Individual Aggregate Profile for Cowell - California Gold Aggregate   (as of 11/6/98)

Aggregate Name:  afccc
Aggregate Title:  Cowell - California Gold
Date Defined:  02-NOV-95
Naming Authority (Short Name):  American Folklife Center (afc)
Default Access Type:  No Access Restrictions
Default Creator or Supplier:  Prints and Photographs Division
Default Custodian:  ___
Default Custodian Contact:  _____
Default Digital Collection/Compilation:  Not yet defined
Default Original Content Type:  Text
Default Owner:  Library of Congress
Default Required Permissions:  No permissions required
Default Required Notice:  Standard LC Copyright Notice
Default Source Collection:  _____
Default Storage Destination:  /afc/afccc
Default Use Type:  No use restrictions pending further evaluation

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Created: 11/10/99        Revised: 11/12/98
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