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Metaobject for Item #31 (LCCN 27-13078)

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If different from Content
Handle   "031" portion of handle identifies this object as being related to Item 031.  "musdi" indicates the aggregate of which Item 031 is part.
Description Ordinances governing the conduct of public dances and dance halls    
Original Content Type 0002 Text  
Rights and Permissions Profile 000000011 No Access Restrictions - all roles
No Permission Restrictions - all roles
No Use Restrictions - all roles
Standard LC Copyright Notice
Owner of Digital Object 0001 Library of Congress  
Number of Data Elements 13    
Number of Instances 2    
Parent Object Information NULL No parent object  
Date Deposited 19880506 6 MAY 1998  
Time Deposited 06:34:05.21 6:34 a.m.  
Digital Object Use 0002 Metaobject  
Special Function 00 No special function  
Date Last Revised 19980514 14 MAY 1998  
Time Last Revised 11:17:25.19 11:17 a.m.  
Date Accepted 19980915 15 SEP 1998 Date upon which all data elements of this digital object had passed quality review.

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Created: 1/5/98       Revised: 1/26/99
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