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Data Type Code Validation Table     Version 1.01

Table:   DATA_TYPE     (For definition, click here)
CD_DATA_TYPE   CHAR(6),         Data Type Code
NA_DATA_TYPE   CHAR(35)         Data Type Name

Code Values:

CodeData Type Name
AUSound - au
AVIMotion Video - avi
GIFImage - gif
HTMLEncoded Text - HTML
JPGImage - jpeg
MPGMotion Video - mpeg
MOVMotion Video - QuickTime
PDFEncoded Text - pdf
RASound - Real Audio
RMMotion Video + Sound - Real Media
RMSSound only - Real Media
RMVMotion Video only - Real Media
SGMLEncoded Text - SGML
________ - Shockwave
SIDImage - sid
TIFImage - tiff
TXTEncoded Text - ASCII
WAVSound - wav
XMLEncoded Text - XML
ZIPZip compressed data

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Created: 9/8/97       Revised: 08/28/98
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