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Equipment ID Validation Table     Version 2

Table:   EQUIPMENT     (For definition, click here)
NU_EQUIP   NUMBER(5),         Equipment ID of Device
TX_MAKE   VARCHAR2(15)         Manufacturer ("make")
TX_MODEL   VARCHAR2(15)         Model Number
TX_SERIAL   VARCHAR2(20),         Serial Number
NU_LC_PROPERTY   NUMBER(6),         LC Property ID ("bar code")
TX_OWNER_ABBREV   VARCHAR2(9),         Device's Owner Name Abbreviation
TX_LOCATION_ABBREV   VARCHAR2(15),         Device's Location Abbreviation
NA_EQUIP   VARCHAR2(5)         Device's "Nickname"
DT_START   DT,         Use Start Date
DT_END   DT         Use End Date

Code Values:

Equip. ID Make Model Serial
Owner Location Nick-
000000001 Kontron* ProReg 3270   n/a SIS SIS/Austin   19980101  
000000002 Kontron ProReg 3270   n/a JJT JJT/Austin   19980101  
000000003 Kontron MARC II     JJT LM339   19980101  
000000004 Kontron MARC II     JJT LM339   19980101  
000000005 Kontron MARC II   n/a JJT JJT/Austin   19980101  
000000006 Microtek ScanMaker III S716730630   ALI LM339   19980101 
000000007 Tangent CCS-34 FB 9412-296   Tangent G&M NDL Scanning Lab (LM B02) T1 1990300 19970723
000000008 Tangent CCS-36 FB 9705-380   Tangent G&M NDL Scanning Lab (LM B02) T2 19970723  
000000009 IBM Pro/3000 YCT0496050   ITS ITS Scanning Lab (LA)   19980101  
000000010 UMAX PowerLook 2000 H6403770003 062909 ITS ITS Scanning Lab (LA)   19980101  
000000011 UMAX PowerLook 2000 H6403770011 062908 ITS ITS Scanning Lab (LA)   19980101  
000000012 PixelCraft ProImager 4520 RS   037931 ITS ITS Scanning Lab (LA)   19980101 19981015
000000013 PixelCraft ProImager 8000   040586 ITS ITS Scanning Lab (LA)   19980101  
000000014 PhaseOne overhead digital scanner     ITS ITS Scanning Lab (LA)   19981015  
000000015 Minolta PS3000 363432 n/a SIG LA G08   19970301  
000000016 Minolta PS3000 363439 n/a SIG LA G08   19970301  
000000017 PhaseOne Power Phase Plus AN002129 n/a SIG LJ Deck D   19970301  

The Equipment Owner Name Abbreviations used in this table map directly to the name abbreviations used in the Creator code validation table.   To view these abbreviations, click here.

*  According to Philip Michel of the LC Prints & Photographs Division, the Kontron is not a commercially produced camera. It is largely an invention of two German designers with hardware added by Stokes and JJT.   (05/18/98)

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Created: 3/17/98       Revised: 1/22/99
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