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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


[Cuts] An elegy, composed on the death of Mr. Benton, student of physic, Miss Gaffield and Miss Mills, who were drowned in a pond in Tyringham, July 3, 1812. S. D. Newsalem, August, 1812.

[Cuts] Battle of Plattsburg. "Tune ... Battle of the kegs. [Two columns of verse] [Boston] Printed by Nathaniel Coverly, Jun [1814].

[Cuts] Bobalition of slavery. [Boston 1819].

[Cuts] Newburyport, July 23, 1794. On Saturday last, the following melancholly accident took place in the River Merrimack, viz. A Mr. Chase of Newton, with eight others, were crossing the river in a small boat, they were unfortunately overtaken

[Cuts] Peace! Peace! Peace between Great-Britain and the United States of America [Two columns of verse] Boston Printed by Nathaniel Coverly, Jun. Milk-Street. [1815?]

[Cuts] Predictions for the year 1783. Sold at the printing office in Essex-Street, near Liberty-Stump. [1783].

[Cuts] The happy child being a narrative of the holy life and peaceable death of a remarkable pious child of Hertfordshire, England. [Boston] Printed and sold by Nathaniel Coverly Milk Street [181-?].

[Cuts of 4 caskets] Horrid murder and suicide A narrative of the most shocking and tragical catastrophes, that ever blackened the catalogue of human events which happened the 6th September, 1801, at a place called Paltz, 14 miles from Poughkeeps

Valenti Angelo, formerly at 526 Powell Street, San Francisco, has joined the Grabhorn Press in its march to new and larger quarters, at 510 Pine Street … San Francisco, Grabhorn Press [1929?].

Valuable and worth preserving! Pertinent questions. [Louisiana 1861].

Valuable books, for sale, wholesale, and retail, by Thompson and Homans ... Washington, D. C., April 1, 1832.

A valuable invention for booksellers, librarians, clergymen and reading-men. Ive's book brace ... [New York 185-M].

Valuable invention! Highly important to farmers! C. H. Dana's premium hand corn planter. [1855].

Valuable invention!. Dana's premium cultivator ... [West Lebanon, N. H. 1855].

Valuable lots of ground for sale, contiguous to the town of Alexandria. On Tuesday the fifteenth day of June next, will be offered for sale at public auction, on the premises, forty half-acre lots of ground, lying between the George-Town road an

A valuable plan to purchase, sell, or exchange books - New or old .... Books bought, sold, or exchanged. Joseph Bumstead. Boston, August, 1808.

Valuable property, at auction. On Thursday the first day of November, will be offered at public auction a lot of ground, lying between Mr. Reubin Canter's lumberhouse, and dwelling from 60 to 64 feet in front, and running back about 21 feet. It

Van Buren & Free soil - Adams & Liberty. To be said or sung at all "Free Soil" gatherings Tune-"The Star Spangled Banner." Utica. N.Y. Sept. 18, 1848.

The Vanity of the world, a poem. [n. d.].

A vaudevil, sung by the characters at the conclusion of a new farce called the Boston blockade. [Five eight line verse] [Boston: Printed by John House, 1776].

Verses composed on the slaughter of native Americans, in Kensington, Philadelphia, May 1844.

Verses on the arrival of the Rev. Philander Chase, in New Orleans. By Damon … New Orleans, Nov. 17, 1805.

Verses, made on the sudden death of six young women and one boy, who were drowned at Jamestown, (Rhode-Island) July 13, 1782. [Newport. R. I. 1782].

A very brief and very comprehensive life of Ben: Franklin, printer, done into quaint verse, by one of the types. September 17th, 1856.

A very useful table for finding the distance of an object by two bearings, and the distance run between them. [n. p.] [c. 1855].

(Vessel.)- Whereas on account of doth make assurance and cause to be insured, lost or not lost, at and from upon the body, tackle, apparel and other furniture of the good called the of the burthen of tons or thereabout, whereof is master for the

Veterans march to Washington to arrive at opening of Congress, December 5th, 1932 to demand cash payment of bonus. New York, 1932.

