How Dance Instruction Manual Digital Collection Item #31 (LCCN 27-13078)
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Dance Instruction Manual Digital Collection Item 31 contains the ordenances governing public dances and dance halls in Buffalo, New York as of 1914.  It is available in two digital forms:  as facsimile pages images and as full text in an SGML encoded document.

Item 31 was originally published as a 12 page paper pamphlet.  The copy of this original pamphlet held by the LC Music Division was the "source item" from which the digital forms were derived.  The first leaf of the "source item" serves as the front cover and is not numbered.  Subsequent leaves serve as pages 1 through 12 respectively.  Page 1 contains the title page and is not numbered.  All other pages are numbered.

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Created: 1/5/99         Revised: 1/14/99