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Creator Validation Table     Version 1.02

Table:   CREATOR     (For definition, click here)
NU_CREATOR   NUMBER(7),         Creator ID
TX_CREATOR_ABBREV   VARCHAR2(9),         Creator Name Abbreviation
NA_CREATOR   VARCHAR2(60)         Creator Name
CD_CREATOR_TYPE   VARCHAR2(2),         Creator Type
NU_LC_UNIT   NUMBER(4),         LC Work Unit ID

Table arranged by Creator ID:    (To view by Creator Name, click here)

Creator IDCreator
Creator NameTypeLC Work
Unit ID*
0000001AmMemDigital Conversion (American Memory)010691
0000002LAWLaw Library of Congress010638
0000003MBRSMotion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division010241
0000004MSSManuscript Division010236
0000005MUSMusic Division010251
0000006PPPrints and Photographs Division010255
0000007RBRare Book and Special Collections Division010259
0000008G&MGeography and Map Division010229
0000009ALIArtLook, Inc.020000
0000010JJTJJT, Inc.020000
0000011SISStokes Imaging Services, Inc.020000
0000012SIGSystems Integration Group, Inc.020000
0000013VIIVisual Information, Inc.020000

Table arranged by Creator Name:    (To view by Creator ID, click here)

Creator NameCreator
TypeCreator IDLC Work
Unit ID*
ArtLook, Inc.ALI0200000090000
Digital Conversion (American Memory)AmMem0100000010691
JJT, Inc.JJT0200000100000
Geography and Map DivisionG&M0100000080229
Law Library of CongressLAW0100000020638
Manuscript DivisionMSS0100000040236
Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound DivisionMBRS0100000030241
Music DivisionMUS0100000050251
Prints and Photographs DivisionPP0100000060255
Rare Book and Special Collections DivisionRB0100000070259
Stokes Imaging Services, Inc.SIS0200000110000
Systems Integration Group, Inc.SIG0200000120000
Visual Information, Inc.VII0200000130000

*  LC Work Unit ID:  The formal name, office symbol, and mail stop for each LC Division and other work units is carried in the LC Office Symbol Table. The LC Work Unit ID indicates an entry in that table associated with a creator having Creator Type 01. Entries for commercial vendors and other external (non-LC) suppliers of newly digitized material (Creator Type 02) the LC Work Unit ID will be set to null (0000).

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Created: 3/17/98       Revised: 8/19/98
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