Veto by the President of the United States of the judicial expense bill. [Washington, D. C.] June 23, 1879.

Veto message from the President of the United States, returning the bank bill, with his objections, &c. To the Senate ... Andrew Jackson. Washington, July 10, 1832. Herald Office.

Victory! Victory! Victory! "Terrific Attack on a Private Gunboat!" Official report from Capt. Stoneman, Gun-Boat "Shake Head". Yazoo Pass, Miss. March 4th, 1863.

A view of the obelisk erected under liberty-tree in Boston. [1765].

Views of Philadelphia, and its vicinity. Published by J. C. Wild & J. B. Chevalier [prospectus for the fifth number] Philadelphia, c1838.

Views of Senator Blaine on the financial question and secretary Sherman's recommendations An interesting interview. Augusta, Dec. 8, 1879 To the editor of the Boston journal. [Boston. 1879.].

Vilikins and his Dinah! Or, the cup of cold pison. New York, Andrews [ca. 1854].

Villikins and Dinah. As sung by Bill Lake, at Spalding & Rogers' Circus, Muncy, Sept. 7, 1855.

Virginia Assembly. Resolutions relative to the repayment to Virginia by the government of the United States, of commutation pay, and for a further appropriation of government land to meet the unsatisfied claims of the officers and soldiers of th

Virginia Manufactory of Arms, February 1, 1808. Sir. Having had a lengthy and detailed report to make to the committee of the House of Delegates, appointed to examine the state of this institution, I embrace the earliest opportunity to furnish t

Virginia electoral ticket. Election November 6th, 1861. For President Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi. For Vice-president Alex. H. Stephens, of Georgia. Electors. for the state at large ... [1861].

Virginia electoral ticket. [Cut] Jackson electoral ticket [22 districts] [1832].

The Virginia gazette. Williamsburg: Printed by John Pinkney for the benefit of Clementina Rind's children. March 30, 1775. [Negative Photostat.].

Virginia sc. By the Hon. Francis Fauquier, Esq; his Majesty's Lieutenant-Governour, and Commander in chief of the said Colony and Dominion: A proclamation. Whereas a party of Cherokees arrived at Staunton in Augusta, and intended to proceed from

Virginia to wit. In the House of Delegates Friday, December 21st, 1798. Resolved that the General Assembly of Virginia doth unequivocally express a firm resolution to maintain and defend the constitution of the United States, and the constitutio

Virginia, sc. By His Excellency the Right Honourable Norborne Baron de Botetourt, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor general of the said Colony and Dominion, and vice admiral of the same. A proclamation. Whereas I have received the informatio

Virginia, sc. I do hereby certify that George Mercer, Esq; appointed distributor of the stamps for this Colony having declined acting in that character until further orders, declared before me in Council, that he did not bring with him, or was e

Virginia, to wit: General Assembly begun and held at the Capitol in the city of Richmond, on Monday the fifteenth day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven. An act concerning the convention to be held in

Virginia, to wit: In General Assembly, Friday, the 20th November, 1788. Resolved, that an application be made in the name and on behalf of the Legislature of this Commonwealth to the Congress of the United States, in the words following, to wir

Virginia, to wit: In General assembly, Friday, the 20th November 1788. Sir, The freemen of this Commonwealth in Convention assembled, having at the same time that they ratified the Federal constitution, expressed a desire that many parts which t

Virginia. In convention. Present 112 members, Wednesday, May 15, 1776. Forasmuch as all the endeavours of the United Colonies, by the most decent representations and petitions to the king and parliament of Great-Britain, to restore peace and sec

Virginia. In the House of Delegates. Tuesday, December the 13th, 1796. Ordered, that the public printer be directed to strike off two thousand copies of the following resolution, to be distributed among the several counties of this commonwealth

Virginia. In the House of delegates, Thursday, 28h November, 1793. Resolved that a state cannot, under the constitution of the United States, be made a defendant at the suit of any individual or individuals, and that the decision of the Supreme

A vision, in form of dialogue ... Boston True Wesleyan Press, 66 Cornhill [n. d.].

