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LC Work Unit Validation Table     Version 1.02

Table:   LC_UNIT     (For definition, click here)
NU_LC_UNIT   NUMERIC(4),     LC Work Unit ID
NA_LC_SYMBOL   CHAR(30),    LC Unit's Office Symbol
NA_LC_UNIT   CHAR(128)    LC Unit Name
DT_DEFINED   DT    Date Defined in Table (YYYYMMDD)
DT_CLOSED   DT    Date LC Unit Closed (YYYYMMDD)

Table arranged by LC Work Unit ID:    (To view by LC Work Unit Name, click here)

LC Work
Unit ID
LC Work Unit NameDate
0061ITS Information Technology Services1998040300000000
0080AFC American Folklife Center1998040300000000
0220AMED African and Middle Eastern Division1998040300000000
0229G&M Geography and Map Division1998051500000000
0236MSS Manuscript Division1998040300000000
0241MBRS Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division1998040300000000
0251MUS Music Division1998040300000000
0255P&P Prints and Photographs Division1998040300000000
0259RBSCD Rare Book and Special Collections Division1998040300000000
0265CMD Collections Management Division1998050700000000
0273HSS Humanities and Social Sciences Division1998040300000000
0302CHL Children's Literature Center1998040300000000
0638LAW Law Library of Congress1998040300000000
0658NDLP National Digital Library Program1998040300000000

Table arranged by LC Work Unit Name:    (To view by LC Unit Work ID, click here)

LC Work Unit NameOffice
LC Work
Unit ID
African and Middle Eastern DivisionAMED 02201998040300000000
American Folklife CenterAFC 00801998040300000000
Children's Literature CenterCHL 03021998040300000000
Collections Management DivisionCMD 02651998050700000000
Geography and Map DivisionG&M 02291998051500000000
Humanities and Social Sciences DivisionHSS 02731998040300000000
Information Technology ServicesITS 00611998040300000000
Law Library of CongressLAW 06381998040300000000
Manuscript DivisionMSS 02361998040300000000
Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound DivisionMBRS 02411998040300000000
Music DivisionMUS 02511998040300000000
National Digital Library ProgramNDLP 06581998040300000000
Prints and Photographs DivisionP&P 02551998040300000000
Rare Book and Special Collections DivisionRBSCD 02591998040300000000

Date Defined in Table:   This attribute indicates the calendar date upon which an entry for an LC work unit is added to the LC_UNIT table. This date will be system generated at the time that the entry is added.
Date Unit Closed:   This attribute indicates the calendar date upon which an LC work unit was or will be closed. If the unit is active and no planned closing date has been recorded, this date is set to null (00000000). If this attribute contains a date that is later than the current system date (e.g., system date = 19980228 and Date Unit Closed = 19991221), the unit is an active LC work unit.

Data Source:  The data in this table was derived/extracted from Table T17 of the Remedy Software application that generates the Library of Congress telephone directory. Table T17 is a SYBASE table that is currently (4/3/98) located on RS/6000 machine RS7 (alias: "lcweb"). The Remedy data view used in the extraction process was View T96. For more information on Table T17 and View T96, click here.

Note that only entries in Table T17 that had LC office symbols were extracted and loaded into LC_UNIT. This was done to eliminate T17 entries that, while included in the LC Telephone Directory, do not represent formal LC work units. Examples of such entries include:  the ILS Project, the Madison Snack Bar, and the LC Bicentennial Program.

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Created: 4/3/98       Revised: 8/19/98
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