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TagIndSubfields   $ = Delimiter   % = End of Field   (Each subfield starts with $ and a subfield code.)
001  $a43-39942 $cr984%
003 DLC%
005  $a19941123112912.5%
007  $acr!!!!%
008 781018s1847    ohu           000 0 eng  %
010   $a   43039942 //r984%
040  $aDLC $cDLC $dDLC%
05000$aGV1741 $b.R5%
1001-$aRice, N. L. $q(Nathan Lewis), $d1807-1877.%
24512$aA discourse on dancing, delivered in the Central Presbyterian church, Cincinnati. $cBy N. L. Rice.%
260 0$aCincinnati, $bThe Presbyterian book depository, and W. H. Moore, $c1847.%
300  $a24 p. $c22 cm.%
530  $aAvailable also through the Library of Congress Web site in two forms: as facsimile page images and as full text in SGML.%
650-0$aDance $xReligious aspects $xChristianity.%
8567 $dmusdi $f145 $ $u $2http%
985  $asmcd/musdi $eammem%

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ForViaHandleWhat Handle Resolves To
Metaobject cgi/bin
Content Object
(SGML document)
Content Object
(Service image,
Title Page)

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