Visit historic New Jersey. No. 9 By Earle Horter. [19--].

A voice for the Erie canal. A protest against the election of Preston King and Abijah Mann, Jr., and the Herkimer canal policy -- Speech of Samuel B. Ruggles, at the Whig convention, held in New York, on the 23d inst. [1837?].

A voice from the "Aged guard of '62" of the City of Baltimore ... Published by the National Union Tract board of the aged guard of '62 of Baltimore City. Baltimore. Woods, print. [1863.

Voice of Maine! As a full and respectable meeting of the members of the Legislature of the State of Maine, holden agreeably to previous notice, at the Representatives' Chamber in Portland, on Friday Evening, January 16, 1824. The following pream

Voice of Maine! Office of the Independent statesman and Maine Republican ... At a meeting composed of most of the members of both branches of the Legislature of the State of Maine, holden at the Representatives' Chamber, in Portland, on the even

Voice of Rhode-Island! At a meeting of citizens from twenty-seven, out of thirty-one towns in this State, holden at the State House in Providence, on the twentieth day of January, 1824 Nathan B. Sprague, Esq. of Smithfield, was called to the cha

The Voice of Virginia! In offering to the Citizens of New-Hampshire, the following eloquent address of the convention at Richmond, in Virginia, it need only be stated that it was unanimously adopted by the Convention, consisting of one hundred a

The voice of a democrat. The following letter is from the Hon. John C. Palmer, president of the Sharps' rifle company. It will amply repay a perusal. Washington, March 27, 1863.

Voice of the Assembly to the churches, touching the freedmen. The following is, in part, the action taken by the Assembly, at St. Louis, upon the first annual report of the Committee on Freedmen ... By order of the Assembly's committee. S. C. Lo

The voice of the clergy. Among the extraordinary incidents of the times is the fact that the Democratic State Central Committee has circulated through Pennsylvania, as a campaign document, the letter of Bishop Hopkins ... in which he maintained

The voice of the nation. [Declaration of independence printed in shape of the Liberty bell] July 4, 1776. Sesqui-centennial souvenir supplement - The Frankford Dispatch July 2, 1926.

Voice of the people. Electors of Suffolk. It is believed by very many of our fellow citizens, that the time has come, when the people will be quite satisfied to consider the probity and capacity of those who are to receive their support for offi

Voice of the young men of Lancaster. Friends of Findlay. Lancaster, Sept. 30, [1819].

A voice of warning by Eli Tapley. [n. p. n. d.].

Vol. I. Pictorial history of the cause of the great rebellion. Witchcraft. These pictures are intended to show that modern spiritualism of A. D. 1865 ... was described and practised thousands of years since under the names of witchcraft ... Asbu

Vol. I. Sample number Sept. 8 1865.

Volunteers! Men of the granite state! Men of Old Rockingham !! the strawberry-bed of patriotism, renowned for bravery and devotion to country rally at this call ... Let the half civilized Mexicans hear the crack of the unerring New Hampshire rif

Volunteers!! The selectmen of Reading will be at their office on Thursday afternoon, of each week, for the purpose of paying aid to the families of volunteers, and transact any other business that may come before them ... Selectmen of Reading. S

Vote for Blaine & Logan. What the Republican party has done for the nation and mankind in 24 years ... [n. p. 1884].

The voter's new catechism. [Opposing the election of lawyers to the Assembly] [New York: Printed by John Holt, March 1768].

Voters of Charlestown. The recurrence of the Municipal election of this city is at hand ... Vote for Hon. Charles Robinson. [1865?].

Voters of Randolph! The extraordinary political revolution which is sweeping over our land, is fraught with peril to the rights of American citizens ... Let the whirlwind of contempt follow them! Show them and the world that the old town of Rand

Voters this day carefully make your choice Snyder and peace or Ross and war. [Penn. 1808?].

