Dance Instruction Manual Digital Collection
Metadata for Instance 2 of Item #31 (LCCN 27-13078)

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Attribute Content Display
If different from Content
Data Element Handle    
Data Size 77    
Data Size Unit KB Kilobytes  
Data Type GIF Image - gif  
Data Element Description NULL   Use attribute in metaobject
Rights and Permissions NULL   Use attribute in metaobject
Instance 2    
Date Data Element Deposited 19980506 6 MAY 1998  
Time Data Element Deposited 20:02:00.21 8:02 p.m.  
DE Relationship Type 00002 Presentation sequence  
DE Relationship Value 9:14 9 of 14  
Data Element Use 02 Service  
Date Data Element Last Revised 19980514 14 MAY 1998  
Time Data Element Last Revised 20:02:00.21 8:02 p.m.  
Date Data Element Created 19980506 6 MAY 1998  
Equipment Used in DE Creation 000000015 Minolta PS3000, serial #363432  
Operator of Equipment Used to Create DE aa Ann Atomy  
Creator/Supplier 0000012 Systems Integration Group, Inc.  
Page Type 0003 Printed Page Number  
Page Value 7    
Extent Type 001 Pixel Dimensions  
Extent Value 500:853    
Orientation 000 Top of scan is properly oriented.  
Bit Depth 24-bit   16.7 million color or gray tones
Color Mode Color   Color tones; no shades of gray.

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Created: 1/19/98       Revised: 1/23/99
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