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Associated File Type Validation Table     Version 1.01

Table:   ASSOC_FILE_TYPE     (For definition, click here)
CD_ASSOC_FILE_TYPE   VARCHAR2(4),         Associated File Type Code
NA_ASSOC_FILE_TYPE   VARCHAR2(30),         Associated File Type Name
CD_DATA_TYPE   VARCHAR2(6)         Data Type Used With

Code Values:

CodeAssociated File Type NameUsed With
001Catalog FileSGML
002Document Type DefinitionSGML
003Entity FileSGML
005SGML Catalog FileSGML
006Entityrc FileSGML
007Navigator FileSGML
008SGML PacketSGML
009RealAudio Streaming FileRealAudio
010Style SheetSGML

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Created: 10/10/97       Revised: 8/21/98
National Digital Library Program - Digital Repository Development Project