Voters! You are called upon to express your views of the liquor traffic. On the first Monday in June, if you wish to have intoxicating drinks sold -- under sanction of law--- at your own responsibility, you will vote "License;" if not, "No licen

Voters' catechism. Plain questions and answers for the campaign ... Sold by the American News company, 121 Nassau St. New York [1865].

The votes and proceedings of the House of representatives the 27th of the first month March 1727. Philadelphia: Printed and sold by Andrew Bradford, Printer to the Province [1727].

Votes and proceedings of the town of Boston, June 17, 1774. At a legal and very full meeting of the freeholders and other inhabitants of the town of Boston, by adjournment at Faneuil-Hall, June 17, 1774. [Boston, 1774].

Votes for Governor, in the State of Vermont, as counted by the canvassing committees in the years 1812 and 1813 ... Montpelier Walton & Goss, printers. [1813?].

Votes for women! The woman's reason. ... National American woman suffrage association. Headquarters: 505 Fifth Avenue, New York.

Votes of the House of Representatives 25 die Junii, 1719- 27 die Junii 1719. Boston: Printed & sold by B. Green 1719.

Votes of the House of representatives [6 & 7 April 1752] Boston Printed by Samuel Kneeland. 1752.

Vt. Central railroad line. Excursion routes ... [Boston 1869].

W. F. Shaw's patent gas cooking & ironing apparatus. Gas smoothing-iron and miniature gas furnace. W. F. Shaw's patent ... 174 Washington Street Boston. [1858].

W. Powell Ware's new method of equation. New York. Oliver printer. [c. 1865].

The wages of sin; or Robbery justly rewarded; a poem occasioned by the untimely death of Richard Wilson, who was executed on Boston Neck, for burglarly, on Thursday the 19th of October 1732. Boston: Printed and sold at the Heart and Crown in Cor

Waggon and drove yard. The subscriber having opened a waggon and drove yard, on 7th Street, between H. and I. Streets, nearly opposite his Tavern stand, is now prepared to accomodate persons coming to Washington ... John Hillyard. [Washington 18

Wake up workingmen. You have repreatedly been told that W. W. Seaton is the Mechanic's friend, and his name has appeared in the papers as the Mechanic's candidate for the mayoralty at the election to be held this day. Don't believe such stuff--h

Wales L. Egerton & Co's ladies and gents dining rooms [menu] [1866].

Walker prizes ... Boston, June, 1866.

Walton's table, for practice in the fundamental operations of arithmetic. Boston. c. 1864.

War Eagle series. There has been such a large and increasing demand for duplicates of the editorial cover pieces from the pen of the editor of the Manufacturers record ... that we have made up a series of one dozen of them under the above title.

War No. 5. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 5, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their ward rooms Blossom Street, on Monday, the twenty-sixth day of March, instant at ten o'clock ...

War and pestilence! Two young ladies taken prisoners by the savages ... Just published an interesting narrative of the captivity of Miss Francis and Almira Hall, two respectable young females (sisters) of the ages of 16 and 18 who were taken pri

The war debt. The two parties in New Jersey in relation to it. From the "Times" Publishing House, 43 Montgomery Street, Jersey City. [1868?].

War department, Washington. April 20, 1865. $100,000 reward! The murder of our late beloved president, Abraham Lincoln, is still at large.

War novelties! Just issued by J. H. Bufford, print publisher and practical lithographer, No. 313 Washington Street. Boston, Mass ... Terms cash. [1861].

War office, Williamsburg. November 11, 1779. The appointment of a clothier having in some measure altered the arrangements of the clothing department in this state, the whole direction of which was vested in the commissary of stores it becomes n

War record of Col? W. W. Grosvenor, editor of the Missouri democrat. [n. p 1864].

War times! and war prices! at Quincy Hall, over Quincy market ... Our immense stock of clothing we offer this morning at retail, without profit! Bennett, Griffin & Co. Boston, J. H. & F. F. Farwell, printers. [1861].

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