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Organization ID Validation Table     Version 1.01

Table:   ORG     (For definition, click here)
NU_ORG   NUMERIC(4),         Organization ID
NA_ORG   CHAR(50)         Organization Name

Table arranged by Organization Name:    (To view by Organization ID, click here)

Organization NameOrganization ID
Library of Congress 0001
Brown University 0002
Chicago Historical Society 0013
Denver Public Library 0003
Duke University 0004
Harvard University 0005
Nebraska State Historical Society 0014
New York Public Library 0006
North Dakota State University 0007
Northwestern University 0015
Ohio Historical Society 0008
University of Chicago 0009
University of Iowa 0016
University of Miami 0017
University of Michigan 0010
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill0011
University of Texas, Austin 0012
University of Washington 0018

Table arranged by Code Value:    (To view by Organization Name, click here)

Organization IDOrganization Name
0001Library of Congress
0002Brown University
0003Denver Public Library
0004Duke University
0005Harvard University
0006New York Public Library
0007North Dakota State University
0008Ohio Historical Society
0009University of Chicago
0010University of Michigan
0011University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
0012University of Texas, Austin
0013Chicago Historical Society
0014Nebraska State Historical Society
0015Northwestern University
0016University of Iowa
0017University of Miami
0018University of Washington

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Created: 4/8/98       Revised: 8/27/98
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