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Metadata Code Validation Tables
Version 1.01

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Please read this first!
This page is a "work in progress."   It points to preliminary drafts of some, though not yet all, of the validation code tables that will be used in processing structural metadata associated with digital objects destined for the NDLP digital repository.

Neither the format nor contents of these tables is complete at this time.   However, the tables have been made available for review and revision so that they will be ready by the time they are needed.   Drafts of additional validation tables will be made available for review as they are assembled.

The validation tables linked to from this page will be constantly changing, at least for a while.   Until they have stabilized, access to them should be limited to folks working on the various LC digital repository efforts.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on these tables, please call (202) 707-9616.   Your feedback will help insure their usefulness.

Table of Contents
Access Type   ACCESS_TYPE
Aggregate Profile   AGG_PRO
Associated File Type   ASSOC_FILE_TYPE
Creator   CREATOR
Creator Type   CREATOR_TYPE
Custodian   CUSTODIAN
Custodian Type   CUSTODIAN_TYPE
Data Content Relationship Type   CONTENT_REL_TYPE
Data Content Status   CONTENT_STATUS
Data Content Use   CONTENT_USE
Data Type   DATA_TYPE
Digital Compilation Name   DIG_COMP_NAME
Digital Compilation Type   DIG_COMP_TYPE
Equipment   EQUIP
Feature Type   FEATURE_TYPE
LC Work Unit   LC_UNIT
Naming Authority   NAME_AUTH
Notice Type   NOTICE_TYPE
Organization   ORG
Original Item Content Type     ORIG_CONTENT
Owner   OWNER
Page Type   PAGE_TYPE
Permission Type   PERM_TYPE
Role Type   ROLE_TYPE
Source Collection   SOURCE_COLL
Special Function Type   SPECIAL_FUNCTION
Use Type   USE_TYPE

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Created: 10/31/97       Revised: 1/25/99
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