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Role Type Code Validation Table     Version 1.01

Table:   ROLE_TYPE     (For definition, click here)
CD_ROLE_TYPE   CHAR(4),         Role Type Code
NA_ROLE_TYPE   CHAR(60)         Role Type Name

Code Values:

CodeRole Type Name
0001Copyright Holder
0005Owner's Representative
0007Subject's Representative
0008User - General Public
0009User - LC Staff Member
0010User - CRS Staff Member
0011User - CRS IP Address
0012User - Congressional IP Address
0013User - LC Contractor
0014User - US Government Agency, Library or Information Center
0015User - Teacher (classroom use)
0016User - Student (classroom use)
0017User - Member of Congress
0018User - Congressional Staff Member
0019User - Commercial/For Profit Organization
0020User - Registerd to Use LC Reading Room(s)
0021User - Non-profit Research Institution
0022User - Educational Institution
0023User - Non-profit Library or Information Center
0024User - Registered with LC Site Licensee

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Created: 10/31/97       Revised: 8/25/98
National Digital Library Program - Digital Repository Development Project