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Data Content Status Code Validation Table     Version 1.01

Table:   DATA_CONTENT_STATUS     (For definition, click here)
CD_CONTENT_STATUS   VARCHAR2(4),         Data Content Status Code
TX_CONTENT_STATUS   VARCHAR2(50)         Data Content Status Name

Code Values:
0001 Content file received for processing
0002 In process - Content review pending
0003 In process - Content correction needed
0004 In process - Content review successful
0005 In process - Metadata pending
0006 In process - Metadata build
0007 In process - Metadata complete
0008 In process - Handle Registered
0009 Quality review complete
0010 Content failed quality review
0011 Rejected content file returned to creator


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Created: 3/16/98       Revised: 8/15/99
National Digital Library Program - Digital Repository Development Project