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Aggregate Profile Table

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About the Aggregate Profile Table:
The Aggregate Profile Table (AGG_PRO) describes the characteristics of each aggregate of digital material processed for inclusion in the Library of Congress digital repository. There is a separate AGG_PRO entry for each aggregate. Such entries contain the the correct short and long forms of their aggregate's name and well as attribute default values applicable to the digital objects that comprise the aggregate. Default values from this table entry will be used to complete the metadata for a specific digital object if that information is not otherwise available.

The Aggregate Profile Table is large and difficult to display as a single HTML document. Consequently, two summary lists of aggregates defined in this table have been prepared and can be linked to above. The first list identifies the Geoography and Map Division (G&M) aggregates that have been profiled in the table; the second identifies all the non-G&M aggregates in the table.


NU_AGG NUMBER(9), Aggregate ID Number
NA_AGG VARCHAR2(8), Aggregate Name
TX_AGG VARCHAR2(150), Aggregate Title
CD_NAME_AUTH VARCHAR2(15) Aggregate's Naming Authority (Short Name)
CD_DFLT_ACCESS VARCHAR2(4), Default Access Type
NU_DFLT_CREATOR NUMBER(7), Default Creator or Supplier of Digital Objects
TX_DFLT_CONTACT VAR2CHAR(45), Default Custodian Contact
CD_DFLT_DIGITAL_COMP VARCHAR2(5), Default Digital Collectionor Compilation
CD_DFLT_ORIG_CONTENT VARCHAR2(4), Default Original Content Type
CD_DFLT_PERMS VARCHAR2(4), Default Permissions Required
CD_DFLT_NOTICE VARCHAR2(4), Default Required Notice
CD_DFLT_SOURCE_COLL VARCHAR2(4), Default Source Collection
TX_DFLT_DESTINATION VARCHAR2(100), Default Storage Destinationfor Objects in Aggregate
CD_DFLT_USE VARCHAR2(4), Default Use Type
DT_LAST_UPDATE DT, Date Profile Last Updated (YYYYMMDD)
NU_LAST_UPDATE_BY NUMBER(9), Individual Who PerformedLast Profile Update
DT_DISCONTINUED DT Date processing to aggregate discontinued (YYYYMMDD)

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Attribute Definitions:

Date Defined: Calendar date upon which an aggreate was first defined in Aggregate Profile Table AGG_PRO. Date carried in YYYYMMDD format. Example: The date March 17, 1998 would be carried in this attribute as 19980317.

Default Owner of Digital Objects in Aggregate: Identifies the institution or individual who, by default, owns all digital objects associated with the aggregate that do not have an owner explicitly defined.

Default Storage Destination: Identifies the location within the repository where obects associated with an aggregate will be stored. At present (4/98), this location will be expressed as the path to the UNIX File System directory that is associated with the aggregate. Example:/

Default Custodian: Identifies the LC work unit that, by default, has immediate charge and control over all digital objects associated with the aggregate that do not otherwise have a custodian explicitly defined.

Default Custodian Contact: Identifies the individual within the LC work unit acting as default custodian to whom matters related to digital objects under the custody of that default custodian are to be referred. If a default custodian contact has not been assigned, this attribute is set to null.

Aggregate's Naming Authority: Identifies the LC unit making decisions related to persistent identifier assignments for material digitized as part of an aggregate. All objects digitized as part of an aggregate come under the purview of the Naming Authority to which the aggregate is assigned. For a fuller definition of Naming Authority, click>here.

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