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Naming Authority Validation Table     Version 1.01

Table:   NAME_AUTH     (For definition, click here)
Entries in this table dated 19971006 are based on an eMAIL message of the same date entitled "Library Services Naming Authorities" by A. Bausenbach of the Automation Planning and Liasion Office (APLO) of Library Services. Entries with incomplete or blank dates are proposed Naming Authorities.

CD_SHORT_NAME_AUTH   CHAR(15),         Short Name
CD_FULL_NAME_AUTH   CHAR(25)         Full Name
TX_NAME_AUTH_TITLE   CHAR(15),         Title

Code Values:

Short NameFull NameNaming Authority TitleDate Created
afcloc.afcAmerican Folklife Center19971006
amedloc.amedAfrican and Middle Eastern Division19971006
asianloc.asianAsian Division19971006
awardloc.awardNational Digital Library Competition winners 19971215
gcloc.gcGeneral Collection 19980717
coploc.copU. S. Copyright Office  
crsloc.crsCongressional Research Service  
eurloc.eurEuropean Division19971006
frdloc.frdFederal Research Division - Country Studies19971006
gmdloc.gmdGeography and Map Division19971006
hisploc.hispHispanic Division19971006
lawloc.lawLaw Library  
mbrsmiloc.mbrsmiM/B/RS, Moving Images Section 19971006
mbrsrsloc.mbrsrsM/B/RS, Recorded Sound Section19971006
mssloc.mssManuscript Division19971006
musicloc.musicMusic Division19971006
ndlploc.ndlpNational Digital Library Program19940101
pnploc.pnpPrints and Photographs Division19971006
rbcloc.rbcRare Book and Special Collections Division19971006
sciloc.sciScience and Technology Division19971006
serloc.serSerials and Government Publications Division19971006
srdvfloc.srdvfSerial Record Division - Visual File Scanning Project19971006
testloc.testInformation Technology Services - Testing 19971204
umdlixumich.dli.moaUniversity of Michigan - Digital Library Initiative - MOA 19980402

Note:  In response to a request from Ardie Bausenbach of Library Services, the Naming Authority table entry for loc.hss (Humanities and Social Sciences) has been removed. It will be returned to the table if/when needed.  (07/20/98).

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Created: 10/10/97       Revised: 8/20/98
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