillum veritatis simplicitas est. Critical and faithful extracts from Colonel Cavallier's memoirs of the war of the Cevennes; or Lower Langyedoc, in his own hand-

To the trade. Bond's indexical bill holder and letter file. Patented Nov. 10, 1868 ... Terms of trade ... Entered according to Act of Congress A. D. 1869, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court, for the District of Maine.

To the tradesmen, farmers, and other inhabitants of the City and County of Philadelphia. And will you suffer the credit and liberties of the Province of Pennsylvania to be sacrificed to the interests of a few merchants in Philadelphia? ... [Sign

To the unbiassed & independent electors of the State of New-York. Since our last address to you, a publication has appeared, signed by Mr. Alexander Hamilton, as chairman of a committee, said to have been appointed by a numerous meeting of the i

To the voters and citizens of the eleventh congressional district, in the state of Kentucky. Washington City, Jan. 10, 1829.

To the voters of Accomac and Northampton ... Jos. Segar. April 10, 1863,.

To the voters of Anne-Arundel and Prince-George's counties. This address to you is meant to set in a clear light the character of the two candidates who are up for Congress ... The candidates are, Mr. John Thomas and Mr. John Mercer ... I am you

To the voters of Baltimore County. Fellow Citizens. Having been announced as an elector of President and Vice-President of the United States, and that annunciation being approved of by respectable meetings in the County, I did not consider it ne

To the voters of Boston! Resolutions adopted at a meeting of the Peoples' Union, December 10. 1858 ... Per order of the Executive Committee.

To the voters of Fauquier County ... Speech of William H. Jennings, delivered at March Court, in reply to John Ambler, upon the subject of the County Court clerkship ... [1858].

To the voters of Greene and Jersey. E. M. Daley and his certificates! proved false. Fellow citizens ... Jacob Van Dike. Jerseyville, August 1, 1840.

To the voters of Hardin and Meade Counties ... Your fellow-citizen John R. Stockman. July 14th, 1830. [Hardin County?] [ Meade County?]

To the voters of Jefferson County ... Virginia Penny. January, 1885. [Louisville]

To the voters of Jersey County [Campaign broadside ticket for Jersey county] Jerseyville [Ill.] July 24, 1840. [Jerseyville? Ill.].

To the voters of Madison County. The people of [blank] precinct, are respectfully solicited to meet the candidates at [blank] on the [blank] day of July, at 12 o'clock. [s. l., 1840?].

To the voters of Maryland. On Monday next, you are to elect six representatives in Congress; but your choice is limitted [limited] to the characters mentioned in the two tickets proposed by the late meeting at Annapolis, and by Baltimore-Town ..

To the voters of Massachusetts. The approaching Presidential election presents an issue which cannot be evaded ... For those reasons, we urge all our fellow-citizens to united with us in our efforts to secure the election of Governor Cleveland .

To the voters of Massachussetts. By the nomination of James G. Blaine, the Republican party dared to ask the voters of this country to select as their President a man convicted by his own testimony and his own writings of dishonesty ... It is th

To the voters of Ogle County. Having been advised that a report is widely circulated by various persons, that I corruptly and collusively, neglected to enter upon record a certain recognizance entered into, by Milo Kelly and H. A. Mix, at the la

To the voters of Oxford, [Oxford, Miss., 1950].

To the voters of Washington ... [Washington, D. C.] J. N. Davis, printer, S. W. corner Pa. and 12th street. 1846.

To the voters of Washington City. Facts are very stubborn things! We desire to call your attention to the claims of the different candidated for mayoralty of the city, to the votes of the working men ... and leave you to decide whether any one w

To the voters of Washington City. John P. Van Ness, the present mayor, having overcome the "reluctance" which he officially declared had influenced his first acceptance of the office, is now actively engaged in the hopeless work of removing that

To the voters of Washington City. On Monday next we shall exercise our privilege of electing a chief magistrate. The appearance of Mr. Dow, as a candidate, has been charged upon the frineds of General Weightman, for the purpose of defeating Mr.

To the voters of Washington. You have a great interest at stake. Your canal stock is at hazard. Do not be thrown off your guard by the deceptious letter of Col. Seaton ... Johnson Hellen. May 30, 1840.

To the voters of the 2d Ward, Gentlemen, having seen a handbill signed "A citizen" heaping the vilest abuse, and containing without exception the vilest falsehoods respecting Charles L. Coltman, and asking your votes for Edward Dyer .... therefo

To the voters of the City of Philadelphia. [Signed] Independent Whigs. [n. d.].

To the voters of the City of Washington. Some vile incendiaries, who have no regard either for truth or decency, having labored to calumniate Captain Thomas Carbery, for the purpose of injuring his election, it is deemed proper by some of his fr

To the voters of the City of Washington: Fellow-citizens: Though one of the humblest of your number, I desire to address you a few observations upon the subject of the approaching election for the mayoralty ... One of the people. [Washington Jun

To the voters of the Fifth Congress. District. The American party of Massachusetts, as now organized, seeks ... [n. d.].

To the voters of the First ward. Fellow-citizens, You will all agree with me, that any man who stands convicted by a jury of his countrymen of rraud, deserves not their suffrage for the meanest office in their gift.- Therefore, examine your tick

To the voters of the Second Ward. Fellow-Citizens ... C. L. Coltman. [Washington, D. C.] June 1st, 1835.

To the voters of the Second senatorial district! Americans! Will you cast your votes for Micah Dyer Jr? who has openly denounced your party and principles!! [1859].

To the voters of the United States. In this hour of national reconstruction, we appeal to good men of all parties, to Conventions for amending State Constitutions, to the Legislature of every State, and to the Congress of the United States, to a

To the voters of the eighth Congressional district. Fellow Citizens: it has become necessary for me to publish a circular, in addition to the one already before the people for the purpose of correcting some erroneous impressions which have been

To the voters of the eleventh Congressional district, Kentucky ... Tho. Chilton. [Washington, 1831].

To the voters of the fifth Congressional district of Indiana. Composed of the Counties of Fayette, Wayne, Union, Henry, Randolph, Delaware, Grant, Huntingdon, Allen and La Grange ... Jonathan M'Carty. Washington City, March 5th, 1835.

To the voters of the fifth Congressional district of Indiana. Composed of the counties of Fayette, Wayne, Union, Henry, Randolph, Delaware, Grant, Huntington, Allen and La Grange ... Jonathan M'Carty, Washington City, March 5th 1835.

To the voters of the fourth Congressional district .... E. M. Lester. 3921 Lancaster Ave. [n. d.].

To the voters of the second electoral district of Maryland composed of Calvert, a part of Prince George's & Montgomery counties. Fellow-Citizens. The time will soon arrive when you will feel it to be your bounden duty calmly and deliberately to

To the voters of the state of Alabama. George W. Crabb. Washington City, February, 1841.

To the voters of the third Congressional district, composed of the Counties of Carteret, Craven, Jones, Onslow, Duplin, Wayne, Johnston and Sampson. Fellow-Citizens:- I am a candidate for your suffrages, at the election to be held on the first W

To the voters of the third ward. You have offered to your choice, this day, for the Council a respectable man, and a consummate slanderer. Which will you choose? ... [Signed] A Voter. Monday, June 5, 1826 [Washington, D. C. 1826].

To the women of New England. We appeal to you in behalf of the United-States Sanitary commission. [1862].

To the working men of Washington. Fellow-citizens, This day assert your rights as freemen, in the election of a chief magistrate of the City ... [Signed] A mechanic. June 7th, 1830.

To the world!! J Quinn Thornton, having resorted to low, cowardly and dishonorable means for the purpose of injuring my character and standing, and having refused honorable satisfaction, which I have demanded; I avail myself of this opportunity

To the worshipful the County Court of Gentlemen, The last General Assembly having authorised me, with the advice of Council, to raise as many additional companies of artillery and troops of cavalry as will constitute a regiment of each, in the f

To the worthy freeholders and freemen. The son of the most upright Judge, the best of Governors, and the greatest patriot ever known in this Country [In favour of the election of Peter Livinston to the Assembly] New York, March 8, 1768.

To the worthy freeholders and freemen. The son of the most upright Judge, the best of governors, and the greatest patriot ever known in this country [In favour of the election of Peter Livingston to the Assembly] New York March 8 1768.

To the worthy inhabitants of New-York. My dear friends, and fellow citizens. You have lately been addressed by a writer, under the signature of Poplicola, whose abilities appear to me, to be much greater than either his integrity or regard to tr

To the worthy inhabitants of The City of New-York. Fellow Citizens, I addressed you upon a former occasion, when it was judged necessary to curb the arrogance of a few overbearing individuals among us. [Opposing the author of the piece signed, T

To the worthy inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. Fellow countrymen, Your committee of fifty-one having laid before you their proceedings on Thursday evenings, I should not have troubled you at this time had not eleven of the committ

To the worthy inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My fellow citizens. At this interesting crisis, when every thing that is dear to us, both as individuals, and as a body politic, is at stake: [Advocating the election of the committee

To the worthy inhabitants of the City of New York. Every good citizen will be inclined from duty as well as interest, to love his country, and to be zealous in advancing its welfare [Arguing in favor of the purchase of tea shipped by the British

To the worthy inhabitants of the City of New York. No subject is so misunderstood, none is so necessary at this season to be rightly apprenhended as Liberty [In opposition to the non-importation agreement and favoring the admission of the East I

To the worthy inhabitants of the City of New-York. The cause, fellow citizens, which I espouse, asks nothing but an impartial judgment and this impartial judgment, I have now hopes that it will obtain. [In answer to a student of law and a mechan

To volunteer companies, who have associated, and intend offering their services to the President of the United States in the Provisional army ... War office of the United States. November 1st, 1798. [Philadelphia, 1798].

To western and north and south western travelers. Great national route! Baltimore & Ohio, Central Ohio and Little Miami railroads, via Wheeling & Columbus ... Washington H. Polkinhorn, printer. 1861.

To whom it may concern. Big swindle. Whereas, certain self styled loyal merchants and business men of Little Falls, have determined to close their stores and places of business on Saturday the 15th inst., for the purpose of attending an abolitio

To working men ... Published by members of the W. M. P. Union. [n. d.].

To workingmen. "The rich are growing richer, while the poor are growing poorer ... The American free-trade league. New York [187-?].

... To world language. The great advantages to be derived from Volapük ... [n. p. 1898].

To-day's events. A publication diffusing important information in the interest of the World's fair visitors, concessionaires and exhibitors. Chicago, Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1893.

Toasts for the National Republican Clay celebration of the Fourth of July, 1831 at the City of Washington.

Toasts, July 4, 1835. [s. l.]

Tobacco, snuff & segars. John Anderson & Co. Tobacco and snuff manufacturers, and importers of choice segars, No. 106 Broadway, corner of Pine Street, New-York ... New York 1859.

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